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Dave Rhodes

Dave Rhodes


December 31, 1997


The Leather Journal

After a few months hiatus The Leather Journal came back as a free-distribution newspaper. It's circulation was almost doubled with Issue #96 which featured Pantheon of Leather Man of the Year Joseph Bean and Woman of the Year Jill Carter on the front cover.

The newspaper had strong coverage of Centaur MC's Mid Atlantic Leather weekend as well as plenty of club news to make up for the few months missing. The idea of a free newspaper for the Leather community caught of much faster than even the brightest optimists predicted.

Issue #98 rehashed Pantheon of Leather and focused on the Mr. and Ms Olympus Leather Contest won by Charles Garrett and Katherine. The Olympus winners and International Bear Rendezvous appeared on the front cover.

International Mr. Leather 1997 Kevin Cwayna was photographed by Dave Rhodes for the cover of Issue #98.

The Mat Issue had a paragraph on most of the men who would compete at International Mr. Leather which was celebrating its 20th year.

Issue #99 saw photos of the International Mr. Leather winners and American Brotherhood winners on the front cover. Mr. Mid-Atlantic Leather 1998 Tony Mills, a resident of Miami, FL, won the International Mr. Leather 1998 title. 6,000 Leatherfolk attended the 20th Anniversary of IML in one capacity or another.

Danny Clougherty supplied good photo coverage of American Brotherhood Weekend. A full-length interview with Mr. Marcus Hernandez, Leather columnist for the Bay Area Reporter in San Francisco, CA appears.

If you are going to enter a contest and you know that Mr. Marcus is going to be a judge, take the following to heart: "The Leather Journal: What qualities do you look for in a Leatherman when judging IML or one of its preliminaries?

'Marcus: It has been my experience throughout life that the most successful people are those who are honest, loyal and caring for their own.  There have been so many rip-off people both in and out of the Leather community.  I cannot condone ripping off money from charitable events. The accessibility of the contestant is important to me. I like bold men who reach out to meet and greet people. I can always tell if they are sincere. I especially note the hand shake of everyone I meet. Not a strong handshake, or timid or limp -- my red light goes on.  Uncanny as it seems, my instinct there always proves true. So yes, I look for honesty, loyalty and those who care for all other people.

As a subsection of that, I need to know how much history they have of their chosen lifestyle. Anyone who can’t name the current IML, IMsL or Drummer and Drummer Boy, has no business in a contest. If they don’t care enough to know who they will have to deal with on the celebrity circuit of IML, IMsL or Drummer people, they have no business being in the contest.'"

Atlanta's Frank Puckett graced the cover of milestone Issue #100 and South East Leather Fest had major coverage.

The Leather Leadership Conference created two important documents at is New York convention. Education Policy and The Difference Between S/M and Abuse came out of the first-year event. A two page spread of photos from International Mr. Leather 1998 was the centerfold. Vern Stewart coverage of Bearfest '98 by the Highwaymen TNT which celebrated its 20th Anniversary in Washington, DC. More photos from South east Leather Fest also appeared.

The Leather Journal reached a significant milestone when Issue #101 was published in August. The main stories were the judge's decision in the Scanlon lawsuit against GMS/MA and Megan DeJarlais winning the International Ms Leather Contest in Atlanta. Leather was visible at pride celebrations all over the planet and The Leather Journal got some of the news.

Chris Scanlon was awarded $1,000 but all charges against three GMS/MA defendants were dismissed/ Since The Leather Journal received radically different accounts of the decision by attorneys from each side, we decided to publish both, side-by-side, to let readers decide.

The lyrics to One Common Heartbeat, the proposed Leather anthem written by Gary Aldrich and Kevin Tyrrell were printed in full. David Stein's What is the Difference Between Old Guard and New Guard? appeared.

Issue #101 featured the first Thunder in the Mountains weekend held in Denver, CO. Consensual SM Does Not Equal Abuse Says Oregon Appeals Court, concluding a case that stared in April 1997.

Full coverage of Fantasy's 10th Anniversary in Omaha, NE was a feature in Issue #102. The Leather Journal moved to Hollywood from its West Hollywood location in the French Quarter at the end of August.

Issue #103 included coverage of San Francisco Leather Pride Week, the Folsom Street Fair and the 20th Annual International Mr. Drummer Contest which was won by Herve’ Bernard of Paris, France.

The Leather Journal learned that there were three open Leathermen running for political offices on the November ballot. They come from the three largest political parties, but do not come from San Francisco, Los Angeles or New York. John Birch from Chicago is running for the U.S. House of Representatives; Russ Russell is running for a state office (Lt. Governor in the State of Georgia; and Kevin Shancady is running for a city office (Denver City Council) and a statement from each covered almost two full pages.

The Leather Archives and Museum announced in Issue #104 that it was undergoing major changes in nearly every area. Among the changes was that the central administration of the Colors Project would have to be handled in Chicago. Also on the cover, the Tom of Finland Foundation held its Fourth Annual Erotic Art Weekend in Los Angeles with the main event being an Erotic Art Fair which had at least 60 erotic artists displaying their works.

Mr. San Francisco Leather 1996 Gary Virginia was on the cover of Issue #105. "I was honored to be asked to participate in a hearing in conjunction with the 50th Anniversary of the United Nations Charter (1948).  San Francisco is petitioning the U.N. to add the words 'sexual orientation' and 'gender identification' to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (30 articles).

With hope, other cities and countries will petition the U.N. as well. I was asked to read Article 7 and was offered to speak for two minutes.  It was an inspiring hearing."

Over 450 attended Living in Leather XIII, the National Leather Association: International’s (NLA: I) annual Leather/SM/Fetish conference October 8-11 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Dallas, TX. A complete list of all the Pantheon of Leather 1999 nominees appeared . Sybil King sent great coverage of Leather University's Dungeon 301 which was held in Fort Lauderdale, FL. There was   a complete article on BR '98 and Dave Rhodes' Annual Christmas List was as rude as ever.

Leather Titles

Mr. and Ms Santa Clara County Leather winners were Billy Raby and Zan Blaum. They were the lone contestants.

Danny Clougherty moved back to Philadelphia from New York in time to win the Mr. Philadelphia Leather 1998 title at the Bike Stop. The first runner-up was Richard Russell and the second runner-up was Jim Nott.

Charles Garrett from Orlando, FL was chosen to be Mr. Olympus Leather and Katherine from Atlanta was Ms Olympus Leather.

Miami's Tony Mills was chosen to be Mr. Mid Atlantic Leather in Washington, DC.

James Heaton won the Mr. BC Leather 1998 title in Vancouver, BC.

Billy Lane had quite a February. He was named the winner of the Local Community Service Award at Pantheon of Leather in New Orleans and then was named Mr. Seattle Leather 1998 in Seattle one week later.

Marci Schrager walked off the stage at the Faultine with the Ms LA Leather sash on February 28. Stephanie Locke was the runner-up.

Bears LA presented the Mr. Southern California Bear 1998 Contest at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel and Rocky Thompson from Lake Isabella bested 12 other men to win the title.

Mauro Montoya was named Mr. Puerto Rico Leather/Cuero 1998 at the end of February. Montoya was Mr. Mid-Atlantic Leather 1996.

James Young became Mr. Dixie Belle Leather 1998 in a contest held at the Dixie Belle Saloon in Kansas City, MO.

Mr. Powerhouse Leather Stephan Edwards became Mr. San Francisco Leather 1998 at Club Townsend. Gary Virginia won the Peter Austin Award.

Kevin Watson and Shari won the Mr. and Ms New Mexico Leather Contest on Saturday night, March 21 in front of a packed house at the Ranch in Albuquerque, NM.

One week after John Milovich was declared the winner of the Washington State Mr. Leather 1998 Contest it was discovered that there was an error in counting the judges scores. It turned out that Gary Rose, who was announced as the first runner-up on Saturday night, had received the most points and was thus declared the winner.

Ronnie Fanshier was tops among seven contestants at the first Mr. Leather of All Texas 1998 Contest at the Dallas Eagle on Saturday night, March 21.

Randy Taylor won the Mr. Kentucky Leather ’98 contest sponsored by the Bluegrass COLTS and hosted by Crossings in Lexington, KY.

Danny Olesen captured the Mr. Boston Leather title on Saturday night, April 18 and Jay Christopher was judged best of five contestants and became Mr. Pistons Leather 1998 at Pistons in front of about 200 onlookers on the same date.

The Mr. Cell Block/Male Hide Leatherman 1998 Contest was won by Wayne Hussey during the Cell Block’s Leather Pride Weekend in Chicago.

Anthony Russell was tops among seven men and won the Mr. Southern California Leather 1998 Contest at Probe on April 25.

American Leatherman 1998 Martin Hall was from Providence, RI; American Leatherwoman Mercea was from Chicago, IL and was sponsored by ONYX; and Terry Sapp was the second woman to with the American Leatherboy title and was from Baltimore, MD.

Mr. Mid-Atlantic Leather 1998 Tony Mills, sponsored by the Centaur Motorcycle Club from Washington, DC and a resident of Miami, FL won the International Mr. Leather title on Sunday night, May 24 at the Congress Theater in Chicago. This killed two birds with one stone; it's the first time than a man from Florida and a Mr. Mid-Atlantic Leather titleholder has won the big one.

The folks from the Land Down Under were quite pleased, too, as Mr. Mephisto 1998 sponsored by Mephisto Leathers in Sydney was named first runner-up. Ed Ryder, sponsored by Pittsburgh Leather Central, was announced second runner-up.

The first Mr. Drummer regional was the Gulf Coast Mr. Drummer Contest at the Dallas Eagle on Saturday night, May 16 and Dr. Steve Bayes was the winner.

Mr. Pennsylvania Drummer 1998 was Scott Reikofski; first runner-up was Maxx and second runner-up was D.J. Jones. Pennsylvania Drummer Boy 1998 was Ryan Goldner. Six men competed in each contest.

Tom Stice became Southeast Mr. Drummer at South East Leather Fest in Atlanta in June. Sybil King was declared Ms Leather Pride the same weekend at the same event.

John Zimmerman won the Mr. LURE Leather title on Saturday night, June 20 in New York, NY. The bar was packed with hot men from all over the Eastern Seaboard for the Folsom Street East block party sponsored by GMS/MA and Leather Pride Night which raised about $27,000.

Potomac MC sponsored the DC Mr. Drummer Contest won by Carl Baldwin.

Megan DeJarlais was best of 17 women in the International Ms Leather Contest in Philadelphia, PA. First runner-up was Mona Cleveland from Albuquerque, NM and the second runner-up was Lynne Pierce from Portland, OR.

Generic Leather Productions of Washington decided the rename the Seattle Leather Ambassador title to Washington State Leather Ambassador.

At Thunder in the Mountains in Denver, CO Bruce Chopnik was named Mr. Rocky Mountain Leather 1998 and Abby Smith was chosen Ms Rocky Mountain Leather 1998.

Carl Baldwin won the Mid-Atlantic Mr. Drummer contest at the Hippo in Baltimore, MD on Saturday night, July 11.

Ray Tilton, who was Mr. San Francisco Leather in 1990, was named Mr. Northern California Drummer and Northern California Drummerboy was Nicholas Murphy at the Sound Factory on Saturday afternoon, July 25.

The Mr. and Ms Alameda County Leather 1998 Contest was won by Den Calkins and Marilyn Dickman.

Steve Pierce earned the most points in answering a tie-breaking question at the Southern California Mr. Drummer Contest held at Probe on Saturday, August 15.

Mike Fergusen won the Great Plains Mr. Drummer Contest.

Michael Cruz from Fort Lauderdale, who finished in the top 20 at International Mr. Leather in May, was the new Florida Mr. Drummer. Florida Drummerboy was Matthew Keel.

Don Hood became Mr. Oregon State Leather 1998 and Falcon was named Ms Oregon State Leather 1998 at Embers Nightclub on Saturday night, August 15 in a contest sponsored by Blackout Leather Productions of Oregon.

Herve Bernard from Paris, France won the Europe Mr. Drummer title.

Seattle’s Erik Leiff received a special invitation from Drummer Magazine’s Robert Duvolt to compete as “Pacific Northwest Drummerboy 1998.

The 10th Anniversary for Fantasy Weekend in Omaha, NE August 20-23 was something special. Omaha's Tim Kernan iced the cake when he was named International Mr. Fantasy 1998 at The Max.

A tie between Jeff Dell from Denver, CO and Danny Carbonell from Alexandria was left unbroken at the International Mr. Deaf Leather 1998 Contest held at the Adams Mark Hotel in Denver on September 5 making it the first time that two individuals shared the same international Leather title. Susan Gonzales was named International Ms Deaf Leather 1998.

On Saturday evening, September 19, Benjamin “Benjie” Robertson, of Durham, NC, was awarded the title of Mr. Southeast Leather 1998-99 in front of a standing-room only crowd at FLEX Bar in Raleigh, NC.

Scott Garrett from New Orleans wowed the audience and the judges at the Le Petit Theatre in New Orleans, LA to become Mr. Louisiana Leather 1999 on Saturday night, September 5. Gregory Cain from Baton Rouge was first runner-up and Chris Hall from New Orleans was second runner-up from a field of five contestants.

The packed house at Club metro Underground saw Joshua Smith win the Mr. Minnesota Leather 1998 Contest on Sunday, September 6 and Mario became Ms Minnesota Leather 1998. On September 19, Benjamin “Benjie” Robertson, of Durham, NC, was awarded the title of Mr. Southeast Leather 1998-99 in front of a standing-room only crowd at FLEX Bar in Raleigh, NC.

Drummer Boot Camp was the theme of the 20th Annual International Mr. Drummer Contest held at the Russian Center on Saturday afternoon, September 26 in San Francisco, CA. Herve’ Bernard of Paris, France was selected Mr. Europe Drummer 1998 and. Mid Atlantic Drummerboy ryan goldner from Philadelphia was championed as International Drummerboy 1998.

When all was said and done, Kent Botkin, 33, a flaming redhead (his description)  was selected as Mr. Hillside Leather 1998 in early October in New York. The contest was founded by Utica Tri's members Roger Flemming and Ron Gurney as a feeder to the Mr. Upstate New York Leather competition.

Sal Perrone, of Chichester NY, won the Mr. Upstate New York Leather 1998 contest in Utica, NY on Sunday, October 11 and Michael Barcellos, of Elmira, NY won the first Upstate New York Leatherboy title.

Magus Tenebrae was chosen Mr. Southeast Olympus Leather 1999 and Kerry was picked to be Ms Southeast Olympus Leather 1999 at the Atlanta Eagle on Saturday night, October 24 in Atlanta, GA.

Seven men vied for the Mr. New York Eagle 1999 title on Saturday night, October 24, but only one could win and that was Laren Landin.

When the dust settled at the Silver Star Saloon in Tulsa, OK, on Saturday night, October 24, Ric Poston was left standing as Mr. Oklahoma Leather 1999. This was also TULSA's (Tulsa Uniform Leather Seekers Association) Tenth Anniversary Weekend. First runner-up was Randal Kinnear.

Thomas Smith from Minneapolis was named Mr. International Rubber during Rubber Blowout Weekend in Chicago, November 13-15. The contest was held at the Cell Block on Saturday night, November 14.

The new Mr. Palm Springs Leather titleholder was Dale Breunig. The contest was part of the Sweatin' Bullets weekend sponsored by the Palm Springs Leather Order of the Desert and Palm Springs Gay Pride weekend held November 6-8.

Sr. Hellfire N. Dalmatians, a member of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, won the Washington State Leather Ambassador 198 title.

Mark Winthrow walked off the stage at the Triangle in Denver with the Mr. Triangle Leather 1998 title in early November.

The Mr. and Ms Florida Olympus Leather 1998 contest, held November 13-15, was won by Jack Greeney and Mistress Bernadette at The Club at Firestone in Orlando.

Miss Khiki and KRASH! sponsored the first North Carolina Mr. and Ms Olympus Leather Contest on Saturday night, December 6 at Metro in Asheville, NC. When the dust settled, Billyboy and Missi won the respective titles.

The Mr. and Ms Minnesota Olympus Leather 1999 Contest was won by Greg Hausler and Cori Ander on Sunday, December 13 at The Saloon in Minneapolis.

The organizers of the Mr. Leather Ottawa-Hull competition had declared that they were “Hell Bent for Leather” to produce an event that people would remember. And on November 14, they delivered. That night, over 500 people packed one of Canada’s foremost music halls to witness the selection of 41 year-old communications analyst and fitness instructor Dean Ross.

Jon Rochat was named Mr. Russian river Leather 1999 on December 12 at the River Business bar in Guerneville, CA.

Over 300 hot Leathermen gathered at The Detroit Eagle on Saturday, November 14, to watch as a field of nine representatives from the Motor City Leather community compete for the title of Mr. Detroit Eagle 1999. When the dust settled, Buck Burks emerged as the winner.

The Suncoast Resort Hotel in St. Petersburg, FL hosted it's first Leather contest on December 5 when Greg Adams was named Mr. Suncoast Eagle 1999.

A sold-out crowd of Leatherfolk from Canada and the United States packed Toronto’s Opera House Saturday, November 28 to watch Mr. Black Eagle 1999 Chris Holmgren be crowned Mr. Leatherman Toronto 1999.

Seattle’s Cuff Complex was turned into the Holodeck of the Starship Enterprise on Saturday, November 28 where 200 Leatherfolk witnessed the Tenth Annual Seattle Leather Daddy and Daddy’s Boy Contest. Carl Buzzard was announced as Seattle Daddy’s Boy 1999 and Jacob Brower was announced as Seattle Leather Daddy 1999.

News and Politics

Pantheon of Leather was held at the Le Petit Theater in New Orleans where Jill Carter was named Woman of the Year and Joseph Bean was announced Man of the Year. Black Rose won Club of the Year and Club Event of the Year.

The Leather Archives and Museum announced its Capital Campaign, a goal to raise $500,000 to purchase a building to house the rapidly-growing Museum.

Daddy Bob and Michael Lara became the new owners of the Bullet in North Hollywood, CA. The duo connected the bar to the San Fernando Valley's Leather community in a huge way.

The Leather Archives and Museum's April newsletter reported that 86 clubs, including several from Europe, have donated colors to the Leather Archives.

Brother Help Thyself surpassed the $1,000,000 mark in fundraising when the organization doled out $125,486 at the Washington Plaza Hotel. A great way to celebrate 20 years of service to the community.

Mr. Rocky Mountain Leather 1997 Rich Docktor, CJ's Leather and KMA Productions produced Thunder in the Mountains July 31 - August 2 in Denver, CO. Patterned after San Diego's (Club X) successful yearly event, Thunder in the Mountains maintained a standard of quality and play in the Rocky Mountain region of the United States. In addition to the educational seminars and demonstrations, Thunder in the Mountains included the Mr. and Ms Rocky Mountain Leather Contest and hot play parties.

A book of (Robert) Mapplethorpe’s pictures was seized as obscene, out of the University of Central England. A hapless art student took photos of the book’s pages to illustrate a thesis, and she was turned in to the authorities by the photo-development business she used to develop her film. The university refused the police’s request of them to destroy the book. The police could have prosecuted the publisher (Random House) and the university under Britain’s Obscene Publications Act.

The Phone Scam Artist contacted Philip Turner, manager of Daddy’s bar in San Francisco and George Cameron in Vancouver, asking for money. He fraudulently claimed to be Mr. Leatherman Toronto James Anderson.

Jill Carter was named the winner of the National Emerald Award presented by the Washington State Mr. Leather Organization (WSMLO) in Seattle during Washington State Leather Pride Week. Other award winners on March 29 included: Leather Emerald Awards to John Sedgwick, Marc Mead, Dan “puppy” Daniels and Beyond the Edge Cafe; Washington State Community Service Awards to Kahula Ice, Owen Morgan, Jaxon Greenlaw, Club Z and Eric Bonesteel; and Seattle Men in Leather honorees were Man of the Year Marc Mead and Community Service Eric Bonesteel.

New York's Leather Pride Night (LPN) was held at the Roxy on Saturday night, June 20. The auction and flea market funds went to Heritage of Pride, the producers of the NYC Lesbian & Gay Pride Parade, GMS/MA Legal Defense Fund, Feminists For Free Expression and the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force’s Think Tank.

GMS/MA held their Second Annual Folsom Street East block party on 13th Street between 9th Avenue and Washington Street (the block outside the LURE) on Sunday, June 19.

Southeast Leatherfest ’98 held in Atlanta, GA, June 12-14 featured guest speaker Guy Baldwin, a large vendor fair, the Southeast Mr. Drummer/Drummer Daddy/Drummer Boy 1998 Contest, and the Ms Leather Pride Contest 1998.

The Ohio Leather Coalition hosted the first Ohio Leather Fest in Cleveland the weekend of August 21-23. One of the highlights will be a Friday night slave auction to benefit the Leather Archives and Museum.

On April 21, NOW members Kelly Fahey and Jonathan Kall gave an educational presentation to the Capitol City NOW Chapter, which meets in the NOW national office in Washington, DC. The 20-minute presentation focused on the SM community within NOW, the policy reform effort and the personal experiences of Leatherwomen.

New York's Leather Pride Night committee released the figures from June's Leather Pride Night and the total exceeded $30,000.

Several groups in Seattle, WA raised $3,500 and presented it to the Leather Archives and Museum at that organization's membership meeting in Chicago in May.

In August the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) presented a Leather and the Law Symposium in Los Angeles, CA.

Chris Scanlon was awarded $1,000 but all charges against three GMS/MA defendants were dismissed. Greatly conflicting accounts of the judge's decision were sent out by each party's attorneys.

The Alcoholic Beverage Control board was harassing bars in Southern California. The use of the term "beer bust" had to be stopped in Southern California and each drink had to be paid for separately. No more buffet-style alcohol sales.

665 in Los Angles was hosting men's dungeon nights in Los Angeles, CA.

The First Thunder in the Mountains weekend, July 31 - August 2, in Denver, CO, was a whopping success. Approximately 750 Leatherfolk attended either the workshops and demonstrations, vendor fair, dungeon parties and/or Leather contest.

Consensual SM Does Not Equal Abuse Says Oregon Appeals Court was the result when The Court of Appeals in Oregon issued a ruling on July 15 in a case involving SM activity which has some good language for SM players.  The case was Boldt v. Boldt, Case # 95-DR-0441, CA A 99286.

The first Colors Call Fundraiser for the Leather Archives and Museum in Los Angeles saw more than $1,000 raised.

Golden Gate Guards president Andy Rose became the first person to win the Lexicon Award for Leather Excellence at Daddy's in San Francisco, CA on July 18. The Most Outstanding Leather Man Award was captured by Peter Fiske who served several years as chairman of The 15 Association, The Most Outstanding Leather Woman Award went to Alameda County Leather Corps president Yvonne Driver. A.L. Allen was chosen Most Under-Recognized Leather Supporter Award winner. The Most Outstanding Leather Business Award was taken by the Powerhouse bar. The Most Outstanding Leather Organization Award was won by the Golden Gate Guards.

The National Coalition for Sexual Freedom announced that it was conducting a survey to find out more about the types of hate crimes and discrimination in the community.

Play House Studios and Gallery hosted Just Play '98, a weekend of play for women in Baltimore, MD.

From One Community to Another: The Jack Stice Memorial Library Book Drive was conducted from September 25 to October 25. The fledgling Asheville, NC Leather/SM/Fetish community was seeking new and used Leather/SM/Fetish books for the newly-established Jack Stice Memorial Library.

Three open Leathermen ran for political offices on the November ballot. They came from the three largest political parties, but do not come from San Francisco, Los Angeles or New York. John Birch from Chicago ran for the U.S. House of Representatives as a Republican; Russ Russell is running for a state office (Lt. Governor in the State of Georgia as  Libertarian; and Kevin Shancady is running for a city office (Denver City Council) as a Democrat.

International Ms Leather 1998 Megan DeJarlais began coordinating the Leatherwomen’s Herstory Project for the Leather Archives and Museum.  "We need your stories — about coming out into Leather, your title year, the year you entered your first (or last) slave contract, the year you became a Mistress.  In short, we want your history!" DeJarlais said.

The National Coalition for Sexual Freedom announced that it has received a donation of $5,200 from an ad-hoc group of activists known as the Washington DC SM Activists.

The Leather Archives and Museum, "located in Chicago and serving the world," announced that it was undergoing major changes in nearly every area. The changes were intended increase the outreach of the Leather Archives in the Leather communities of the United States and the world and to make it possible for the organization to weather the persistent stresses of limited space in its rented storefront, limited staff and, predictably, limited money. The central administration of the Colors Project would have to be handled from Chicago.

The Tom of Finland Foundation held its Fourth Annual Erotic Art Weekend in Los Angeles October 16-18. The main event was a two-day Erotic Art Fair at LA Lofts on Saturday and Sunday which had at least 60 erotic artists displaying several mediums of work ranging from pencil illustrations to full-body size sculptures. The Foundation held an open house/mixer for artists, collectors and other interested parties at the three story headquarters in Echo Park. Saturday night featured a fundraising dinner at the Taix Restaurant followed by the large Erotic Art Dance Party at the El Rey Theatre.

The National Coalition for Sexual Freedom joined leaders of 30 national policy-oriented sexual minority organizations at the third National Policy Roundtable on September 17-18 in Washington, DC. The Roundtable was sponsored by the Policy Institute, a think tank inside National Gay and Lesbian Task Force dedicated to research, policy analysis and strategy development.

Leather University's Dungeon 301 saw 170 attendees at the Third Annual Fort Lauderdale event which had many improvements over its two previous successful years. Instructors from all over the nation were brought in to share their craft.

A law passed by Congress in October that would keep minors from accessing adult web sites faced its first challenge on November 19 when American Civil Liberties Union attorneys asked in federal district court in Philadelphia for a temporary restraining order to prevent enforcement of the Child Online Protection Act (COPA), sometimes called CDA II. The U.S. Justice Department opposed granting the order.

NCSF (National Coalition for Sexual Freedom) board member Mark Frazier announced on October 6, “I will be stepping down this year as president [of NLA-I] and have requested that I be replaced to pursue other opportunities.

Mistress Monica and 665: One Number Short of Hell hosted a pansexual play party and silent auction on Friday night, November 27 to benefit Pantheon of Leather.

The Bullet in North Hollywood, CA hosted Dave Rhodes' Second Annual 49th Birthday Party in December.

The long-awaited expansion of The Cuff bar in Seattle has finally opened to the delight of the Pacific Northwest's Leather community. The expanded area included the Cuff Kitchen restaurant, Cuff Dance: A Man's Club and larger patio area.

A packed house at Harvey’s restaurant celebrated the Third Annual Holiday Leather Brunch and raised $4,000 for the Positive Resource Center in San Francisco.

Books, Publications and Show Biz

Race Bannon's web-based Off Center radio program started.

Leatherwomen III by Laura Antoniou was released.

The South Of Market Bare Chest Calendar was acquired by SMMILE (South of Market Merchants and Individuals Lifestyle Events) in San Francisco, CA.

Black Rose of Washington, DC published The Black Rose Guide to Hosting A Leather Event.

A radio program that includes interviews with some of the Leather/SM/Fetish community's leaders hit the airwaves in Houston and College Station, TX. The local radio program (KPFT fm90.1 Pacifica Nonprofit/ simulcast on KEOS in College Station) was called After Hours: Queer Radio With Attitude.

Shann Carr was the executive producer of an acclaimed TV pilot Out For Laughs.

Boudoir Noir, the Canadian magazine about Leather-fetish-consensual SM lifestyles, folded after 17 issues. Publisher Robert Dante cited the economics of being a small publisher as the main reason for the critically successful five-year-old magazine’s demise.


www.TheLeatherJournal.com announced that 100 clubs had been linked in the Club Directory section of the web site.

New on the Scene

Leather Leadership Conference, New York, NY; ONYXpearls: Women of Color; RAWW, Los Angeles, CA; Capital City Leather Association (CCLA) Sacramento, CA; Men Of Discipline: DC Chapter, Washington, DC; DV8 retail store opened in New York, NY; The Studio Las Vegas, a retail store targeting electro-stimulation fetishists opened in Las Vegas, NV; District of Columbia SM Activists (DCSMA), Washington, DC; Women's SM/Leather Conference, Women at Amsterdam Leather Pride, Amsterdam, NL


40 Years: Oedipus Motorcycle Club, Los Angeles, CA

25 Years: Chuck Renslow's White Party, Chicago, IL

20 Years: Brother Help Thyself, Washington, DC; International Mr. Leather, Chicago, IL; Zeus Studios, Los Angeles, CA; Highwaymen TNT, Washington, DC

15 Years: Avatar Club Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA; Olympia XV by Centaur Motorcycle Club of Washington, DC; Leather Pride Night, New York, NY

10 Years: Panther L/L, Atlanta, GA: Masters And slaves Together: San Francisco (MAST), San Francisco, CA; Fantasy Weekend, Omaha, NE; Oklahoma Mr. Leather, TULSA (Tulsa Uniform Leather Seekers Association), Tulsa, OK; Seattle Leather Daddy/Daddy's Boy/Grand Dad, Seattle Men in Leather, Seattle, WA

Five Years: Suncoast Leather Club, Tampa, FL; Damn The Torpedoes run, Knight Hawks of Virgina, Norfolk, VA; Potomac MC, Washington, DC; Queer Biker Invasion of Death Valley, San Francisco, CA; Camelot V, Leather Knights, Dallas, TX

Gone, But Not Forgotten

The Lion Regiment voted to disband in Boise, ID.

Houston Leather activist and past NLA: Houston president Mike Geinzer died on January 12.

Mr. BC Drummer 1991 David Miles died at the age of 47 due to AIDS-related illness in St. Paul, MN.

Houston Area Bears president Lyle Barrett passed away suddenly at Park Plaza Hospital in Houston on Tuesday, March 3.

Leonard Dworkin, past board member of The Eulenspiegel Society (TES) and a member of GMS/MA passed away on June 5. He was a cofounder of the New York S/M Activists, a political action organization.

The Tom of Finland Foundation’s newsletter, Dispatch, reported that “erotic Master of the graphite pencil” Olaf Odegaard died on Christmas Day, 1997. Much of his “best known works revolved around the subject matter of devils and satyrs. Perhaps his most famous set of works illustrated The Story of O, a popular book that details the training of a slave.”

