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Marcus Bareala may have been the last contestant at number 54, but he was first when his name was announced as the winner of the International Mr. Leather 2023, or IML 45, title on Sunday night, May 28 at the popular and convenient Auditorium on Sunday night, May 28. Marcus entered as Mr. Eagle LA Leather and was full of excitement and energy as he jumped around on stage. Before him were first runner-up Chris Gonzalez and second runner-up Matthew Moody. After a brief photo session on stage, the winning trio was whisked off

The Leather Journal resumes printing

The Leather Journal, which first published in May 1987, is back in print with Issue #317, July - August 21. The newspaper had been on hiatus since March 2020 and its return was questionable as it was/is for many businesses due to the pandemic. - Continues






Men of ONYX - Blackout XXIV rocks LA

Just shy of 200 Leatherfolk and kinksters registered for Blackout XXIV, the Men of ONYX's bi-annual Leather run that was held October 10-13 at the Hilton Glendale in Los Angeles, CA while many others attended single events. IML 2019 Jack Thompson was there and was presented the Mufasa Lion Strength Award during the brunch. There were breakout sessions which educated, explored and empowered attendees; a bar crawl that visited the Bullet Bar, Eagle LA and Catch One, an infamous ONYX dance, a play party at Sanctuary Studios LAX, a fireside chat, and an AGM/awards brunch at the Legacy Ballroom in Glendale on Sunday. A beer bust at Eagle LA closed out a perfect weekend.







ONYX - Blackout 24 - an Event Listicle

Ten favorite things about Blackout

By Eric Crow

This past Saturday, I was privileged to attend Blackout, the bi-annual run hosted by ONYX, in this case the Southwest chapter. The host hotel was the Hilton in Glendale, a looooooong way from Long Beach — 3.5 by Metro and a short Lyft ride, but I knew it would be worth the wait once I actually got there. This was also my first time attending an official ONYX event, so I knew I’d be seeing lots of new faces, but there were also plenty of familiar faces there that it helped me be less introverted. This will only be from my perspective, so I’m sure there will be things you will want to add, and I’ve learned that these event listicles include things that are not part of the planned festivities—happy accidents, if you will. This will also just be me relating my experience without pictures. I'll post those on my personal wall. Here are my ten favorite moments from Blackout. Whole story at







Satyrs MC - Badger Flat Run

By Garry Bowie

Hosting a group of 150-plus Leather men, bikers, non-bikers, puppies and hot kinksters coming from all over the United States and sometimes around the world is no easy feat even at 8,500 feet in the Sierra mountains of California. The Satyrs Motorcycle Club has mastered the art of creating a communal event that connects men in ways that Leatherfolk only ever talk about and yearn for, happens organically annually. This year, the US Forest Service threw a curve ball at the Satyrs with the closing of multiple campsites through-out California due to years of drought-driven bark beetle infestations that are dangerously felling trees in the State, forcing the Satyrs to relocate the infamous Badger Flat Run, held over Labor Day weekend, for only the second time in history over the 58 years, to a campsite not as far up the winding road of the secluded Badger Flat Group Camp, this year at Midge Creek.The local town people provided a “firetruck” to supply water for the outdoor kitchen area, the hot outdoor showers and for the bonfire fire safety.



Folsom Street Fair

About 250,000 Leatherfolk, kinksters, puppies, rubber fetishists, boot-lovers, uniform aficionados, titleholders, bridge-and-tunnelfolk complete with double baby strollers and newbies to all of the above converged on the South Of MArket area for the Folsom Street Fair. The weather was awesome as were the people. The traditional Folsom parties were packed including the Magnitude Dance and Deviants. Titleholders were introduced on stage by Bay Area Reporter columnist Race Bannon. There was a huge play area with dungeon equipment in use all day, a bootblack stand with five stations. With over 200 exhibitor booths showcasing fetish gear and toys, it was a pig’s dream. Big vendors were Steamworks and Mr. S Leathers. As often is the case, the Sister of Perpetual Indulgence collected suggested donations at the gates.





