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Dave Rhodes' Christmas and Hanukkah List 2017 - Oh, okay, all the others, too

By November 27, 2017



Ralph Bruneau - You have been an amazing IML. LA and Avatar are proud of you as should all of the naturists be.

Lenny Broberg - I hear you are retiring, not confirmed. You have done the SFPD and police overall, proud. Thank you for all you have done. Palm Springs next. Hope you find the largest and best house of your liking.

Tim Brough and Joel - Maybe dinner together during one of Palm Springs' special events - or come to LA. We have great delis.

Jaco Lourens - A one-way ticket to Southern California.


Leather Archives & Museum - The right choice of all the Director applicants, 1,000 new paid members.

Pat Baillie and Sharrin Spector - Continued growth with IMsL and IMsBB.

Jason Hall - Meeting and spending time together at Mid Atlantic Leather.

Lily Fleur Noir - Great seeing you in Palm Springs and always glad to see you on the circuit.

Pixy - All the best in your year as International Ms Olympus Leather.

Bruce-Michael Gelbert - Thank you for providing photos for East Coast events.

John Boslooper - A trip to Southern California for some good cuddling - at least.

Tracy Wolf, Eric and George - I love all three of you. All of you are so special.

Race Bannon - How do you do all that you do. Simply amazing. Stay in good health because we need you.

Ali Mushtaq - Amazing - handsome, gregarious, handsome and hot, financially sound and radiating love. You seem to have everything. An international title perhaps?

Goddess Moon - You've stayed with it. You did not step away when you passed your title on. You kept working while not over-shaddowing the next woman.

Steve Harman - Keep on keeping on and congratulations on your new job.

Jeffrey Payne - Becoming the next governor of Texas. You have a big heart, but then again, isn't everything supposed to be big in Texas. And as governor, no "Ooops" moments like a recent Lone Star leader.

Mistress Cyan - What to give you.....You already hve a terrific Sanctuary LAX Family. Best of health and travels. And oh, no hurricanes for the next DomCon: New Orleans.

Vonn Tramel - Thanks and lots of love. Also plenty of air beneath your wings throughout the year. Also, lots of loyal and unwavering support for Olympus - all of that and the best of health for you and yours.

Stetson Barnhouse - Sapiosexual - Smokeout.

A certain videogrpapher who hurt the puppies - The fleas of a thousand camels....

Jack MacCullum, Pup Cruze and Boy Tig - Love to each of you.

Dave Rhodes' Hump Day weekly news

Scarlet Singletail Sin - Amazing and intelligent you are. That with a stage presence and drive you will go far. May that path be smooth. Your are going to get there, one way or another.

Dennis Beisbier - You light up as lot of people's lives in California. You've taken on a lot as president of Avatar. May you get full support of the club.

Marc Bellenger - You have been a huge help at Tom of Finland. Thank you. May you find what you are looking for and then some.

Garry Bowie - Congratulations on becoming the president of Satyrs MC. You've done it before and you've done it well.

Alex Wisniowski - Love of your friendship and thanks for your support. Moral support for your and your husband.

Brent Seeley - Making it to Boot Camp.

Bob Miller - How many years will it be before CLAW becomes the largest Leather community convention, it's not far off.

Michael Lara - Word about what you have done with the Bullet Bar has made it around the world. Keep your foot on the pedal.

Jeph and Kevin Barry - You two are awesome. Entire organizations geared toward fundraising are dwarfed by the results of your efforts. Hope to meet at Mid Atlantic Leather.

Sandy "Mama" Reinhardt - So many babies, how do you keep track of them all. They are soon going to have a photo shoot for people who are not in Mama's Family and there won't be many for the photo.

All of the Puppies - There are people who really understand, that just like Leather, the puppy is inside the puppy. Keep it up because many who had reservations about the puppy thing are starting to get it.

Rick Boehle - Thanks for the fun times we've had together this year - even more to come.

Kenneth Anthony - Maybe see you at Southwest Leather Conference.

Jeff Wilcox - A dinner and play date.

Bear Man - Continued success in all of your endeavors and thanks for your support of the Leather Archives & Museum.

Yin Hoo - It was great to meet and get to know a little more about you a couple of weeks ago. You will go far because you have the love and heart.

Jesse Segebartt - All the best in your endeavor next year. You won't regret Smokeout.

Charlie Matula - Eagle LA is awesome and so are you.

Hunter - The Off Sunset Festival displayed huge growth. Do that every year for the next five and you will be looking to add space. LA traffic might hate it, but we won't.

Jim Maciel - Hugs for all you have done over the last two or three decades, Much of the Northeast and New England photographic history has been by you.

Michael Kaplan - Munt - See Beastly.

Tyler Fong - Bring Riley to Boot Camp if you can. Both of you together are special.

Gabriel Green - Raaarrrrrrr.

Support The Leather Journal this Holiday Season

Durk, Sharp and Crew - Great job with the movie, Tom of Finland, an Oscar perhaps for Best Foreign Film? - I loved it and can relate the LA part of it. I met Tom at the One Way circa 1988 and still have a signed print.