The 15 Association member Paul Click died at his home on October 2, 1998 with members of his immediate family at his side. He was a cofounder and the first president of the Golden Gate Peace Officers Association served as a sergeant in the San Francisco Sheriffs Department. Paul was also a member of Chicago Hellfire Club and Delta International.

James Dennis “Jim” Jensen, a leader in the Denver Leather Community, passed away of AIDS related complications at the Veteran’s Administration Hospital in Denver on November 4.

Jon Grotte,  AKA Nature, from Salt Lake City, UT, originally from Las Vegas passed away November 10 after a heart attack. Nature was very active with the motorcycle clubs, arranged many road trips and fundraisers in the Las Vegas area. His favorite trademark was to pin people with a pink feather.

Ron Pollar held the titles Lord Merlin XVI and Lord Consort IX in the Lords of Leather. Charter member of the Krewe and board member for seven years, was on the New Orleans AIDS Task Force board, New Orleans Alliance of Pride board and  was parade coordinator for many years.

David Jaffrey Wood died on October 26 and was a member of Spearhead in Toronto, Canada from 1984 to 1990 and again from 1997 and served as a behind-the-scenes volunteer. David was the organizer for the AIDS Committee of Toronto computerization project.

Canada's magazine about Leather/Fetish and consensual SM lifestyles, Boudoir Noir, folded.

Donnie Rice, manufacturer of violet wands and a board member of the Los Angeles Leatherfest Committee in 1994 and 1995, was killed while excavating shark remains near Bakersfield, CA in late November.



One of the events held during the highly successful Washington State Leather Pride Week at the end of March was Seattle Men in Leather’s (SML) Ninth Anniversary Brunch held at The Cuff. Donatable money raised in 1997 totalled $3,100 and was given to Lambert House. The new steering committee for SML was president John Sedgwick, secretary Marc Mead, treasurer Terry Sutherland; members-at-large Eric Bonesteel, Sheldon Jacobs, Fletcher Kistler and Rick Yarbrough.

The 15 Association honored Peter Fiske at their 18th Anniversary at The Cliff House in San Francisco in February

After 12 years of service to Idaho’s Leather/SM/Fetish community the Lion Regiment voted to disband on March 7 in Boise, ID.

The new officers for the Southeast Conference of Clubs (SECC) were elected at the Spring meeting held in Ft. Lauderdale, FL the weekend of March 27-29. Saber MC hosted the conference in conjunction with their 16th Anniversary celebration. The officers were president Chris Zimmerman, vice president Frank Gerlando, treasurer Cary Bass and sergeant at arms Victor Lipe.

The ONYXpearls: Women of Color was a national group up and running at the beginning of the year. Stacey from New York served as the East Coast coordinator and Elaine M. was the West Coast coordinator.

The Tom of Finland Foundation presented its annual fundraising party, Tom’s Bar, on May 10 at the El Rey Theatre in Los Angeles. An exclusive exhibition of the works of the winners of the Foundation’s Emerging Erotic Art Contest was there.

Black Rose and SigMa joined forces in presenting two workshops on S&M emergencies and legal aspects.

Panther L/L, Atlanta, GA celebrated their landmark Tenth Anniversary with a trip to the Fernbank Museum of Science and Natural History and a Sunday afternoon visit to Six Flags over Georgia.

Members of the Great Lakes Harley Riders of Milwaukee, WI celebrated Harley Davidson 95th Anniversary Celebration.

The SF GDI Club of San Francisco held their 24th Annual Run at the Willows in Guerneville and the theme was It’s A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, World.

The Knights of Malta: Yosemite Chapter, Fresno, CA hosted the national convention of all Knights of Malta chapters the weekend with a theme of Hot Sweaty Knights.

The Centaur Motorcycle Club of Washington, DC produced their biennial Olympia XV run over Labor Day Weekend.

The Capital City Leather Association (CCLA) is in its first year in Sacramento, CA, raised several hundred dollars for Christmas toys donated to the University of California at Davis Medical Center Pediatric Ward and held a Mr. Capital City Leather Daddy contest which was won by John Lyon at the end of February.

The Sandia Leather Men and Leather Women produced a successful New Mexico Leatherfest the weekend in Albuquerque, NM.

Over 60 people attended the Victoria Day Run XXIX sponsored by the Border Riders Motorcycle Club the weekend of May 15-18 at the Pine Flats Campground near Ardenvoir, WA.

The Warriors and California Cyclemen Motorcycle Clubs presented their Ninth Annual Joint Weekend Run: Tuned In Tooned Out June 12 - 14 at Camp Wasewagan in the San Bernardino National Forest, CA.

Jason in the Congo” or “Me Tarzan, You Jason!” was the theme for Golden Fleece Run XXVI (GFR), sponsored by the Rocky Mountaineers MC July 2-5.

The Tarheel Leather Club of Greensboro, NC held Stars and Stripes VIII at the Travelodge in Greensboro the weekend of July 3-5.

The Atons of Minneapolis hosted Gopher Broke: Lucky 13 July 17-19. The 1950s: roadhouses, backrooms, motorcycles and James Dean was the theme.

The Alameda County Leather Corps (ACLC) held a successful Leather Weekend: Beyond Leather Dome the weekend of July 31 - August 2 when more than 250 Leatherfolk attended and over $11,000 was raised through several events. The Silver Bell Award for outstanding community service was presented to Den Calkins by Yvonne Driver.

August 7-9 the Camelot V, Leather Knights, Dallas, TX had the honor of hosting a very successful Camelot V with members of Texas MC, Cowtown Leathermen, NLA: Dallas, T-Bears, Inquisition Dallas, NLA: Houston, Houston Area Bears and FIST attending.

Even though the temperatures were near 110 degrees in the San Fernando Valley on Saturday, August 29 it got hotter during Avatar's annual Exploratorium. Exploratorium featured 12 scenes including fisting, whipping, hot wax, flogging an piercing. An estimated 300 Leatherfolk, mostly men, attended at some point in the evening.

GMS/MA club officers were elected in June and they were chairman John Weis, president Philip Williams and treasurer Michael Horowitz were reelected. New officers are vice president Bob Pesce, executive secretary Joe O'Sullivan and membership secretary Andrew Harwin.

The National Coalition for Sexual Freedom and the National Leather Association’s Portland chapter announced that NLA: Portland has made a $1,000 donation to the NCSF. The money was raised during NLA-Portland’s successful Leather Pride Week.

The Fifth Annual Queer Biker Invasion of Death Valley started in San Francisco on Saturday, October 10, wound its way through Yosemite National Park over Tioga Pass, Death Valley to Zabriskie Point, to Bakersfield an d returned via deserted roads through Central Valley and back roads through the coastal mountains.

ONYX, a club for Men of Color in Chicago, held their Third Anniversary Run/Blackout ’98 the weekend of October 9-12 (Columbus Day Weekend) in Chicago. Events included a People of Color Leather Institute, Leather workshops, ONYX and Onyxpearls general meeting, after hours parties, welcome reception, awards dinner and the Blackout Benefit Leather Dance.

San Francisco Leather Daddy Steve Gaynes and Leather Daddy’s Boy David Meyer presented Meet Your Match II at the Eagle Tavern, an event exclusively for Bay Area Internet-connected gay men.

The Oedipus Motorcycle Club of Los Angeles, CA held their 40th Anniversary celebration on October 17 at Nino's Italian Restaurant in Long Beach.

The Defenders/Dignity NY presented Indulgence I, a Benefit Dinner for the Leather Community, on Friday evening, November 20 at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, NY.

Of the many events that Leathermen look forward to on the east coast, Olympia, produced by the Centaur MC of Washington, DC is held every other year, and generally sold out months before the Labor Day weekend that it is held. This year was  no different with over 315 men in attendance, making it the Centaurs' biggest Olympia run to date. The recent Oscar-winning block buster movie Titanic was shown.

Avatar Club Los Angeles installed its new officers on Saturday night, October 10 at the residence of Dave Murdock in Silver Lake with 75 guests in attendance. The new officers were: president Mark Burstein, vice president Dave Murdock, treasurer Scott Gilmer, secretary Jeff Breslaw, members-at-large Drew Wilson, Bob Farrell and Alexei Romanoff. The out going officers were president Brian Wadsworth, vice president Glenn Walker, treasurer Scott Gilmer, secretary Tom Tomcko, members-at-large Gary Lichtenberger, Mark Baranowski and Alexei Romanoff.

Columbus Day weekend, October 9-11, marked the AUA's (American Uniform Association) 21st International Uniform Review in Portland, OR. Review was put together by the board of AUA in conjunction with Andy Mangels and Don Hood.

The California Eagles Motorcycle Club held an overnight run to the Russian River on Saturday, November 14.

Over 450 attended Living in Leather XIII, the National Leather Association: International’s (NLA: I) annual Leather/SM/Fetish conference October 8-11 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Dallas, TX. The Crowne Plaza was also host to one of the many U.S. Marine Bands in Dallas for the infamous Texas/OU (Oklahoma University) football game held Sunday at the Cotton Bowl.

Over 1,200 Leatherfolk from around the world flocked to Washington, DC for BR '98 the weekend of October 16-18.  BR '98 was hosted by Black Rose.

More than 150 men and women attended the Defenders/NY Indulgence I, a benefit for the Leather community, on Friday November 20 at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. Indulgence I featured the presentation of the first Black and Blue New York Awards to David Samuel Menkes and The Long Island Ravens MC.

The Atons of Minneapolis announced their slate of new officers: president Sam Carlisle, vice president Jim Courtney, treasurer, Keith Cheetham secretary Paul Rozendaal.

On December 1, 1998, the Executive Council (EC) of the National Leather Association: International (NLA: I) rescinded the chapter charter for NLA: Portland. This decision was made because the Portland chapter had come out of compliance with its chapter charter by one,  diluting the voting rights of International members within the chapter and two, failing to limit board membership and voting to International members.

A new group, District of Columbia SM Activists (DCSMA), elected a transitional board which included SigMa chair Paul Bohli, vice president of Men Of Discipline Randy Brown, Black rose member Melinda Chateauvert and DCSMA cofounder and past board member of Black Rose Jonathan Krall.

On Halloween Alan and Joee Perryman of Orange County, CA had a bonding/marriage ceremony in Palm Springs, that was a fantasy come true, for Joee. Fantasy/Renaissance was the theme. Joee and Alan met at an OCLA (Orange Coast Leather Assembly) meeting on April 15, 1997.

The three initiated members of the Men of Discipline in San Francisco formally declared themselves an independent, autonomous fraternity to be known as the Men Of Discipline: San Francisco on November 27 and elected the following officers: colonel Stafford Hemmer, Lt.. Colonel Demetri Moshoyannis and major Eddie Whitehurst.



September 06, 1997


The Leather Journal


Feature articles: Daddy Bob interviewed SLAVEMASTER Mike McDade at Sweatin' Bullets in Palm Springs. jay wagner was not only a columnist for The Leather Journal, he was the producer of the Mr. Leatherman Toronto Competition. In Eastern Canadian News, jay tells about the Leather Pride events in Toronto. American Airlines agreed to be a corporate sponsor for Pantheon of Leather, the first of such for the event in its seventh year. Although reported in an earlier edition, photos of the Europe Mr. Drummer Contest appeared. Panther L/L held Prowl VIII in Atlanta. Dustin Logan covered Gateway Motorcycle Club's 23 Skidoo run. Guy Giumento covered the Creating Change Conference in Washington, DC. Jack Rinella's first article covering Leather history was The Birth of the Gold Coast in Chicago.

The Leather Journal's International Award winner 1997 and Colors Project coordinator for the Leather Archives and Museum George Cameron from Vancouver, BC was photographed by Dave Rhodes outside the Le Petite Theatre in New Orleans and appeared on the Issue #91 cover.

Feature articles: The winners of the Pantheon of Leather Community Service Awards were published in this edition. Daddy Bob reviewed several books including: Mercy?? No?, Meatmen: Special S&M Comics Edition, Torture Garden - From Bodysocks to Cybersex, Leathersex Q & A: Questions About Leathersex and the Leather Lifestyle, SM 101:Â Realistic Introduction. Dave Rhodes reviewed Daddy Bob's The Wings of Icarus. Daddy Bob was over college football games around New Years, so he wrote Bowl of Bowls for his Wearin' O' The Hides column. The second Stories From The Leather Archives by Jack Rinella was titled "A Small Group of Friends" and told about the Leather scene in the 60s and early 70s. The OCLA (Orange Coast Leather Assembly) presented a long list of ideas for future meetings to its membership for suggestions. The Leather Journal reprinted it with a few additions to give clubs and event organizers out there ideas.

Daddy Bob was forced into the vault of the Bank of America that was robbed by two gunmen in North Hollywood. The crime became a media event titled the "Shoot Out in the Valley." A military assault rifle fire went on the escape attempt was on television sets across the United States and Canada. So was Daddy Bob when he and the others in the bank were freed by police. It was time, after all these years, for Daddy Bob to be on the cover of Issue #92. He was photographed by Michael Flemming. Daddy Bob also gave a detailed account of what a non consensual kidnapping scene was really like.

A full weekend of fun at Pantheon of Leather and Mid Atlantic Leather were covered. Movie Bear Chuck Spero covered the International Mr. Bear Contest and Bear Rendezvous in San Francisco. Jack Rinella's Stories From the Leather Archives was about The Great LA Slave Auction raided by the LAPD in 1976.

A color photo of J.D. Slater supplied by Zeus Studios was on the cover of the 10th Anniversary Issue #93.

It's Okay To Pass Go was the title of Daddy Bob's The Wearin' O' The Hides in tribute to The Leather Journal's 10th Anniversary. Jack Rinella's The Birth of Drummer was an important recollection of Leather's most famous publication. Victoria Gayton interviewed Leather Pioneer Frank Puckett. Some 65 pages were dedicated to reviewing The Leather Journal's first 10 years, Issue by Issue. A tribute to the late Jack stice appeared and jay wagner reported from Toronto, Ontario.

International Mr. Leather 1997 Kevin Cwayna was the Issue #94 coverman and was photographed by Vern Stewart.

Feature articles included coverage of Atlanta SM Solidarity's Spring in the South, New York's Leather Pride Night, Mr. New Mexico Leather and Fisting by Bill Freyer of San Diego. 10 pages were dedicated to International Mr. Leather although most of the photos came too dark. Dave Rhodes attended South East Leather Fest in Atlanta and NLA: Austin's Texas Leather Pride. Rob Cole covered the Orange Coast Leather Assembly's (OCLA) Palm Springs SM Sampler, a weekend of hands-on training in BDSM skills by some of the areas experts. Vern Stewart sent lots of photos from Folsom Street East while Susan Wright and Lolita combined to cover Leather Pride Night. Mr. New Mexico Leather 1997 Dennis Dunnum wrote Tied Across Time: A Personal View, an article regarding pleasure and ritual pain.

Mr. Lure Leather and IML first runner-up Paul Eric Zinzer was the coverman for Issue #95. He was photographed by Glenda Rider and Sarah Humble.

Dave Rhodes Annual Christmas List targeted known names in the Leather Community.

After a gap in publishing, The Leather Journal came out with a late Issue and Dave Rhodes explained in his Editorial how the publication's existence was on a very thin line. We know now that it made it through the tough time. International Ms Leather was in San Diego in July, International Fantasy was in Omaha in August and The Leather Journal was at both of them. Even though The Leather Journal came out in December it had several pages covering San Francisco Leather Pride. The Folsom Street Fair sizzled. Coverage of the International Mr. Drummer and Drummerboy Contest had several photos. Coverage of Avatar Club of Los Angeles' Exploratorium and Pacific Coast MC's Black Mountain run appeared. Daddy Bob was one of the instructors at the Journeymen II Academy in San Francisco, CA, hence a two-page spread. Lynne Pierce sent coverage of Portland Leather Pride Week. jay wagner sent plenty of news from Eastern Canada. Tony DeBlase' The Chicago Hellfire Club informed how the club was founded and gave some of its colorful history. In The Wearin' O' The Hides Daddy Bob wrote The Plastic Years which was a Guide To Middle Aged Sanity Through Secret Mischief.


There was plenty of bondage and SM at Camp Renegade hosted by the New York Renegades.

The OCLA (Orange Coast Leather Assembly) presented a long list of ideas for future meetings to its membership for suggestions.

NLA: Portland was named Organization of the Year by the Rose Court of Portland at the Rose Court Coronation Ball.

Brother Help Thyself distributed $125,000 to 42 gay and lesbian organizations.

Slave Auction III hosted by the Brotherhood of Pain in Houston, TX earned about $2,000 for charity there.

The MSCMSC hosted the ECMC annual conference and the Mr. Europe Leather Contest in Manchester, UK.

Leather Weekend Rhode Island '97 was the theme of the Enforcers RI run in August.

The Jason Seeks The Fleece In Egypt - Mummy of All Runs was the Rocky Mountaineers MC's Golden Fleece Run in Denver, CO.

The Blue Grass Colts hosted Thoroughbred IV: The Leather Derby in Lexington, KY.

NLA: Portland and the Rose Court presented Valenitines From Hell: Tough Drags Do Country as a scholarship benefit at The Embers.

Some 60 rubbermen attended Rubbout VI in Vancouver, BC.

The Oberons of Milwaukee hosted a Class Reunion at Acorn X in June.

TCMC: Colorado hosted Hot Summer Leather Weekend in Colorado Springs in August. Events included workshops, vendor market, parties and shows.

The Lion Regiment of Boise, ID presented their annual Wet and Wild Weekend.

SM Gays of London, UK held Discovery Nights at The Hoist.

The Vancouver Activists in SM (VASM) reported that their HOW Seminars were doing well and decided to continue them through the summer.

The LASM Activists held its first meeting at the Crest Coffee Shop in the Silver Lake district of Los Angeles, CA. One of the goals was to organize the SM organizations to coordinate schedules.

The Dallas Leather Knights presented Camelot IV.

GMS/MA held its first Folsom Street East fair in June at 9th Avenue and Washington. Proceeds went to the Anti-Violence Project NYC.

Trident: Windy City held Winds of Change.

The Levi/Leather Brigade of Columbia, SC and the Spartans LLC combined forces to host a run named Palmetto Adventure in September.

Western Canada celebrated its Leather Pride Weekend in Vancouver, BC with a variety of events sponsored by the Vancouver Leather Alliance.

13 clubs and organizations sponsored Leather University's Dungeon 201 in Fort Lauderdale, FL in October. Dungeon included spectacular workshops and hot play parties .

NLA: International sent out a call for help in organizing its Law Information Project. The Project was a data base of laws and cases where laws were challenged in regard to Leather/SM/Fetish.

The Lesbian Sex Mafia (LSM) held a successful campout i northern Pennsylvania in August.

Pegasus MC held its ET Run in Nevada and also participated in the Queer Biker Invasion of Death Valley in October.

The Chris Scanlon versus Gay Male S/M Activists (GMS/MA), Bruce Marcus, John Weis and Gil Kessler case was scheduled to go to trial this month. Scanlon sued GMS/MA over snapshots taken at GMS/MA events. GMS/MA maintained that the club policy that all photographs and film of GMS/MA events was the property of GMS/MA, and that Scanlon was on the board of directors, attended meetings when this policy was established. This was done so to protect the confidentiality of club members. Scanlon is praying for $2,500,000 as he claimed that he owned the Copyright to the photographs in question.

The California Eagles Motorcycle Club presented an original set of the club's colors to Leather Archives and Museum Colors Project coordinator George Cameron during San Francisco's Leather Pride Week in September. Cal Eagles corresponding secretary Ken Kalstein made the presentation.

Delta International held their Delta '97 run at a private campground southwest of Philadelphia over Labor Day weekend and reported a 46 percent increase in attendance from 1996 when the run was held in mid-October. Response to the 1997 version, which was the third run for Delta International was so strong that 47 individuals were nominated for membership.

The San Francisco God Damned Independents (SFGDIs) took three of the six honors at the Northern California Leather Awards. The SFGDI honors were: Most Outstanding Leather Organization, club member Tom Galante was named Most Outstanding Leather Man and club member Rosemary Thaker was selected Most Outstanding Leather Woman. The top honor, Lexicon Award for Leather Excellence, went to The 15 Association. The Lexicon award is presented to the individual, business or organization that gathers the most votes total in all six categories. Other award winners were Daddy's bar for Most Outstanding Leather Business and Donna Sachet was recognized as Most Under-Recognized Leather Supporter.

Themed One Night In Asia, the Avatar officer installation dinner took place October 18 in Montebello. George Wong hosted the event at his home. The dishes served, both appetizers and entrees, were all Oriental in nature, and the actual buffet was served on and around a naked Oriental. David Okihiro, who appeared in a photo spread in Issue #4 of Eagle, lay motionless on the buffet table for close to an hour and a half, and later received a loud round of applause for good sportsmanship.

The Tarheel Leather Club of Greensboro, NC held their Eighth Annual Toy Drive at Flex in Raleigh, NC. Toys collected were donated to the AIDS Service Agency of Wake County in Raleigh, AIDS Task Force of Winston-Salem, Triad Health Project in Greensboro and the AIDS Leadership Foothills Alliance in Hickory.

Black Rose' 10th Anniversary, BR 1997 drew over 1,200 Leatherfolk to Washington, DC.

Outer Limits, a women's BDSM club was revived.

Leather Titles

The first women's Leather contest held in Los Angeles in ages was sponsored by the Women's Leather Network and was won by Lisa Weiszmiller.

Doug Johnson and Sharon Kleinman were named Mr. and Ms Santa Clara Leather.

The Mr. and Ms Florida Leather Contest was won by Ty Nolan and Stephanie Hughes.

Florida Leather Boy was Gregory Kornman.

Mylez Edwards from Jacksonville won the Mr. Florida Olympus title and Karen Matr0ni from Cape Canaveral was named Ms Florida Olympus Leather.

David Klainka won the Mr. BC Leather title in Vancouver, British Columbia. Melvin Knight assumed the Mr. Louisiana Leather title after Michael Caster moved away from the state.

Dragon Xcalibur won the Seattle Ambassador Contest.

Mylez Edwards form Jacksonville, FL and Dauphine Sowell form Atlanta were the winners of the second Mr. and Ms Olympus Leather Contest.

Mid Atlantic Leather was held only one weekend later than usual and Mike Siemer from Kansas City, MO won the contest.

The Twilight Guard sponsored the Connecticut Bear Rumble and sashed Rick Prettyman with the title of Mr. Connecticut Bear.

The Cell Block in Chicago held a weekend events climaxed by the Mr. Cell Block Leather Contest won by Brian-Mark Conover.

Jim Parton of Ventura, CA was the third man in a row from Southern California to win the International Mr. Bear title.

International Mr. Leather 1995 Larry Everett was seriously burned in a fire at his Oklahoma City residence and he lost most of his possessions. Fundraisers were immediately held in the U.S. and Canada that helped him get back on his feet.

San Francisco Dyke Daddy and Dyke Mommy were Thumper and Aurelia.

Matt Payne was selected Mr. Missouri Leather.

ICON Detroit member Johan Villar became Mr. Detroit Eagle.

John Varanelli won the first Mr. Pistons Leather title in long Beach, CA.

The winners of the Mr. and Ms New Mexico Leather titles were Dennis Dunnum and Leslie Anderson.

Michael de Leon was chosen to be Mr. Minnesota Fantasy at The Saloon in Minneapolis, MN.

Vince Edd was named Mr. Washington State Leather in Seattle during Washington State Leather Pride Week. The National Emerald Award went to Tony DeBlase.

Joe Martin Kosmalski of Grand Rapids was sashed Mr. Michigan Leather.

Martin Garcia was named Mr. Seattle Leather in front of 400 onlookers at Neighbors Nightclub.

UCLA student Win Dixon was selected Mr. Los Angeles Leather at the Faultline.

Tom Powers was named Mr. San Francisco Leather in front of 700 Leatherfolk at the Russian Center.

The new Mr. North Carolina Leather was Benjie at FLEX in Raleigh.

Omaha Sternberg was named Ms Washington State Leather in Seattle, WA.

Eddie Melanson was named Mr. 121 in Hamilton, Ontario.

Mr. Minnesota Leather Kevin Cwayna became International Mr. Leather. Paul Zinzer was first runner-up and Mark Malan was second runner-up at the Congress Theater in Chicago, IL.

The Mr. and Ms Georgia Leather Contest was won by Joe Blair and Miss Patti during South East Leather Fest in Atlanta.

South East Drummer was Martin Ellis and South East Drummerboy was none other than Von Sumrall.

Roger Curtman and Bill of Atlanta, GA were the winners of the International Masters and slaves contest held in Denver, CO.

STARS MC presented the Mr. Empire State Leather Contest that was one by Phil Larocca at The Boathouse in Albany, NY. The weekend included parties and other club fun.

Gene Harrawood was chosen Mr. Bear Pride in Bloomington, IN.

Ric Morris became Mr. Connecticut Drummer at the Brook Cafe in Westport.

Sue Berry and Todd Wright won the Ms and Mr. Atlanta Eagle titles in June.

Mr. and Ms Florida Olympus Leather winners were Charles Garrett and Sybil King, both from Orlando winning at the Tampa Eagle.

The Seventh Annual International Mr. Deaf Leather Contest was held at the Hyatt Regency Crown Center in Kansas City and Patrick Richardson from Boston, MA walked off the stage with the coveted sash in front of 200 onlookers.

Under the auspices of the Colors Project, George Cameron of Vancouver, Canada and Mr. Southeast Leather 1994 Darryl Flick collected titleholder sashes and a history of each for the Leather Archives and Museum in Chicago.

Between the beginning June and the end of August there is an International Mr. Drummer Contest virtually every weekend somewhere in the good old US of A.

Robert Conway was chosen Southern California Mr. Drummer at the Faultline in Los Angeles, CA. Joe was named Southern California Drummer Boy.

Chez Sanchez became Mr. Utah Leather in Salt Lake City in August.

Michael Gaines won the Illinois Mr. Drummer Contest at the Cell Block in Chicago leading into the Great Plains Mr. Drummer Contest on August 23.

37 year-old banker Darryl Lafayette was named Mr. Holland Leather 1997 in the Church Square near the Waarmostraat district in Amsterdam, NL.

Scott Voelte was named Mr. Russian River Business Leather in Guerneville, CA.

Pat Batt captured the San Francisco Leather Daddy XV title at the San Francisco Eagle.

Davien Nelson, a volunteer worker for Rafiki, a branch of the Black Coalition on AIDS walked away wit the Mr. Ebony in Leather 1997 title in San Francisco, CA.

Five men competed for the coveted San Francisco Leather Daddy's Boy sash during Labor Day weekend at the San Francisco Eagle and David Meier was the winner. $3,500 was raised for the AIDS Emergency Fund.

The Mr. Bear New England titleholders were Mr. Cub New England Ronald "Scooter" Wilson, Mr. Bear New England Sherman Hanke and Mr. Grizzly New England Gary Turner. The 1997 Bear Paw Award for community service went to Dave Horton. The contest was at the Boston Ramrod.

The first Ms Louisiana Leather was none other than Lorna Pierce.

Martin Hall of New Bedford, MA won the Mr. Ocean State Leather 1997 Contest during the Enforcers Rhode Island Leather Weekend in August. Hall will compete in the American Leatherman Competition in April and won over $1,000 in prizes.

Greg Leo was named DC Leather Boy Contest which was sponsored by Mr. P's in the Dupont Circle district of Washington, DC.

Genelle Moore from Lincoln, NE won the International Ms Leather title at the Spreckles Theater in San Diego, CA. Her brother, Ron Moore, was International Mr. Leather 1984 and the duo is the only blood-related international Leather holders to date.

Michael Gaines was selected Illinois Mr. Drummer at the Cell Block in Chicago, IL.

Jeffrey Adler of Florida was named International Mr. Drummer and Troy Taylor from Baltimore, MD became International Drummerboy at Club Townsend in San Francisco, CA.

ICON Detroit member Ariq Robinson was named International Mr. Fantasy at the Max in Omaha, NE.

The Ottawa Knights produced the Mr. Leather Ottawa-Hull Leather Contest.

There were two rubber contests in Chicago, IL the same weekend. Christoff Lehner was chosen to be Mr. International Rubber at the Cell Block while Keith Waltrip was Mr. World Rubber at the Chicago Eagle.

Rick Butler was chosen to be Mr. Palm Springs Leather in November.

A couple of weeks later James Anderson was named Mr. Leatherman Toronto at the Opera House in front of 450 Leatherfolk.

Wayne Nesbitt bested six other contestants to become Mr. DC Eagle in Washington, DC.

Mr. International Rubber 1997 Thomas Smith produced the Minnesota Mr. and Ms Olympus Leather Contest that was won by BD Chambers and Renee Indehar.

News and Politics

Lurch in Oklahoma? It actually occurred when he was the star at a slave auction in Tulsa.

The major winners of the Pantheon of Leather Community Service Awards were Woman of the Year' pat baillie; Man of the Year, Mark Frazier; Readers Choice (Women), Sarah Humble; Readers Choice (Men). Jack Stice and David WW Walker; and Lifetime Achievement, Frank Puckett.

A project entitled Bay Area Remembers raised about $2,000 for the AIDS Emergency Fund in San Francisco, CA.

Mike Pastori was arrested and charged with pimping, pandering and attempted pandering in San Diego following a nearly year long investigation into his activities by police there.

The length of chain had been steadily growing according to Links Project organizer Michael Horowitz..

The first Leather Leadership Conference was being organized in New York City.

A full weekend of fun at Pantheon of Leather also included an opening reception that saw Gargoyles Leather of New Orleans present a fashion show and the first presentation of club colors with the purpose of donating them to the Leather Archives and Museum. Sunday night's Black Magic Ball at Ruby Fruit Jungle entertained those who were able to stay over until Monday. The newest International Mr. Saliva victim was piggy.

The Spanner Case came to an end and it wasn't pretty! The European Court voted unanimously to uphold the British convictions of the Spanner Defendants.

The Religious, Yeah Right began a major attack on American Airlines for supporting gay and lesbian events.

The Houghtons learned that they may lose custody of their children after all.