Bill "The Hun" Schmeling

Bill "The Hun" left this world on September 12, with his family around him at his home in Portland, OR. The Hun gained fame for his hundreds, perhaps thousands, of illustrations depicting men in bondage and BDSM play scenes. Some of his works were in cartoon-story format with each of several panels with words. His art often challenged just about every male-related taboo out there. It was just raw and hot. Beyond his talents as an artist, he was active with the NLA: International when is was based in the Pacific Northwest. He created the front cover for The Leather Journal in the early days. He was inducted into the Tom of Finland Foundation Erotic Artist Hall of Fame in 2002. The Hun received the Pantheon of Leather Business of the Year in 1993.






Vern Stewart passes

Known to many as the Wicked Witch of the East, writer, columnist, and event producer, Vern Stewart passed away September 26. He was known for his biting humor an a column titled OIC. Vern moved to the Washington, DC in the 1990s and gained the tag Wicked Witch of the East, leaving the title of Wicked Witch of the West to his best friend and cohort Mr. Marcus in San Francisco, CA. He was the long-time coordinator for the DC Eagle and NYC Eagle contests. Vern received the Pantheon of Leather Lifetime Achievement Award in 1998. A memorial for him will be held at the Almas Temple on December 8.



Tom of Finland Art Festival

This year's version of the Tom of Finland Art Festival, held October 4-6, showed a dramatic increase in attendance from recent years. Many artists had works on display and for sale, a few were drawing nd paining as the event transpired. Docents gave tours of the Tom House located in the Echo Park District of Los Angeles. Several awards were presented with Don Bachardy being inducted into the Erotic Artist Hall of Fame. Events included a live drawing session, a panel discussion, film screenings and closing with a well-attended and active live art auction.





Mates Leather Weekend XXIII

By Rick Conley

The 23rd Annual Mates Leather Weekend was held in Provincetown, MA October 3-7 with nearly 600 people attending. Matt Harker was selected to be First Mate 2019, who took the title on October 5 at the Crown from a field of 10 contestants. First runner-up was Mikey Angelo and second runner-up was Jeff Shirtcliff. The judges were Mr. FLAG 2019 Boggy Fryer, First Mate 2017 Tom Giuliana and Mr. Connecticut Leather 2020 Mark Richards. Other events included Boot Camp, Opening Reception, Uniforms and Cigars, Leather Market, Rubber Ball and the Infamous Fetish Party. Mates Leather Weekend has raised over $65,000 to date for the AIDS Support Group of Cape Cod through event pass sales, raffle, and other donations. Rick Conley was presented a Pantheon of Leather President's Award in Dallas, TX earlier this year for his work on Mates Leather Weekend.




Avatar - Uniforms and BDSM Role Playing

You're looking through your driver's window at the crotch of the cop who just pulled you over. Or you're laying in a WWI foxhole with your closest mate. Or that hairy tattooed Petty Officer is leaning over you in the engine room of a submarine. Or you just see a really cute young guy in medical scrubs. They say clothes make the man, and it's hard to resist a man in uniform. Come check it out for yourself as the men on Avatar examine the world of BDSM and uniforms. Members of the audience are invited and encouraged to wear their own uniforms. Avatar monthly program, Uniforms and BDSM Role Playing at MCC in the Valley, 5730 Cahuenga Blvd., North Hollywood, CA on Wednesday, October 23 at 8:30 PM.




Palm Springs Leather Pride - Hardon

Palm Springs Leather Pride is this coming Wednesday. The theme is Hardon and the event is being produced by the Palm Springs Leather Order of the Desert October 24-27. Of course, the highlight of Palm Springs Leather Pride will be the Mr. Palm Springs Leather 2020 contest on Saturday night, October 26 at the Palm Springs Air Museum. Other major official events include the Tom of Finland Formal Leather Cocktails/Dinner at the Palm Springs Air Museum, Coax and Bait - Cruise Alley/Street Fair in the back lot of the Toolshed/Gear/Off Ramp Leathers on Friday and Saturday nights and all day on Sunday; Foxhole, a clothing-optional pool play party hosted by Green Mirror and special Wreck Area hosted by the Bullet Bar and complimentary chow at the Canyon Club. There about 20 other events going on including workshops and classes. See the link below for all of the information.




