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Happy Holidays - A look at the last 20 years - Flash Back Gallery

This week I have scoured my photo file of the last 20 years and have come up with about 25 or so gems I think you will like. Most of these are from Southern California with clubs such as Avatar Club Los Angeles' Wreath Auctions and Krampus, Regiment of the Black and Tans with Toast to the Season, Satyrs MC Anniversary parties after Thanksgiving, ONYX Southwest, California B&B Corps with their parties at the Tom of Finland House, San Diego clubs combined party, and the Tom of Finland Foundation's huge bash complete with professional carolers and Muscle-bound Santa Claus.

Black BEAT Logo Web 225Black BEAT will be held in Baltimore, Maryland the weekend of August 14-17 and will feature keynote speaker Lady D, educational classes and workshops, demos, play parties and socials.

The Black BEAT keynote speaker, Lady D, is a Lifestyle Domina and the owner of D&S Lifestyle Enterprises Inc. She is also a Certified Master Hypnotherapist and she truly believes in holistic healing of mind, body and spirit. As a sex consultant, she counsels and helps those in complimentary lifestyles accept who they truly are. For almost thirteen years she ran People Exchanging Power, (PEP: Atlanta), a BDSM, pansexual support group in Atlanta, Georgia.

The men of COMMAND MCCOMMAND MC Celebrates 25th Anniversary, David Pfau Named Mr. Maryland Leather 2014

The Corps Of Men Making A Notable Difference Motorcycle Club (COMMAND MC), of Baltimore, Maryland, celebrated their 25th Anniversary on the weekend of November 1-3 with their annual run, which featured the anticipated Mr. Maryland Leather 2014 Contest which was won by David Pfau. 

The 25th Anniversary run included an official Meet and Greet with DJ Bill at the Grand Central Entertainment Complex, as well as cocktail parties throughout the weekend hosted by Shipmates, Beltway Bears, Three Rivers Leather Club, Centaur MC, and the former Messrs. Maryland Leather.



Hooker and Boys whipped out another year of their tinsel town antics with the 13th Annual production of The 12 Days of Christmas on Saturday December 10, which raised over $11,400 at the Club Hippo in Baltimore, MD.

Shawnna Alexander, Summer Clearance, Karen Schwartz Crecelius along with Deb Jones and Susan Weinstein emceed a multitude of acts including singing, illusion, and skits.

During The 12 Days of Christmas there was a simultaneous silent auction, bootblacking and pictures with Mr. and Ms Claus.

This year's production was dedicated to Momma Connie Cox, Daddy Joe Betz, Mr. Steve Jackson and Mr. Ron Zimmerman, Jr. for their continuing support of the GLBT communities.

All money raised is being donated in memory of Mark 'SPANKY' Bialous, Kevin Steadman, Boy Joe Croteau, George Wong, Marty Puritz, Bill Finnerty, RJ Ladd, Morrie Schwartz and John Bohli, Sr.

The $11,400, which was an increase over last year, breaks down to $3,800 going to each of The Carter Johnson Leather Library "Sir Robert Davis Travel Fund", Leather Archives and Museum "Women's Leather History Project Mid-Atlantic", The SSC Fund to benefit Suicide Prevention Education Awareness for Kids deaf community outreach and services.


VT: Is your contestant run sponsored by an Event, bar, club, organization?  Please tell me about your Sponsor(feel free to include a copy of their logo and a url to their website) and your involvement with them in 100 words or less.

M: I am very fortunate to have nine sponsors. Over the last year, as Mid Atlantic Leather Woman 2012, I have had the pleasure of working with all of these organizations.
a) FIST:  b) Hooker & boys  c) Mr SECC Contest  d) Jersey Amazons e) MAsT Laurel Women  f) LVgoL g) Diamonz Bar and Grill  h) Dragonslair Productions  i) The Leatherman NYC

VT: Power Exchange or SM?

M: Both.

VT: In 100 words or less, tell me about your answer to number 2.

M: I am both a leather lifestyle Dominant and a player. I live the leather lifestyle 24/7 as the Head of my Household consisting of one female submissive/partner, one female slave, and two submissive women in my service part-time. I also have been a player in the Baltimore/DC community for quite some time. My favorite SM activities include rough body play, knife play and flogging. When I mix power exchange and SM together….pure ecstasy

VT: Tell me in your own words how you feel about Service.  

M: I feel that service is only surpassed by hot sex/play as the major characteristic of the Leather Community. Service can be given to an individual, group and/or community and service can be received by an individual, group, and/or community. I have been incredibly fortunate to receive service from some dynamic individuals and I am honored to serve my groups (FIST, Mid Atlantic Title Family) and communities (leather, womens) in the best way I can.

VT: How does your body react to the scent of worn leather?

M: My whole body purrs. Twenty years ago, my sexuality exploded open by the feel, smell, and sight of my first leather jacket gifted by my first leatherdyke lover. It has been a slow and steady process of growing into that jacket. Today, I walk taller, prouder, and more confident when I smell my own leather. When I wear my leather, I know I am strong and sexy. When I smell someone else’s leather, something primal happens inside me and I am ready for prey…um, I mean play!

The basics:
Name: Toni Solenne
City, State: Allentown, PA (small town where I live is Kutztown)

VT: Three community events that you regularly participate in?

M: FIST parties in Baltimore, Leather Night @ Diamonz in Allentown, PA, MAsT Laurel all womens chapter in DC area are

M: (my favorite leather?) Chaps

VT: 100 words about what you will with the IMsL Title.

M: If fortunate enough to be chosen the next IMsL, I will suit up and show up consistently throughout my title year to support international, national and regional leather events and have a kick ass time doing it! I plan to continue travelling to smaller cities and events to support and facilitate leather women sharing ideas and expertise with one another. As IMsL, I believe I will draw larger crowds and be able to better promote my platform of creating places and spaces for leatherwomen to just “be”. It is truly amazing what hotness, brilliance and magic comes from putting our efforts together