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Flash Back Gallery - 1993 March On Washington

Bill Clinton had only been in office a few months before the 1993 March On Washington occurred in the nation's capital. The 1993 March On Washington saw almost 1,000,000 LGBT, friends and allies from all over the United States, its territories and several friendly countries on April 25, 1993. President Clinton was not there, but Hillary was and she delivered a proclamation. Politicians and leaders spoke on The Mall, and Leather made a huge presence, just as it had in the 1987 March On Washington.


Viola Johnson NGLTF Award By Anna Min And NGLTF

With over 60 club dignitaries and Leather titleholders representing 13 Mid Atlantic clubs and major titles backing her on stage, Viola Johnson accepts the Seventh
Annual Leather Leadership Award during the Creating Change Conference closing plenary session produced by the NGLTF (National Gay and Lesbian Task Force)
in Baltimore, MD the weekend of January 25-29. Photo supplied by NCSF