Mr. Leather Israel

Oded Ninj was best of three men competing for Mr. Israel Leather 2019 at the Inta Hotel October 16-21 in Tel Aviv, Israel. Mr Leather Israel 2018 Udi Taurus was joined by Suzanne van de Laar, Mike Tattersall, Yishai Shukrom and Henricus Van Tilburg on the judging panel.




Mr. SoCal Daddy

Eagle LA was the place where Steve Heyl was tops among three men vying for the Mr. SoCal Daddy 2020 title on September 21. Sister Unity served as emcee/ The Mr. SoCal Daddy and Mr. SoCal Leather contests are fundraisers for Ashram West, a gay-centered spiritual community that offers meditation instruction and counseling free to the community.




Mid-Atlantic Leather Woman and Leather Woman Bootblack

By Rodney Burger for Out Loud Baltimore

Treasure (Reem Wheeler) from Baltimore, a member of the ONYX Pearls, was sashed Mid-Atlantic Leather Woman 2020 and Ren Laine, from Columbia, Maryland, was selected Mid-Atlantic Leather Woman Bootblack 2020 during the annual contest held over the weekend of August 23rd to 25th in Baltimore. There were no additional contestants. Treasure becomes the 11th Mid-Atlantic Leather Woman and Ren is now the fourth person to hold the title of Mid-Atlantic Leather Woman Bootblack. Produced by Evil Twins Production (Rik Newton-Treadway and Tina Landi) this year’s contest took advantage of the beautiful cooler temperatures with much time spent outside at the Clifton Pleasure Club. More details at



Coastal Empire Sentinels - Southern Coastal States Leather

The Southern Coastal States Leather Contest 2019 was held at The Rivers Edge in Dewy Rose, Georgia. Mr. SCSL is Alfred Fullard, MsSCSL is Cissy Cat and SC Leatherboy is Little Stevie. The members of the Coastal Empire Sentinels are all members of the Leather subculture and choose to stand together as brothers and sisters.




Banquet of Chestnuts raises over $3,000

By Ralph Bruneau

Another Banquet of Chestnuts goes down in infamy, held on Saturday night, October 19 in the Hollywood hills, not far from the Hollywood sign with about 20 people there. Thank you to Esteban-best co-host ever. Thank you to the sexy AF servers. Thank you the Shannon Swindle for an incredible five-course meal and Rick Gilles for being his right hand. Thank you to Leonardo for the flowers. But most of all, thank you to our guests. We raised $3,750 for AIDS Life Cycle. I hope it was a feast for all the senses. I know it was.



World Bear Weekend

By Mason Stryker

World Bear Weekend was held October 3-6 at the Clarion Cincinnati North in Cincinnati, OH, is held each fall to provide a unifying event for regional bear contests. Consisting of Mr. World Bear, Ms World Bear, and World Cub, the contest was the highlight of a weekend long event which included official pool parties, a buffet dinner, optional excursion to Kings Island and Haunt Night, educational workshops and on-site wine tasting, and of course a fabulous selection of vendors.







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American Brotherhood Weekend names new titleholders

The 30th American Brotherhood Weekend, held October 11-13 in Chicago, Illinois, culminated in the naming of the 2019 American Leatherman and American Leatherwoman titles. Ms B. Raven, of Canton, Michigan is the new American Leatherwoman; Cody Bear, of San Francisco, California has been named as American Leatherman. Sir James, of Cleveland, Ohio was the first runner-up for the American Leatherman title. Caity Lynch was presented the Jeff Baxter award, acknowledging her work to promote and support American Brotherhood Weekend. The second Vern Stewart ‘Oh I See' Award went to Johnny Flexx and boy Tyler Fong. The contest was held at the Leather Archives & Museum where Karen Ultra emceed.





