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Dave Rhodes' Endorsement for President of the United States is Barack Obama

By October 30, 2012

I have never missed voting. I don't consider it to be an inconvenience, but rather something I greatly like doing.
There has been no president who has been remotely as supportive of the GLBT community than President Barack Obama.
The fact that he and Vice President Joe Biden pushed the end of Don't Ask, Don't Tell vigorously in and of itself is enough for the duo to garner our support. President Bill Clinton tried to help us out when he signed Don't Ask, Don't Tell in 1993. His intentions were good, but the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Clinton promised to end the discrimination against GLBT people within his first 100 days of being in office. The "100 days" promise allowed his political enemies enough to triangulate him and his intentions. The same happened to the first President Bush with his "Read my lips...No - New - Taxes" speech. Those opposed to him were given a single target and they got him.
Obama is not the kind who is easily triangulated. Clinton also signed the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). I don't know how many times I've had to listen to GLBT Republicans point out not only the one, but both of Clinton's shortcomings. They would argue, what, other than window dressing have the Democrats given to the GLBT community. I felt like the Afflack Duck being frustrated by Yogi Berra in that barbershop during a television commercial a few years ago. Democrats have done nothing? All of the GLBT-friendly progress had mostly occurred on local and state levels – and mostly accomplished by Democrats what occasional bipartisan support.
That argument should not even come up with President Obama. He came around on Gay Marriage, nudged a little by Vice President Biden. It has been more than lip service. Obama has for all intents and purposes stopped the enforcement of DOMA. Most of the support Obama has received on GLBT concerns has been from Democrats. Occasionally a Republican has come through, but not often.
I believe that Obama has been supportive of Israel, that he is strong on foreign policy. He did whack Osama bin Laden, having personally given the order to do so. The auto industry bailout did work and Obama Care may need a whole lot of tweaking before it is good, but he got this far with it when past administrations, Democrat and Republican tried, cut neither could advance health care.
Obama has not been an embarrassment when visiting other countries. He knows the difference between the country of Georgia and the State of Georgia, has not vomited on another country's leader - in that other country and does not come off like he's Ted Clampett. He's no schlub. Part of being respected on the world stage is appearing presidential, not having a selfish attitude, respect for the sovereignty of other nations, respecting international protocol and more. President Obama does this.
The bottom line is, I feel a whole lot safer in bed at night with President Barack Obama at the helm and thus am giving him my vote on November 6.

Enjoy reading The Leather Journal,
Dave Rhodes