California B&B Corps - Your 60th Anniversary is coming up in September. May it be the biggest party ever.

IML and Leather Archives - Chuck made sure you will continue into the future with all of you he has placed in charge - stay strong.

Matt O'Toole - You are the first International Mx Olympus Leather titleholder, thus all who follow you have your shoes to fill.

Pawlish - A lifetime supply of bootblack supplies - Oh, all right, same for all of the bootblacks.

Leatherpedia - What is going on? This could be a great resource.

Vi Johnson - More incredible finds for your Leather Library.

Joey McDonald - You are the right man in the right place at the right time. You have a good team and IML will carry on.

Gary Reisch and Charles - success with Happy Tails Whips and Floggers.

Jeff Plunk and Jerry - Thanks for your support over the years. Success and lots of bears.

Justin B. Terry-Smith - Your HIV Journal was selected for inclusion in the US National Library of Medicine under National Institute of Health. Mazel tov.

Gerald Creole - I have seen and shared your variety of emotions this year and it has been a blessing. I can see you winning one of the titles if you should decide to go for it.

Andy Mangels and Don Hood - You finally tied the knot. Good for you and so many other Leather family members have gotten married recently after so may years together.

NCSF - Congratulations on your 20th Anniversary. May the next 20 be even better.

Marlon Morales - Keep the faith. LA Leather is a lot of work, but well worth it.

IPC and IPAH producers - Community thanks for working together. Might not have been easy, but some of love you for it.

Justin Akin - Back to our mid-week dining out. You are missed.

Alan Stroik and Mike - 1,000 gallons of gas to help cover frequent trips from Redlands to Los Angeles.

Ms Diana - Great getting to know and understand you more this past year. That men's event which will let you attend.

Jim Neuman - A date with Tommy Trojan and the chance to ride Traveler around the Memorial Coliseum after a USC touchdown - That, and thanks for hosting the great parties you do.

Christopher Edwards - You are a bundle of energy and it has been good working with you on Pantheon. May you find the greatest joy in your life.

Esteban Bartholo - A great man indeed. You and Rick have been amazing Mr. CMEN Leather titleholders.

Beastly - Munt - See Michael.

Tzachee Groupper - You gave Israel great representation at IML. It was good meeting you at Miller's Pub afterward. I hope you make it back to Chicago.

Tim Hamilton - Hugs and puppy love. A few more dinners together at Casita del Campo.

Henry Jordan - Love you for how you have helped Don in his long time of need. Loyalty is a virtue and you possess it - not unnoticed.

Donna Sachet - Love for your Songs of the Season. If there is a CD of them I'd love to have one. And appreciation for your parties and all the work you do in the Bay Area.

Pacific Coast MC - So glad to see you are regrouping and will be hosting the Black Mountain Run again in July. We needs more of these motorcycle-club type events.

Cowboi Jen - Continued growth for Philadelphia Leather Pride and happiness with your wife.

Don Mike - You have been a trooper and I am so glad that you received that award at LA Puppy Pride.

Elisa Vegasurus Rex and Girl Complex - All the best with your year as IMsBB and IMsL.

Bob Rothwell - Love for Smokeout. Thanks to you and the many volunteers - and we cannot forget the guys from Salt Lake City - love all of them. The stuff they do probably should stay in Las Vegas.

Thib Guicherd Callin - Lots of laughs while being a host with class - not easy, but you do it every time.

Jon Wright - Thanks for all you do. Your words of encouragement always seem to come at the right time.

Michael Kaplan - Munt - See Beastly.

All members of PSLOD - No matter what happens, you guys always come out on top. Every time there has been calamity you have made Palm Springs Leather Pride even better.

Rich Stadtmiller - Wish I could have been at your Fireside Chat. You rock and have compiled a great photo history of the San Francisco Bay Area's Leather community.

Anthony Harmon - If you ever shave off that Mohawk again.....

Pup Rush - What a leap in one year. Your performance on all levels at LA Puppy was amazing, but even more so for those who saw the difference in this year and last. Be proud.

Pony of the Golden Gate Guards - Lots of love and thanks for your support. You will be at Boot Camp - end of story - well, at least I hope.

Matthew Mullins and Dan - There are not many couple in the Leather community who share a vision as do both of you. Your heart and work shows.

Rachel Maddow - Only thing remotely political here. You are wonderful and set the bar high for all television journalists.

Motorboot Robert - You are the professional Leather photographer of Southern California. Hats off to what you do.

Lady Katerina - Safe travels and the hopes you will keep sending accounts of events.

Matthew Jensen - Intelligent, hot, friendly, charming and devoted to your club and community. What to give you since you have so much going for you as it is. I was amazed when I first met yo  and that has only increased over time. Keep it going.

IPC and IPAH producers - Recognition for working together last July in St. Louis - that is easier said than done and both of you made the effort.

Bill J. - Our friendship has grown exponentially this year. One of my best memories ever was are trip to and from San Francisco. More of these short weekends we have.

Dr. Larry and William - You certainly had a busy and well-traveled 2017 - more in 2018, but only if you want it.

And to all, Merry Christmas, Yule, Solstice and/or Happy Hanukkah!