GLUE Weekend - Third Coast Leather 2019

GLUE Weekend featured many outstanding events for the gay Leather and fetish communities October 11-13 Crowne Plaza River Oaks in Houston, TX. The Mr. Third Coast Gear on Friday night, won by Parker Ale and Nico Grana becoming Mr. Third Coast Leather on Saturday night at the Ripcord. In addition there was a men-only pool party on Saturday and an Officer's Brunch on Sunday with keynote speaker Brian Sims. Other events include a cigar social, meet and greet, silent auction, vendor mart and a victory party.






Mike Jeavons is Mr. Eagle NYC 2020

By Bruce-Michael Gelbert

The Mr. Eagle NYC 2020 contest took place on October 5 when Mike Jeavons won the Mr. Eagle 2020 title and Matt Hoban was the runner-up. A third contestant was obliged to withdraw from the competition for health reasons. Contestants entered in dress Leather and submitted to questions from host and former Mr. Eagle NYC Brian Kent. The judges were Mr. Eagle NYC 2019 Thom Kam, Jack Thompson, Kyle Applegate, Christopher Booth and David Kloss. In his speech, Mike Jeavons spoke about representing one’s “authentic self,” as an inspiration to others. Matt Hoban called for a moment of silence in memory of long-time contest coordinator Vern Stewart and spoke about education, his career and all of our responsibility.



Iron Eagles 21st Anniversary - Fractured Fairy Tales

The Iron Eagles of Canton, OH will host their 21st Anniversary run with the theme, Fractured Fairy Tales the weekend of October 11-13. The club The purpose of the club is to maintain an organization to further the ideals of Leather brotherhood and friendship, and to promote social and charitable functions. The club accepts full members from a sixty mile radius, which includes the Northern Ohio areas of Cleveland, Akron, Canton and Youngstown.





Fireside Chats traveling to Australia

The Fireside Chats are overjoyed to announce an ambitious Chat tour down under! Chat host and co-producer Doug OKeeffe is traveling to Australia in October and November for a whopping 12 Fireside Chats. In conjunction with the Australian charitable organization KNOTbound Ltd, The Chats will appear in Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne. The Australian subjects are: Cheryl Webster, Pup Scout, Sally Williams, Karl Madsen, John Tyndall, Iz Connell, Genevieve Newart, Gary Kennedy, Don Balfour, BJ of BJ Leather, Bob Rastas, and Sev Faustus. Look for photos and videos this fall.




Los Angeles Puppy Pride

Los Angeles Puppy Pride will celebrate its Fifth Anniversary November 8-11. Super pup is the theme - all based around comic books with super heroes. The entire stage will look like a giant comic book. New is the inclusion of SoCal Creatures, a community group that throws monthly moshes for human pets of all types. Los Angeles Puppy supports all gender identities, all sexualities, with the knowledge that anyone can win this contest, anyone can be a super pup. Los Angeles Puppy Pride will include advanced classes on Saturday November 9 at Noon. Currently there are four contestants. Friday, November 9 Dog Pound Meet and Mosh at the Bullet Bar at 9 PM; Saturday, November 10 So Cal Creatures Mosh at 12 PM and Los Angeles Pup Contest at 7 PM at MCC in the Valley; Sunday - Bone: LA Pup Victory Party at Eagle LA at 4 PM.




ONYX Northwest - Beyond Leather

Join ONYX Northwest for their fourth-Saturday-of-the-month bar night and plenty of hijinks at 6 PM on Saturday, October 26 and November 23 at the Powerhouse, 1347 Folsom Street, San Francisco, CA 94103. The April 27 meeting will have a Kink Gear party and hot fetish prizes.







Dave Rhodes Hump Day Mailing List

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Here we come again, presenting the only Kinky Con of the Centrel-Eastern European Region. This year's edition is the fourth in the row, and it is entitled: The Kink Awakens and will be held in Budapest, Hungary. We firmly believe, that with our hard work and your great participation we have contributed to the improvment of the Kink Community in this part of the Old Continent. Looking forward to meet you November 8-10. Among the presenters are MarKus Leather, Master Dart, Lady Scarlett Sin, Zsu, Zack Marquardt, Master Severyn Kain and John Pendal among others.