Leatherwomen began a campaign to change the National Organization of Women (NOW) policy that decried SM sex.

Continental Leather Pride produced A Taste of Leather Colorado III at the Executive Tower Inn in Denver.

The first Leather Leadership Conference was hosted in New York by the New York S/M Activists in April with the purpose of developing leadership skills for existing and new community leaders.

The Roseland Guesthouse in eastern Ohio hosted a Leather Weekend in July.

The notorious phone scam artist hit New York, NY and Toronto, Canada titleholders and club officers.

Amsterdam Leather Pride drew Leatherfolk from al over the globe in October and November.

Bloomington, IN was the host city for The Art of Desire: Erotic Treasures at the Hartford Hope School of Fine Arts.

The Tom of Finland foundation presented Manorama: A Gay Pride Dance at the El Rey Theater in Los Angeles, CA in June.

Paul Vosper won the Wally Look Alike Contest at the Hole in the Wall in San Francisco, CA. Founded by Wally Sherwood, the party raised in excess of $19,000 in its 12 year history. IML 1994 Jeff Tucker was the emcee.

Steve Houghton was released from probation in New York State on the recommendation of his parole officer and the parole officer's supervisor.

What started out as a simple discussion of how heart-wrenching it is to see Leatherfolk, who, because of our lifestyle, do not have places to spend the holidays, evolved into the first Atlanta Leather Family Dinner for Thanksgiving week.

South East Leather fest announced that $7,500 was raised for several beneficiaries at the event in Atlanta in June.

A 58 year-old woman was found shot to death in her apartment amid whips, chains and cages, New York police said. Nadia Frey, who also called herself Mistress Hilda Pierce, was a professional dominatrix who offered fantasy bondage from "sensuous teasing to exquisite torments."

Because of the overwhelming response to Fetish Fun Fest I, Laura Goodwin presented Fetish Fun Fest II on November 22 at the Starlite Theater in East Hartford CT.

The Diabolique Fetish Ball was held November 20 at Club Egypt in Philadelphia, PA as a benefit for Action AIDS.

The Leatherfolk of Santa Clara County, CA celebrated the Leather lifestyle at the Top Secret, Undercover gathering in Campbell.

The Betty Page Social Club in Vancouver, British Columbia changed its name to the Body Perv Social Club.

10,000 visitors attended the UK's first mainstream erotic exhibition, Erotica '97, at London's Olympia Exhibition Center. The three-day event included fetish/erotic fashion shows, various performances, cabarets and dancers, themed erotic restaurants and bars with suitably attired staff.

New Rage in Belgium simulated electric chairs, which imitated high-voltage shocks and offered volunteers certificates of grit, became an instant success in some of Belgium's coastal cities.

Books and Publications

The Leather Journal announced that it was going back to a bimonthly publication schedule.

Retrospective III was released by the Tom of Finland Foundation in June. The book had 16 pages of full color and several trifolds with triptych work.

New York Leather/SM, New York, NY

Tania Oudemans of the Netherlands compiled information for a Woman-To-Woman Resource Guide.


Trevor Jacques of Toronto compiled a highly comprehensive alternate sexuality database consisting of over 10,000 individual listings and in excess of 1,300 web and E-mail listings of sexually oriented organizations and businesses. Called Alternate Sources, access to this database was open to the general public.

New on the Scene

NYS/MA (New York S/M Activists), New York, NY, Minnesota Leather Den, Brooklyn Center, MN; Manitoba Bears, Winnepeg, Manitoba; Leatherneck bar, Chicago, IL; Exiles, San Francisco, CA; Garden of Hedon, Seattle, WA; East Coast Wrestling Club, Providence, RI; Folsom Street East, GMS/MA, New York; LASM Activists, Los Angeles, CA; Hand Ballers of Los Angles (HBLA), Los Angeles, CA; Pacific Power Exchange, Portland, OR


25 Years: Male Hide Leathers, Chicago, IL; Golden Fleece Run, Rocky Mountaineers MC, Denver, CO; Atons XXV: A Renaissance, Atons of Minneapolis, Minneapolis, MN; San Francisco Leather Daddy Contest, San Francisco, CA

20 Years: Black Guard: Then, Now and Forever, 20th run, Black Guard, Minneapolis, MN

15 Years: Saber MC, Ft. Lauderdale, FL; Track XV run, Conductors LL, Nashville, TN

10 Years: The Leather Journal, Los Angeles, CA, Black Rose X, Black Rose, Washington, DC; Firedancers LLC; Dallas, TX; Acorn X, Oberons, Milwaukee, WI; Leather Fest X, Club X, San Diego, CA

Five Years: Long Island Ravens, Long Island, NY;

Gone, But Not Forgotten

Deaf Leather activist Michael Felts, Washington, DC.

Wheels MC cofounder Roy Irving, New York, NY.

International Mr. Leather 1984 Ron Moore, Lincoln, NE.

International Master 1985 Jack Otis Stice passed away in Atlanta, GA

K. Scott Leider, known to the Leather community as Scott, was a founding member of Menamore Levi/Leather Club of Wilmington, NC. He was also instrumental in the organization of the NLA: Carolinas and the Carolina Caucus of Clubs.

Mike Mosbacher, President of the Pocono Warriors and a Renegade Regular died suddenly at his rural Vermont home on June 25.

Doug Lake Houston Area Bear Doug Lake passed away Sunday July 6 at Park Plaza Hospital.



September 06, 1996


The Leather Journal

One of the most beloved titleholders on the East Coast, Mr. Mid-Atlantic Leather 1995 Joe Morris was the coverman for Issue #79. Photo by Dave Rhodes.

Feature articles: The interesting Felix Jones, founder of Europe's Leather Scene was interviewed by Dave Rhodes. Lady Green's column was A Primer on Anal Play. Bob Fifield reviewed Dossie Easton's The Bottoming Book  Screw the Roses, Send Me the Thorns by Phillip Miller and Molly Devon and Metropolitan Slave Anthology II by JEB and Sleazemaster. Mauro Montoya won the Mr. Mid-Atlantic Leather Contest MAL got eight pages of coverage. Bah, Humbug was the theme of The Wearin' O' The Hides.

San Francisco Leather Daddy VIII, The Leather Journal's 1996 Lifetime Achievement Award winner and perennial Pantheon of Leather emcee Don Thompson was the coverman for Issue #80.

Feature articles: Pantheon of Leather was held in New Orleans. Jill Carter wrote a special article on her 23 years in the Leather community and Living In Leather. With computers in Mind, phydeaux's The Tannin' O' The Hides was titled, The New Sadism.

The first Mr. and Ms Olympus Leather winners were Ron Hendon and Daddy Flo. They are on the cover of Issue #81.

Feature articles: About 1,200 Leatherfolk attended Eulenspiegel's 25th anniversary in New York City in mid-February. Eight inches of snow did not stop people. Covered by Susan Wright, the event had numerous workshops, a vendor fair, staged demonstration and a fashion show. The International Bear Rendezvous was taking place about 3,00 miles away on he same weekend in San Francisco. There were plenty of uniformed men in Andy Mangels' coverage of Portland Uniform Weekend IV. The Motorcycle Awards in San Francisco under the auspices of the Inter Club Fund saw the first woman to be honored as Person of the Year. Jill Carter's The Bitch of Psychological Twist was a hit. Reacting positively to Daddy Bob's Fortress Europe, June 1992 several issues before, Malcom Richard Smith submitted The SM Experience in London and New York: Some Notes For The Unsuspecting Visitor.

The first American Leatherboy, Kevin McGraw from Denver, CO, was photographed by Dave Rhodes at Leatherfest VIII in San Diego for the cover of Issue #82.

Feature articles: Six pages of coverage went to Leatherfest VIII in San Diego produced by Club X (formerly NLA: San Diego).

One of the biggest annual Leather pride celebrations is  The Border Riders MC celebrated their 26th anniversary and the Seattle Men in Leather held their seventh anniversary on Sunday afternoon. Say Good  Night George was Daddy Bob's tribute to his late lover in The Wearin' O' The Hides.

The Issue #83 coverwoman was International Ms Leather 1995 pat baillie.

Feature articles: Dave Rhodes interviewed International Ms Leather pat baillie and International Mr. Leather Larry Everett. Texas Leather Pride in Austin was another weekend full of hot Leatherfolk as NLA: Austin celebrated their fifth run. This edition covered lots of IML and IMsL preliminaries. A big fundraiser for Mr. Minnesota Leather Michael DeLeon drew people from all over the U.S. to Minneapolis. Jill Carter wrote a special called Say Hello to Simon.

The energetic Joe Gallagher from New York City is the coverman of Issue #84 photographed by Dave Rhodes.

Feature articles: A full 10 pages of coverage went to the International Mr. Leather Contest. Atlanta S/M Solidarity presented a successful Spring In The South weekend. E.T. Phone Home was the theme for The Wearin' O' The Hides and The Tannin' O' The Hides featured Sex and Shopping. Jill Carter wrote Sheltered, Sane and Consensual.

The Lords of Leather and the banner they presented at Pantheon of Leather were on the cover.

Feature articles: Coverage of some of the gay and lesbian pride festivities around the United States and Canada appeared. The Leather Journal covered the International Masters and Slaves Contest and Southeast Leatherfest in Atlanta. Miss Bunnie turned in some great photos of the annual Dyke March LA/SF. Lolita and Susan Wright teamed together to cover Leather Pride Night in New York. Brent Sweer traveled to the Midwest and when he returned to LA he brought photos of Nimbus 19th Anniversary: Are You Being Served? from Douglas Dunes, MI. jay wagner reported that the new Ms Toronto Leather was Gill. The 15 Association's Boot Camp run was covered by Dave Rhodes. Dave Rhodes toured the Leather Archives and Museum at IML in May. A photo spread reveals what one might encounter when the visit the Museum.

Florida Mr. Drummer 1995 and 1996 Ray Castro and Ed Ivey were the Issue #86 covermen photographed by Dave Rhodes.

Jill Carter became International Ms Leather.

Pacific Coast Motorcycle Club of Los Angeles held their memorable 25th anniversary in the hills above LA and Ira Moore was there. Sarah Humble gave a full report on Leather participation in Baltimore's gay and lesbian pride festivities. A new photo section appearing at the back of The Leather Journal, Out and About..., included photos of gay and lesbian pride events. jay wagner reported that Leatherball II in Toronto was wild. Out and About... had several additional photos from Southern Decadence.

Rex Hopson got the new International Mr. Fantasy Kevin Watson away from the University of New Mexico long enough to get a photo of him for the cover of Issue #87 with a good Southwestern background.

Over 1,000 Leathermen and Leatherwomen invaded the Big Easy (New Orleans) for Southern Decadence which was held Labor Day Weekend.  A weekend of bar parties and Mardi Gras-style partying (except even less clothing was the norm).  

  Otter sent coverage of Flight 1: Myths and Legends sponsored by the Louisville Knightwings. Dave Rhodes used the Texas Leather Pride Boat Ride for another interview; this time talking to NLA: cochair K.T. Chase.

Mr. Leatherman Toronto 1996 Duncan MacLachlan was on the Issue #88 cover and was photographed by Pierre Peloquin.

Feature articles: A full 15 pages covered the events that took place during San Francisco's Leather Pride Week. There was virtually no room to move in the late afternoon during the Folsom Street Fair as the Fair drew its largest crowd ever. The Fetish and Fantasy Ball was moved from Thursday night to Friday night and split the crowd 50/50 with the roast for Mr. Drummer 1995 David WW Walker at the SF Eagle. One particularly hot booth during the Folsom Street Fair was that of the Golden Gate Wrestling Club which performed wrestling demos throughout the day.

Living In Leather in Portland, OR brought 600 people to the Pacific Northwest. Ira Moore attended the Names Project Memorial Quilt Display in Washington, DC. Dave Rhodes wrote a detailed personal experience of Inferno XXV from the beginning of Session B to the end.

Mr. Vulcan Rubber 1997 Rich Villagracia was photographed at the Metropolitan Slave Correctional Institute in Chicago by Dave Rhodes and appeared on the cover of Issue #89.

Feature articles: The first Mr. Vulcan Rubber Contest since 1994 kept the Cell Block busy in Chicago the first weekend in November. The Chicago Hellfire Club held Associates Weekend the same time making this the second busiest Leather weekend of the year in Chicago. A list of the 376 nominees for the Pantheon of Leather Community Service Awards was published. Sweatin' Bullets sponsored by the Palm Springs Leather Order of the Desert and several pages of photos in the story and in Out and About... reveal that there are a lot of hot men in the desert. Bearman sent photo coverage of the Ft. Lauderdale Leather Guild's Leather University: Dungeon 101. Vern Stewart covered Centaur MC's Olympia XIV run..

Dave Rhodes photographed Slave Master Mike McDade during Sweatin' Bullets in Palm Springs for the Issue #90 cover.


NLA: Houston played a major role in a Toys For Tots drive that collected more than 1,500 toys and $500 for Community Visions, Inc.

ICON Detroit held their Leather Carnival 1995.

Avatar in Los Angeles split $1,000 equally between the Los Angeles Youth Support Services and Eagles Center from funds raised at a beer bust.

Tsarus of Memphis, TN named Bill Andrews and Matthew Presley as men of the Year.

Sandia Leather presented New Mexico on Fire: Leather '96 in Albuquerque, NM.

Avatar held their 13th anniversary shindig in Los Angeles, CA.

Trident International celebrated its 23rd anniversary in Los Angeles, CA.

GUMMI, SM Gays and the Sadie Masie clubs in London, UK were able to resume holding meetings after three months over problems with the government.

NLA: Houston's Spring Iniquity V featured workshops and parties.

Leather United - Chicago presented Freeze and Sleeze IV in Indianapolis, IN.

Greta Schwerdtfegger returned for a second year as president of the board of Generic Leather Productions in Seattle, WA.

NLA: Los Angeles raised more than $1,000 for the Houghton Defense Fund.

Winners in the Leather/Levi Lexicon's Northern California Leather Awards were: Outstanding Leather Man Keith Truitt, Outstanding Leather Woman Audrey Joseph, Under-Recognized Leather Supporter Jacqui Jewels, Leather Business Hole in the Wall Saloon and Organization Golden Gate Guards.

The New Orleans Bears drew over 100 to their Southern Decadence parties.

If you had to pick one club to host a cocktail party to represent the Leather community it might have to be hosted by the Knights d' Orleans.

NLA: Dallas held Beyond Vanilla.

Avatar's Exploratorium drew another big crowd to Hollywood Moguls where the temperature was just as hot as the Leatherfolk attending.

The NLA: International announced the beginning of a Legal Project that would compile data on past cases, cases pending and legal procedure in the future relating to Leather.

Living In Leather in Portland, OR brought 600 people to the Pacific Northwest. About 60 workshops and 27 vendors gave attendees plenty to do in the daytime. Friday night's Opening Ceremonies was filled with speeches and a State of the NLA by cochairs K.T. Chase and Mark Frazier. The Lifetime Achievement Award winners were Jo Arnone from New York and Bob Flanagan (deceased) from Los Angeles. Saturday night's entertainment had mostly dominatrixes leading men on leashes. There was one gay men's fantasy performed by Master Ward and Boy Eitel from Atlanta.

Sweatin' Bullets sponsored by the Palm Springs Leather Order of the Desert, Wolfs Den, Cathedral City Boys Club and American Airlines raised $3,000 for the Desert AIDS Project.

Spearhead collected over toys in their annual Toys For Tots drive that weekend.

Leather Titles

 Mauro Montoya won the Mr. Mid-Atlantic Leather Contest, the snow was piled high and much of Washington, DC for Centaur MC's Mid-Atlantic Leather Weekend. The weather was freezing, but the brotherhood was warm. A larger vendor fair a la IML gave people a chance to shop.

In Toronto the new Mr. Barn Leather was Derek Stringfellow.

Hobbit became Ms Washington State Leather.

Mr. Detroit Eagle was Michael Weems.

Mr. and Ms South Central Olympus Leather were Dirk Nettles and Elizabeth Ann, both from Houston.

Raymond Hall was Mr. DC Eagle.

The first Mr. and Ms Olympus Leather was Ron Hendon and Daddy Flo.

Jim Bowling was chosen Mr. Ohio Valley Leather.

Mr. Southern California Bear was Steve Blanscet.

Lee Zirkle added the Mr. Silver State Drummer title to his collection.

The new Mr. Oklahoma Leather was Arlen Spitler.

Beth Elliott and Koko won the Dyke Mommy and Dyke Daddy titles in San Francisco.

Mr. Brother Help Thyself was Kevin Smith.

Scott Capocci-Smithson won the Seattle Mr. Leather contest which saw $1,000 for the Northwest Coalition Against Malicious Harassment and the Michael Desroiser Memorial Pet Support Network and another $1,400 for the Pride Foundation.

Generic Leather Productions in Seattle divied out $4,000 between four charities of which $1,200 went to Seattle's Pride Foundation.

$1,000 raised at Toronto's Black Eagle garnered $1,000 for the Triangle Youth Program and the Mr. Leatherman Toronto Competition.

Ginni became Ms Gulf Coast Leather.

Steve Blanscet from Long Beach was chosen International Mr. Bear at International Bear Rendezvous in San Francisco, CA. Over $10,000 raised during the weekend was donated to STOP IDS Project, Operation Concern/18th Street Services and Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG).

 Ms NLA: Portland received second degree burns during a staged fire fantasy at Erotica IV in Portland.

The Washington State Mr. Leather Contest was won by Vincent Sharkey.

Edward Bryan was named Mr. Michigan Leather.

Barry Burns became Mr. Portland Leather.

International Ms Leather pat baillie started a national drive named Exposing Ourselves to Women's Health Care.

Mr. P's Leather in Washington, DC was Ron Carl.

Mr. Leatherbike Week in Daytona Beach, FL was David "Slakker" Merrill.

Gary Virginia won the first Mr. Daddy's Leather Contest and Gary Strickland was named Mr. Edge Leather in San Francisco, CA.

The new Mr. and Ms Silver State Leather were Arthur "Chip" Gillespie and Julie "Lynn" Maher.

Kurt Edwards won the Empire State Leather Contest sponsored by Stars MC during their Leather Pride weekend in Albany, NY.

Mikki "Mixmaster" Avis was named Ms Colorado Leather Pride and Kent Epperson was chosen Rocky Mountain Mr. Leather in Denver, CO.

The new Mr. Kentucky Leather was Stephen Tracey.

Gary Virginia took the Mr. San Francisco Leather sash.

Kristi Barkan was selected Ms Philadelphia Leather.

The new Mr. LA Leather was Michael Shewan.

The first man to become International Mr. Leather from New York was Joe Gallagher, sponsored by AmFAR. Todd Nelson from Seattle, WA was named International Mr. Boot Black.

The first International Ms Deaf Leather was Cool Cat from Chicago and San Francisco's Daniel Sonnenfeld won the International Mr. Deaf Leather title.

Don Woods won the Mr. Gulf Coast Drummer title in Dallas.

Mr. Texas Leather Jackson Myars was the director for Positive Voices, an HIV positive singing group that released Windows of Hope.

The new IML Joe Gallagher and New York City Leather activist Michael Horowitz announced their Get-Linked Project.

Steven Robling became Mr. Boston Leather.

Mickey McMahon was the new Mr. DC Bear.

Wisconsin Daddy was J.P. Ranieri and Wisconsin Daddy's Boy was Cortez Baker.

Mistress Morgana and slave michael won the International Masters and Slaves Contest.

Bob Jacobs was chosen Southeast Mr. Drummer and Rory Teasdale became Southeast Drummer Boy during Southeast Leatherfest in Atlanta.

Ms Toronto Leather was Gill.

Loren Berthelson became San Francisco Leather Daddy XIV.

Jill Carter doesn't live far from Philadelphia so the judges decided that it would be just as easy for her to take the trophy home so they chose her to be International Ms Leather. 19 women competed for the top women's title. Jill quickly sent a story, I Just Wanted To Do It For The Experience.

The new Rocky Mountain Mr. Drummer and Drummer Boy were Rick Gusler and Mike DeNisco.

The new Mr. Florida Drummer was Bill Masters from Ft. Lauderdale.

Mr. and Ms Alameda County Leather were Roger Luttrell and Victoria Rose. Taurus Webster won the Mr. Northern California Drummer Contest.

The second International Mr. Fantasy was Kevin Watson from Albuquerque, NM.

The Lords of Leather sponsored the Mr. Louisiana Leather Contest won by Michael Caster.

Kyle Brandon was named Southern California Mr. Drummer.

Doug Decker was chosen Mr. Texas Drummer.

The East Coast Titleholders Conference was held at the home of Mr. Southeast Leather 1993 Darryl Flick in Richmond, VA.

The new San Francisco Leather Daddy's Boy was Joey Faria.

Kyle Brandon from West Hollywood won the International Mr. Drummer Contest and the new Drummer Boy, chosen by the Mr. Drummer contestants, was Mike DeNisco.

International Master and Slave 1996 Mistress Morgana and slave michael held a Fetish and Fantasy event in Denver, CO.

James Murray was named Mr. Tulsa Leather.

Mark McKenzie became Mr. Palm Springs Leather.

Ricardo Morris was chosen Mr. Connecticut Leather.

Fabrice van den Bossche won the Mr. Europe Drummer Contest during Amsterdam Leather Pride.

The new Mr. Southeast Leather was David Palm from Lynchburg, VA.

Mason Timmons became Mr. Upstate New York Leather.

In Toronto the new Mr. Black Eagle Leather was James Morgan and Mr. Barn Leather was Robert Pierre Tomas.

Dauphine Sowell and Master Ken won the Ms and Mr. Georgia Olympus Leather titles in Atlanta.

An April date was set for the American Brotherhood Weekend and it was to be held in Washington, DC.

Ric Morris won the Mr. Connecticut Leather title.

The new Mr. Leather Ottawa-Hull was Erich Prohaska.

James Sterling won the first Leathermaster NYC Contest.

Jim Dawson won the Ocean State Leather Contest held by the Enforcers RI and represented them in the Mr. and Ms Olympus Leather finals in New Orleans.

Lee Julien won the Mr. Silver Fox Contest in San Francisco.

News and Politics

London (Reuters) announced that Britain's Law Commission had proposed reforms that would decriminalize violent sexual acts between consenting adults.

Pantheon of Leather was held in New Orleans. This year's awards and winners were: Woman of the Year, Sarah Humble; Man of the Year, Woody Bebout; Readers Choice (Women) Cindy Bookout; Readers Choice (Men) Frank Nowicki; Lifetime Achievement, Don Thompson; Forbearer, Judy Tallwing-McCarthey.

London Vice Squad Pressure lead to a ban of GUMMI and SM Gays.

Brother Help Thyself distributed $120,000 in grants to 45 organizations at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Washington, DC.

About 1,200 Leatherfolk attended Eulenspiegel's 25th anniversary in New York City in mid-February. Eight inches of snow did not stop people.

The Leather Archives and Museum named George Cameron of Vancouver, British Columbia as head of the Colors Project which would collect sets of club colors from around the world.

Remington's bar in Toronto, Ontario was raided and then a fund to help with legal defense was started.

Washington State Leather Pride Week was held in Seattle at the end of March. A National Emerald Award was presented to Frank Nowicki from Washington, DC.

The two children of Selina and Steven Houghton were taken from their home by authorities after a "friend" broke into their home and stole SM/fetish videotapes. What became known as the Houghton Case was given international publicity through the efforts of Robert and Mary Dante, publishers/editors of Boudoir Noir Magazine in Toronto, Ontario.

Mr. Minnesota Leather Michael DeLeon was able to meet with Los Angeles Lakers' basketball superstar Magic Johnson at the Stand Against AIDS fundraiser at the Metrodome in Minneapolis, MN.

The U.S. Supreme Court handed down a 6-3 ruling that stated that states cannot ban laws that protect homosexuals from discrimination. This successfully ended Colorado Amendment 2.

The Leather community of New York City began publicizing the name and a photo of a "Dangerous Top" who had been beating and abusing bottoms way beyond their consent and other violations against the same persons.

 The world renowned Rod's in Madison, WI owners announced that a rebuilding effort had begun to replace the burned down establishment.

Zeus Studios' annual June fundraiser netted about $5,000 to benefit Aid For AIDS in Los Angeles.

The New York City Police Department continued its crackdown on sex clubs by taking out The Attic and The Maze.

The Houghton Case came to an end when the couple accepted an offer made by the District Attorney of  a guilty plea to lesser charges. The Houghton kids spent Christmas at home.

Freeze and Sleeze weekend was cancelled.

Books and Publications

Trevor Jacques and Whole SM Publishing released The Alternate Sources Guide in Toronto.

The start of a Leather Who's Who was announced by Tony DeBlase and Trevor Jacques.

Daddy Bob took home two of the honors from the Los Angeles County Leather Fetish Awards. He won one award for Outstanding Columnist/Journal and another for Outstanding Literature (The Only Reason I Mention This).


A new web site was established for the Kink Awareness Professionals (KAP) referral service that directs individuals in need to doctors and lawyers friendly to the Leather lifestyle.

New on the Scene

Pike's Peak Summit Masters, Colorado Springs, CO; Femina Society and School, Haverhill, MA; Men of Rubber, Chicago, IL; SAAFE, Calgary, Alberta; Spanking Club, Los Angels, CA; Wisconsin Leather Men's Association, Milwaukee, WI; WHOLE (Women Holding Outrageous Leather Events), Philadelphia, PA; Southeast Conference of Clubs, Wilmington, NC; Seattle Men's Welcoming Committee, Seattle, WA; Louisville Area Trust EXchange (LATEX), Louisville, KY; Brothers In Leather, New York, NY; BD/SM Social Group, Austin, TX; Dungeon 101 by Leather University, Fort Lauderdale, FL


25 Years: Do-A-Fool, 25th Anniversary and run, Tribe MC Detroit, MI; Inferno XXV, Chicago Hellfire Club, Chicago, IL; Pacific Coast Motorcycle Club, Los Angeles, CA

20 Years: Valley Knights MC, Sacramento, CA

10 Years: Utica Tri's, Utica, NY; Golden Gate Guards, San Francisco, CA; Firedance X run, Firedancers LLC, Dallas, TX; 10th Annual Dusty Cunningham Razzle Dazzle Picnic Basket Auction, Brother Help Thyself, Washington, DC

Five Years: Rubbout V weekend, Northwind, Vancouver, British Columbia; Chain of Command, San Antonio, TX; Texas Leather Pride V run, NLA: Austin, Austin, TX; Tom's Bar V, Tom of Finland Foundation, Los Angeles, CA; Portland Uniform Weekend, In Uniform Magazine, Portland, OR

Gone, But Not Forgotten

Artist Brad Braverman, Los Angeles, CA.

San Francisco Leather Daddy's Boy 1993 Craig Neely, San Francisco, CA.

Jackhammer, bar, San Francisco, CA closed.

Motorwerks, bar, San Francisco, CA closed.

The energetic Joe Gallagher from New York City is the coverman of Issue #84 photographed by Dave Rhodes.

Feature articles: A full 10 pages of coverage went to the International Mr. Leather Contest. Atlanta S/M Solidarity presented a successful Spring In The South weekend. E.T. Phone Home was the theme for The Wearin' O' The Hides and The Tannin' O' The Hides featured Sex and Shopping. Jill Carter wrote Sheltered, Sane and Consensual.

Leather activist and Leather designer Hawk Brooks, Boston, MA.

Leather United - Chicago cofounding member Davis Burbank, Chicago, IL.

Mr. Colorado Leather 1994 Dann Sivers, Denver, CO.

Founding president and charter member of Griffins MC Marshall Kyle, Newark, DE.

Loading Zone (San Diego) bar owner Bob Toner, San Francisco, CA.

The Attic closed due to police pressure in New York, NY.

The Maze suffered the same fate in New York, NY.

The Leather Journal Man of the Year 1988,  Leather Contingent organizer at the March On Washington in 1987 and 1993, past GMS/MA chairman and Leather activist Barry Douglas, New York, NY.

Screw The Roses, Send Me The Thorns coauthor Phillip Miller, Atlantic Highlands, NJ.



September 06, 1995


The Leather Journal

Mr. Southwest Drummer Bob Michaels from Las Vegas went out into the Desert to have the photo taken of him that was on the Issue #66 cover.

Panther LLC hosted Prowl VI in Atlanta and Otter was there. Andy Mangels attended the American Uniform Association's 17th Annual Review in Chicago.  Brent Sweer went to Milwaukee to cover the Castaways MC 15th anniversary.  Susan Wright wrote a tribute to the late David Weinbaum. In The Wearin' O' The Hides Daddy Bob dealt with one of those life history Christmas cards while the new kid on the block was The Tannin' O' The Hides by phideaux. Only with The Leather Journal a short while, some of phideaux's zingers were unmatchable! Luke Owens reviewed several books and videos.

Doomed Rabbit Cookbook: Recipes From the Leather Community and Friends author and Mr. Seattle Leather Aubrey Hart Sparks appears on the cover of Issue #67 with his dog. Photo by Luke Owens.

Feature articles: "The pen is mightier than the sword." Truer words have never been spoken. A journalistic World War III broke out over a local Los Angeles columnist's article about "fat, misshapen judges..." The wounds from this battle cut deep on both sides and it was years still before all the wounds healed. Centaur MC's Leather Weekend in Washington, DC got a well-deserved six pages of coverage. Otter covered the Rodeo Riders of Chicago's Rodeo XIX. Daddy Bob went to a home repair center and the result was "Tool Box Review" in The Wearin' O' The Hides. phydeaux' Tannin' O' The Hides was "Amo, Amas, Amat..." Bob Reite's Leather On Line reviewed "The Big Boys: CompuServe, America On Line, Prodigy and Imagination!" SM and the Law is an old stand by when it comes to topics for Leather convention workshops. Attorney Anne Bergstedt gave readers "The Law, SM, and You."

Dave Rhodes took the Issue #68 cover photo of Mr. Southeast Leather 1994 Darryl Flick during Mid-Atlantic Leather Weekend.

