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Thaw on Cuba means world's best cigars will be available to Americans

By December 18, 2014

Fortune Magazine reported in an article by Ben Geier on December 17 titled "Ban on Cuban cigars goes up in a puff of smoke" that as part of the beginning of normalizations between Cuba and the United States that Those living in the US will be able to purchase up to $100 of Cuban cigars.

During the 50-plus years that the two countries were not on speaking terms Americans went around the government by obtaining Cuban cigars through Canada and other countries. Also, scammers would often label cigars as Cuban even though they were not to defraud cigar-horny Americans

The ballgame has just changed. Ben Geier wrote:

"A new policy by President Obama means that importing up to $100 worth of Cuban tobacco products will be legal.

Getting your lips around a high quality cigar just got a bit easier.

Today’s announcement that the United States will normalize relations with Cuba means that it will be legal to transport Cuban cigars and other alcohol and tobacco products into the United States. Cuban tobacco and alcohol imports will be capped at $100, while ceiling for all Cuban goods brought back will be $400.

The impact on the cigar industry could be huge. Cuban cigars are considered by many aficionados to among the best, and their availability – at least legally, speaking – could mean a big lift sales.


'It’s going to be massive,' said Christopher Bledsoe, the president and owner of International Cigar Experts, a cigar shipping company. 'Ever since we’ve been in business, which has been about 12 years, we consistently have people ask us about Cuban cigars.'"

To read the rest of Ben Geier's article go to http://fortune.com/2014/12/17/ban-on-cuban-cigars-goes-up-in-a-puff-of-smoke/

How many times have cigar men at Smokeout, CLAW or other events brag about how they obtained Cuban cigars while abroad only to have some other cigar know-it-all point out that they had been hoodwinked because the cigar been shared was a not-so-reasonable facsimile of a Cuban cigar, not the real McCoy.

Those days are about to end, and hopefully by the time Smokeout and CLAW roll around Cuban cigars will be available. They will then certainly be the talk of the town.

As for me, if the Sir with the cigar is happy that it is Cuban, it's fine - as long as he knows how to heat me with it as I am a cigar fetishist for play.