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Los Angeles Pup is Pup Kieran Hound

The Los Angeles Pup Pride Festival was held October 22-24 with Pup Kieran Hound winning the LA Pup Contest in front of about 100 enthusiastic spectators at MCC in the Valley in North Hollywood, CA.

The judges were Mr. San Diego Leather "Pup Starke" Jay Heimbach, LA Pup 2019 Pup Tony Bark, LA Pup 2020-2021 Pup Star ...




Happy Holidays - A look at the last 20 years - Flash Back Gallery

This week I have scoured my photo file of the last 20 years and have come up with about 25 or so gems I think you will like. Most of these are from Southern California with clubs such as Avatar Club Los Angeles' Wreath Auctions and Krampus, Regiment of the Black and Tans with Toast to the Season, Satyrs MC Anniversary parties after Thanksgiving, ONYX Southwest, California B&B Corps with their parties at the Tom of Finland House, San Diego clubs combined party, and the Tom of Finland Foundation's huge bash complete with professional carolers and Muscle-bound Santa Claus.

FRIENDLHO WebHooker & Boys whipped out another year of their tinsel town antics with their fundraiser event, The 15th Annual 12 Days of Christmas: It’s Gonna Be A Hard-On Candy Christmas, on Saturday December 14.

Baltimore, Maryland’s Club Hippo set the stage for the greatest combined effort of the Drag, Leather, Straight, Bisexual, and Transgendered communities.

Shawnna Alexander and Summer Clearance, along with ASL interpreters Deb Jones and Susan Weinstein emceed a multitude of acts including singing, illusion, dancing, and skits.

People came from near and far donating their money, time, and talent to make this year's program a complete success.

Hooker and Boys whipped out another year of their tinsel town antics with the 13th Annual production of The 12 Days of Christmas on Saturday December 10, which raised over $11,400 at the Club Hippo in Baltimore, MD.

Shawnna Alexander, Summer Clearance, Karen Schwartz Crecelius along with Deb Jones and Susan Weinstein emceed a multitude of acts including singing, illusion, and skits.

During The 12 Days of Christmas there was a simultaneous silent auction, bootblacking and pictures with Mr. and Ms Claus.

This year's production was dedicated to Momma Connie Cox, Daddy Joe Betz, Mr. Steve Jackson and Mr. Ron Zimmerman, Jr. for their continuing support of the GLBT communities.

All money raised is being donated in memory of Mark 'SPANKY' Bialous, Kevin Steadman, Boy Joe Croteau, George Wong, Marty Puritz, Bill Finnerty, RJ Ladd, Morrie Schwartz and John Bohli, Sr.

The $11,400, which was an increase over last year, breaks down to $3,800 going to each of The Carter Johnson Leather Library "Sir Robert Davis Travel Fund", Leather Archives and Museum "Women's Leather History Project Mid-Atlantic", The SSC Fund to benefit Suicide Prevention Education Awareness for Kids deaf community outreach and services.