LeatherFest Los Angeles: The Kinkiest Place On Earth featured workshops and was covered. Does the thought of Tony DeBlase coming after you wearing a chef's uniform and wielding a long spatula frighten you? It was one of several photos from Portland Uniform Weekend III turned in by Andy Mangels. Joseph Bean and Michel de la Roche recounted The 15 Association's first 15 years. Otter was at Tri-Cen XI hosted by Philadelphians MC.  Phydeaux's "What is a Master" in Tannin' O' The Hides had to be one of the most precious pieces to grace the pages of The Leather Journal. VASM (Vancouver Activists in SM) member and club newsletter, Scene,  editor Bruce Armstrong added How To..., A Beginner's Survival Guide To SM.

The new International Master and Slave Jack and Tom Stice were the covermen of Issue #69.

Feature articles: Pantheon of Leather found a new home in The Big Easy - New Orleans. Will Pettite from Los Angeles won the International Mr. Bear Contest in San Francisco. Four pages of bears were in this edition. Brent Sweer went to Black Frost XVIII hosted by the Black Guard in Minneapolis, MN. The Copperstate Leathermen held Leatherfest XI in Phoenix. Leather Master - Key West sponsored Enigma. Brian Bramblett won Mr. Portland Leather. "So Many Men" was The Wearin' O' The Hides theme while phideaux told about his Pantheon of Leather V experience in The Tannin' O' The Hides.

International Mr. Leather 1994 Jeff Tucker wearing one of his "Better Together" buttons was on the cover of Issue #70.

Feature articles: Dave Rhodes interviewed Jeff Tucker who spent his year as IML promoting "Better Together" as a theme for community unity. Nearly 1,000 Leathertfolk attended NLA: San Diego's Leatherfest VII in March. Jeff Tucker went to Australian Mardi Gras in Sydney and brought back an interesting batch of photos. Dave Rhodes covered Teddy Bear Club of Virginia's Vernal Arousal at the Radisson Hotel in Richmond. Don Thompson sent in photos of several prelims leading into the Mr. San Francisco Leather Contest. ICON Detroit sent photos of their second anniversary. Conductors LLC of Nashville, TN held Track XIII and Otter was there to cover it. The Boys Will Be Boys cartoon by Martin debuted.

International Mr. Leather 1994 Jose Granda was the Issue #71 coverman photographed by Dave Rhodes.

Feature articles: Otter was in St. Louis, MO again for a Blue Max CC run. This time it was Fools Rush In which drew 120 individuals and 17 clubs. An up and coming event in Upstate New York was the Stars MC first Leather weekend East Meets West.   Lee Lambert covered the Los Angeles Gay Rodeo. In The Wearin' O' The Hides Daddy Bob asked, "Have you ever waited in line for anything at the DMV? There are people in those lines who are raising families who never leave the building...."

Larry Everett was the new International Mr. Leather and he was the cover man for Issue #72.

Feature articles: Larry Everett from Collinsville, Oklahoma was named International Mr. Leather at the Congress Theatre. MS Panther's Leder Am Rhein run in Cologne, Germany had interesting photos. A popular run named Ship Wreck was developing in South Florida was hosted by the Key West Wreckers. Otter attended their Shipwreck II. jay wagner reported from Toronto and the combined Tom's Men Look-Alike Contest and CUIR Next Door photo party was a success. NLA: Austin held Texas Leather Pride IV at the beginning of May.  Chock full of workshops and demonstrations presented by the nation's top names were the big draw at Atlanta S/M Solidarity's Spring In The South: Emergence at the end of April.

Mr. National Leather Association 1993 Mark Frazier of Dallas, TX was on the cover of Issue #73.

Feature articles: Photo reproduction was better throughout this edition for some unexplained reason. The coverage of the Leather/SM/Fetish community's participation in greater gay and lesbian pride events was very thorough. Lee Lambert participated in the Athena Women's MC joint run with other women's bike clubs to several pride parades in the state of California including Los Angeles, Fresno and San Francisco. Bob Fifield and Brent Sweer covered the Phoenix Uniform Club's Annual Uniform and Leather Ball in San Francisco.

Furry International Mr. Drummer 1994 Keith Hunt from Denver was the coverman of Issue #74.

Feature articles: International Ms Leather on the stage of the Bismarck Hotel's theater in Chicago, IL on Saturday night, July 22.

The Mr. Drummer regionals were heating up for the finals in September. A list of regions and winners in this issue. Susan Wright and Richard Canter gave us coverage of the 12th Annual Pride Night in New York City that netted $12,000 for three beneficiaries. 500 Leatherfolk bid on 100 auction items at the Octagon. Then there was the roast for the King of Chrome Jose Ucles at the Edge in Washington, DC.

The first International Mr. Fantasy was J.D. Buchert from Dallas, TX. He is the Issue #75 coverman photographed by Bruce Thompson and Brenda Steele.

Feature articles: One of the most in-depth articles ever to appear in The Leather Journal was Kevin Shancady's interview, The Ringleader: The Story of Roland Jaggard and Operation Spanner. This was the beginning of coverage of the Spanner Case in North America. Fantasy weekend in Omaha became the next International Contest. Four pages cover the event in Omaha. The Last Frontier MC of Anchorage, AK held their Black and Blue Ball. Avatar of Los Angeles rented out Hollywood Moguls for their greatly expanded and highly successful Exploratorium VII. If you like sweat then Southern Decadence is where to be during Labor Day Weekend. The first Daddy's Home! column by Lee Lambert appeared. In The Wearin' O' The Hides Daddy Bob asks/pleads, "Is it November yet?" In The Tannin' O' The Hides phideaux describes The Ultimate SM Pet.

David WW Walker became the second man from Colorado to win the International Mr. Drummer title in as many years and was on his edition's cover.

Feature articles: Rarely does a contestant speech hit the right chord as that delivered by Ron Aure during IML. Several people wrote about it. We printed it verbatim by popular demand. Dave Rhodes' editorial saluted Drummer Magazine on its 20th anniversary, 12 pages were dedicated to San Francisco Leather Pride of which six went to the awesome Folsom Street Fair. Longtime TLJ supporter Uwe Langer sent coverage of MSC Hamburg's 20th anniversary in Germany. Daddy Bob and his lover George went to Europe and Fortress Europe, June 1992 was the result in The Wearin' O' The Hides. What's Wrong With This Picture? phideaux asks in The Tannin' O' The Hides.

The Leather Journal's Lifetime Achievement Award 1995 winner Viola Johnson is the coverwoman complete with vampire teeth.

Feature articles: Dave Rhodes got the chance to talk to Viola Johnson while they were on the boat cruise at Texas Leather Pride IV. Among the gifts handed out in Dave Rhodes' "Annual Christmas List" were: to "Audrey Joseph - 10 smoke machines; to Sean Martin - a date Jean Claude Van Damme;" and more. Living In Leather celebrated its 10th anniversary in Portland, OR.

Andy Mangels covered the AUA 18th International Uniform Review that was held in Portland, OR. The Lady Green column made its first appearance with a Hanky Code for hets.

Issue #78 coverman Antonio Sanchez from Madrid, Spain won the Mr. Europe Leather and Mr. Europe Drummer titles in one weekend in Amsterdam.

Feature articles: Luke Owens resigned as assistant editor of The Leather Journal and was replaced by Bob Fifield at the beginning of Issue #79. Fifield had already been serving as office manager. Luke moved to San Francisco. Dave Rhodes first trip to Europe brought back many memories including Motor Sport Amsterdam's 25th anniversary and the ECMC Annual General Meeting. Coverage of Daddy Flo and Ron Hendon's Olympus win in Atlanta appeared. Lee Lambert's Daddy's Home! column was about The Ghosts of New Year's Past. Lisa Weiszmiller became The Leather Journal office manager.


Spearhead raised $600 and donated 600 toys to the Woodgreen Community Centre in Toronto.

Panther L/L of Atlanta, GA distributed $2,500 to five AIDS-related charities.

Menamore held Lion's Pride VI in Wilmington, NC.

Omikron of Indianapolis, IN hosted Omikron 500 - Lap II.

The 15 Association's 15th anniversary was celebrated in San Francisco.

Luke Owens took over MAST (Masters and Slaves Together).

VASM honored its founding father George Whiting at a ceremony in Vancouver, British Columbia.

The National Leather Association: International closed its San Francisco headquarters on Folsom Street in San Francisco.

The OCLA'S (Orange Coast Leather Assembly) SM Sampler VI in Palm Springs drew 100 Leatherfolk.

NLA: San Diego seceded from the National Leather Association: International and evolved into Club X.

The Northern California Leather Association of the Deaf, as part of the Deaf Lesbian and Gay Awards Night, honored Daniel Sonnenfeld with the Leadership Award in San Francisco.

LeatherFest Los Angeles installed new officers. The organization disbanded a few months later.

Columbia University withdrew its recognition of Conversio Virium, a pansexual Leather/SM/fetish discussion group, but the organization later regained recognition at the university which lies near the northern tip of Manhattan in New York City.

Another summer brought another Spanner Mart auction by The 15 Association that raised $7,248 at the Women's Building in San Francisco.

The Run to Badger Flat hosted by Satyrs MC of Los Angeles was cancelled in 1995 and was to be resumed in 1996.

Delta International held its first run in Pennsylvania named Delta '95.

Motown was the site of ICON Detroit's Toga, Jockstrap and Underwear Parties in August.

Living In Leather celebrated its 10th anniversary in Portland, OR. An Anne Rice theme dinner was so popular that the theme dinner format was promised for the next year.  Mark Frazier was announced as male cochair. Viola Johnson and Larry Townsend were honored with the Lifetime Achievement Awards. Chapter of the Year was NLA: Austin.

NLA: Dallas held Beyond Vanilla VII.

Females Investigating Sexual Terrain (FIST) from Baltimore, MD hosted Camp FIST.

The Chamber has big first anniversary bash in Atlanta, GA.

A documentary on the Tarheel Leather Club of Greensboro, NC, TLC: A Year With a Leather Club by Randy Riddle premiered at New York City's Lesbian and Gay Community Center.

The phone scam artist was back according to Trident: Baltimore president Allen Grim.

The Trident Knights, Spartans LLC and Leather/Levi Brigade hosted the Palmetto Adventure in Spartanburg, SC.

The Gryphons of Dayton, OH held Parthenon II - The Leather Odyssey.

Leather Titles

Spartan MC member Joe Morris from the Nation's capital was named Mr. Mid-Atlantic Leather.

Will Pettite became Mr. Southern California Bear.

Raymond Citron was named Mr. DC Eagle.

Led by Northwest Mr. Drummer Al D Sowers, several titleholders raised $900 through an auction for Rise-N-Shine Foundation and the Building Blocks For Children Foundation in Seattle.

Lance Bray resigned his Mr. Indiana Leather 1994 title. The sash was picked up by first runner-up Michael Cooper.

Southern California Masters and Slaves Contest was won by Mark Malan and Matthew Pogue.

Chris Reynolds of Las Vegas, NV won new Mr. Silver State Drummer and Aaron from Reno was named Silver State Drummer Boy in Las Vegas.

The night before in Reno Judy R. was picked Ms Silver State Leather and Lee Zirkle became Mr. Silver State Leather.

Renfied won the Mr. Nebraska Leather title again and Miss Amanda became Ms Nebraska Leather.

Rick LaPray was selected Mr. Seattle Leather.

Jack and Tom Stice from Atlanta, GA won the International Masters and Slaves Contest at Pantheon of Leather.

Will Pettite from Los Angeles won the International Mr. Bear Contest in San Francisco.

Ron Ankeny was named Mr. Ohio Valley Leather.

Mr. NLA 1994 Don Bastian led the way in raising $4,500 for Gay Lines Calgary.

Michael Prater of Richmond, VA won the Mr. Southeast Leather sash.

The new Washington State Mr. Leather was Raymond Lebrun.

Al Reese was named Mr. San Diego Leather.

Frank DiPasquale won the Mr. Floyd's Leather title.

Christian White won the Mr. Ft. Lauderdale Eagle Contest.

The Mr. Empire State Contest in Albany was won by Rick Gonyo.

Mr. San Francisco Leather was won by Wolf Marisol.

Mr. San Diego Leather was taken by Daniel Greene.

Mr. Rocky Mountain Leather nabbed by Kevin Shancady.

Mr. Philadelphia Leather was snagged by Wolf Klumpf.

Suzette Dyanick was named Ms Philadelphia Leather.

Andy Borden won Mr. New York Leather.

Buddy LaRue became Mr. New Mexico Leather.

Lady Willow won the Ms New Mexico Leather title.

It was announced that the Mr. Leatherman Toronto Competition would return in November after a two-year hiatus.

Daddy Flo won the North Florida Ms Leather title.

Jim Maciel became Mr. Brig Leather.

Wally Diamond became Mr. 121 Leatherman in Hamilton, Ontario.

Bill McBean was the first Mr. Black Eagle Leather in Toronto.

Ms Leather Toronto was Jo Ryan who was first runner-up the year before.

Dallas' Jackson Myars won he Mr. Texas Leather Pride title.

Larry Everett from Collinsville, Oklahoma was named International Mr. Leather. 50 men vied for the sash of all Leather sashes at the Congress Theatre. The staff and upwardy mobile yuppie clientele at the Hyatt Regency Hotel were in for a real consciousness raising weekend. Tim Cousins won the International Bootblack Contest. The hometown party began to upstage the IML contest with its big production numbers.

Wisconsin Daddy was Jim Mierzwa and Wisconsin Daddy's Boy was Jeff Hardin.

Ed Moore won the Mr. DC Drummer Contest.

Denise Johns won the first Ms Florida Leather title.

 Ms Philadelphia Leather 1995 Susan Dyanick and Ms Baltimore Eagle 1993 Megan DeJarlais exchanged vows in Philadelphia, PA.

"The contest moved to Chicago, but the title remained in California" exclaimed one person from San Francisco after pat baillie of San Jose, CA was named International Ms Leather on the stage of the Bismarck Hotel's theater in Chicago, IL on Saturday night, July 22. This was Amy Marie Meek's first production of the weekend and it was the first time that it was held outside San Francisco. Amy's goal was to move the event to a new city each summer. A vendor fair and other events were added making it a weekend full of fun.

Mr. Drummer regional winners included: Mr. Desert Plains Drummer Jim Gau of Omaha, NE (Great Plains and Southwest were combined this year); Mr. Gulf Coast Drummer John Benevides of Houston, TX; Mr. Southeast Drummer Rico Ware of Atlanta, GA, Southeast Drummer Boy Patrick Langone; Mr. Mid-Atlantic Drummer Ed Ryder; Mr. Great Lakes Drummer Alvin Robinson of Madison, WI, Great Lakes Drummer Boy was troy; Mr. Northeast Drummer Adam Colt of New York City; Rocky Mountain Mr. Drummer David WW Walker of Colorado Springs, CO, Rocky Mountain drummer Boy Kevin McGraw of Denver, CO; and Mr. Southern California Drummer Joe Spina of Los Angeles, CA, Southern California Drummer Boy; Mr. Florida Drummer Ray Castro of Jacksonville, FL.

The new International Mr. Deaf Leather was David Cowan from Indianapolis, IN. The contest was held in Montreal, Quebec.

Four titles were divied out in Hayward, CA: Mr. and Ms Alameda County Leather were Kenneth E. Meyer and Kristi Lee "Thumper" Cox, Mr. Alameda County Drummer Roger Clark Luttrell and Ms Alameda County Cheeks and Chaps Yvonne Driver.

Cornelius Conboy became San Francisco Leather Daddy XIII.

Cosponsored by Mr. Mid-Atlantic Leather 1995 Joe Morris and Mr. Southeast Leather 1993 Darryl Flick, the first East Coast Title Holders' Conference was held in Richmond, VA.

Derek DiPiero won the Mr. Pride In Leather title in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

Roy Perry and Trevelyan Anderson won the Mr. and Ms Alaska Leather titles.

Mitch Pierce won the Mr. Louisiana Leather Contest sponsored by the Lords of Leather in New Orleans.

Paul Dunn was named Mr. Bear Toronto.

Steve Crouse won the San Francisco Leather Daddy's Boy Contest.

David WW Walker, the second Denver/Greg Lowe sponsored contestant in as many years, was International Mr. Drummer and Pup from Los Angeles became International Drummer Boy.

International Mr. Drummer 1992 Woody Bebout was presented the Felton T. Day Memorial Award in St. Louis, MO by the St. Louis Pride Committee.

David Hoffenbacker and Stacey became the last Mr. and Ms National Leather Association titleholders.

The new Mr. Leather Colorado was Craig Mercer.

Kevin Burke became Mr. Eagle New York.

Mr. Upstate Leather was Larry Gazzilli.

Ms and Mr. New Mexico Leatherfest were Shannon McAlexander an Tristan-Tyler.

Raymond Lebrun resigned the Washington State Mr. Leather title.

Ron Hendon and Daddy Flo won the Mr. and Ms Southeast Olympus Leather Contest in Atlanta, GA.

Duncan MacLachlan was named Mr. Leatherman Toronto and Tony DeCosta was Mr. Fellowship in Toronto.

Kevin Roche was renamed Mr. Southbay/San Jose Leather and Miranda von Stockhausen became Ms Southbay/San Jose Leather.

Beau Baker was Mr. Palm Springs Leather.

Daddy Flo and Ron Hendon were winners at South East Olympus in Atlanta

Bryian Pimental and Mistress Morgana won the Great Plains Olympus titles in Denver.

Ms San Diego Leather was Deni.

COMMAND's' anniversary featured the Mr. Maryland Leather Contest won by Greg Satorie.

Mike Garety was chosen Mr. Connecticut Leather.  Seattle Leather Daddy and Daddy's Boy were Eric Bonsteel and Dan "Puppy" Daniels.

News and Politics

The Washington State Legislature pronounced February 4 as Aubrey Hart Sparks Day.

The Leather Rack in Washington, DC was sold to Jim McGlade by Dick Cogan.

LeatherFest Los Angeles: The Kinkiest Place On Earth featured workshops, two dungeon parties, a vendor fair and community service awards. Durk Dehner, founder of the Tom of Finland Foundation, was named Man of the Year, Crystal Cross was Woman of the Year and author Larry Townsend received a Lifetime Achievement Award. Through both years of planning and preparation the organizers were told by some of the area's "big names" that it would never happen - 700 people attended! Some of those responsible for this event were: Ben Cable-McCarthey, GL Leyner, Phil Ross, Bob Fifield, Matt McMahan, Lee Lambert, Donnie and Le Rice, Dave Rhodes, Luke Owens, Scott Nelson.

An Oklahoma lawmaker introduced a discrimination bill in his state while the Oregon Citizens Alliance was preparing another hate campaign in Oregon. Meanwhile the people of Topeka, KS were over Reverend Fred Phelps.

Pantheon of Leather found a new home in The Big Easy - New Orleans. Don Thompson and Kay Hallanger emceed. The awards and their winners were: Man of the Year, Lenny Broberg; Woman of the Year, Donna Shrout; Readers Choice (Women), Sallee Mallard Huber and Amy Marie Meek; Readers Choice (Men) Mark Frazier; Lifetime Achievement, Viola Johnson; Forebearer, Marcus Hernandez.

The Citizens Alliance of Washington made another effort to establish a Fourth Reich there.

Mr. B in Amsterdam released a detailed warning about the dangers of using Crisco for play.

The Barracks hosted the first Gay Biker Weekend in Daytona Beach, FL.

Freeze and Sleeze III was held in Indianapolis, IN and honored its late founders Ed Tobin and David Hawn.

The U.S. Senate voted to ban cyber porn.

Movie star Carol Channing presented her famous Diamond Award to San Francisco Eagle manager Bob Bowling.

Jo Leroux was the first woman to win Wally Sherwood's 10th annual Wally Look-Alike Contest in San Francisco that has raised nearly $17,000 for charity during that span.

Iran's parliament banned the sale of seedless watermelons in an effort stop the spread of homosexuality in that country.

The Bear History Project was announced by Professor Les Wright of Mount Ida College outside Boston.

Philip Turner raised $7,000 for the AIDS Emergency Fund with a Leather Extravaganza in San Francisco.

The first Toronto Leatherball was held at Boots and the Kurbash.

$6,000 was raised at the Fetish and Fantasy Ball presented by Don Thompson and founded by Alan Selby. No one was competing for a sash in this pansexual staged expression of art.

It was long awaited and it finally happened! The Leather Archives an Museum held its grand opening in Chicago on November 3.

Tom of Finland held a Members Weekend in Los Angeles.

Ruling that the consent of a bottom was irrelevant, a Canada judge used a Spanner Precedent in ruling that a top was guilty of assault.

Books and Publications

It took six-and-a-half years for Sean Martin to compile it, but his new book, Doc & Raider: Caught on Tape was premiered at Badlands in Toronto.

Boudoir Noir Magazine of Toronto announced the Shirley Solomon of The Shirley Show in Toronto was the recipient of their Crusader Award.

Taste of Latex published its first issue.

GRUF (GReat Ushaven Faces) Magazine held a dance and party to kickoff its first issue in Toronto.

Boudoir Noir Magazine from Toronto, Ontario was refused entry into Yearbook of Experts, Authorities and Spokespersons.

Toronto Star columnist Donna Laframbois was the recipient of Boudoir Noir Magazine's Crusader Award in Toronto, Ontario.

Metropolitan Slave Magazine was the brainchild of John Birch in Chicago.


The Leather Journal went on-line.

NLA: Friends became an on-line service for members and friends.

New on the Scene

NLA: Russian River, Guerneville, CA; Men of Discipline, New York, NY; Black Eagle, bar, Toronto, Ontario; Red Earth Bears, Oklahoma City, OK; FLAG (Fits Like A Glove), North Dartmouth, MA; The Smoke Exchange, New York, NY; Tyger Tyger, London, UK; Mecs En Caoutchouc, Dammarie Les Lys, France; Trident: Baltimore, Baltimore, MD; The Eros Group, Cincinnati, OH; Womanlink, Berkeley, CA; South Texas Leather Men, Corpus Christi, TX; Dragon Leather Club, Columbus, OH; Knight Cruisers, Lexington, KY; Common Bond, Cambridge, MA; Bound and Determined, Hadly, MA; Women's Leather Network, Los Angeles, CA; Seattle Kink Network, Seattle, WA; West Florida Growlers, Tampa Bay, FL; NLA: On-line, Cyberspace, Earth; Alameda County Leather Corps, Oakland, CA; Cogent Warriors, San Francisco, CA; People Exchanging Power, Norcross, GA; Atlanta Power Exchange, Atlanta, GA; D&S Society, Towson, MD; Bergenfield Bears, New York, NY; Olympia Leather/SM Group, Olympia, WA; Sober, Safe, Sane, and Consensual Club of Chicago, Chicago, IL; Collars, Seattle, WA; Brew City Bears, Milwaukee, WI; Women's Welcoming Committee, Seattle, WA; South Sound S&M Leatherfolk, Olympia, WA; No Safeword Writer's Group, Seattle, WA; Coastal Sentinels, Savannah, GA; ONYX/Chicago, Chicago, IL; LEO (Leather Engineers of Omaha), Omaha, NE; Dedicated and Safe, Chicago, IL; Megelesia, Montreal, Quebec


30 Years: Sixty Nine Club, London, UK

25 Years: Entre Nous, Boston, MA

20 Years: Trail's End run, Kansas City Pioneers, Kansas City, MO; Excelsior MC, New York, NY; Rochester Rams, Rochester, NY; Iron Guard BC, New York; Drummer Magazine, San Francisco, CA; MSC Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany; Ottawa Knights, Ottawa, Ontario; FFA - CAC, Washington, DC

15 Years: The 15 Association, San Francisco, CA

10 Years: Hartford Colts, Hartford, CT; Wally Look-Alike Contest, San Francisco, CA; Living In Leather X, National Leather Association: International; TDA - Atlanta, Atlanta, GA

Five Years: Pantheon of Leather V, The Leather Journal; Betty Page Social Club, Toronto, Ontario; Stars and Stripes In Leather V run and Fifth Anniversary, Tarheel Leather Club, Greensboro, NC; Mirage V run, Capital City Riders, Austin, TX; Bound By Serenity V run, LSM Round Up, San Francisco, CA; Harbor City Bears, Sydney, Australia; Vulcan America Southern California, Los Angeles, CA; Delta International, Chicago, IL

Gone, But Not Forgotten

Tuff Stuff co-owner Reverend Dale Autry McKissack, Phoenix, AZ.

Gay Christianity author John Boswell, New Haven, CT.

Mr. Indiana Leather 1992 Ed Tobin, Indianapolis, IN.

Great Lakes Drummer Boy 1992 David Hawn, Indianapolis, IN.

International Mr. Leather 1987 Tom Karasch, Hamburg, Germany died in Amsterdam.

MHR AIDS Support Group cofounder Johnnie A. Garcia, San Francisco, CA.

Leather activists Matt McMahan, Los Angeles, CA.

Mr. Florida Leather 1993 Robert Gall, Daytona Beach, FL.

C-Space, Seattle, WA disbanded.

Ozbears, Sydney, Australia disbanded.

The Leather Journal's first Woman of the Year, Seattle Gay News photo editor Cookie Andrews-Hunt, Seattle, WA.

Erotic video star Chris Burns, San Diego, CA.

Seattle Men in Leather charter member and business partner of the late Lee Willis, Bill Robbins, Seattle, WA.

Cofounder of Leather Fest Los Angeles and editor of Fetish Magazine, Gary L. Leyner.

Spanner defendant Colin Laskey, United Kingdom.

Doomed Rabbit Cookbook cover illustrator Michael Max, Seattle, WA.

Mr. Leatherman Toronto 1991 John Thatcher, Toronto, Ontario.

AIDS and Leather activist Gary Cheatham, San Diego, CA.

Rocky Mountain Regional Award 1994 winner, Mr. Southwest Drummer 1991 and multi-office holder for the Motorcyclemen of New Mexico Pat Sanchez, Belen, NM.

Mr. Leather New Orleans and South Central Regional Award 1995 winner Jamie Esposito, New Orleans, LA.

AIDS and Leather activist Edward Toms, St. Petersburg, FL.

Erotic illustrator Pablo Urda, New York, NY.

Lost Angels, Washington, DC disbanded.

Cascade Bears, Portland, OR disbanded.

NLA cochair, Windy City Bondage Club founder and Leather Activist Albert Kraus, Chicago, IL.

International Bootblack 1993 David Morgan, Baltimore, MD.

IML Contest technical advisor William Scott Albiez, Chicago, IL.

Opened: Daddy's, bar, San Francisco, CA.

Opened: Black Body, rubber apparel, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Leather activist and Update Leather columnist Richard Reynolds, San Diego, CA.

Wayne's Leatherack sole proprietor, The Leather Journal's Publisher's Award 1993 winner and Leather activist Wayne Griffin, Los Angeles, CA.