SoCal Bondage Club at Threshold

The SoCal Bondage Club has returned to Threshold in North Hollywood with play parties being the second Saturday of each month from 12-4 PM. Threshold has 3,000 square feet of play space. The next play party will be on October 12 and the following one will be November 9. Threshold, 11300 Hartland Street, North Hollywood, CA 91605. The SoCal Bondage Club welcomes all men, from experienced BDSM players to guys curious about learning the ropes. In jeans or full gear, you're bound to have a safe, sane and wicked good time.




Touche' - Monthly Ripe Party

The fourth Saturday is Touche's monthly Ripe Party, a night to get down, sweaty and dirty. First they turn the lights down low, way down low on the fourth Saturday of each month. DJ Harry T will deepen the beats with a special set to get you in a ripe mood. Then they unleash their hot go-go dudes on the stages to entertain. Touche' even offer free clothing check so one can get all nice and ripe, too. Are you game for a wild time? The next Ripe Party is on October 26. Touche', 6412 North Clark Street, Chicago, IL 60626.




By Papa Tony

Back in December 2018, Tumblr went kablooey. It didn't just take down porn blogs. It also took down many blogs written by wise, kind and deeply experienced kinky folks. Using special tools, I have been digging through the wreckage to find the treasures that have proven to be so valuable for so many I have been curating the collection: gathering articles together, re-formatting them for clarity and re-posting them in a safe space: The Kink Mentoring Archives




Rope Burn SF

Rope Burn SF is all set to go on Thursday, November 21 at Catalyst SF at 7 PM. Rope burn is a group dedicated to creating a safe space for those interested in learning the art of rope restraint, every third Thursday of the month. It's not a workshop - We want to help people create connections and grow the queer rope community through sharing our knowledge and skills. We want this group to be a fun, sex-positive, relaxed, and informational space, open to all skill levels and sizes. Suggested donation of $20. Catalyst SF, 1060 Folsom Street, San Francisco, California 94103.





Buck’s Motorcycle Club - Santa Saturday

The 46th Annual Santa Saturday will be held again at the Paradise, in Asbury Park, NJ on November30. As in prior years, this year’s Santa Saturday will be a combination of an auction of donated items; entertainment by performers associated with the Bucks and the Paradise; service awards for worthy individuals; photos with the Bucks’ bear Santa Claus; a Leather shop; a 50-50 raffle; and refreshments and drinks. Santa Saturday originated in New Hope, Pennsylvania and is the the oldest and largest East Coast Leather charity event. The Buck’s Motorcycle Club has been hosting this charitable event for 40 years.




ONYX Southeast - Bar Night

ONYX Southeast holds their monthly Bar Night on the first Friday of each month at the Atlanta Eagle, 306 Ponce De Leon Avenue Northeast, Atlanta, GA 30308. The next is Friday, November 1 at 10 PM. ONYX is an organization formed and operated by Men of Color who enjoy the Leather lifestyle. ONYX sets as its goal to provide an informational and social organization to address issues specific to people of color who chose to project the positive aspects of the Leather lifestyle and support our community and economic initiatives.






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Perverted Interracial Guys - at Palm Springs Leather Pride

PIGS has Super Pigs: Pigs Hog Wild, Meet the Meat on Friday at 11 AM – 3 PM at the Canyon Club Hotel, 960 North Palm Canyon Drive, Palm Springs, CA 92262. The PIGS men Matthew Jensen & Joël Royal the guys that brought PIGS parties to the Southland are slinging something hot, sweaty, outrageous clothing optional event and they'll have all kinds of piggy-like activities in mind.





LDG Presents - Mark I. Chester

Street Sex Photos and Other Perversions

A 40-plus year visual romp through San Francisco’s gay sexual underground with San Francisco gay radical sex photographer Mark I. Chester. October 23, 7:30 PM, doors open at 7 PM at the SF Catalyst, 1060 Folsom Street, San Francisco, CA. From the late 1970s until the present, Mark has documented his life in South of Market. Those images provide a dark explicit diary of those people during those tumultuous times. Mark’s current work has been to return to the streets where he started and photograph men having sex on the streets of South of Market at night. This work is both a love letter to the past and a dream of the future. Mark will have copies of his books for sale.




