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Virtual Folsom Street Fair emcee is Margret Cho

We are excited to announce that our virtual Folsom Street Fair on September 27 will be hosted by the fabulously talented Margaret Cho and co-hosted by Alotta Boutté and Lance Holman. We'll bring you our usual amazing musical acts, performance artists, Leather/Fetish titleholder stage introduction. In addition, new interactive community content and leather/kink/alt sex history and education will bring us together and keep us connected when we can’t gather in person. Folsom Street Fair. There will be vendors. Virtual Vendor Mart applications are available. Learn more about applying for virtual booth space. Photo by Jen Rosenstein.



Scroll down to see over 25 photos from the Folsom Street Fair dating back to 1996.

images/articles/news/sash-bash/2014/Great Lakes OLympus Leather and Great Lakes Power Exchange 2015 titleholders Photo by John Schmitt.jpgThe Great Lakes Olympus Leather 2015 and Great Lakes Power Exchange 2015 contests were held November 13 at the 501 Eagle in Indianapolis, IN with Mactep becoming Mr. Great Lakes Olympus Leather, Ms Tammy being chosen Ms Great Lakes Olympus Leather, Sir Travis and niki taking the Power Exchange title.

The panel of judges was comprised of head judge International Ms Olympus Leather 2010 christiana, International Mr. Olympus Leather 2012 Sir Greg, Great Lakes Power Exchange 2014 Linda, vending coordinator of the Great Lakes Leather Alliance Brad Plunket, Ms Great Lakes Leather Pride 2013 Lynn, Sir Victor of the Chicago Puppy Patrol, and Assistant Executive Director of the Great Lakes Leather Alliance slave garrett.

The emcees were Mr. Great Lakes Olympus Leather 2014 Master Bear Abbott and International Ms Olympus Leather 2013 robyn.  Tri-State pup 2014, pup Spaz served as judges pup, Den Mother was Lisa Kaye of Indianapolis.