September 06, 1994


The Leather Journal

Undoubtedly one of the most popular and classiest men to embrace the Leather scene was Mr. Mid-Atlantic Leather 1993 Frank Nowicki from Washington, DC. Frank was the coverman for Issue #54. Frank became the emcee of demand over the years.
Dave Rhodes covered the Mr. New York Leather Contest that was won by GMS/MA member Orlando Diaz. Six pages of coverage went to the Leather scene in New York including Empire MC's Sunday Bikers' brunch and GMS/MA's Leather market. The Trusted Servants sent photos from Trudge III held at a campground outside San Francisco. Otter attended the Castaways (Milwaukee) 14th anniversary run and Dallas MC's Rosebud 13 run. Patrick Gibbons of Los Angeles in his CHP uniform was Hunk of the Month. George Cameron lost his boy Doug Maandac recently and wrote an article to help people deal with the loss of a significant other or close friend titled, "When A Loved One Dies." "There are 15 lamps on the path, lights to walk by. If we walk by these lights, this journey will help heal our sorrow..." George explained each of the lights.
International Mr. Bear 1993 Steve Heyl was on the cover of Issue #55.
Feature articles: IML Henri ten Have submitted photos of Motor Sport Amsterdam's Leather Knights Party at Assumburg Castle. Four pages describe the fun that a bike club run can be in the Netherlands. Barry Gagliardi sent photos of The Gathering of the Clans in Saskatoon, Canada. Chuck Higgins wrote about the NLA's involvement in the Spanner Case. A cowboy/sheriff from NLA: Austin's Texas Leather Pride II was Hunk of the Month.
Mr. Indiana Leather 1993 Joe Jean was the coverman for Issue #56.
 Portland Uniform Weekend II was a big hit for the AUA.  Oedipus MC held their Coronation of Oedipus Rex and installation of club officers at the Park Plaza Hotel in Los Angeles and The Leather Journal was there. The Hunk of the Month photo taken at that event led to legal action that crippled the magazine for several years. NLA: Houston submitted photos of their third anniversary. Gary Taylor's photo essay of Mark the Punk, buzz cut hair with a foot-long Mohawk, was a hit. Chicago Hellfire Club's Tim Zenner explained in detail the DSM Project.
The photo of Joseph Bean on the cover of Issue #57 raised controversy because of its quality. Many felt that there were plenty of better photos of Joseph that could have been used.
Feature articles: Bear Expo '94, sponsored by Bear FAX Magazine was held at the Holiday Inn Golden Gate in San Francisco. Over 350 bears and their admirers were on hand for the weekend that featured Michael Myhand winning the International Mr. Bear Contest. The Inter-Club Fund's Motorcycle Awards were featured. Mike Miller sent photos of the BULL/Mike's Men fourth anniversary party. Shawn from Las Vegas was Hunk of the Month.
Issue #58 featured The Leather Journal's first full color cover featured International Mr. Leather 1993 Henri ten Have. Dave Rhodes took the photo after the Bikers' brunch hosted by Empire MC in New York City in November..
Pantheon of Leather held in Houston, TX was featured along with the International Masters and Slaves Contest. The Leather Journal was in Seattle when George Morton won the Washington State Mr. Leather Contest in Seattle and Lenny Broberg won the National Emerald Award presented by the Washington State Mr. Leather Organization. Omikron of Indianapolis hosted Omikron 500 - Lap I. Andy Rose was crowned King of Leather and Randy Wright became Crown Prince of Leather at Bal Masque IV in San Francisco sponsored by the Celestial Krewe de Cuir. Michael Cooper of Indianapolis was Hunk of the Month. The Top N' Bottom cartoon panel by Teddy first appeared.
The Gay Games IV float in New York City's 1993 pride parade made the cover of Issue #59. Luke Owens took the photo that has Bill Miranda Salzman and another hot man aboard the float.
Several Leather contests led up to IML are in this issue. A fire accident during one of the fantasies in the Oklahoma Leather Daddy and Daddy's Boy titles in Oklahoma City was one of several such disasters to hit the title circuit in a one-year span. Internal Injuries: Domestic Violence Within the SM/Leather Community was written by Ms NLA: International Artemis Silverowl. Mama Ucci was at her rudest.  NLA: Austin's Texas Leather Pride II was featured. Otter attended Pittsburgh MC's Three Rivers 10 run. CLUB Calgary held Eating at the Box. Faultline bartender Don was Hunk of the Month.
Chuck Renslow, executive producer of the International Mr. Leather Contest and founder of the Leather Archives and Museum was the Issue #60 coverman. Photo taken by Dave Rhodes at Fantasy '89.
Feature articles: Jeff Tucker from San Jose won the IML Contest in front of 2,000 cheering onlookers at the Congress Theater. Dave Rhodes and Luke Owens cornered IML 1993 Henri ten Have for an interview. Otter covered Tsarus' 17th anniversary in Memphis, TN. Frank Nowicki brought back photos of the Queensday Celebration in Amsterdam. Mama Ucci got in her two cents worth. The Hunk of the Month was Bob; photo taken at IML by Luke Owens.
American Cowboy 1993 Gary Schwartz and American Leatherman 1993 Len Chiofolo were the coverman for Issue #61.
Feature articles: Cuban immigrant Jose Granda won the International Mr. Deaf Leather Contest in New York during the International Leather/SM/Fetish Celebration. John Benevides became Mr. Texas Drummer. Atlanta SM Solidarity (ASS) presented SM 102: An Adventure Beyond that attracted 65 Leatherfolk to a weekend of workshops and dungeon play. The 15 Association held Bootcamp VI. The Oberons' Acorn VII was covered by Otter. The text of the DSM revisions appears in this edition. Kai from San Diego was Hunk of the Month.
What would San Francisco do if it never had Lurch? It was inevitable that he would be on the Issue #62 cover of The Leather Journal sometime; September was his turn as Dave Rhodes caught him with his pet boa constrictor, Cuddles.
Feature articles: A plethora of new books and publications hit the newsstands:  were two new books that became "required reading." Dave Rhodes' Editorial, Fire Scenes and Contestants Flambe, dealt with the recent rash of fires that occurred during staged fantasies at Leather functions. People were getting burned and establishments were suffering damage as the result of a combination lack of preparation and experience. Otter covered the Unicorns of Madison's Host Liberty Quest Run in Wisconsin.  San Francisco has had some sizzling calendars for fundraisers over the years. The Great Buns Calendar for 1995 was no exception.  The Hunk of the Month was Sparky from Portland, OR.
Mr. Leather New York 1993 Orlando Diaz was on the cover of Issue #63. Hot body and brains combined in this man who worked hard in helping produce Gay Games IV.
Bob Fifield became The Leather Journal office manager filling the spot left by John Topping who married a lover and moved to New York City.
Feature articles: Fantasy '94 in Omaha was a success. Dustin Logan presented a panel for the AIDS Quilt organized by MCC Omaha. Amy Marie Meek announced from the stage that she would be taking over the rights to the International Ms Leather Contest. Otter attended Centaur MC's Olympia XIII. The Louisiana Mr. Leather Contest produced by the Lords of Leather in New Orleans has been one of the best productions of the year for a preliminary contest. Frank Nowicki sent photos of the 1994 version won by John Taylor. Chris Zimmerman sent coverage of Menamore LLC's Summer Fun Leather Run in North Carolina. Andy Anderson wrote a Leather And Politics article "On the State of Alternative Families in Canada." Master Ron K. had been with The Leather Journal for about a year. His "Master and Slaves: Working Relationships" was quite informative.  Bearded Hennes Fink from Berlin, Germany was Hunk of the Month. He had two pages of photos including three hot cigar shots. Daddy Bob's The Wearin' O' The Hides was called The Whole Damn Family.
The Leather Journal Man of the Year 1990 and Fantasy weekend cofounder and coproducer Dustin Logan was captured by Dave Rhodes during the Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco for the cover of Issue #64.
Feature articles: San Francisco's Leather Pride Week which included the Folsom Street Fair, Fetish and Fantasy Ball, club parties and the International Mr. Drummer Contest got 12 pages dedicated to it.
Peter Fiske wrote a short story on his experience at the Chicago Hellfire Club's Inferno XXIII. Brenda Broberg was to star in a new Hollywood movie, Prisoner of Brenda, according to Title Holder Times. A real Hollywood movie, Exit To Eden, was reviewed by Luke Owens. Colleen Carrigan wrote the Leather And Politics column, Yours, Mine, and Ours: The Differences Within Our Community Making Us Strong. Erotic illustrator and comedic cartoonist Sean Martin had one of his Doc & Raider panels appear in The Leather Journal. Hunk of the Month was Omaha's Dustin Logan.
One of the rubbermen from Boston, Bill Timmins, caught the eye of Dave Rhodes' camera at American Brotherhood Weekend and became the coverman for Issue #65.
Feature articles: Living In Leather IX made the National Leather Association: International an international organization when it was held in Toronto, Ontario. Sean Martin's spoof of the Mr. Drummer contest was hilarious, but heavy. American Brotherhood Weekend in Washington, DC part deux was a rousing success. Dave Rhodes' Annual Christmas List had mostly kind words. George Cameron attended the first annual Master, Crew, and Mates Weekend in Provincetown, MA. Otter covered Hot Air hosted by the Motorcyclemen of New Mexico MC in Albuquerque. COMMAND's Boot Camp..ing VI covered by Frank Nowicki included photos of the new Mr. Maryland Leather Tom Laughman. Mama Ucci poked fun at "Lisping In Leather." The beefy, bearded motorcycleman was one of the best Dade illustrations in some time.


Omikron of Indianapolis hosted Omikron 500 - Lap I. Andy Rose was crowned King of Leather and Randy Wright became Crown Prince of Leather at Bal Masque IV in San Francisco sponsored by the Celestial Krewe de Cuir.

The Bear History Project was started as a result of a workshop at Bear Expo III.

The Air Latex - Lexicons of Love: Leather and Latex show was held in Oakland, CA.

NLA: Austin's Texas Leather Pride II was featured. There were several workshops and a vendor fair. A traditional silent auction netted $1,200 for AIDS Services of Austin and Christopher House. The boat ride to Hippie Hollow was a blast.

Bears from all over the Great Lakes Region attended Spearhead of Toronto's Bar Weekend.

The Hot Ash parties in San Francisco have become big as cigars have gained popularity in the mid-90s.

The Cascade Bears of Portland, OR held Prowl '94. Spanner Mart, a vendor/auction sponsored by The 15 Association of San Francisco raised $9,000 for the Spanner Defense Fund.

Hot Ash is an international cigar correspondence club that holds get togethers in several cities.

SludgeMaster was the new name for the mud fetishists club in Houston, TX formerly known as Mudmen.

40 people sat through two hours of poetry reading at NLA: LA's SM for the Mind.

Living In Leather IX made the National Leather Association: International an international organization when it was held in Toronto, Ontario. Canadian hospitality was great, but some of the organizational infighting was not. Lifetime Achievement honors went to John Preston and Nan Burrows.

 Los Angeles produced one of LA's better events, a Halloween Party that included an electric pendulum that swung from the rafters about 25 feet above the floor. Kent Arnwolt crafted several interesting pieces of dungeon equipment over the years and many in the area rate this pendulum to be his best.

On his trip to the Republic of South Africa Trident: LA member Norman McClelland found out that the country had a nondiscrimination policy for gays and lesbians.

There could hardly be a friendlier club than ICON Detroit. Their first Leather Carnival was a "huge success" according to ICON vice president Buck.

Leather Titles

 Mr. Central Canada Drummer Sean Martin hosted a Drummer Tough Customers party in Toronto.

Richard Benoit won the Mr. Mid-Atlantic Leather Contest. Bob Michaels won the Mr. Las Vegas Drummer title and Chris Reynolds won Las Vegas Drummer Boy. Southern California Master and Slave 1994 were James Maupin and Jason.

Aubrey Hart Sparks was chosen Seattle Mr. Leather. Renfield and Suzy Q became Mr. and Ms Nebraska Leather.

Michael Myhand won the International Mr. Bear Contest in San Francisco.

Zak Topor won the Mr. San Diego Leather Contest and became a Leather columnist for Update in San Diego.

Paul Smith won Mr. Portland Leather.

The Leather Journal's Jeff Watson won the Mr. San Fernando Valley Leather title. Randy Carlisle was named Mr. Sacramento Valley Leather.

John Birch and Beau won the International Masters and Slaves Contest while Northwind got stuck with the International Mr. Saliva sash.

Ann Bergstedt won the International Ms Leather title in its last year in San Francisco. Ten contestants went for the title. First runner-up Cindy Bookout would eventually take over the title when Bergstedt resigned.

George Morton won the Washington State Mr. Leather Contest in Seattle.

Lance Bray won the Mr. Indiana Leather title. Ken Heuer won the Mr. Eagle LA Leather title; Randy Carlisle was the new Mr. Sacramento Valley Leather.

Ms and Mr. Philadelphia Leather Pride were Clare Waterman-Storer and Ed Briggs. Mr. Floyd's Leather was Brent Sweer. Bill McBean became Mr. Badlands Leather in Toronto. Mark Touchstone and T.J. McKinsey won the Oklahoma Leather Daddy and Daddy's Boy titles in Oklahoma City.

Calvin Buckley and Cheryl McColum were Mr. and Ms Texas Leather Pride.

Ryan Johnson of Chicago was named Mr. Vulcan Rubber in a contest sponsored by the Leather Knights of Boston. The new Mr. New Mexico Drummer was Dominick Zurlo; Mr. Connecticut Drummer was Rick Gonyo.

George Paul won the Mr. Barn Contest and Rob Meawasige became Mr. Deco's Leather in Toronto; Kim Airs and David Frigon won the Mr. and Ms East Coast Leather titles; Tom Laughman became Mr. Baltimore Eagle; Brad "Bearilla" Bonifield was Mr. Big and Bear in Chicago.

Jeff Tucker from San Jose became IML and William Steele from Chicago won the International Bootblack title.

Sheila Wahsquonaidezhik was named Ms. Leather Toronto.

The new Mr. Great Plains Drummer was Michael Cox from St. Louis, MO; Carl Wilcox won the Mr. New Mexico Leather Pride sash; Paul Jaques was picked Mr. Oklahoma Drummer.

The Drummer regional contests were in full swing. Regional winners were: Northern California Mr. Drummer Leo Lawhorn, Mr. Western Canada Drummer Kelly Regis, Mr. Southern California Drummer Don Roberts, Mr. Mid-Atlantic Drummer Gary Weltner, Mr. Florida Drummer Dennis Moniz.

Terry Myers won the Mr. Alaska Leather title. Glen McClintock was chosen Mr. Russian River Bear.

The new Mr. and Ms NLA: Portland were Brent Capps and AJ.

Anne Bergstedt resigned the International Ms Leather 1994 title. First runner-up Cindy Bookout from Oklahoma picked up the torch.

The new San Francisco Daddy's Boy was Jim Gibson. Bill Byrne was named Mr. San Francisco Bear.

Keith Hunt of Denver walked away with the International Mr. Drummer title and Mark Colter from Seattle was selected International Drummer Boy.

The new Mr. Upstate New York Leather was Randy Calkins from Albany.

The Washington State Ms Leather Contest slated for November 5 was cancelled.

The new Mr. and Ms NLA: International were Don Bastian from Calgary, Alberta and Mary Dante from Toronto.

American Leatherwoman (the first) was Sarah Humble from Baltimore, MD, American Leatherman was Victor Magide from Rochester, NY, American Cowboy was David Carlin. Jose Ucles' Dungeon Dance drew about 2,500 people. Dave Rhodes was presented the first American Brotherhood Community Service Award by producer Mike Miller. Jose Ucles' Dungeon Dance drew about 2,500 people.

Jeremy Zeltzer won the Mr. Detroit Eagle Contest.

John Morehart was Mr. Connecticut Leather; Buck Franc became Mr. CC Construction Leather in Palm Springs, CA; Ms and Mr. Leather Idaho were Andi Williams and Bill Brinkley.

IML 1994 Jeff Tucker had a "home game" at Leatherfest '94 in San Jose which had workshops and a Sunday brunch as well as a Leather contest. Ms and Mr. San Jose Leather Masters were pat baillie and Kevin Roche. pat baillie's fame started here as did IML 1995 Larry Everett's when he became Mr. Oklahoma Leather.

The new Mr. Florida Leather was Ed Ivey; Magik won the Ms Rocky Mountain Leather sash; Mr. Philadelphia Deaf Leather was William Conley.

Books and Publications

 A book signing for On The Safe Edge with its authors Trevor Jacques, Dr. Dale McCarthy, Mike Hamilton and Sniffer took place in Toronto.

Aubrey Hart Sparks of Seattle, WA began marketing the Doomed Rabbit Cookbook and sales went to benefit Hands Off Washington.

The Leather History Timeline by Tony DeBlase went as far back as 2355 BC and up to 1969.

Joseph Bean's A Guide For the Curious Outsider and Ivo Dominguez' Beneath The Skins: The New Spirit and Politics of the Kink Community were two books that were to debut at the International Leather/SM/Fetish Celebration in New York City.

The latest DSM (DSM-IV, Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) was published and the new criteria for sexual sadism, sexual masochism and fetishism no longer required mental health professionals to classify Leather/SM/fetish people as disturbed solely based on their erotic activities.

In Uniform Magazine, published by TLJ contributor Andy Mangels.

Fetish was a somewhat monthly free distribution magazine for Southern California.

The Master's Manual by Jack Rinella and the Complete S/M Guide by Joseph Bean.

Tom of Finland's latest film, The Wild Ones, screened at Hollywood Moguls.

The Hollywood movie Exit To Eden starred Dan Akroyd and Rosie O'Donnell and was about an SM/fetish fantasy Island.

Melissa Murphy became the new publisher of On Our Backs Magazine.

New on the Scene

The Last Frontier, Anchorage, AK; Valley Bears, Sacrament, CA; FIST, Houston, TX; Northwest Bondage Club, Seattle, WA; Trident: Metro Toronto, Toronto, Ontario; Show Me Bears, St. Louis, MO; Tri-State Bears, Ironton, OH; Black Eagle Leather Klub, Los Angeles, CA; Kinky Couples, Seattle, WA; AUA: Atlanta Brigade, Atlanta, GA; Defenders: Boston, Boston, MA; Northeast Ursamen, New Preston, CT; Mates, Provincetown, MA; Bears of San Francisco, San Francisco, CA; 4-L Women's Club, San Francisco, CA; Trident Knights, Charleston, SC; The Ring, Hayward, CA; Escape, Las Vegas, NV; Trident: Windy City, Chicago, IL; NLA: Florida, Sunrise, FL; Demons MC, East Meadow, NY; Inter-Bike, Copenhagen, Denmark; SandMen, San Diego, CA; Cascade Handballers, Seattle, WA; Rubber Corps, San Francisco, CA; FIST (Females In Search of Trouble) Bethany, OK; Desert Brotherhood MC, Las Vegas, NV; Steel City Centurions, Pelham, AL; Bears San Diego, San Diego, CA; Brothers In Leather, New York, NY; Black Jack Bears, Las Vegas, NV


30 Years: Empire City MC, New York, NY

25 Years: Vanguards MC, Philadelphia, PA

20 Years: Shipmates, Baltimore, MD; SFGDIs (San Francisco God Damned Independents), San Francisco, CA; Knights d Orleans, New Orleans, LA; Philadelphians MC, Philadelphia, PA

15 Years: Castaways MC, Milwaukee, WI

10 Years: California Eagles MC, San Francisco, CA; Leatherfest X weekend, Copperstate Leathermen, Phoenix, AZ; 10th Anniversary run, SigMa, Washington, DC; Lonestar X, Texas Conference of Clubs, Buzzards Peak, TX; Pittsburgh MC, Pittsburgh, PA; Gauntlet II, Los Angeles, CA; Falcon Flight X and 10th Anniversary, Wasatch Leathermen MC, Salt Lake City, UT

Five Years: Lion's Pride V and Fifth Anniversary, Menamore LLC, Wilmington, NC; Silver Dolphin LLC, Corpus Christi, TX

Gone, But Not Forgotten

Mr. San Francisco Leather 1991 Mitch Johnson, San Francisco, CA; Mr. Sacramento Leather 1991 Randy Gray, Sacramento, CA died from AIDS.

Leather activist Jeff Britton passed away in New York, NY.

AIDS took International Mr. Drummer 1992 Emerson Briney, Omaha, NE.

Past chairman of GMS/MA and president of the Leather Pride Committee David Weinbaum, New York, NY died.

Community activist Warren West, San Francisco passed on.

Paul "Papa Bear" Sehm, Rope Rap columnist for The Leather Journal, North Hollywood, CA died.

Conquistadors MC cofounder Tom Clark, Orlando, FL; Conquistadors MC cofounder Chris Galm, Orlando, FL passed away.

Erotic model and Leather activist Peter Morrison, Los Angeles and San Francisco, CA passed on.

Stud Works owner and Pantheon of Leather's Business/Business Person of the Year 1991 Lee Willis, Seattle, WA died due to AIDS related complications.

San Francisco Eagle bar manager Terry Thompson, San Francisco, CA.

Leather community activist John Bodis, Toronto, Ontario died due to AIDS related complications.

Forge Studios Calendar producer Craig Lawrence, Toronto, Ontario.

Leather activist Andrew Graub, Los Angeles, CA.

Daddy Bob's life mate George Fiske, North Hollywood, CA.

MAST (Masters And Slaves Together) founder Michel de la Roche, San Francisco, CA.

The Leather Journal coverman for Issue #40 Armand Primeaux, Houston, TX.

Southwest Drummer Boy 1992 Allen Gates, Albuquerque, NM.

Leather friendly physician Dr. Paul Keith, Los Angeles, CA.



September 06, 1993


The Leather Journal

Mr. Leather New York Randy Delaney was the Issue #42 coverman photographed by Dave Rhodes.

Feature articles: The controversial Title Holder Times and Mama Ucci section first appeared. THT exposed The Leather Journal as a Soviet spy ring; it became dangerous around the community to dress in anything considered odd because TLJ's Soviet spies might get pictures as Woody Bebout could attest. The horoscope was unbelievable. Nothing was sacred and no grave stone was left unturned in this humor series. Panthers LLC of Atlanta hosted Panther Prowl IV; Otter was there.

Wally Sherwood covered the Pegasus Motorcycle Owners Club run 26 Men and A Ghost. The Motorcyclemen of New Mexico held Hot Air IX and made sure The Leather Journal had photos. Cain Berlinger attended the Mr. Ebony in Leather Contest in San Francisco won by Jimmy Lee. Ayal from New York City was Hunk of the Month.

Etienne's illustration of a policeman writing a ticket while having his boots licked was the Issue #43 cover piece.

The Leather Journal has begged and pleaded several community religious leaders to present feature stories about their church/synagogue/temple for publication to almost no avail. We have always felt that spirituality is a part of one's life whether the individual is homosexual/heterosexual, Christian/Jewish/Islamic/Hindu/Atheist, Leather/vanilla. God only knew that it would be the Pagans who would cooperate. The story by Jacques presents the Pagan perspective. Hugs are an important part of gay life as one the photos of Rodeo Riders of Chicago's Rodeo XVII: The Trial of Colonel Mustard run by Otter attests. A big 50th birthday bash for IMsL 1991 Kay Hallanger brought titleholders from all over North America together. Daddy Bob reacted to the wave of political correctness with "Correct Correctness" in The Wearin' O' The Hides.

The Tom of Finland Foundation supplied the Tom of Finland drawing on the cover of Issue #44.

Dave Rhodes was awestruck by his first visit to Mid-Atlantic Leather Weekend sponsored by Centaur MC in Washington, DC. Avatar of Los Angeles' 10th anniversary celebration was covered by Luke Owens. Leather, gays and lesbians made their presence during the U.S. Presidential inauguration in Washington, DC. The Celebration of the Phoenix in New York City was a benefit for the March On Washington and the fight against Colorado's Amendment 2. Andy Mangels covered the Portland Uniform Weekend. Mr. Leather Colorado 1992 Kevin Shancady's Leather and Politics article "Meeting the Enemy" covered the passage of Colorado Amendment 2. Kevin was prepared for the Coalition for Family Values to attack the Leather community; he was not prepared for the attack by the gay and lesbian community to do it instead.

Mr. Europe Leather 1992 A.J. Steigenberger and Drummer Boy 1992 Kevin Steadman starred in Out of Bounds! They both were in a scene from the show on the cover of Issue #45. A photo story on the show also appeared in that edition.

Pantheon of Leather was held at the Parliament House in Orlando, FL in March. Del from Long Beach was Hunk of the Month. Title Holder Times scooped everyone including The Leather Journal with their interview with International Mr. Saliva 1993 Joe "Manmeat" Potter. The Saliva contest was Dave Rhodes' answer to those who gave him the first IMS sash at Pantheon of Leather in 1992. The "Saliva" thing became a spoof on the Leather title system.

International Mr. Leather 1992 Lenny Broberg was the coverman for Issue #46.

Dave Rhodes interviewed Lenny Broberg at Indiana Mr. Leather in Indianapolis. Dave Rhodes' Editorial The Last Fantasy? The Last Contest? dealt with the increasing lack of safety in preparation for contest fantasies and about fantasies that should be left to professionals. Toshiya Kuwabara's "Censorship And Canadian Customs" was the Leather and Politics column. He dealt with the rash of Canada Customs seizures of reading materials and efforts by certain departments in the Canadian government.

The Houston Council of Clubs hosts a weekend for guests of the city each Winter, the 20th annual Let Us Entertain You Weekend brought 431 people to town. TLJ's Otter was one of them. Bill Miranda Salzman sent in photos of the Mr. Long Island Drummer Contest won by Ken Heuer. Old Guard vs. Avant Garde by Baxter Topham-Pitt was reprinted from the Winnepeg LLC newsletter. Jose Ucles was Hunk of the Month.

Graphic artist Daimon Rowanchilde from Toronto was creating terrific art in several mediums in the early 90s. One of his illustrations was Issue #47's cover.

The 1993 March On Washington got 10 pages of coverage. Dave Rhodes got a few photos from the Los Angeles Gay Rodeo. NLA: Austin's Texas Leather Pride drew Leatherfolk from all over the Lone Star State and dignitaries from all over the country the first week of May. A boat cruise to Hippie Hollow on Lake Travis brings about 5,000 sunbathers and NLA: Austin has added it to the weekend each year.

The Pagan article that appeared in Issue #43 got the Christians to respond; Reverend Bob Arthur defines the word "Christian."

Henri ten Have became the first non-American to win the International Mr. Leather title since Tom Karasch did it in 1987. Henri, from Holland, was the coverman for Issue #48.

Mama Ucci rode her broom to IML and came back with plenty bitchy details. Philip Deitch was Hunk of the Month.

The Issue #49 coverman was American Leatherman 1991 Jose Ucles who held the American Brotherhood title for three years.

Gay and lesbian pride celebrations across the continent reflected the joys and frustrations of the March On Washington held in April. Leather Unity '93 was the theme for Toronto's Leather Pride Week that saw about 5,000 Leatherfolk participate. Leather has always been seen in parades in Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco. Now it started being more visible in Baltimore, Fresno, Seattle, Sacramento and more cities. I'm Giving Up SM by Jack Boujacklian was an article about a friend of his who was frustrated with the scene. Copper's Paul of Poland illustration drew attack from the politically correct segment of the Leather community. Mr. San Diego Leather Ed Morgan was Hunk of the Month.

Mr. Long Island Drummer 1993 Ken Heuer appeared on the cover of Issue #50 in his fireman's gear. Photo by Luke Owens.

Dave Rhodes started a short-lived series, Dungeons of the World; the first was a five room professional dungeon in Toronto. Photos of San Francisco's gay and lesbian pride were too late for Issue #49 so they made it this time around. Richard Saiser sent us photos from the Motorcyclemen of New Mexico's Ride Back to Gay '90s. The 15 Association's Boot Camp V was the biggest SM run for men on the West Coast and was covered. Dale Hogan from New York City was Hunk of the Month.

Over the years several Zeus models have graced the cover of The Leather Journal. Marky Dukane the Issue #51 coverman.

Feature articles: Mikal Bales, or Daddy Zeus was loved in Los Angeles by just about everyone. He is interviewed by Luke Owens. Dave Rhodes editorial dealt with the question, "Whether Or Not To Stop Printing The Title Holder Times." More people have loved the irregular humor special, and many despised it. Most were able to accept the jokes and laugh at themselves and a few did not or could not. It continued for a few more years. Some friendships were lost over that column, but many of these have been renewed. The Mama Ucci segment was the center of 90 percent of the controversy. The Leather Journal did a four page spread on the run that is considered to be the Grand Daddy of them all, the Satyrs MC Run to Badger Flat. More than 300 men attended the run held in the Sierras northeast of Fresno. This run started the same year that Alan Shepherd went into space. Some of the best photos to ever appear in The Leather Journal were at this run. Fantasy '93 was held in Omaha after a year on the road. 250 people attended what was a benefit for the Leather Archives, San Francisco's AIDS Emergency Fund and Metropolitan Community Church of Omaha. Otter made a trip to Lexington, KY for the Bluegrass COLTS' Thoroughbred II run. The Sacramento Leather Association was at its peak. Their Leatherfest 1993 drew 120 Leatherfolk as an article on them attested. San Diego's Bud Clark wrote an article titled Kinky and Safe which touched on fisting, foot-fucking, enemas, piercing, branding and more. Matt Dodds from Ft. Lauderdale was Hunk of the Month.

San Francisco Leather Daddy X Irwin Kane was the coverman for Issue #52.

Somebody tried to blackmail The Leather Journal and other publications out of running ads for poppers. It didn't work. Graylin Thornton from San Jose emerged victorious to become International Mr. Drummer and Spot Gilea from San Diego was selected International Drummer Boy. Four pages were dedicated to the contest. Six pages of photos covered the Folsom Street Fair and Fetish and Fantasy Ball. Otter covered Nimbus' Dunes 15 run in September. Emily C. covered Female Trouble's run in Philadelphia and Marna Deitch attended the Pacific Coast Women's Motorcycle Festival. SM Orientation: Important? was the first in a series of lifestyle articles by Master Ron K. Master Mike McDade from Los Angeles was Hunk of the Month.

American Uniform Association member Bruce Elliott, wearing a California Department of Corrections uniform, was the Issue #53 coverman photographed by Andy Mangels at the AUA's 16th Annual Review in Los Angeles.

Andy Mangels sent plenty of photos of the AUA Review. The Phoenix Uniform Club's 16th anniversary is also covered. Mangels said that it was the largest organized gathering of gay uniformed men ever. Dave Rhodes' Annual Christmas List gave out some spicy presents including: To the Colorado Coalition for Family Values - Family Values; To U.S. Senator Jesse Helms - Retirement; To Colon Powell - A gay son and lesbian daughter and to U.S. Senator Sam None - Brains. Dungeons of the World stopped in Dallas for a tour of Master Jed's dungeon which also served as play space for the Dungeon Players club. Master Jed designed and built all of his equipment. Master Ron K's VIPs and Titleholder: Treated Fairly? is a must-read even today for titleholders and non-titleholders alike. Title Holder Times was back with a listing of new Politically Correct Terminology including: "Nonsmoker - nicotine deficient, Religious Fundamentalist - theologically challenged, Vanilla - sensually deprived, Upwardly Mobile - overly Volvo-ed, Titleholder - handi-sashed, Perennial Contestant - insufficiently famous, Politically Correct - pseudo-concerned." This was the issue that had the ad for Brenda Broberg's Driving School. Robert "Big Dog" Gordon was Hunk of the Month.


Jean Bendick was the first woman elected president of the Rocky Mountaineers MC in its 20 years. Dan Brodzik was crowned Oedipus Rex LX at Oedipus MC's coronation and installation of officers the Gotham Club in Los Angeles.

Bear Expo '93 sponsored by Bear Fax Magazine had 300 bear-type men attend.

Heavy players from all over the country attended NLA: San Diego's LeatherFest V where more than $6,000 that was raised for Special Delivery food service for PWAs.

The National Leather Association opened their international headquarters in San Francisco, CA. The Universal Brotherhood of Leatherlords raised $3,000 for VIDA (Volunteers In Direct Aid) in Phoenix, AZ.. NLA: Seattle cancelled their May Day celebration. The Regiment of the Black and Tans held their annual Spring Maneuvers.

Recently formed, Water Boys of San Diego held their first big event. 231 Leatherfolk from four nations helped the Texas Riders celebrate their 25th anniversary with the Silverlust '93 run at Buzzard's Peak. The OCLA (Orange Coast Leather Assembly) and Clippers were among Leather organizations to sponsor booths during the Long Beach gay and lesbian pride festival.

The Betty Page Social Club in Toronto added SM/fetish demonstrations to their already popular Fetish Nights. About 20 clubs were present when the Corpus Christi Rebels celebrated their fifth anniversary in May.

John Keasler resigned as president of NLA: San Diego.

The Rangers, a uniform club in Cleveland, OH, held Esprit de Corps II.

About 100 people attended Tarheel Leather Club's Stars and Stripes July 4th celebration.

The Seattle Men in Leather raised $1,000 at a rummage sale for POCAAN and Rise and Shine.

X-Corriga opened a new play space named The Underground in Toronto.

Stars MC of Albany, NY received the Community Organization Award from the Capital District Gay and Lesbian Community Council.

The Seattle Men in Leather raised $1,300 for the Multifaith AIDS Project with a rummage sale.

Living In Leather drew 600 people to Houston in October. Lifetime achievement awards were presented to Fakir Musafar NLA: San Diego was recognized as Chapter of the Year. 50 workshops and demonstrations topped the weekend's bill. 30 vendors reported decent sales. The new Mr. and Ms NLA were Mark Frazier and Artemis Silverowl, both from Dallas. The NLA cochairs were Sallee Mallard Huber and Albert Kraus.

