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Dave Rhodes 2014 Christmas, Yule and Hanukkah List

By December 02, 2013

Dave Rhodes Christmas Web RightOver 50 percent more than in the print version - Lots of additional entries.

Bryce Cain - See you this month in Washington, DC after your great year.

Reverend Bob Goss at MCC: in the Valley - Love and appreciation for all that you have done for LA's Leather community.Praxxis - Success with The Path and earning all of your Leather back soon.

robyn - A Papadeaux Restaurant in Indianapolis.

Aaron Duke - Congratulations on winning at American Brotherhood and keeping that big determined heart of yours as you are a light and a force that could be here for many years to come.

Andy CosmicRoo - Best wishes with your Mr. International Rubber 2014 title and hopes to really connecting with the Leather titles; and the same to the Leather titleholders toward Rubber.

San Diego and Philadelphia Leather communities - You were the ones who threw 25th Anniversary parties for The Leather Journal and I will appreciate that all my years.


Daddy Ruben and Rex - Lots of love in Albuquerque. Maybe a return for an event as we missed the Owl Cafe this year; and we need Justin Tanis for that.

Tracy Wolf and Wolf - Lots of treats and catnip for Chairman Meow, Meow Tse Tung and The Reichsfurrer. Also good health and thanks for all you did this yea.

Bruce-Michael Gelbert - Thank you for all of the great articles from the east coast.

Insatiable and Phillip - A case of cigars that are absolutely Supah.

Dave Rhodes Christmas Web LeftAnthony Rollar - All the best with your work at Pleasures and Treasures. The same to Bill and Tim with their new and larger store.

Rick Storer - More advances and funding for the Leather Archives and Museum; and some fun for you and Jeff away from work.

Scott Farrell - 10 times as much as we experienced at Boot Camp last summer.

Mark Vierra - Appreciation for all of your help setting up for the Pantheon of Leather Awards and the International Mr. and Ms Olympus Leather contest.

President Barak Obama - Appreciation for your support of Same-Sex Marriage and so many other GLBT rights concerns.

Sammy the Bootblack - Lots of hot guys in your chair, exactly the kind you like.

Jim Neuman - Thank you for hosting all of these great parties at Casa Lola and in Wrightwood.

McG and Digger - Many happy years together.

Karen Ultra - Lots of love and hugs and a better 2014 because you deserve it; and yes, there are reasons why we can "have nice things."

Kurt Wendelborg - The batting title in your softball league.

All of our advertisers - Plenty of response from our readers.

Jay Hemphill and Michael Holman - Hugs and look forward to seeing you several times this coming year.

Jeffrey and David Payne-Roy - Success with ILSLb and ICBB.

Sarha - A million frequent flyer miles as if that would be enough.

Same-Sex Marriages - All the best to those who get married after the passage of Same-Sex Marriage in some many states in 2013.

Marc Bellenger - Glad that you ran for a title and that we subsequently got to to know eachother, including rememering the goold old days of Fort Lauderdale.

Mistress Cyan - A big dinner at Red Lobster.

Vonn Tramel - Computers that don't go out on you and knowledgeable clients who pay attention to their training. And big hugs to Pup, too.

Andrew Love - A lead role on Book of Mormon.

Alex Wisniowski - 10 contestants for Central Canada Olympus Leather and a full house when you can move the contest to St. Brigid's.

Brent Seeley - A lot more Boot Camp and beyond.

Shad Cruz - Congratulations on two great years. The judges made the right choice back then.

Dennis McMahon and Bob Miller - All the best with CLAW being near the Cleveland. Airport. It's the Leather spirit that makes CLAW. Attend this year and be part of it.

Andy Cross - Dinner or lunch since we've only shook hands or hugged so far.

Bill from San Diego - A two-week drive up the West Coast together.

Justin Emerick - Five of your favorite uniforms complete with all regalia.

Sandy "Mama" Reinhardt - Fully restored health and energy.

Alan Stroik - Congratulations or condolences.

Leather Archives and Museum - 1,000 new paid members.

CB Kirby - A case of Krystal Burgers. Also, I've not forgotten about the Champions Club at Yankee Stadium.

Viola Johnson - Appreciation for what your are doing with the Leather Library and all the support that you give me and The Leather Journal.

Jon Wright - That two-week vacation in China.

Charlie Matula - All the muscle bears you can handle at Lazy Bear.

Papa Tony - A big bear hug to a strong and powerful men and all the best with Fetish Men San Diego.

Hunter Fox - Appreciation for stepping out on a limb to create a Leather/BDSM/Fetish street fair in Los Angeles and future success.

Mike Zuhl - Continued happiness with Randy and success with Master Travel.

William Terrell - All the success in the world with his job on your career.

Mario Torrigino - Special thanks for your help this summer. It was a godsend and it makes me glad that some care that much.

Colby Adam and Nyx - A trip to Southern California; perhaps for Mr. LA Leather and/or International Olympus Leather.

Bryan Teague - Your choice of any five of  the men you have posted on Facebook the last year. They match what ever you are into.

Todd Nelson - A weekend at CLAW since you live in Cincinnati which is not far away.

Satyrs Motorcycle Club - All the best in planning your 60th Anniversary.

Jeff and Jerry in St. Louis - Lots of success with the expanded section of JJ's Clubhouse.

Shae Flanagan - Wisdom in you choice of International Ms Leather or American Leather Woman.

Donna Sachet - Thanks for all you do, including your friendship with the Leather community at events and your Pre-Folsom Brunch.

George Peet - The best seats at Fenway Park, and me as your guest.

Jed Ryan - Lots of sales for his Beyond The Sash 2014 Calendar

Cowboi Jen - Huge success in producing the Leather Leadership Conference in Philly. If what you've done with Philadelphia Leather pride is an indication, LLC will be great.

Men of ONYX - Congratulations on your Large Club of the Year Award and thank you for the great ONYX parties at IML, Mid Atlantic Leather and CLAW.

Jaco Lourens - Dave Rhodes shipped to Your front door ready to go.

LA's Leather community - A Leather Seder like we had a few years ago. Dayenu.

Pat Baillie and Sharrin Spector - Success with International Ms Leather and International Ms Bootblack.

Panther LL - Congratulations on your club award as you have done Atlanta proud for so many years.

Sir Bear Abbott - All the biggest hugs in the world.

Tyler Fong - Just to let you know just how special you are to so many people. You are amazing with all of your support and positive energy.

Dr. Larry - A lifetime supply of M&Ms.

Sir Greg of Indy - Speeding ticket immunity. Oh yeah.

Tim Brough and Papa Joel - Read Sox season tickets; and to Tim, success with your writing career and perhaps one of the NLA Writers Awards.

Mr. Sanctuary Leather 2014 Derek - Lots of hugs and play.

Wish - All the best as you have been a wonderful Ms San Diego Leather. Great getting to know you.

To all of those who have passed on during the last year - Rememberance and love.

And to all, Merry Christmas, Yule and/or Happy Hanukkah!