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Flash Back Gallery - American Brotherhood Weekend

American Brotherhood Weekend began in Boston circa 1991 and has moved around the country to cities including Washington, DC, New Orleans and Chicago where it currently resides. Regardless of where ABW is held, the organization has developed a strong sense of Leather Family. American Brotherhood Weekend is a celebration of the bond of Leather families. It is a weekend filled with great energy and camaraderie which surround the three title contests that comprise ABW and the American Leather family. Plans are to hold the next American Brotherhood Weekend in the middle of July next year. We have pored through our files and a couple other places to share these photos with you. Scroll down to see.




Leather_AllianceThe San Francisco Bay Area Leather Alliance and the Stop AIDS Project announced the formation of a kink-focused Suicide Prevention Program for the San Francisco Bay Area.  

About a year ago the Leather Alliance and the Stop AIDS project started discussing how to work with the community around the issue of suicide.  There have been several deaths over the last two years, and a panel discussion in our community. The San Francisco Bay Area Leather Alliance is taking the next step to provide accessible information for kinky and other persons in crisis, as well as helping community members.

Rover Spots, Jorge Vieto, Jr., Deborah Isadora Wade, and Ava Schmidt put their combined brains together and did some research around crisis information in our communities, helping friends in crisis, and local resources within the kink community.  The project is using QR technology to link people to the Leather Alliance website and directly to the Suicide Prevention information page.  

Deborah, a retired social worker who spent 40 years working with people in crisis said, “We decided that maintaining an easily- reachable and consistently up-to-date web resource page better serves our community than printing a booklet and dealing constantly with out of date information.  Almost everyone has access to the Internet in some form or other so we are using the technology to our benefit.”

The Alliance will place posters with the QR code in every bar and kink business in the Bay Area, including the East and South Bay.  Each bar and business will also get 250 business sized cards with the QR and web site addresses to pass out or be available to customers, with additional cards supplied as needed.

The web page is divided into three sections:  immediate crisis information, and how to help someone who is suicidal; being a kinky outcast; and a list of kink friendly therapists in the Bay Area. Click here for the direct link to the page

If interested in receiving posters and cards, please, contact the Alliance and they will be sent.

The San Francisco Bay Area Leather Alliance is a coalition of 14 all-volunteer groups serving the Leather, Kink, and Motorcycle communities.