The Houston Council of Clubs welcomed Leather and Lace into their organization.

San Jose's Leatherfest '93 saw $1,000 collected for AIDS charities and the title career of Jeff Tucker who became Mr. San Jose Leather begin.

LYNX held their first Stampede run in Ontario, Canada.

Female Trouble of Philadelphia announced that they were sponsoring a nationwide survey entitled "Violence Against Women in the Lesbian Community."

Mike Miller, president of Boston's Unified Leather Legion (BULL) and producer of American Brotherhood Weekend was honored by the Greater Boston Lesbian/Gay Political Alliance.

Leather Titles

Jimmy Lee became Mr. Ebony in Leather in San Francisco. Cassie Wender was named Ms London (Ontario, Canada) Leather; T.K. Sheppard became Ms Leather Toronto. Howard Miller won the Seattle Leather Daddy title and Lee Horswill became Seattle Leather Daddy's Boy; Tony Haas was the new Mr. Maryland Leather; Skeeter Wildman won the Dyke Daddy Contest in San Francisco. Frank Nowicki was named Mr. Mid-Atlantic Leather.

Craig Poos became Mr. Oklahoma Leather; the new Mr. San Diego Leather was Ed Morgan. Nick Guerrero was named Floyd's Mr. Leatherman.

International Master and Slave were Tam and Kit from New York City. Steve Heyl from Denver, CO became International Mr. Bear.

Joel McClannahan won the Seattle Mr. Leather Contest in front of 500 people. Jennifer Boyd was selected Ms Sacramento Leather and Jon Yant Mr. Sacramento Leather; the new Mr. New Mexico Drummer was Steve Benoit and New Mexico Drummer Boy was James Danforth.

On The Edge was the theme for the International Ms Leather Contest in San Francisco won by Amy Marie Meek of Omaha, NE. Amy, who founded the Omaha Players Club would end up owning the IMsL contest.

Jim Mitchell became Mr. Philadelphia Leather and Emily C. was chosen to be Ms Philadelphia Leather during Philadelphia Leather Pride Week. Mr. San Francisco Leather Contest won by Greg Byfield.

Omikron Indianapolis sponsored the Mr. Indiana Leather Contest that Joe Jean won. Mr. Portland Leather was Jeff Rose who would end up producing a couple of the NLA's Living In Leather weekends.

Two titleholders that really worked their city were Mr. and Ms Portland Leather Pauline Miriam and Kelly Ferris; their Ides of March erotica show had 200 Leatherfolk attend. Mark Lumly was named Mr. Hamilton Leather in Canada.

Armand Primeaux and Artemis Silverowl won the Mr. and Ms Texas Leather Pride Contest. Dave Reeves was named Mr. Trios Leather in St. Catherines, Canada.

Henri ten Have became International Mr. Leather 1993, first runner-up Brent Lacey was from Australia and second runner-up was A.J. Steigenberger who, even though he had been living in the U.S. for about three years, was from Germany. This IML weekend was special because the Leather Archives and Museum opened.

David Morgan of Baltimore won the first International Bootblack in a contest founded by Harry Shattuck who was a bootblack extraordinaire. Richard Benoit won the Mr. Baltimore Eagle Contest.

Robert "Big Dog" Gordon won the Mr. Northeast Drummer Contest; Howard Miller won the Mr. Washington State Drummer; Kris Rabonza won Gulf Coast Mr. Drummer; the new Great Plains Mr. Drummer was Joey Kraly.

Mr. Texas Leather Pride 1993 Armand Primeaux and Mr. Europe Leather 1992 A.J. Steigenberger held their Holy Union on the patio of the San Francisco Eagle.

The new Southern California Mr. Drummer was Rusty Stickler and new Southern California Drummer Boy was Ben Cable McCarthy; Mr. Mid-Atlantic Drummer was David Schauer and Mid Atlantic Drummer Boy was Danny Clougherty; Mr. Florida Drummer Boy was Ed Ivey and Florida Drummer Boy was Eric Sais; Mr. Northwest Drummer was Barry Gagliardi and NW Drummer Boy Chris Becker. Tigger won the Mr. Wreck Room Contest in Sacramento, CA. International Mr. Leather 1993 Henri ten Have was greeted at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam by supporters back home.

Calvin Buckley won the Mr. Gulf Coast Drummer title. Darryl Flick was chosen Mr. Southeast Leather. He was a cofounder of Teddy Bear Leather Club of Virginia. Atlanta held its first Leather Pride Celebration where Barry Bishop won the Mr. Southeast Drummer Contest and Owen Griswold became Southeast Drummer Boy.

Graylin Thornton from San Jose emerged victorious to become International Mr. Drummer and Spot Gilea from San Diego was selected International Drummer Boy. The Drummer extravaganza was held in the San Francisco Concourse which seemed large enough to host a 49ers' game at one end and a Giants' baseball game at the other. 40 businesses and organizations participated in Drummer's first vendor market.

Jeff Chiofolo won the American Leatherman Contest during American Brotherhood Weekend in Washington, DC.

The new Mr. and Ms NLA were Mark Frazier and Artemis Silverowl, both from Dallas.

Aubrey Hart Sparks began soliciting recipes for a cookbook that would raise funds for Hands Off Washington. Roger Axline was named Seattle Leather Daddy, Todd Arehart became Seattle Daddy's Boy and Aubrey Hart Sparks was the first Seattle Leather Granddaddy in a contest sponsored by Seattle Men in Leather. IML Henri ten Have was in California for a Club Mud party.

News and Politics

The world's largest Leather pride flag was paraded through the streets of Toronto. Todd Fulton of The Stud in Ft. Lauderdale was presented the new Mike Hodge Award for community service at the Broward County Dixie Awards. Madonna's book Sex was dragged into a Toronto, Ontario courtroom on obscenity charges. Dom "Etienne" Orejudos, Thom Dombkowski, Gary Chichester and Harley McMillen were inducted into the Chicago Gay and Lesbian Hall of Fame.

Peter Fiske hosted the Human Dog Show in San Francisco. Master Rich and his dog Teaser were the winners in the benefit for San Francisco's Leather Coronation.

It was announced that Houston would be the site for Living In Leather VIII. Two people were hospitalized and 41 others reported suffering shortness of breath and coughing in four states after using a spray substance made to protect Leather.

Chris Korwin-Kuczynski, also known in Toronto as "KKK", was ousted as Toronto Health Board chair; he voraciously opposed and threatened to cut funding to the AIDS Committee of Toronto for publishing its Safe S/M brochure.

Joseph Bean took over as editor of MASThead, the newsletter of (MAST) Masters And Slaves Together. The Rangers in Cleveland raised over $1,700 for charities in 1992 with $923 going to the Northeast Ohio Task Force on AIDS. Bill Miranda Salzman, New York, NY, was named the NLA's representative to the Gay Games IV.

Pantheon of Leather was held at the Parliament House in Orlando, FL in March. Award winners were: Man of the Year, Woody Bebout; Woman of the Year, Kay Hallanger; Readers Choice (Men) Joseph Bean and Woody Bebout; Readers Choice (Women), Kay Hallanger; and Lifetime Achievement, Chuck Renslow.

San Francisco Leather Daddy X Irwin Kane was named general manager of Gauntlet, Inc.

Many hoped that President Clinton would use the March as an opportunity to sign his promised executive order ending discrimination against gays and lesbians in the military; he didn't even show up! Marchers let their fury be known as they passed the White House. One man held a sign bearing an enlarged Certificate of Service that also read, "I served my country! Did Rush Limbaugh?" The AIDS Quilt was displayed and a panel dedicated to the late Coulter Thomas was photographed. The WUST Music Hall was packed for one of Jose Ucles' Dungeon Dances. A vendor fair was set up and raised controversy because members of a certain Leather "family" got the few tables and all of the premium locations while the rest had to settle for spots on the floor. The attendance figures for the March fluctuated and seemed to be based on the agendas of reporting agencies rather than fact. Estimates ranged from 300,000 to 1.4 million. Approximately one million was believable according to parties that had no interest in the head count.

In Toronto protests took place in defense of the Buddies In Bad Times Theatre which received a $1,000,000 grant from the city, but was under pressure from homophobes on the city council. Canada Customs intensified its attack on SM/Leather/Fetish published materials by seizing books and magazines sent to stores from other countries. Two Spanner defendants, Roland Jaggard and Tony Brown, were sent to prison after losing their appeal to the Law Lords in England. The wheels were about to turn for their appeal to the European Court.

The Leather archives and Museum opened. Items donated were on display in IML's Leather Market. It would be a short while before a building to house the Leather community's artifacts would open next door to the Chicago Eagle.

34 men were arrested at a SM play party held in a private residence in Yorkshire, UK.

$520 was raised to benefit Stonewall Northwest at K.T. Chase's 40th birthday party.

Gay and lesbian pride celebrations across the continent reflected the joys and frustrations of the March On Washington held in April. The banner that led the SM/Leather/Fetish Contingent in DC appeared in other parades including Boston. Leather Unity '93 was the theme for Toronto's Leather Pride Week that saw about 5,000 Leatherfolk participate. Leather has always been seen in parades in Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco. Now it started being more visible in Baltimore, Fresno, Seattle, Sacramento and more cities.

In San Francisco, CA another Wally Look Alike Contest added humor to the title system and several hundred dollars to the AIDS Emergency Fund - to date the annual Wally Look Alikes had raised over $16,000.

Powersurge, a women's BDSM weekend held in or near Seattle, WA, was cancelled for 1993.

Outbound '93 hosted by the NY Renegades, New York Bondage Club and Philadelphia Bondage Club in July drew men from both coasts to a full SM weekend of play.

The Leather/Levi Lexicon Awards honored several people in San Francisco including Award for Leather Excellence, the Jackhammer; Leather Man, Lenny Broberg; Leather Woman, Queen Cougar and Leather Organization, Phoenix Uniform Club.

The Los Angeles Police Department raid of the Dragonfly in April began to create a community backlash against the LAPD.

Fantasy '93 was held in Omaha after a year on the road. 250 people attended what was a benefit for the Leather Archives, San Francisco's AIDS Emergency Fund and Metropolitan Community Church of Omaha.

NLA cochair Sallee Mallard Huber and Bonnie Ramsey were wed in a Portland , OR ceremony that Bonnie said, "It was not high church Pagan."

Chicago changed its "bare ass law" and wreaked havoc for Leather bars in the city while protests against the law prohibiting bare asses and strap-up-the-crack chaps mounted.

175 Leatherfolk marched in and $15,000 raised for the AIDS Emergency Fund at San Francisco's Leatherwalk '93 organized by Art Tomaszewski.

The Tom of Finland Foundation announced that it was sponsoring an Erotic Art Contest.

The DSM Project, headed by Race Bannon, was planning focus for the next 10 years.

Wayne Griffin of Wayne's Leatherack fame tied the knot with his boy Sammy in Los Angeles.

A Denver judge overturned Colorado's gay discrimination law Amendment 2. The case eventually went to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Books and Publications

Terry LeGrand and Parkwood Productions released the first issue of LeatherMan Magazine.

Heather Findlay was named the new editor of On Our Backs Magazine.

Venus Infers was a new lesbian oriented magazine in San Francisco.

Black Leather...In Color, a magazine of "Leather on the cutting edge for people of color and friends started.

The Internet

The Leather First BBS announced that its computer bulletin board system reached coast to coast.

New on the Scene

Leather Knights, Dallas, TX; Dungeon Players, Dallas, TX; Enforcers RI, Providence, RI; Journeymen, Syracuse, NY; Syracuse MC, Syracuse, NY; Water Boys, San Diego, CA; Front Range Bears, Denver, CO; Birgenfeld Bears, New York, NY; Bears LA, Los Angeles, CA; Bad Girls, Portland, OR; CB, San Diego, CA; Fallen Angels, Stockton, CA; Palm Springs Leather Order of the Desert, Palm Springs, CA Boston Unified Leather Legion, Boston, MA; Foot Guys, Lakeland, FL; The Recruits, Berkley, MI; Rainmakers, New York, NY; Ultra-sex Alliance, Ann Arbor, MI; the Academy, San Francisco, CA; Reno's Leather Underground, Reno, NV; Buddy Bears of Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA; Ozbears of South Australia, Lobethal, Australia; Kiwi Bears, Auckland, New Zealand; ICON Detroit, Detroit, MI; Chico Leather Club, Chico, CA; Spartan LLC, Spartanburg, SC; Bottoms-Up; Manchester, NH; North Country Bears, Minneapolis, MN; Southern Bears, Atlanta, GA; New York Bears, New York, NY; Pittsburgh Bondage Club, Pittsburgh, PA; Bears Stuttgart, Stuttgart, Germany; Bears Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany; KUBS, Auckland, New Zealand; Bears on Bikes, Pittsburgh, PA; Bear Hug, London, UK; Young Leathermen of South Florida, Ft. Lauderdale, FL; Atlanta Corporal Punishment Club, Atlanta, GA; North American Transvestite/Transsexual Leather Club, Seattle, WA; X-Corriga opened a new play space named The Underground in Toronto; CLUB Winnepeg, Winnepeg, Manitoba; Knight Hawks of Virginia, Norfolk, VA; Ohio Broncos, Cleveland, OH; Defenders: Tampa Bay, Tampa, FL; URSUS - Redwood Empire, Guerneville, CA; Trident: Windy City; Columbus Ursine Brotherhood, Columbus, OH; Great Lakes Harley Riders, Milwaukee, WI; Club de Cuir Predateur, Montreal, Quebec; Vancouver Leather Alliance, Vancouver, British Columbia; Leather and Lace, Houston, TX; LYNX (Leathermen Yearning for Northern eXcitement), Toronto, Ontario; SLUTS (Society of Leatherwomen United Towards Sadomasochism), Chicago, IL; Wild Women, Los Angeles, CA; Metro Leather Society, Royal Oak, MI


35 Years: Oedipus MC, Los Angeles, CA

30 Years; 30th Annual Christmas party, Empire MC, New York, NY

25 Years: Texas Riders MC, Houston, TX; Blue Max MC, Los Angeles, CA; Spartan MC, Alexandria, VA

20 Years: Let Us Entertain You Weekend, Houston Council of Clubs, Houston, TX; Stampede: A Double Decade of Decadence, Wranglers, Dallas, TX; Trident: Detroit, Detroit, MI

15 Years: Centurions, Columbus, OH; Dunes 15 run, Nimbus, Grand Rapids

10 Years: Avatar Club Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA; Hot Air X and 10th Anniversary, Motorcyclemen of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM; Tri-Cen X run Philadelphians MC, Philadelphia, PA

Five Years: LeatherFest V, NLA: San Diego, San Diego, CA; Rebel Crossing V run, Corpus Christi Rebels, Corpus Christi, TX; Boot Camp V run, The 15 Association, San Francisco, CA; Five years of publication, TRUST, San Francisco, CA; Panther Prowl V run, Panther L/L, Atlanta, GA

Gone, But Not Forgotten

Tracy Wieland, Los Angeles, CA, The Leather Journal office manager in 1991 died due to AIDS related complications.

David Golonka, owner of The Noose, New York, NY passed away.

The Rogue, founder of Daddy the magazine, Baltimore, MD died.

Update editor and friend to the Leather community Pat Burke, San Diego, CA died.

Griff Griffin, owner and founder of Griff's Bar and Grille and member of Satyrs MC, Los Angeles, CA died.



September 30, 1992


The Leather Journal

One man who came out of nowhere and made it to the top in only a couple of years was Chuck Higgins. The male cochair of the NLA was the coverman for Issue #30 photographed by Shields-Marley. Chuck was interviewed by Luke Owens.

Feature articles: The Golden Gate Guards, San Francisco, Camp Run-A-Muck was fun according to the photographs. The letters to the editor were extra-spicey this time around. Terry LeGrand shot back at those who decried his Mr. Southern California Drummer Contest and Stuart Norman went after the nitpicking he claims ruled the day at the planning meeting for the 1993 March On Washington. Luke Owens excoriated those who come to meetings with the attitude, "My agenda is bigger than your agenda..." Leather/SM activists lobbied the National Endowment for the Arts regarding the recent wave of censorship by the religious right. jay wagner reported that $200,000 was raised for the AIDS Committee of Toronto during the second annual From All Walks of Life march in Toronto.

Floyd Ballou took the Issue #31 cover photo of Southern California Master and Slave Race Bannon and Mike Pierce.

Feature articles: Luke Owens interviewed Race and Mike just before the first International Masters and Slaves Contest was to take place. NLA: Metro New York's Homecoming was a celebration for NLA titleholders and chapter members Bill Miranda Salzman and Laura Goodwin. Daniel Legg won the Mr. Charlie's Leather Contest in Phoenix, AZ. Imagine using a 9600 baud modem today - at the urging of users, Leather On Line columnist Bob Reite bought one. A Valentine's Special Feature was Wayne's Boy, a true story of how Wayne Griffin (Wayne's Leatherack) met his boy Sammy. After a short hiatus Rope Rap returned.

The incredible illustration on the cover of Issue #32 was created by Russ from Toronto. It was also the logo for the Mr. Leatherman Toronto Contest.

Feature articles: Andy Mangels talked with Ms. NLA 1991 Ruth Marks about consensuality, bottoming, men and more. Marcus Hernandez covered the Mid-Atlantic Leather Contest in Washington, DC which was won by Damien Sanzone. The Tom of Finland Foundation's Tom's Bar held in Los Angeles has become one of Southern California's hottest annual Leather events. The first Tom's Bar was a memorial celebration for the late artist. NLA: Houston held their first anniversary. CCMC (California Cyclemen MC of San Diego held a fabulous installation of officers at Balboa Park's Cafe del Rey. $1,200 was raised at The Black and Silver Ball hosted by Mr. San Diego Drummer Jason Traver.

The cover of Issue #33 featured International Mr. Leather 1991 and D Cannon and two hot men, Duane and Dieter. Photo by The Hun.

Feature articles: This April Fools edition included the first Titleholder Times section that parodied the Leather title system. This four page section was very controversial. The intent was to allow Leatherfolk an opportunity to laugh at themselves. Master body piercer Jim Ward was interviewed by Luke Owens. April had full coverage of the 1992 Pantheon of Leather Awards that saw Pat Califia being named Woman of the Year and Jim Richards named Man of the Year.

Artwork by Tom of Finland was on the cover of Issue #34.

Feature articles: A story about the life of erotic artist Tom of Finland was the main story in May. Durk Dehner of the Tom of Finland Foundation supplied the artwork and much of the insight into Tom of Finland with Luke Owens and Dave Rhodes telling about their meetings with Leather's premier artist. This edition celebrated The Leather Journal's first five years. Dave Rhodes recounted how The Leather Journal was founded in a two-page article.  Bob Reite's Leather On Line column revealed that Mark Forstan of Fresno, CA was arrested on felony charges of distribution of harmful material to minors. He pleaded innocent. A San Francisco police officer logged on as a 15 year old in an effort to entrap Forstan.

Mr. NLA 1992 Bill Miranda Salzman from Brooklyn, NY was on the cover of Issue #35 and was interviewed by Luke Owens.

Feature articles: Many of the pride month photos came from Portland, OR. jay wagner had several hot shots from Toronto's Leather Pride. Otter covered Tsarus' Aida/15th anniversary run near Jack's Creek, TN.

The hooded boy. We knew who was on the cover of Issue #36, but did you? Dave Rhodes took the photo, but the boy's heart belonged to Daddy! Taken at IML.

Feature articles: Lenny Broberg won the International Mr. Leather Contest. Like last year, Mama Ucci was there. Some of the clubs in the prank club listings: Firestarters of Indiana, Pot Ash and People Exchanging Poo. The first Just In Case You Missed It page ran which allowed previously run news releases for up coming events to run without making the rest of the publication appear redundant. This year Back To Rio was the theme of Avatar Club of Los Angeles' getaway at Silverwood Lake. Otter covered Summit '92 sponsored by the Memphis Leather/Levi Alliance and Dogwood '92. NLA: Austin's Texas Leather Pride traditionally has comedienne Shann Carr in town for the weekend. Daddy Bob stretches Master Manners to the limit and beyond in The Wearin' O' The Hides.

One of the most popular clubs in Los Angeles Leather community is Clippers. Barber Phil uses plenty of lather in the head shaving scene on the cover of Issue #37.

The Leather Journal was the first North American publication to cover the Spanner Case.

Feature articles: Kevin Shancady wrote the Leather And Politics column. "The Assault" told about the arrests that became publicized as the Spanner Case. Shancady gives a basic chronology of the events that started in 1987. 17 cities sent news about their gay and lesbian pride celebrations over the summer. George Whiting sent photos and an article promoting VASM's 10th anniversary to be held in October in Vancouver, British Columbia. This was the first time that the Club Directory was split between two issues. The Wearin' O' The Hides theme was, "Just The FAX, Man...." The 15 Association's Boot Camp IV coverage included a man bound with a jock strap tied over his face. jay wagner attended BFLO's Fantasy Night in Buffalo, NY.

The HUN tricked Dave Rhodes and Bill Costomiris when he asked them to supply photos for him to illustrate the cover of Issue #38 for June. It was released at IML.

Feature articles: Andy Mangels interviewed Bill "The HUN" Schmeling and several of his pieces of erotic art are featured. It was announced that The Leather Journal would begin publishing CUIR Magazine which would focus on male erotica in fiction, photography and illustrations. Andy Mangels wrote an article detailing the proposed Oregon State Proposition 9 that would basically require discrimination against gays and lesbians. The Midwest Leather Conference II was featured. The Just In Case You Missed It section first appeared in this issue; this section was primarily to repeat the announcement of events that had been announced in previous editions. Otter covered Blue Max CC's Cruise With the Blues run in St. Louis, MO. Cappy Benson was September's Hunk of the Month. Dave Rhodes named the 13 members of the selection panel for Pantheon of Leather which would be held in Orlando, FL in March, 1993. They were: Joseph Bean, M.P. Breslin, Pat Califia, Thom Dombkowski, Todd Fulton, Greg Lowe, Dan Noel, Peri Jude Radecic, Vance Reger, Jim Richards, David Weinbaum and George Whiting.

An article on dungeon courtesy, taken from the Chicago Hellfire Club's newsletter The C.H.C. Brand, appeared.

The Issue #39 cover for October was taken at IML in Chicago by Luke Owens.

Feature articles: San Francisco Leather Pride drew the main coverage. George Cameron creates a human buffet of fruits, crackers and cheese at the Fetish and Fantasy Ball in San Francisco, CA. The 15's whipping booth raised money, as did those of many other clubs, for the AIDS Emergency Fund during the Folsom Street Fair. Luke Owens interviewed the NLA's Living In Leather coordinator for the past four years Sally "Mallard" Huber from Portland, OR. Dave Rhodes went on a comic tirade at one reader who suggested that the International Mr. Drummer Contest was fixed since not enough bearded men had won the title. The Leather Journal became the first major Leather publication to endorse a candidate for president of the United States. GIF files were getting better resolution according to Bob Reite in Leather On Line. Several photos of NLA: Austin's First Anniversary were hot. Several hundred people attended Portland Leather Pride Week. The Bluegrass Colts' Thoroughbred I was covered by Otter. Hunk of the Month was Marcus Wonacott. The first announcement that Chuck Renslow was starting the Leather Archives and Museum appeared.

Very few men have been loved as much as coverman Armand Primeaux from Houston, TX. He was the first model to be featured in The Leather Journal's new sibling publication, CUIR.

Feature articles: Major coverage went to Living In Leather VII which was held in Chicago, IL in October. Jan Lyon caught hell for presenting a plan for major structural changes in the organization. Andy Anderson and K.T. Chase won the Mr. and Ms NLA sashes. The Eulenspiegel Society founder Pat Bond was the Lifetime Achievement Award winner. Several NLA members and friends protested the Spanner Case at the British Consulate. Luke Owens interviewed Mr. Drummer 1992 Woody Bebout and Drummer Boy Kevin Steadman. The largest all women's SM gathering, Inferno-style, was Powersurge held in Seattle over Labor Day weekend with over 300 attending. Otter attended Texas MC's 10th anniversary in Dallas, TX during Labor Day Weekend. jay wagner usually covered events in Canada, but he went to Minneapolis to attend the Minnesota Leather Encounter. The Hunk of the Month was Rychard Bannerman from Toronto, Ontario.

Andy Mangels is the Issue #41 coverman in his Gotham City PD dress uniform. That photo and those of him in a special feature were taken by Murray McMillan.

Feature articles: Andy covered the American Uniform Association's In Review which was also the organization's 15th anniversary. San Francisco was filled with uniformed men with AUA members and sailors on leave during Fleet Week. San Francisco's Warren Cave travelled to Washington, DC to view the Names Project's AIDS Quilt in October. He brought back numerous memorable photos, some of which appear in this edition. Luke Owens interviewed the new Mr. and Ms NLA titleholders Andy Anderson and K.T. Chase. The NLA Lifetime Achievement kudos went to Dorothy Hajdys.

The Leather and Politics feature was supposed to allow controversial issues to be aired. Guy Baldwin's Political Scat: Or Is There Really Anything But The Smell? In the early 90s the question was often raised by several people, "is there really a Leather community; and, if so, what does it consist of?" In paragraph two Baldwin stated, "To begin with, I have problems with the whole notion of a 'Leather community.' I'm not at all sure that one exists in any meaningful or useful sense of the word. I intend for this article to cause us to reconsider the idea altogether." He then makes a multitude of interesting points. While a lot of people might have been miffed at many of his suggestions, many of his statements were closer to reality than some people's dreams.

Miriam Pauline presented a photo spread of a fantasy series she titled "My Own Personal Jesus: Her Personal Martyrdom." Otter attended the Beer Town Badgers' Beer Stein VIII run in Milwaukee. Luke Owens reviewed Sex by Madonna, the Forge Studios' 1993 Calendar and the book Tom of Finland. Cliff Brown of the Southern California Wrestling Club was Hunk of the Month.


Omikron hosted a dinner in Indianapolis that raised over $500 for the Damien Center's PWA Food Pantry.

The Rocky Mountaineers MC had to cancel their Golden Fleece Run as did the Colorado Outdoor Leather Dykes (COLD). RMMC had purchased land up in the mountains for community use, but a band of Christian fundamentalists had other ideas.

The Conductors LLC of Nashville, TN held their historic Track X run with over 200 attending.

Outer Limits of Seattle announced the first Powersurge SM weekend for women to be held in  September.

ORGASM was evicted from their dungeon space in Portland, OR in April after their landlord was pressured by ministers from the Oregon Citizens Alliance.

Gary Sherwood won a logo design contest sponsored by SM Gays (London, UK).

ORGASM was back in business in Portland, OR with a new play space.

SigMa held their Annual General Meeting in late June and the search for a play space was at the top of the list of topics discussed.

Nine Eulenspiegel Society members raised $2,500 for AIDS Walk New York. 80 people attended Tarheel Leather Club's Stars and Stripes II in Greensboro, NC.

The Los Angeles Leather Association of the Deaf held their first event at Griffs.

The 15 Association released a video, The New Dungeon, which documented several play parties in their new dungeon.

Los Angeles Leather Association of the Deaf raised more than $2,000 with a beer bust and slave auction at Gauntlet II.

IML's "D" Cannon and Lenny Broberg, IMsL Blair and International Mr. Deaf Leather Philip Rubin raised $2,000 to help the March On Washington. $1,300 in currency was clothes pinned to a human money tree in a fundraiser for HARC Mart by NLA: Kansas City.

The Northern Chaps of Edmonton, Alberta received an award from the Edmonton Imperial Court's Empress XVI Mandy Kamp.

The largest all women's SM gathering, Inferno-style, was Powersurge held in Seattle over Labor Day weekend with over 300 attending.

Leather United - Chicago withstood a summer shake-up and appointed Wes Aldridge as president.

Leather Titles

 The new Ms San Francisco Leather was Blair who would later become IMsL 1992; Mr. Floyd's Leather was Jack Slonaker; Carolina won the Ms Sacramento Leather Contest; Michael Readman won the Mr. Leather Manhole title in Toronto.

Luke Owens' first International Masters and Slaves Contest was held during Pantheon of Leather in Los Angeles. K.T. Chase and Susie Shepherd entered the history books as the first IMSC titleholders.

San Francisco resident Blair won the International Ms Leather Contest in San Francisco in front of 400 plus cheering Leatherfolk at Club Townsend. Amy Marie Meek became Ms Leather Nebraska and Emerson Briney was named Mr. Leather Nebraska at the Diamond Bar in Omaha Ed Tobin of Indianapolis won the first Mr. Indiana Leather Contest.

Al Agricoltoso won the first Mr. Rochester Leather Contest, Kevin Shancady was chosen Mr. Leather Colorado and Kelly Farris was the new Mr. Portland Leather. Greg Foster won the Mr. Southwest Drummer title and Derek Yeager was the new Southwest Drummer Boy in Phoenix. Yeager later became an assistant for Drummer Magazine in San Francisco.

John Caldera won the International Mr. Bear title in San Francisco.

Donna Febbo was named Ms Toronto Leather and Les Beu became Mr. Leatherman Toronto.  Lenny Broberg's title career began when he won the Mr. San Francisco Eagle Leather Contest followed by Mr. San Francisco Leather in April. The new Mr. Long Beach Leather was Sam Catalano; Mike Reed was Mr. Leather Tennessee. Mr. and Ms Texas Leather Pride were Ben Wyoming Rossett and Grace Carr.

Lenny Broberg won the International Mr. Leather Contest. This was the last year for IML at the Executive House. A sign in the lobby read, :"Bistro Too, Cubs One." A record 56 contestants vied for the world's most coveted Leather title. From that number, 20 finalists were picked. These as tradition has it were announced by Bay Area Reporter columnist Marcus Hernandez. This was the year that Larry Adams (Nashville, TN) pierced Dave Rhodes' right nipple.

Rick Eger became Mr. Florida Leather; Cecilio Silva was Mr. Philadelphia Leather. Dan Millard won the Mr. BC Drummer Contest; Mr. Northeast Drummer was Dan Dobbs.