Barcelona Rubber Weekend

Barcelona Rubber Weekend will be November 29 - December 1 in Barcelona, Spain. Join about a thousand like-minded rubbermen for what should be one of Europe's best kinky parties of the year.





Indiana Leather Weekend

Indiana Leather will be held October 18-20 at Greg's Our Place, 231 East 16th Street, Indianapolis, Indiana 46202 and will feature the Mx Indiana Leather and Mr. Indiana Leather 2020 contests. Kink U will present several classes.




SF Bay Area Sober in Leather

SF Bay Area Sober in Leather hosts their Sober Munch on the fourth Saturday of each month at Wicked Grounds in San Francisco at 6 PM. The next is on August 24. Sober in Leather will be meeting for mingling and munching in the back room of SF's only kinky cafe and boutique, Wicked Grounds. You don't have to be clean and sober to attend. Wicked Grounds, 289 8th Street, San Francisco, California 94103.




ONYX Mid-Atlantic

The Mid-Atlantic Chapter (ONYX-MA) is centered in the Washington, DC / Baltimore area and includes Pennsylvania, Delaware and Virginia. Full membership is open to gay and bisexual men of color, and Associate membership is open to men and women of all colors and sexual persuasions. ONYX Mid-Atlantic holds bar events at the Green Lantern and the DC Eagle. Not having a regular schedule, new events are listed on their web site.




Mr. San Diego Leather - Sunday in the Park

Join Mr. San Diego Leather 2019 Jody Mitchell at Sunday in the Park in Balboa Park for games and fun the first Sunday of each month. The next Sunday in the Park will be on November 3 at 12 PM in Balboa Park, 1549 El Prado, San Diego, California 92101.




Rudis Men's Leather Society

Rudis is gay Men's Leather group in St. Louis, MO which offers a safe place to wear one's gear. Come to make friends and educate yourself on today's Leather culture. Rudis holds social meet and greets at Bar PM on the second and fourth Wednesdays of each month starting at 8 PM. The next two are October 9 and 23. 7109 South Broadway, St. Louis, MO 63111.





Pup Mosh in Denver

There is a Pup Mosh every second Friday at Trade in Denver, CO with the next being Friday, October 11 and November 8 starting at 9 PM. Fridays are for Fetish and the dogs. Pup play area, drinks in dog bowls and lots of fun. Handlers, pups and the curious are all welcome. Denver's best and longest running Pup Mosh. Trade, 475 Santa Fe Drive, Denver, CO 80204.


Tampa Bay Leather and Kink Social

By Aaron Phillips

The Tampa Bay Leather and Kink Social meets at Cityside Lounge in Tampa, FL on the second Saturday of each month with the next one is October 12. This is a monthly social that is welcome to everyone, no matter your sexual orientation, how you identify, or the kink you may enjoy. This social is here to promote community and togetherness, while at the same time educating as we provide a kink related class each social. I am looking forward to seeing everyone come out and start the new year off right with everyone just being their kinky selves.




Cigar Time

By Scott McTeir

Scott McTeir and Frank Cavallo host Cigar Time, a Cigar and Pipe Social, at Eagle 562 on Friday, November 1. Leather, smoke, testosterone and cruising, silent auction, specialty shots and no cover. Cigar Time is held on the first Friday of odd-numbered months. Eagle 562, 2020 East Artesia Blvd., Long Beach, CA 90805.




Gear Club Portugal - Lisbon Meets Fetish 2019

Lisbon Meets Fetish 2019 will be hosted by Gear Club Portugal September 26-29 in Lisbon, Portugal. The project of creating a gay fetishist club in Portugal was born in 2012, with two main objectives: to strengthen the male fetishist community, improving friendship bonding and promoting an associativist spirit; overwhelming the prejudice of the society in what concerns gay male fetishism. Then, in 2014, Gear Club Portugal was formed.




