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DC Eagle to Close While Seeking New Location

By September 29, 2012

The DC Eagle will close at its current location on November 30. The bar has been open at noon 365 days a year for almost 41 years, and is home to numerous clubs and organizations including Spartan MC, ASGRA, The Highwaymen, Centaur MC and the Potomac MC.
According to Ted, Peter and David, the DC Eagle will be closing its doors after 41 years in the Penn Quarter of downtown Washington DC. They expect to re-open in the spring between March and May, depending on how long it takes to do renovations and get through the red-tape. They are looking at five potential buildings that could house the new bar The Eagle In Exile, doing business as DC Eagle.
There are currently 49 shares in DC Eagle Corporation available for purchase, shares are $10,000 each, and clubs as well as individuals are welcome to invest in the new building. Those interested in investing should contact Ted Clements by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Check out www.dceagle.com for more information.