Mr. New Mexico Drummer Chuck Floyd raised $16,500 for the New Mexico Association of People Living With AIDS building fund for a new center by hosting a two-day auction and flea market in June. The Mr. Leatherman Toronto Leather Competition organizers presented a $4,500 check to the Hospital for Sick Children's AIDS Clinic. This was when Lenny Broberg was accused of giving each of the IML judges $1,000 checks - the accuser claimed to have copies of the cancelled checks - it was all a bunch of BS.

Mr. and Ms Mid-America were Shawn McKay and Janet Ryan; both were from Kansas City, MO. In Vienna, the first Mr. Europe Leather title went to A.J. Steigenberger of Germany. Jim Chandler was chosen Mr. Rocky Mountain Drummer and Bart Plumbley Rocky Mountain Drummer Boy in Denver. The first Mr. and Ms Northern California Leather titleholders were Donna Shrout from San Francisco and Wes Patterson from Sacramento.

Jose Ucles won the Mid-Atlantic Mr. Drummer title; Phil Craine was named Mr. North Florida Drummer and Nathan Hudgins became North Florida Drummer Boy. Rychard Bannerman became Mr. Central Canada Drummer and Andy Anderson was chosen to be Central Canada Drummer Boy.

Emerson Briney won the Mr. Drummer Contest and John Hare was the new Drummer Boy. The Mr. Drummer Contest was held under a big tent this time around. Martijn Bakker was announced as the new publisher of Drummer Magazine and new owner of Desmodus, Inc. The  Drummer statuette given to winners was created by Wayne Hampton of Wayne's Art - many people still wonder why these hot trophies were discontinued?!

Bob Donaldson won the International Mr. Deaf Leather Contest held in Baltimore, MD. Gary France won the Northern California Drummer Contest. Mr. and Ms Leather Madison was John Wood and Karen Kormelink. Kevin Drewery from Atlanta and Casey Lively from Crystal River, FL won the Southeast Leather titles in Greensboro, NC.

Andy Anderson and K.T. Chase won the Mr. and Ms NLA sashes. Lem Suiter won the Mr. Connecticut Leather Contest. Glen Hogan was named Mr. Upstate New York Leather.

News and Politics

Queer Nation led the charge in the boycott of the Cracker Barrel restaurant chain because of its antigay discrimination policies. Dustin Logan announced that Fantasy '92 would be held in Dallas, not Omaha.

The 1992 Pantheon of Leather Awards saw Pat Califia named Woman of the Year and Jim Richards announced as Man of the Year. Tom of Finland was presented the first Lifetime Achievement Award posthumously.

Drummer Magazine held its first Tough Customers party at the San Francisco Eagle. The TC parties became one of the most popular promotions Drummer has ever held. It started out as a Tough Customers section in Drummer and grew into a popular magazine of  its own. Bar parties were held with photographers on hand to photograph and place free ads for Leathermen who wanted to participate.

Stating that "artistic expression is at the core of a democratic society," Los Angeles District Judge A. Wallace Tashima found that the decency standard imposed on the National Endowment for the Arts to be unconstitutional.

Gauntlet II bar owner Dale Haberstad received an award of commendation for Los Angles Mayor Tom Bradley at that establishment's eighth anniversary; $2,325 was raised for Aid For AIDS.

Winners of the Leather/Levi Lexicon Awards in San Francisco were: Outstanding Leather Business, The Watering Hole; Outstanding Leather Woman was Lupe Rosenbaum and Outstanding Leather Man was Jerry Roberts.

Fantasy '92 was held in Dallas and the numbers were disappointing to the weekend producers.

NLA: Houston led the Leather contingent in Houston's Lesbian/Gay Pride Week.

The British Court of Appeal upheld an earlier judgement that it was unnecessary to prove that the alleged victim of the Spanner Six trial did not give his consent to acts performed on him and dismissed the appeals of the defense to reverse their conviction. A fund was started by SM Gays of London, the NLA and London Blues.

 A committee to represent Los Angeles at the 1993 March On Washington was held in West Hollywood, CA.

Canada Customs went on a schtunk by seizing several publications including Issue #35 of The Leather Journal.

The Leather Journal became the first major Leather publication to endorse a candidate for president of the United States, Democrat Bill Clinton.

The Ontario (Canada) Human Rights Code was changed to recognize same-sex spouses. Northbound Leather was presented the Pink Trillium Award in Toronto.  Some schmuck used the names of several titleholders to steal money from community do-gooders. Mr. Portland Leather Kelly Ferris raise $1,000 for the Gorilla Theatre, a non-gay youth AIDS education group.

Race Bannon began organizing the project that would get definitions changed in the Diagnostics and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM). Bannon and Guy Baldwin were also working together in an attempt to get Amnesty International to redefine their position on torture to exclude safe, sane and consensual SM practices.

One of the world's renowned whip makers, Jay Marston, announced her retirement from the industry due to carpal tunnel syndrome.

A Christmas Sash Bash hosted by Mr. Connecticut Leather Lem Suiter netted $622 for the Bread & Rose organization. Club Calgary raised $580 at Black Christmas III for the Greenbough Fund of AIDS Calgary.

Spearhead's Toys For Tots drive collected 500 toys and $700 for the Red Door Family Shelter in Toronto.

New on the Scene

Moonlight Leather Association of the Deaf, San Diego, CA; NLA: Kansas City; Diaper Pail Fraternity, Sausalito, CA; Ohio Broncos, Cleveland, OH; Teddy Bear Leather Club, Richmond, VA; Los Angeles Deaf Leather Association, Los Angeles, CA; Cable Car Chapter (San Francisco) of the Knights of Malta, San Francisco, CA; The Regiment, Chicago, IL; NLA: St. Louis, St. Louis, MO; COLD (Colorado Outdoor Leather Dykes), Denver, CO; Trident: Toledo, Toledo, OH; Safer S/M Group, Toronto, Ontario; Sensuality And Mutuality Everywhere, Toronto, Canada; Rubbout I, by Bill "Northwind" Houghton, Vancouver, BC; the boys Club, Los Angeles, CA; C-Space, Seattle, WA; Sisters of the Rose, Kirkland, WA; Lone Star Stallion LL/MC, Dallas, TX; NLA: New South Wales, Sydney, Australia; Foot Friends, New York, NY; International Masters and Slaves Association, Los Angeles, CA; Minnesota Leather Den, Brooklyn Center, MN; 501 Levi's Club, Los Angeles, CA; Aries/University of Washington, Seattle, WA; Defenders: Denver, Denver, CO; Mooncussers, Provincetown, MA; Minnesota Leather Encounter, Minneapolis, MN; NLA: Carolinas, Wilmington, NC; NLA: Columbus, Columbus, OH; Neue Regal, Jacksonville, FL; Tampa Bay Bondage Club; Empire LLC, San Bernardino, CA; Three Rivers MC, Pittsburgh, PA; Knights of Malta: Motherlode Chapter, Modesto, CA; Omaha Players Club, Omaha, NE; NLA: Indianapolis, Indianapolis, IN; Powewrsurge women's kink weekend, Seattle, WA; Ursus, Dayton, OH; L&L Society: Eastern Ohio Chapter, Akron, OH; Southern California Wrestling Club, Los Angeles, CA; Sabers of Artemis, St. Louis, MO

Books and Publications

The Black Book, a phone book of sorts for the Leather community founded by Bill Brent of San Francisco released its first issue.

Drummer Magazine was sold to Martijn Bakker Daico Corporation of Holland. The selling publisher, Tony DeBlase, was named editor emeritus.

The Leather Journal would begin publishing CUIR Magazine which would focus on male erotica in fiction, photography and illustrations.

SM Gays released the SM Gays Resource Book which included such topics as SM and the Law, Piercing, Mummification, Travelling in the USA and SM Guide to Safe Sex.

The Leather Journal's new sibling male-erotic fiction publication, CUIR, hit the streets in the fall.

T.A. Feldwebel, past editor of DungeonMaster, started his own publication, Checkmate Magazine.

Pop music star Madonna released a book titled Sex.

The Internet

The Leather First BBS announced that its computer bulletin board system reached coast to coast.


25 Years: American Uniform Association

20 Years: Knights of Malta: Jet Chapter, Seattle, WA; Atons, Minneapolis, MN; Rainbow MC, San Francisco, CA; Stallions, Cleveland, OH

15 Years: Phoenix Uniform Club, San Francisco, CA; Tsarus, Memphis, TN; 15th Annual  Sex Maniacs Ball, London, UK

10 Years: Saber MC, Hollywood, FL; Crucible MC, Pittsburgh, PA; Arizona Rangers MC, Phoenix, AZ; Gopher X run, Atons, Minneapolis, MN; 10th annual Memorial Day Interfaith Service and Candlelight Vigil, Chicago, IL; VASM (Vancouver Activists in SM) Vancouver, British Columbia; Texas MC, Dallas, TX; 10th Annual Alan Selby's Fetish and Fantasy Ball, San Francisco, CA; Harbor Masters, Portland, ME

Five Years: Womanlink, Berkeley, CA; Griffins MC, Newark, DE; Wet and Wild campout, Lion Regiment, Boise, ID; Acorn V run, Oberons, Milwaukee, WI; Hot Ash, the international cigar fetish club, New York, NY; Firedancers LLC of Dallas, TX; VASM (Vancouver Activists in SM), Vancouver, British Columbia; Somandros, Los Angeles, CA

Gone, But Not Forgotten

Don Lofgran, owner of Don L Leather was found dead in the street about a block from his store in the Silver Lake district of Los Angeles, CA.

Leather activist Ron Arrowsmith, Toronto, Ontario died.

Mike Hodge, owner of the Parliament House and Leather community activist, Orlando, FL died.

Leather video star and entertainer Andrew Robert Okun, better known as Al Parker, San Francisco, CA passed on.

International Mr. Leather 1983 Coulter Thomas, San Francisco, CA died.

Dennis Ucci, the name sake of the Mama Ucci column and office manager for The Leather Journal passed away due to AIDS related complications.



September 30, 1991


The Leather Journal

Artist Cirby's illustration of 1990 Man and Woman of the Year Dustin Logan and Jan Lyon which appeared on the cover of Issue #19 received flak. One of the most vicious letters came from one of the club leaders in Chicago - we still consider the letter (scrawled-handwritten pages on both sides of five pages) to be the most venomous and hateful letter ever written to us. We could not publish it because of libel laws and because we felt it would be hurtful to the artist who was dying from AIDS.

Feature articles: Les Robinson interviewed The Leather Journal Man of the Year 1990 and Fantasy weekend coproducer Dustin Logan; Andy Mangels interviewed The Leather Journal Woman of the Year 1990 Jan Lyon who cofounded the NLA and served as its international titleholder in 1989. Jesse Helms won a narrow victory over Harvey Gannt in North Carolina. Dave Rhodes gave his definition of What Constitutes the "Leather community." The Leather Journal moved its offices to the French Quarter building in West Hollywood making it more accessible to the community. Club runs covered included: the Knights d' Orleans' 16th anniversary; SigMa's September dungeon party; Trident: Los Angeles' third anniversary; Autumn Stampede hosted by the Stallions, Cleveland, OH; Show Me XVII by Gateway MC, St. Louis, MO; Leather Festival produced by SLUG, San Jose, CA; COMMAND's second anniversary, Baltimore, MD; Arizona Fellowship Run IV by several Arizona clubs was held in Tucson; Celebration XII, Centurions, Columbus, OH.

One of the most touching of Jason Forever's The Lone Rider stories was "The Last Ride" which was a "tribute to all the human Brothers and Sisters of our community that have crossed over in the past year. He made this special tribute to his cats Chessie and Nuisance. This is a classic and may have been his best piece as a writer for The Leather Journal. Crashing the Golden Gate was the first of a two-part erotic fiction piece by David Minor.

Mark Frazier (Los Angeles) celebrated his second year as an illustrator for The Leather Journal created the motorcyclist that appeared on the cover of Issue #20.

Feature articles: The first Pantheon of Leather Awards were held in Los Angeles. Les Robinson produced the first show.  Andy Mangels interviewed The Leather Journal Man of the Year 1991 Bill Costomiris. The Leather Community Calendar made its debut with a two-page spread. Jason Forever presented a Motorcycle Safety Quiz in The Lone Rider. Runs covered included the Oedipus MC Coronation of Oedipus Rex LVIII at the Musicians Union Hall in Los Angeles with 400 in attendance; Avatar's eighth anniversary at Mike's Corral in Long Beach, CA; FFA Miami held Neon New Year in Ft. Lauderdale.

The Cirby illustration, "Murph," appeared on the cover of Issue #21 and first monthly edition of The Leather Journal.

Feature articles: Les Robinson interviewed International Mr. Leather Contest cofounder and executive producer Chuck Renslow. Karen Kircher interviewed The Leather Journal Woman of the Year 1991 Susie Shepherd. Runs and events covered included Les Robinson's visit to New York City for GMS/MA's 10th anniversary weekend. Seattle Men in Leather's Equinox II featured rain and more rain at a campground in Port Orchard, WA. NLA: San Diego hosted Leatherfest '91 - the event would rival Living In Leather in quality and size within a couple of years. Kay Hallanger won the International Ms Leather Contest in San Francisco. 12 women competed for the title that saw its first titleholder east of the Pacific Coast.

The feature story was Indentured Servitude by Yakov which depicted an Old Testament style indentured servant ceremony at Inferno.

Why not have a boy on the cover? Southern California Drummer Boy John Hare made #22 cover which was photographed by Les Robinson.

Feature articles: Dave Rhodes' Editorial, Much A Doo-Doo About Leather Contests, defended the titleholder system and referred Leatherfolk to read Guy Baldwin's Leather Contest Guide which was reviewed elsewhere in the magazine. The Leather Journal staff reached its highest number at five when assistant editor Luke Owens, art director Jeff Snyder and office manager Tracy Wieland were added. The Leather Journal Travel Club was founded and turned out to be a financial disaster for The Leather Journal. Karen Kircher interviewed International Ms Leather 1991 Kay Hallanger. Runs featured were: Spring Maneuvers hosted by the Regiment of the Black and Tans uniform club in Los Angeles; Scream Break sponsored by NLA: San Francisco Bay Area, Satyricons' MC's Hell on Heels X in Las Vegas, NV got four pages of coverage; Knights On Iron's second anniversary weekend in San Diego, CA; and Discipline VI by Disciples of DeSade in Dallas, TX.

Jeff Snyder took the photo of International Mr. Leather titleholders 1988 Michael Pereyra, 1991 "D" Cannon, 1990 Mark Ryan and 1989 Guy Baldwin which appeared on the cover of Issue #11.

Feature articles: This edition featured 14 pages of IML coverage which featured Les Robinson's interview with "D" Cannon; Andy Mangels asked 15 contestants a few interview questions of his own for The Leather Journal, plus several pages of photos. Runs and events featured were the American Uniform Association's Muster Report held in Chicago over Memorial Day weekend. Held at the same time as IML, the event drew a record crowd. Considered to be one of the best runs on the West Coast, it was time to cover Oedipus MC's Grecian Games.

The Leather Journal staff rode in the Los Angeles Christopher Street West Parade in a convertible supplied by Avatar's Jan Verbiesen. Karen Lackey took the photo which appeared on the cover of Issue #24.

Feature articles: There were plenty of Leather/Gay and Lesbian pride events around the continent. Other runs and events were Stars and Stripes by Tarheel Leather Club in Greensboro, NC; the Mudmen weekend in Houston, TX; Clippers summer party; the Knights d' Orleans Bear Contest. The art of Liza Svika from Japan was featured. In a letter to the editor Tom of Finland Foundation vice president announced the creation of the Foundation, seeking financial support. The 13 member selection panel for the second Pantheon of Leather Awards was listed.

Dolph Knight was the Falcon model that appeared on the cover of Issue #25. He starred in the Falcon video The Adbuction.

Feature articles: Luke Owens seized the opportunity to interview International Mr. Drummer Clive Platman and International Drummer Boy John Siracusa. Runs included the June Hot Ash party at Cellblock 28; The Rocky Mountaineers MC Golden Fleece XX run in the mountains west of Denver; Wasatch Leathermen MC's Falcon Flight VII: Flight to Arches run in Zion National Park; COLD (Colorado Outdoor Leather Dykes held When Hell Freezes Over at the Rocky Mountaineers campground in the Rockies west of Denver; NLA: Los Angeles held their Fetish and Fantasy Erotic Art Exhibition; NLA: Arkansas' Lock-Up II. The first URSUS illustration by Michael Schruender appeared along with "A Slave's General Orders and Contract" by Luke Owens. Daddy Bob came up with Awards for Real People in The Wearin' O' The Hides.

(Issue #27 should have been #26. Seems like we've been here before!)

Michael Schruender, better known as Dade, has probably been the premier artist for the Bear movement. His work has appeared in numerous publications, on t-shirts and as logos for clubs and businesses. His photo, by Dave Rhodes, is on the cover.

Andy Mangels interviewed Lee Willis of the Stud Works from Seattle, WA. Respected not only for his community service, Lee was noted for the precision quality of his studded leather.

Feature articles: Assembly '91 was the general assembly of all Knights of Malta clubs hosted by the Yosemite chapter in Fresno. Four pages of coverage went to Fantasy '91 in Omaha, NE; IIR Productions from Dallas produced the show that featured a Phantom of the Opera presentation. Corpus Christi was a popular site for club runs in the early 90s; Beachhead V sponsored by Corpus Christi MC was hot. The Trusted Servants from San Francisco and Knights On Iron from San Diego cohosted Trudge...Into the Woods in Sequoia National Forest in Central California. The Blue Max MC, Los Angels, CA, Red Baron 1991 run was just one of many that the LA bike clubs host each summer. IMsL 1991 Kay Hallanger described the first Midwest Leather Conference held in St. Louis, MO as "an improbable weekend;" because the event was conceived and pulled off in eight short weeks by Bryan Smith.

Mr. Drummer 1991 Woody Bebout, photographed by Luke Owens, graced the cover of Issue #28. Known as the great orator, Woody wowed many crowds with his gentle demeanor and firm words during his speeches. He went on to become The Leather Journal's Man of the Year in 1993 and 1996.

Feature articles: Luke Owens interviewed the first International Mr. Deaf Leather Philip Rubin. San Francisco's Leather Pride Week included the Mr. Drummer Contest, Fetish & Fantasy Ball and Folsom Street Fair. Alan Selby founded the Fetish and Fantasy Ball. One of the photos covering the Ball was of Fakir Musafar hanging a typewriter from his pierced nipples. The Centurions of Columbus' 13th Anniversary. Jonothan Motichka's illustrations highlighted David Minor's erotic fiction. A letter to the editor came from Igor Zlobin from the Soviet Union representing Soviet Pen Pals.

Andy Mangels captured the Issue #29 cover shot of Mr. and Ms National Leather Association Bill Miranda Salzman and Laura Goodwin only moments after they were declared winners.

Feature articles: The NLA's Living In Leather Conference was held in Chicago, marking the first time that the confab was held outside the Pacific Northwest. Perry Watkins, who successfully fought a discrimination dismissal case against the U.S. Army, was the keynote speaker. Jan Lyon and Steve Maidhoff were given Lifetime Achievement honors. Earl Adams was installed as the new president of Avatar in Los Angeles. The Knights d' Orleans sent photos of their 17th Anniversary Run. Spearhead's Round-Up '91 run in Toronto was hot. jay wagner made his debut as a correspondent for The Leather Journal by covering events in Toronto. Hot Air '91 sponsored by the Motorcyclemen of New Mexico drew a big crowd. Rosebud XI, hosted by Texas MC and Dallas MC, had 150 attend at Buzzards Peak, TX.


The Centurions of Columbus carted five pickup truck loads of toys to the Franklin County Services and raised $3,000 for the agency to buy "toys for needy children to old to receive stuffed animals." SigMa found a new venue for their monthly meetings in Washington, DC.

The Motorcycle Awards in San Francisco recognized the accomplishments of Northern California's motorcycle clubs and their members. The 25th annual event saw Cycle Runners MC take nine awards including Best Overall Run and Motorcycle Man of the Year (Roland Chavin). Marcus Hernandez and Frank Naccarato were the emcees for the historic event. This was the first year that the Motorcycle Awards were hosted by the Inter Club Fund. The Barbary Coasters MC had produced the show from the first year up to 1991.

Bear clubs started cropping up around the country. A few of the early pioneers were the Bear Paws of Iowa, Leather Bears and Pacific Bears MC.

The Chicago Hellfire Club began holding their SM University seminars at AA Meat Market.

Mr. Southeast Leather 1991 started the Leather/SM/Fetish discussion group in Atlanta. The 15 Association of San Francisco opened a new dungeon space. The Knights On Iron raised over $1,000 for Mama's Kitchen during their San Diego Harbor Boat Cruise. 3,000 filled the St. Bernard Auditorium in New Orleans for the Lords of Leather Ball. ORGASM (ORegon Guild of Activists in SM) found a new dungeon space.

Shannon Kennedy not only resigned as female cochair of the National Leather Association, but yanked her membership as well. Judy Tallwing McCarthey filled as interim cochair. Threshold, Formerly LA Janus, monthly meeting attendance reached the 300 mark.

Stars MC formed in Albany , NY to represent five cities in the New York Capital area: Schenectady, Troy, Albany, Rensselaer and Saratoga. This club would be a major force in promoting club brotherhood on the East Coast in years to come. Jan Lyon was elected to fill the vacant female cochair position for the NLA.

SM Gays collected more than 1,000 British pounds for the SM Gays Benevolent Fund in London, UK. Founded by Kelly Thibault, the Orange Coast Leather Assembly (OCLA) started serving the Orange County Leather community in California. About 300 men, total, attended both sessions of the Chicago Hellfire Club's Inferno XX. The Mystic Krewe of Lords of Leather of New Orleans disbanded and reformed under a new charter as Lords of Leather Mardi Gras Krewe and Leather Club.

Chuck Higgins was voted male cochair of the NLA Nearly $7,000 was raised for the Chicago Hellfire Club's McAdory Fund. Mike Miller won the Mr. Oklahoma Leather sash that was sponsored by TULSA (Tulsa Uniform Leather Seekers Association. Brother Help Thyself held a fundraiser in Washington, DC.

Some clubs are known for their regalia - Blue Max MC in Los Angeles held a terrific change of command at Griff's. Threshold held their Bizarre Bazaar in Los Angeles.

The Brotherhood of Pain held Hell II in Houston.

The Hartford Colts raised $1,100 in their annual Toys for Tots/AIDS Benefit.

NLA: Arkansas and The Officers Club split and went their separate ways in Little Rock, AR.

Leather Titles

 Race Bannon and Mike Truhill (Mike Pierce) won the second Southern California Masters and Slaves Contest at Griff's in Los Angeles. Kerry Richard won the Mr. Mid-Atlantic Leather Contest sponsored by Centaur MC in Washington, DC; Catrina won the Ms Arizona Leather Contest; JC Collins became Ms San Francisco Leather; Sallee Huber won the Puget Sound Ms Leather title hosted by Leather Star which was a grant-a-wish foundation for persons with AIDS.

Roland Bynum was named Mr. Portland Leather 1991; Leslie McGuire became Portland Leatherwoman 1991 Leonard Martinez was Mr. New Mexico Drummer, Pat Sanchez won Mr. Southwest Drummer; Mr. and Ms Southeast Leather 1991 were Wes Decker and MP Breslin; Mr. Los Angeles Drummer was Marc Lowy.

A panel of judges selected CCMC's Blake Miller as Wolfs Leather Daddy then the bar owner declared Tom Bill a co-titleholder in San Diego, CA; John Thatcher was selected Mr. Leatherman Toronto; John Wilson became Mr. Louisiana Leather; Mitch Johnson won the Mr. San Francisco Leather title; Spike won the Ms Toronto Leather Contest; Jesse Arias won Mr. Long Beach Leather.

Dee Cannon won the International Mr. Leather title at the Vic Theater i Chicago. The host hotel was the Executive House. This was Dave Rhodes' first year to judge IML.

Fresno was the site of the Mr. Northern California Drummer Contest won by Bill Gooch; Mr. Leather Tennessee was taken by Matthew Presley; Murrell Fox won the Mr. Florida Drummer Contest at the Parliament House and Kevin Steadman, who would later become International Drummer Boy, won the Drummer Boy title; Brent Jenson was picked Mr. Inland Empire Drummer in Pomona, CA; the new Mr. Tri-State Cowboy was Sam Walls; Grant Dupont became Mr. Watering Hole Leather in San Francisco. The Rainbow Alliance of the Deaf announced that the first International Mr. Deaf Leather Contest would  be held in Dallas, TX in July.

Tom Palffy won the Mr. Gauntlet II Leather Contest; Mr. Desert Empire Drummer 1991 was Mark Wood. Philip Rubin won the first International Mr. Deaf Leather title in Dallas, TX. Irwin Murphy was named Mr. Oregon Drummer; Mark Frazier became Mr. Gulf Coast Drummer; Mr. Orange Coast Drummer was Kelly "T-Bone" Thibault; Jason Traver won the Mr. San Diego Drummer sash.

 Probably the best-ever produced regional Drummer contest was Southern California Mr. Drummer by Terry LeGrand in 1991. It was also one of the most controversial. Ten preliminaries were held throughout Southern California leading up to the July extravaganza which was won by The Leather Journal art director Jeff Snyder at the Coconut Grove Ballroom of the Ambassador Hotel. Tony Klatt was chosen Southern California Drummer Boy. LeGrand received heavy criticism for what some said was $40,000 spent on promoting and producing the event while others were awestruck by the production that rivaled the finals in San Francisco. Bill Miranda Salzman was Mr. Northeast Drummer; Joe Potter nabbed Rocky Mountain Drummer Kevin Jackson won Mr. Australia Drummer; the new Mr. St. Louis Leather was Tim Bregger; Joe Scibetta became San Francisco Leather Daddy IX.

Mr. Northeast Drummer Bill Miranda Salzman presented a $3,300 check to Chris Babeck of the PWA Coalition in New York City.

Sky Renfro was reinstated as president of the International Ms Leather board. Don Bastian of Calgary, Alberta won the Northwest Mr. Drummer title.

Woody Bebout became Mr. Drummer and Kevin Steadman was named Drummer Boy in San Francisco, CA.

COMMAND's third anniversary saw Bob Saint with the Mr. Maryland Leather Contest. Jose Ucles fame started when he won the American Leatherman Competition in Boston, MA. The second annual Leatherfest bore the theme "Southbay in Gear" with Shiloh Unruh and Beth Key winning the Mr. and Ms Southbay Leather titles.

Mr. Barn Drummer Andy Anderson did piercings during Piercing Night which was sponsored by Mr. Leatherman Toronto John Thatcher. Aubrey Sparks made his debut on national visibility when he won the 1991 Seattle Daddy Contest; Craig Poos became Mr. Oklahoma City Leather; the new Mr. Sacramento Leather was Wes Patterson; Jeff Barrett was chosen Mr. San Diego Leather; Jim Battrell was named Russian River Leather Daddy and Taylor Poff was the new Russian River Leather Daddy's Boy. Rob Welcher became Daddy's Boy; Steve Quintana won Mr. Idaho Leather.

News and Politics

The following were winners at the first Pantheon of Leather Awards Sow held at Circus Dace Club in Hollywood, CA: Man of the Year Bill Costomiris, Woman of the Year Susie Shepherd, Club of the Year Tarheel Leather Club, Non Profit Organization of the Year Robert Mapplethorpe Foundation; Business/Business Person of the Year Lee Willis/Stud Works; Forebearer Tom of Finland, Readers' Choice Award Susie Shepherd, Publisher's Award Bob Craig. Regional awards went to: Jay Evans, George Nelson, Race Bannon and Bill Costomiris. A selection panel of three community leaders, Guy Baldwin, Dustin Logan and Jan Lyon decided the winners. Dave Rhodes started a new tradition by presenting The Leather Journal belts, designed by the Stud Works in Seattle, WA, to Louis Jay, Floyd Ballou, Les Robinson, Susie Shepherd and Bill Costomiris for community service. $1,000 in checks were presented to four organizations by Pantheon of Leather executive producer Dave Rhodes.

Three Boston residents were arrested by police and charged with "offering sex for a fee, operating a house of ill fame," and "possession of a dangerous weapon." The case would cost nearly $10,000 to defend and the Leather community raised funds to fight it.

The Crypt added two new stores to its chain in San Diego followed by another in Long Beach with nearly 250 Leatherfolk attending the midweek grand opening there.

Three writers: Guy Baldwin, Mark Thompson and Craig Lee participated in a Gay Writers Series hosted by A Different Light Bookstore in Los Angeles.

Andy Mangels announced that he was starting on a book, The Right to Remain Silent? Gay Cops Tell Their Story, which would be a compilation of testimonies from gay and lesbian peace officers.

A video production seminar to be held at Timberfell Lodge in Tennessee was announced. The weekend would end up a big financial loss for its promoter. AMBUSH! raised $2,000 to benefit the AIDS Resource Center in Dallas, TX.

The sixth Wally Look Alike Contest netted $1,500 for San Francisco's AIDS Emergency Fund.

Zeus Studious held their annual summer party at the Zeus Studios loft in downtown Los Angeles. $10.633 was raised at Pride Night in New York City.

The Crypt, based in San Diego, CA, opened up a store in Seattle, WA.

Lee Willis and the Stud Works hosted a dinner and presented a large memorial plaque honoring those who have died in the Northwest. 60 names were added for the first showing - the memorial maintained, updated and is on display at The Cuff bar in Seattle today.

The world's largest Leather shop began to take shape as Richard Hunter announced that his Eagles Shop and Fetters were moving to San Francisco to become part of Mr. S Leather. Mr. S became large with the merger. Alan Selby founded Mr. S several years before and the store had a terrific reputation under his ownership. Mr. S has won Business of the Year twice at Pantheon of Leather.

Gauntlet, Inc. opened a new store in New York City.

Frank Strona was appointed managing editor at Brush Creek Media which owned Bear and Powerplay Magazines. House O' Chicks began producing the Safe Sex for Women video.

Randy Sauder and Gary from Pink Triangle were named Leathermen of the Year; it was the first time that the Broward (Ft. Lauderdale) Dixie Awards had awards for Leather.

