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December 29, 2010

Pantheon Nominations are now open. Make yours at www.pantheonofleather.com  

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Lone Star XXIII

Rocky Mountain Olympus

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Andrew Love - Best wishes with your move to San Francisco. You had real balls giving the Mormons hell in their own space.

Garry Bowie - Thank you for all of the so many things that you've done over the years. I know that you'll handle all of the tasks that you've just taken on well.

Mollena Williams - More trips to LA. She's just as much fun as Hobbit.

Randy Carmenaty - What do you give one of the busiest bees at the bars at events? A date with Rick Russell.

Tyler McCormick - 1,000,000 frequent flyer miles.

Justin Tanis - More hugs and a lifetime of October lunches at the Owl Cafe in Albuquerque, NM.

Vern Stewart - A couple of good trips to the west coast.

Anthony Rollar - Oh, there's lots of things for this hot man. God was in a good mood....

Chris, Jake and Terry of Opusia in Philly - Thanks for being so great during Philadelphia Leather Pride Night. If you are the future, the City of Brotherly Love is in good hands.

Sir Hugh - An eager boy if he ever makes up to Seattle - last time was in 2000.

Scott Wiener - Congratulations on your District 8 win from Mama's Tree Hugger.

Karen and Michael Crecelius - Hugs and kisses. Still love you both.

Tom Hardesty - More special time when I'm in St. Louis.

Jay Hemphill and Michael Holman - Thank you for all that you do. You endured a lot and yet you keep on. The Bay Area community is really blessed because of you.

Jeffrey Payne - Hugs for the honors at Pantheon which you greatly deserved. Success with the Sharon St. Cyr Fund.

Jayson Daboi - What a great year for New Mexico. Two of you won international titles this year. There must be something in those chili peppers.

Mistress Cyan and Genesis - Thank you for your growing friendship and success with our new venture, the Sanctuary Studios.

Vonn Trammell - What a bunch of fun it has been getting to know you more this year.

Bill Hoeppner - The same as last year. Just like with the light on a car's dashboard, that light will stay on until attended.

Alex Wisniowski - A whole week with that little hot boy toy that we met at CLAW - Yes, the one from Nashville.

Sythen - Don't think you are going to be forgotten. You have a future in the Leather/BDSM/Fetish community.

Dennis McMahon and Bob Miller - Record attendance and giving at CLAW X. Get that folks - CLAW's 10th Anniversary is this year. Be there - or else.

RJ Chaffin - A great and prosperous year with International Mr. Leather.

Brad Taylor - You've impressed a lot of people with your service as Mr. LA Leather 2010. You leave big shoes to fill as have other recent Mr. LA Leather titleholders.

Christiana - Best wishes with the International Ms Olympus Leather 201 title.

Sandy "Mama" Reinhardt - Will the pinning of number 2,000 take place in 2011?

Tim Starkey - We've been to so many of the same events this year and I've enjoyed seeing you at everyone of them.

Tom of Finland Foundation - All the successful fundraising to get you guys strong again.

Master Malik and Cathy - You a coupl;e of great people. More Leatherfolk should get to know you.

Bryan Keith Smith - The where-with-all to make the move that you want.

JR Raymond and Marcus Hopkins - Hugs, kisses and hope you can make it to Boot Camp or Inferno.

Charlie Matula and Hunter Fox - Thanks for keeping on with what you have done with the Eagle LA. We are really blessed to have you guys at the helm.

Lance Holman - Still waiting for that play date - maybe during The 15 Association's Anniversay weekend. You've done San Francisco proud.

Robert and Kobe at Pistons - Mazel tov on the liquor license for Pistons in Long Beach.

Utah Rox - Lots of good travel and thanks for all that voodoo that you do, so well.

Todd Nelson - A trip to LA, you may never want to go back to Cincinnati if you come out here.

Daddy Ruben and Alpha Boy Rex - Thank you for getting me to and housing me at Rio Grande Leather. I love the Sunday afternoon wind downs. Again, it's meeting the people off stage and away from things that make these events special.

Louie Pacheco - What a mensch. Careful with your schedule though. You are doing a lot of work. LA needs to thank you in a big way and I hope the folks at ABW really just how much you've done out here.

Carol Stimson - A new vehicle and lots of love.

Jay Lawton - Success with your new photography studio and loft in downtown LA.

Insatiable Amazon - Making it to DomCon: LA and International Olympus next year.

Cowboi Jen - Thank you for the trip to Philadelphia. You have a great group and the Pat's cheese steak rocked..

Jaco Laurens - A lot of great play if and when I ever make it to South Africa. You Sir, could be well worth the trip. You think IML was great - that was just a very small sample.

Sir Andy Liu - Some special time at Mid Atlantic Leather. You really rock.

Dr. Lawrence and William - Hugs and more time that we can spend together in 2011..

The Leather community - Hugs, love and the will for all of us to keep on doing what we are doing. The wisdom to know which things we can change and the ability and will to change them.

And to all, Merry Christmas and/or Happy Hanukkah!


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