West Coast Jungle Gym: An Age Play Conference

The West Coast Jungle Gym: An Age Play Conference will be held in San Diego, CA the weekend of September 6-8. WCJG is all-inclusive. We are welcoming of all little type folks. Littles, middles, baby girls, lolitas, little sissies and bubbies, age players, folks that regress, folks that don't, sexual littles, non-sexual littles etc. Regardless of gender. We also welcome their caregivers. Daddies, Mommy, Aunties, Babysitters, Big Brothers, Big Sisters etc. Along with critters, puppies and kitties along with their handlers to join us.


FUK University

Females Uniting Kink - Club FUK and FUK U will present FUK University Flogging and Spanking Class at Sanctuary LAX Studios on Saturday, November 2 at 6 PM, meeting on the first Saturday of every month. Females Uniting Kink (FUK) is a female dominant group, membership is open to all gender orientations. This group is for female identified Dominants, switches and submissives. Those who identify as male must be submissive. Sanctuary LAX Studios, 10914 South La Cienega Blvd., Lennox, CA 90304




Lick It

Hosted by Lick It at Powerhouse SF on Friday, October 11 and November 8 at 10 PM. Go out and dance and play and have a taste of some sexy fun at Lick IT. We have DJ Blackstone bringing you some soulful beats that will make your hips move and groove. No fancy dates. No unrealistic expectations. Just some good old down right dirty fun - where Licking IT is only the beginning. Second Fridays. Beneficiary is the Breast Cancer Emergency Fund. Lick It was recently named Best (Non-Contest) Leather Event at a Bar by the Bay Area Reporter. Powerhouse SF, 1347 Folsom Street, San Francisco, CA.




Barking Billiards

Barking Billiards is a weekly social pup meet up at Eagle 562. We mosh and pup play, play games and hang out with 20-30 puppies around 8 PM every Tuesday, including October 8, 15, 22, 29 and November 5. Barking Billiards has become quite the rage and the energy is awesome. The crowd seems to grow every week. This is a popular event. Eagle 562, 2020 East Artesia Blvd., Long Beach, CA 90805.




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 ONYX - Blackout




Satyrs MC - Badger Flat Run






Folsom Street Fair

Photos by Gooch and Rich Stadtmiller










International Leather Sir, Leatherboy and Community Bootblack 2019

The International Leather Sir, International Leatherboy and the International Community Bootblack 2019 contests were held August 29 - September 1 at the Crown Plaza Market Center in Dallas, TX where Sir Robert from Canada was chosen to be International Leather Sir 2019, J Baby to be International Leatherboy 2019 and AJ to be International Community Bootblack 2019. The weekend kicked off with the Pantheon of Leather Awards and Dinner on Thursday, August 29 followed by introduction of contestants, the contestants' public demo and a roast of last year's titleholders. Leather Sir runner-up was none other than Sir Shawn, Leatherboy runner-up was boy Kristofer and Bootblack runner-up was Mark Chain. In awards decided by the in contestants were Sir Alan Penrod Flogger to Sir Bull, John Siracusa Golden Paddle to boy Kristofer and the Golden Brush to pup Ryder. There's more to the story at





International Puppy and Trainer

By Pup Kona

The 18th Annual International Puppy and Trainer Contest (IPTC) was held at IPAHW on July 26-28 in Indianapolis, IN where NE puppy 2019 Pup Sirius was sashed as the 2019-2020 International Puppy and Handler David as the 2019-2020 IPTC International Trainer. 20 outstanding contestants from all over the world graced the stage and competed, 16 puppies and four Handler/Trainers. Representation this year came from the USA, Canada, UK, Austria, and Australia. Contestants competed over the course of the weekend, with the choice of doing a show ring or fantasy/play scene as one of their main judging components. 10 judges (which included two international judges from the Netherlands and Australia), five for the Puppies and five for the Handler/Trainers, were brought to IPTC to adjudicate the contest.


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