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Dave Rhodes Christmas, Yule and Chanukkah 2015 List

By November 26, 2015



There are additions and amendments to what appears in the print version of The Leather Journal, so read and dig it.

Jaco Lourens - Me visiting You in Cape Town for at least two weeks - How about forever?

Master Kevin and slave feyrie - Joyous integration of the newest addition to your family and a trip to Arizona for the Southwest Leather Conference. Does the Dance of Souls come to mind?

Eric Paul Leue - Success in your campaign to get all of us on PrEP and in a way that it is readily available to everyone and inexpensive.

Patrick Grady - It was such an honor pinning you into Mama's Family at IML. I was shocked to see that you were celebrating Passover in the same way as Bob Hope was with the Oscars. You are a charm.

Shy - A huge chocolate factory where you can make lots of Fudge Packer Fudge inexpensively and a huge market for it.

Dave Faunce - You are an amazing talent in so many ways from playing the role of Krampus at Avatar's Christmas party at Eagle LA to hairstyle, Congratulations on becoming the next president of Satyrs MC. And, oh yes, Many happy years together with your partner.

Herman Groenewald - Visit Herman in South Africa and he will teach you how to grow a big trunk...on your bonsai tree using elephant manure.

Tracy Wolf and Wolf - The Great Wall of China to hold in a certain Sir Francis Bacon and a prosperous cake-making business.

Pony - You will be at Smokeout and you will be at The 15 Association's Boot Camp. No if's, ands or butts.

Fred Anderson and Boo - A huge travel fund and a great year as International Mr. Olympus Leather. Lots of friends and invites around the globe.

Golden Gate Guards - Your club has weathered the storm of clubs fading away. Still host the Leather Cruise and many other big events. You are indeed a beacon in Northern California.

Jay Hemphill and Michael Holeman - All the best in your new residence in Florida and a big thank you for all both of you did with the Leather contingent at San Francisco Pride for so many years. Hope they gave you a great send off with appreciation.

Jeffrey Payne and Sergio - All the love and success in your many endeavors.

Don Doyle - Thank you for all of your support and all the best on being elected the new president of Avatar.

Mistress Cyan - Renewed health and wealth and a huge thank you for the many things that you have done to make the world a better place.

Vonn Tramel - A new house boy and/or girl who can do cars and gardens.

Clifton Tatum - You've had a great year and you kept your bold fundraising promise. You did Palm Springs Leather Order of the Desert proud.

Alex Wisniowski - A Facebook account.

Thomas Smith - We haven't seen much of each other lately, but it would be good do so more often. Hugs to you and Joshua.

Brent Seeley - The time off and the means to make it to The 15 Association's Boot Camp run next June.

Bob Miller and CLAW - You are becoming the high holy days of Leather. The brotherhood is there, it is good Leather weather, it is inexpensive and has become the must-attend event of the year. You will likely pass the 2,000 market which would make you the second largest full-weekend Leather convention in North America.

Michael Lara - What an amazing place the Bullet has become. Your minions, Dan, Matthew, Alex and others are coming up with so many innovative events. Pantheon nominators - are you reading?

Bill from San Diego - The best of health, lot of love, trips to Los Angeles and eating at the best eateries that both cities have to offer. Also many terrific full moon treks.

Brett Murden - More armpits to target, but not more than I get.

Sandy "Mama" Reinhardt - Her own Jagermeister distributor.

Bob "Bulldog" Rothwell - A hug for coming up with and producing Las Vegas Smokeout every year. A unique events and we love it.

Peter Fiske - You've been with it for decades. Hugs and recognition for your community commitment and your friendship. Also a comfortable and not-hurried visit with the Queen of England.

Alan Stroik - History is full of men or women being in the right place at the right time. Such is the case with you being there when Avatar needed you most as it was for Great Britain with Winston Churchill.

Jon Wright - You have led LA Leather to a new level. Shoot for the stars. LA needs a world-class Leather event in town and you, Marlon, Hunter and many others are paving the way to that goal.

Richard Conley - The best for Mates Leather Weekend and Snowbound in Provincetown, MA.

James and Jeff of Bulldog Custom Leathers - Thanks for your help at International Mr. and Ms Olympus Leather and best of luck with your new home and business.

Charlie Matula and Hunter - Whopping success with your new Farm Boy restaurant. And to Hunter, 25,000 attending the Off Sunset Festival this year.

Shae Flanigan - Huge success with the Ms Los Angeles Leather contest and all that you do.

Mike Zuhl - Al your dreams of a fabulous Drummer North America coming true.

Patty Patty - You have been amazing. Words cannot describe.

Mario Torrigino - Appreciation for your behind-the-scenes support.

Tindala - To be swept off her feet and properly saddled.

Bryan Teague - Best of health and an unlimited open-ended ticket to The Islands.

Jim Neuman - You are a mensch. I gave the USC Fight-On salute when presenting your award at Pantheon of Leather.

Patrick Smith - Your really have been International Mr. Leather by visiting more than parties in Canada and Europe. Uganda's LGBT community must love you.

Donna Sachet - Love the image that you give San Francisco. You are all love.

Justin Akin - Thank you for your company at all of the monthly dinners we have had this year and all the best with your partner who just moved in with you.

Cowboi Jen - All the best with your new love in life, Suzanne.

Jon Wright - Thanks fore the really bitchin' Halloween party every year.

Sarge - Cooperation from all of the past IMsLs in compiling her new book.

PuP~ - Win the Publisher's Clearing House Sweepstakes.

Russ Mortenson-Boyd - All the energy you need to keep up with the Leather Foundation and other things in San Diego. Maybe a good vacation would give you a well-deserved break for the action - only to return to all that has to be done.

Matthew Mullins and Dan Lovell - You two are a level or so above amazing. Love you.

Vonn, Pup~, Dr. Larry, Tindala, Mike Van Horn, Mistress Cyan and Regional Sponsors - Thank you for sticking with Pantheon of Leather and International Mr. and Ms Olympus Leather. We have turned the corner and we are now one great team.

Tyler Fong - A head scratcher. Thank you for all of the help during the past few years. You are indeed a trooper.

Dr. Larry - 100 consecutive first class upgrades and smooth flights - and they must serve M&Ms on all of your flights.

And to all, Merry Christmas, Yule, Solstice and/or Happy Hanukkah.