New on the Scene

VILE (Vancouver Independent Leather Enthusiasts), Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada; Bear Paws of Iowa, Iowa City, IA; CLUB Calgary, Calgary, Alberta; BALLS (Bay Area Levi & Leather Society), Corpus Christi, TX; Leather Bears/Bear Fax Magazine, San Francisco, CA; The Regiment, Fort Wayne, IN; Melbond (Melbourne Bondage Club), Melbourne, Australia; STARS MC, Albany, NY; Pendragons, Birmingham, AL; Denver Smoke, Denver, CO; Sacramento Leather Association (SLA), Sacramento, CA; Leather First BBS club, Sacramento, CA; Deaf Leather/SM Outreach, Dallas, TX; OCLA (Orange Coast Leather Assembly, Garden Grove, CA; Mountain Men of Leather, Denver, CO; Demons, Staten Island, NY; Patrol Uniform Club, Austin, TX; NLA: Buffalo; Sadie Masie Club opened in London, UK; Cigar Studs, Los Angeles, CA; Dads and Sons, Laguna Beach, CA; The Norsemen, Chocorua, NH; The Boot Co., Brisbane, Australia; Nightcrawlers, Worcester, MA; Bluegrass Bears, Louisville, KY; Defenders: DC, Washington, DC; South Florida Bondage Club, Ft. Lauderdale, FL; Ringed Men, Sydney, Australia; United Leatherfolk of Connecticut, East Hartford, CT; NLA: Indianapolis; NLA: Toronto; NLA: Deaf; Temple of Hecate, Cincinnati, OH; Baltimore Alliance of the Deaf; Leather Corps, Los Angeles, CA; Wolf Pack S&M, Dearborn, MI; NLA: Houston, Houston, TX

Books and Publications

Frank Strona was appointed managing editor at Brush Creek Media which owned Bear and Powerplay Magazines.

The NLA announced the release of its publication Quarter Link.


20 Years: The Eulenspiegel Society, New York, NY; Golden Fleece Run XX, Rocky Mountaineers MC, Denver, CO; Unicorn MC, Cleveland, OH, Rites of the Full Moon/20th Anniversary; Inferno XX by Chicago Hellfire Club, Chicago, IL

15 Years: FFA - Capital Area Chapter, Washington, DC

10 Years: MC Faucon; Satyricons MC, Las Vegas, NV; Corpus Christi MC and the Mr. Hidden Door Contest sponsored by Corpus Christi MC; Trident: DC, Washington, DC

Five Years: Trademark V run by the Tradesmen, Charlotte, NC; Club Mud, Rio Nido, CA; Fifth Annual Leather Weekend, Guerneville, CA; Dressing for Pleasure Gala in Seacaucus, NJ; Beachhead V run, Corpus Christi MC, Corpus Christi; Firedance V run, Firedancers LL, Dallas, TX

Gone, But Not Forgotten

MSC Finland founder Meeku died.

Playwright and actor and contributing writer to The Leather Journal Anthony Bruno, Los Angeles, CA passed away.

San Francisco Leather Daddy V Zach Long died.

Died: erotic artist and International Mr. Leather Contest and Gold Coast bar cofounder Dom "Etienne" Orejudos. He was also recognized as a master of ballet having appeared on PBS many times and winning three Emmy Awards. He was considered to be one of the best male erotic artists of all time. Dom's murals covered the walls of the Gold Coast in Chicago. His lifetime partner was Chuck Renslow.

World-renowned male erotic artist Tom of Finland in Helsinki passed away. Tom was, and still is, considered the dean of all male erotic artists.

The Leather Journal art director Jeff Snyder. Jeff had won the Mr. Southern California Drummer title only a few months before he passed on. He was the one who inspired the notorious and infamous Mama Ucci columns that later appeared in The Leather Journal.

California Eagles MC president Keith Bishop of San Francisco, CA.

King of Leather 1990 Rich Demarest, San Francisco, CA died.

National Leather Association founder Steve Maidhoff, Seattle, WA passed away.

Erotic artist Robert Wiley "Cirby" Kirk, Los Angeles and San Francisco, CA died.


December 31, 1989


The Leather Journal

Les, artist for The 15 Association designed the cover for Issue #13 with a highway patrolman on his motorcycle. A feature of his art was inside the magazine. Feature articles included The Leather Journal's Annual Awards. Porn star Chris Burns was interviewed by Les Robinson and the first For Women, By Women article by Karen Kirscher appeared. Feature stories included the Victoria Joint Club Run in Australia; Wally Sherwood covered the Golden Gate Guards Murder, We Wrote run; NLA: Los Angeles' Bondage As Art; Prowl I by Panthers LL of Atlanta. Fallen Hero, a three part series by Barrett Cole started in this issue.

In a photo supplied by Drummer Magazine, Mr. Drummer 1989 Brian Dawson was the coverman on Issue #14 and several photos of Brian Dawson comprised the center spread.

Marcus Hernandez covered sixth annual Mid-Atlantic Leather Weekend in Washington, DC.  Les Robinson wrote a special titled "Sponsoring A Leather Contest." Part One of Fallen Hero by Barrett Cole was the main fiction. Jason Forever's Lone Rider was titled The Rides of Spring and included a state-by-state list of motorcycle safety laws. Jim Schreier submitted a feature on Robert Mapplethorpe.  Dave Rhodes attended and covered Corpus Christi MC's Icehead VIII weekend.

In Issue #15 International Ms Leather 1989 Susie Shepherd became the first woman to appear on the cover of The Leather Journal. Karen Kircher's interview reflects the love that Susie Shepherd put into her title. Unfortunately the rank and file buyers of the magazine weren't at an advanced enough stage to be accepting of women.

The art series by The Hun made its debut. Wally Sherwood has been the driving force behind the Leather Mardi Gras events in San Francisco; he sent several photos and a story for 1990's activities. Les Robinson attended the Florida Brotherhood of Clubs run in Orlando and also covered the Mr. and Ms Southeast Leather Contest. The Leather Journal has frequently covered the Los Angeles Gay Rodeo. About 25,000 attended this year's rodeo. A one page poem, Bachelor's Party, by David K. Mason appeared.

Mark Ryan on the IML victory stand was photographed by Floyd Ballou and graced the cover of Issue #16.

Six pages of coverage on the 1990 International Mr. Leather Contest including an interview with the winner was the feature story. NLA: Seattle's fourth May Day celebration; Somandros' Desert Captive Weekend was the only SM run in Southern California at the time; Jim Schreier reviewed DPR Studio's Garage Sex; the final of a three-part series, Fallen Hero by Barrett Cole and The Interrogation by Bob Reite was the fiction. The first nomination form for Pantheon of Leather appeared.  Les Robinson covered the Blue Max CC, St. Louis, MO, 15th anniversary run Cruise With the Blues.

A Canadian Mountie with his dog, supplied by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police through Jim Schreier, was on the cover of Issue #17. Feature articles: Jim Schreier had a special feature on uniformed men in this uniform edition. Fantasy '90 drew a large crowd in Omaha. Andy Mangels interviewed International Ms Leather 1990 Gabrielle Antolovich. A letter to the editor by Guy Baldwin was titled, "Whipping Jesse" What Works and What Doesn't." The Feature Story was "Human Slavery: Fact or Fiction" by Frank O'Rourke. Dave Rhodes wrote a feature on uniform clubs. Jim Schreier did specials titled "Frederick Remington's Uniform Designs" and Nineteenth Century Military S&M." Runs featured were Lock-Up I by NLA: Arkansas, Gay '90s by LOBOC MC (Long Beach/Orange County MC) and  The 15 Association's, San Francisco, Boot Camp II. Art From The HUN featured Mid-Atlantic Drummer Boy and deejay Sammy Schultz.

Heretic of Los Angeles supplied the rubberman photo for the cover of Issue #18's special rubber edition. 12 pages were devoted to the rubber fetish, rubber clubs, businesses and rubber men. Included in this special section was photo coverage of an rubber event at Backstreet in London; Wrapped In Rubber, a rubber care article by Peter from Heretic; a selection of rubber hoods from Eagle's Shop in Florida; photos of several rubbermen taken at events over the past year; and closed by a short piece of fiction, A Rubber Initiation, by Brian Anderson from Vancouver, British Columbia. The New World Rubbermen played an integral part in creating this special section. Andy Mangels interviewed Mr. Drummer 1989 Brian Dawson. A four-page spread of the 1990 International Mr. Drummer Contest held at Club Townsend in San Francisco includes photos of all 16 contestants. Clippers haircutting club based in Los Angeles draws some of the hottest men to its parties as photo coverage of one of their seasonal parties attests. Leather in Fresno you might ask? There was a Leatherfest weekend there in 1990. The nominees for the first Pantheon of Leather Awards was published. Runs covered included Chicago Hellfire Club's Inferno XIX.

 Les Robinson, after over a year as a correspondent for The Leather Journal in the Midwest and Southeast, was hired full time.


Steve Martin was crowned the Oedipus Motorcycle Club's Oedipus Rex LVII in February in Los Angeles, CA.

The Firebird LL Society held Snowbird II and Nacht Des Leder in Phoenix, AZ.

ORGASM (Oregon Guild of Activists in SM) held the grand opening of their dungeon.

The Centurions of Columbus, OH raised over $2,000 plus 1,039 stuffed toys for needy children at their annual Teddy Bear Run.

About 300 Leatherfolk attended the Prisoner of Love Dance hosted by NLA: Los Angeles at the Blue Spot.

NLA: San Diego's second Leatherfest drew over 100 people and was a foretaste of what was to come in future years for them Mud Buddies, based in San Diego, sent photos of one of their recent mud parties.

The SFGDIs walked away with 11 awards and Bill Ireton was named Man of the Year at the Motorcycle Awards in San Francisco.

Kasper of Rainbow MC won the fifth Wally Look-Alike Contest in San Francisco which raised over $1,000 for the AIDS Emergency Fund.

The Trusted Servants from San Francisco and the Knights On Iron from San Diego hosted a clean and sober run in Morro Bay, CA. Celestial Krewe de Cuir was welcomed into San Francisco's prestigious Forum of clubs.

The National Leather Association announced that Living In Leather VI would be held in Chicago.

The Motorcity Men in Leather and NLA: Detroit held The Leather Journal Weekend; they brought Dave Rhodes and Floyd Ballou in for a special weekend of activities.

Several North Carolina clubs joined the fight against Jesse Helms. IMsL 1989 Susie Shepherd launched her "Beat Jesse" T-shirt campaign.

NLA: San Francisco Bay Area donated $1,650 in earthquake relief funds to needy people and $2,281 to the AIDS Emergency Fund.

Frank Naccarato, president of Cycle Runners MC, was named head of The Forum in San Francisco.

The Chicago Hellfire Club's Inferno XIX held their first split run (session A and B).

Living In Leather V was in Portland, OR and drew over 700 participants. LIL featured the Reverend Troy Perry addressing the opening ceremony; about 30 workshops; an awards brunch that saw Pat Califia and Chuck Renslow honored;  the Mr. and Ms NLA Contest won by Howard Martin and Ruth Marks. A new studded Leather banner donated by Jan Lyon and created by Lee Willis was presented to The National Leather Association. The NLA released an official Statement on Censorship regarding the National Endowment for the Arts, Robert Mapplethorpe, other artists and other publications, et al.

Trident: Central Massachusetts raised $3,000 at Life Fight '90.

The nationally renowned Guardian Angels got egg on their public face when they spent time picketing The Chateau, a professional bondage club in Hollywood.

The Carolina Club Caucus was held in Wilmington, NC with Tradesmen, Tarheel Leather Club, Capital Leathermen and Menamore.

Leather Titles

Spike Wilson became Mr. Mid-Atlantic Leather. Mr. Sacramento Leather 1990 was George Hollcroft; Mr. Hawaii Leather was Bill Rodriguez and Ms. Leather Hawaii was Sharryl Lyndon.  Corky D. won the Ms San Francisco Leather title. Gregory Foster won the Mr. Firebird Contest. The new Mr. Floyd's Leather was Robert Allan. Todd Helyer won the first Portland Leatherman Contest.

Jolanne Tierney of Sacramento was president of the International Ms Leather board of directors. The International Ms Leather title left Portland for the first time when Gabrielle Antolovich of Los Angeles won in March.

The Mr. and Ms Southeast Leather Contest was won by Chuck Higgins and Diane Suissa in Atlanta, GA. Vance Reger won the Mr. Leather Tennessee Contest in Memphis.

The Bum Steer was the center of activities in Phoenix in the early 90's. Ron Brewer won the Southwest Mr. Drummer Contest held there. Gregory Foster won the Mr. Arizona Leather Contest in Phoenix, AZ.

The new Southbay Leather Daddy and Daddy's Boy were Steve Lesh and Jacques Michaels. Mark Bowers and his unnamed slave won the first Southern California Masters and Slaves Contest sponsored by Luke Owens. Jim Cockerham won the Wayne's Leatherack/Griff's Mr. Leather title. Mr. San Francisco Drummer was Joe Hollinger.

Sam Catalano was named Mr. Long Beach Leather; Javier won the Mr. Gauntlet II Leather title in Los Angeles; Dennis McCormack became Florida Mr. Drummer; Gateway MC sponsored the Mr. Missouri Leather Contest won by Channing Williams; the new Mr. San Francisco Leather was Ray Tilton; Carole Ann McGovern became Ms Southbay Leather and John Howe was chosen Mr. Southbay Leather in a contest sponsored by SLUG (Southbay Leather Uniform Guild) in San Jose, CA; the new Mr. Drummer Deutschland was Christian Dreesen; Steve Lesh won the Northern California Mr. Drummer Contest - this was the beginning of national notoriety for "Doctor, Daddy, Sir."

Larry Arbo became Gulf Coast Mr. Drummer in Dallas, TX; Randy Blake won the Mr. Hidden Door Contest in Corpus Christi, TX; Scott Timothy Knepp won the Mr. Tri-state Cowboy Contest sponsored by Griffins MC; Buddy Cobb was chosen Northwest Mr. Drummer; Great Plains Mr. Drummer was Vance Reger.

1990 was the first year that the Drummer title was called "International" with Clive Platman from Australia winning. The Drummer Boy title went to John Siracusa from San Francisco. Continental titles were bestowed upon Ron Brewer (North America) and Christian Dreesen (Europe) by Drummer publisher Tony DeBlase.

Mark Sponseller won the San Francisco Leather Daddy's Boy Contest.

Justin Charbonneau was named Mr. Leather New York; James Aldridge became Mr. Oklahoma Leather; Mark Bachand won the Mr. Bum Steer Leather Contest in Phoenix, AZ. The Mr. East Coast Leather title was pulled from Nick Cave and passed on to second runner-up Brad Bastillo.

News and Politics

The Leather Journal's Man and Woman of the Year 1990 were Dustin Logan of Omaha, NE and Jan Lyon who resided in Seattle, WA at the time. Dustin founded the Fantasy weekends held each August; Jan was very active in and was a cofounder of the National Leather Association. Club of the Year was GMS/MA (Gay Male S/M Activists from New York City. The first Business/Business Person of the Year Award was given to Tony DeBlase who was publisher of Drummer Magazine and who had designed the Leather Pride flag in 1989. It was announced that an awards ceremony would be held for the awards in 1991 and that the community would have a say in who would receive them.

QSM, headed by Karen Mendelsohn, started their series of educational SM/fetish classes. Gauntlet, Inc. opened a new store in San Francisco.

$2,500 was raised for Aid For AIDS at Gauntlet II's Show Your Muscle beer bust in Los Angeles.

A fire destroyed Touche' on Lincoln Avenue in Chicago. The world renowned watering hole was right in the middle of things and was loved by just about ever Leatherman that went to Chicago. Chuck Rodocker later relocated Touche on the North Side of Chicago. Due to another fire in New York City that killed 87 people the New York Bondage Club had to temporarily suspend meetings until a venue that met fire safety coded could be found.

More than $2,500 was raised during a SLUG (Southbay Leather Uniform Group) event for the Over The Rainbow building fund in San Jose, CA.

Kasper of Rainbow MC won the fifth Wally Look-Alike Contest in San Francisco which raised over $1,000 for the AIDS Emergency Fund.

Rochester Custom Leathers began their fight against Discover Card which had cancelled their credit card services because of the kind of merchandise the store offered in a catalog.

The Tarheel Leather Club made a move that would change the history of Leather clubs being involved in politics - they organized to fight the reelection of North Carolina U.S. Senator Jesse Helms. This kicked off the Leather activist career of Bill Costomiris who later went on to win awards and honors for his activism.

New York's Leather Pride Night raised $15,500 for charity. In the news: 400 Leatherfolk marched in Los Angeles' Christopher Street West parade.

Guy Baldwin's The Leather Contest: The Complete Handbook for Promoters, Contestants, Titleholders, and Judges - was published.

Alan Chiras had discrimination case against AIDS Project Worcester (Massachusetts).

It was announced that $4,000 was raised to benefit four Nebraska charities at Fantasy '90. The Finnish government awarded a $50,000 grant toward the making of a documentary on the life and work of Tom of Finland entitled Daddy and the Muscle Academy.

Shannon Kennedy was elected and Jim Richards was reelected cochairs of the National Leather Association.

Over $1,500 was raised by the Crest Coffee Shop in the Silver Lake district of Los Angeles to benefit Aid For AIDS.

New on the Scene

AMBUSH!, Houston, TX; Mud Buddies, San Diego, CA; PEP: Philadelphia (People Exchanging Power, Philadelphia, PA; Lonestar PEP, Dallas, TX; NLA: Phoenix, Phoenix, AZ; Tarheel Leather Club, Greensboro, NC; Vulcan LL, Columbus, OH; Seattle Uniform Corps, Seattle, WA; Ninja B&B/S&M Club, San Francisco, CA; NLA: Metro New York, New York, NY; NLA: Virginia, Richmond, VA; NLA: South Florida, South Miami, FL; NLA: Atlanta, Atlanta, GA; Iron City Wrestlers, Pittsburgh, PA; New Orleans Bondage Club, New Orleans, LA; Legacy, Columbus, OH; Challengers International MC, Orlando, FL; Second of June Society, San Diego, CA; OMEN (Omaha Men), Omaha, NE; NLA: Houston; NLA: Central Arizona, Phoenix, AZ; Milwaukee Bondage Club, Milwaukee, WI; New clubs: COLD (Colorado Outdoor Leather Dykes), Denver, CO; Pacific Bears LMC; NLA: New England, Boston, MA; SMMILE (South of Market Merchants and Individuals' Lifestyle Events), San Francisco, CA; NLA: Denver, Denver, CO; BALLS (Bay Area Levi and Leather Society, Corpus Christi, TX; Omikron, Indianapolis, IN


25 Years: Oedipus MC, Los Angeles, held Grecian Games XXV in May; Sixty Nine Club, London, UK

20 Years: Centaur MC, Washington, DC; Spearhead, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

15 Years: Conquistadors MC, Orlando, FL; Excelsior MC, New York, NY; Blue Max CC, St., Louis, MO

10 Years: Sundance Cattle Company, Houston, TX; April Showers Weekend and Anniversary, Golden Shower Association: New York Tributary (GSA), New York, NY; Rosebud X run held by the Texas Conference of Clubs; Dunes X held by Nimbus, Grand Rapids, MI; Do A Fool run, Tribe MC, Detroit, MI; GMS/MA (Gay Male S/M Activists), New York, NY

Five Years: Backstreet bar, London, UK; Hartford Colts, Hartford, CT; Disciples of DeSade, Dallas, TX, held Discipline V; California Eagles MC, San Francisco, CA, held Where Eagles Dare V; Desert Leathermen, Tucson, AZ, held Mystery Run V; Living In Leather V was held by the National Leather Association in Portland, OR

Gone, But Not Forgotten

The Zodiacs of Vancouver, British Columbia disbanded as did the Recruits of Berkeley, CA.

Mr. Fresno Leather 1989 Ric Lewis died.

Bill Ingersoll, former chair of The Committee to Preserve our Sexual Liberties.

1989 v2

September 05, 1989



The Leather Journal

Ron Curtis by David John Beck was the man on the cover of Issue #9 with a chain around his neck. A photo series by David John Beck that had been on display at the One Way bar in Los Angeles was featured. The Leather Journal named Judy Tallwing McCarthey and Shan Carr as Co-Women of the Year and Alan Selby as Man of the Year 1989. Club or Organization of the Year was Rocky Mountaineers Motorcycle Club (RMMC). Immobilized Training was a fantasy story by Chris Andrews of Los Angeles. He had recently been found dead in his own playroom by friends. Marcus Hernandez reported news from San Francisco including the Inter Club Fund's Folsom Follies and the announcement of the upcoming Motorcycle Awards, Mr. San Francisco Leather and International Ms Leather contests. Les Robinson's coverage of the Midwest clubs began. News about Gateway MC, Rodeo Riders, and Conductors LL appeared. Robinson's photos of the Rodeo Riders MC's Rodeo 13 run was the centerspread. Jim Schreier' In Uniform column started.

Paul Hernandez photographed at Mike's Corral in Long Beach by Floyd Ballou appeared on the cover of Issue #10. Feature articles included Wally Sherwood’s Around the Bay column debuted.  Rope Rap by Papa Bear featured chair/rope bondage. NLA: San Diego’s first Leatherfest was the center photo spread.  Floyd Ballou captured several hot action photos of the Los Angeles Gay Rodeo.

Bill Murray, Guy Baldwin, and Mitch Davis by Spike Owens were the covermen on Issue #11. Feature articles included Full coverage of the 1989 International Mr. Leather Contest won by Guy Baldwin of Los Angeles. Les Robinson interviewed IML 1988 Michael Pereyra and Guy Baldwin in this issue. One of the last drawings by Tom of Finland appeared in the form of a display ad on page 3 for the One Way bar in Los Angeles, CA.

Zeus model Scott Answer was again on the cover of Issue #12. "Hot Scott" was in a centerspread in Leather, rubber and torn underwear. Feature articles included coverage of Living In Leather, Fantasy '89 and the Mr. Drummer Contest. Dave Rhodes returned from a three week trip that had him stop in cities on the way to and from Inferno. Wally Sherwood and Eddie Cunningham covered Spearhead's Spearhead in Space run held just outside Toronto, Ontario. Les Robinson covered Corpus Christi MC's Beachhead IV weekend.



A four member panel from the Gay Officers Action League addressed GMS/MA's( Gay Male S/M Activists) first meeting of the year. The Cornhaulers L&L club raised $5,824 at the 1988 All Iowa AIDS Benefit in October. The SFGDIs Constantines, and Barbary Coasters took home most of the hardware at the Motorcycle Awards in San Francisco in February at the Motorcycle Awards in San Francisco. Best Rider of the Year was Greg Mills of Warriors MC in Los Angeles and Best Buddy Rider of the Year was the Golden Gate Guards’ Jack Goodall of San Francisco. 4,000 bikers converged on Olympia Washington for the annual Biker Toy Run with toys being given to the Salvation Army for distribution to children. Five clubs met in Chicago to form COSMOS (Confederation Of SM Organizations). They were SigMa, dreizehn, GMS/MA, Chicago Hellfire Club, and Windy City Bondage Club. Somandros held Desert Captive Weekend II in Palm Springs in May with 65 men attending. Ken Lowry was crowned Oedipus Rex LVI in front of 450 people at the annual Oedipus Motorcycle Club Coronation in Los Angeles. The Regiment of the Black and Tans held their annual Spring Maneuvers weekend in Los Angeles. More than 100 men relaxed over Memorial Day Weekend at Oedipus MC’s Grecian Games run. GMSMC of Philadelphia held a candlelight vigil when the AIDS Quilt was there. Dignity, the Catholic gay and lesbian organization started Defenders as an outreach program for the Leather community. The first two chapters were in New York and Tampa. The Firedancers from Dallas held Firedance III; the Rochester Rams held their Hallow-Weenie Crystal Balls XIV run.


Leather Titles

 Rick Orr and Cooper Aaxton were named Mr. and Ms Puget Sound Leather. In San Francisco, CA Susie Shepherd became International Ms Leather 1989. Susie was the third woman in a row from Portland, OR to win the title. Brian Dawson took the Mr. Southern California Drummer title at Probe in Los Angeles.

Guy Baldwin and Jan Lyon became Mr. and Ms NLA at Living In Leather. The Mr. Drummer 1989 Contest was won by Brian Dawson from Huntington Beach, CA at the Warfield Theater in San Francisco. This was the beginning of the very active Drummer titleholder.

Mr. Pacific Northwest Drummer was Greg T. Sylvester, Dustin Logan won the Great Plains Mr. Drummer title, Mr. Midwest Drummer was Gregg Lakotta. Winners of the Mr. and Ms Fresno Leather Contest were Ric Lewis and Cory Zamora. William "Taurus" Webster was chosen Mr. San Diego Leather 1990 and Pat Sullivan became Oklahoma Leatherman 1990


News and Politics

Griff’s bar moved from its longtime location across from the KHJ Television Studios to a new location at Melrose and Vermont. The new bar replaced The Zone which only lasted a few months.

The CORE Program (Community Response to AIDS Education) in Los Angeles released a safe sex booklet for clubs and organizations nationwide. Mistress Elizabeth and Master Gilberts of People Exchanging Power appeared on the Geraldo Rivera Show.  Hot Ash announced that their international membership had swelled to 200. The National Leather Association and Safe, Sane, Consensual Adults agreed to a merger and formed a National Advisory Committee that had Judy Tallwing McCarthey of Portland and Jim Richards of Dallas as its cochairs.

The International Mr. Leather 1989 Contest won by Guy Baldwin of Los Angeles. Tony DeBlase presented a Leather Pride flag on stage at IML that became accepted as the identifying symbol for the international Leather community.

New York and San Francisco’s Leather communities were visible in their respective Gay and Lesbian Pride celebrations in June.

Dustin Logan and his lover Bob Ewing from Omaha, NE produced Fantasy '89 in August under a tent on a Iowa corn field near the home of Two Wheelers of Omaha club president Tom Winfield. Fantasy raised over $9,000 for three local Omaha charities.

Living In Leather IV was held at the Portland Memorial Coliseum in October and drew about 450 Leatherfolk from around the country. About 30 workshops and demonstrations educated and titillated those who attended. ORGASM hosted the dungeon party in a 13,000 square foot dungeon. Geoff Mains and Cynthia Slater were given lifetime Achievement honors.

San Francisco's Leather community survived the 1989 Loma Prietta earthquake. Most of the stores and bars received minor damage. Desmodus, Inc, publishers of Drummer Magazine, had major damage that caused them to move locations within a few short months. Several organizations and The Leather Journal formed the "We Love You San Francisco Earthquake Relief Fund" to held those in need. The relief fund raised over $1,500 to help Leather community victims of the earthquake.

The Barn was named Toronto's favorite Leather bar at the JOLD Awards.

Robert E. Sheets gained 10 percent of the popular vote as an openly-gay/leather candidate for the Charlotte, NC city council.


New on the Scene

Gay Male SM Club, Philadelphia, PA; NLA: Portland; NLA: San Diego, CA; Seattle Dungeon Guild, WA; Knights On Iron, San Diego, CA; ORGASM (Oregon Activists in SM), Portland, OR; Loco Ticklers No. 3338; 6/2 Society, San Diego, CA; Rangers, Cleveland, OH; Menamore, Wilmington, NC; SLUG (Southbay Leather Uniform Group), San Jose, CA; LINKS, San Francisco Bay Area; Brotherhood of Pain, Houston, TX; Southern California Leather Coalition, Los Angeles, CA; GFMC/DC, Washington, DC; Motorcity Men in Leather, Detroit, MI; Defenders LL, New York, NY; Defenders LL, Tampa, FL; Men Shaving Men, Vancouver, British Columbia; Trusted Servants, San Francisco, CA; NLA: Dallas; NLA: Denver; NLA: Detroit; Adeptes S-M Montreal, Quebec, Canada; Seattle Men in Leather, Seattle, WA; Silver Dolphins, Corpus Christi, TX



35th Anniversary: Satyrs MC, Los Angeles, CA

20th Annual Victoria Run by Border Riders, Seattle, WA

15 Years: Gateway MC, St. Louis, MO, held Show Me XV run; SFGDI’s (San Francisco God Damned Independents), San Francisco, CA; Knights d’ Orleans, New Orleans, LA; Regiment of the Black and Tans, Los Angeles, CA

10 Years: Centurions of Columbus, OH; The 15 Association, San Francisco, CA

Five Years: Motorcyclemen of New Mexico, Albuquerque, Hot Air Run; Boot Camp Saloon, Milwaukee, WI; SigMa, Washington, DC; Fifth Anniversary Run, TWO (Two Wheelers of Omaha), Omaha, NE; Wasatch Leathermen MC, Salt Lake City, UT, host Falcon Flight V; T-Bears of Boston, MA; COPE (Colorado Power Exchange), Denver, CO; Hartford Colts, Hartford, CT


Gone, But Not Forgotten

Mack McKinnon Leather shop owner and community philanthropist of Vancouver, British Columbia; Chris Andrews, Los Angeles, CA.

The Knights Templar, San Francisco, CA disbanded.

California Motor Club of San Francisco after 26 years.

Leather sex symbol Fred Halsted died of a drug overdose on May 9 in Orange County, CA. Fred appeared in El Paso Wrecking Corp., Sextool, A Night At Halsted's among others. He co-owned Halsted's, an LA sex club.

Bob Damron, founder of the Bob Damron’s Handbook, San Francisco, CA died on June 20. Bob founded the San Francisco Eagle bar and the Rendezvous, Febe's, Alley Cat, PS, Church Street Station and others before that.

Erotic video star and director Fred Halsted of Los Angeles committed suicide by shooting himself in the head.

Community activist and lover of IMsL 1987 Judy Tallwing McCarthey Sashie Hyatt of Portland.

Author of Urban Aboriginals and Gentle Warrior Geoff Mains of San Francisco, CA died due to AIDS-related complication.

Sashie Hyatt died the day after Susie Shepherd won the International Ms Leather Contest. Sashie was a Leather activist and lover of the first International Ms Leather, Judy Tallwing-McCarthey.

Bearisters bar home of the Hartford Colts in Hartford, CT closed.