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Tom of Finland Foundation Art & Culture Festival

The Tom of Finland Foundation is presenting the Tom of Finland Art & Culture Festival 2023 - GlobalSexual. This year, the festival touches down in Berlin, London, and Los Angeles. The Festival in Los Angeles will be open to the public October 7-8.


Southland Honors returns

The Southland Honors were back after a two-year hiatus and were presented by the Los Angeles Leather Coalition at MCC United Church of Christ in The Valley in North Hollywood, CA on Saturday, August 6 with about 40 Leatherfolk in attendance. Mr. LA Leather 2022 Angel Rincon was the emcee.

Poland Leather Scene

November 22, 2014

images/articles/news/international/Poland_Mike_Stu/Poland Leather Mike Stu Web 250.jpgI remember last time you were publishing something about the Leather scene in Poland, it was when I won the Mr. Leather Poland Title, in March of this year. I thought you may be interested in publishing some more news from Europe.

The last six months were very intense for me and the Leather Poland Association, with events, gatherings, fests taking place, Pride etc. But I thought you’d be interested in hearing about something special we did for this year’s Folsom Europe.

Poland is mostly a Catholic country and the Leather scene is growing quite slowly, but Poles are known for being very good and professional organizers. Local support and enthusiasm helped for the second time already to organize Polskie Piffko (Polish Beer) at Folsom Europe, one-of-a-kind event of nationals from one single country! Of course, all others were more than welcome, and after last year’s success, this year again we all met at Reizbar in Berlin. Right in a heart of Berlin’s gay district, Schoneberg, almost 150 Leather, rubber and any other fetish-men gathered together for big cake, free beer, cocktails and friendly chats in relaxed atmosphere.