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Welcome to TLJ 3!

By March 11, 2015

Welcome to TLJ 3
Welcome to what my web designer Vonn Tramel labels TLJ 3, a completely revamped web site that runs so much faster and make stories and things of interest easier to find. The improvement in the gallery is big, there is more on the home page and the typefaces should lead to faster reading. Take a look at www.TheLeatherJournal.com
Thank you Vonn, Mike and their workerbee, Pup Dizzy,  for spending a huge amount of time on this biannual upgrade. The version launched in early 2013 was a major upgrade to what was not a lot more than a weather installation near the South Pole.
In the later months of 2012 the print version of The Leather Journal was switched from a monthly print run to bimonthly in anticipation that the time commitment to adding content and promoting www.TheLeatherJournal.com We are the Leather publication that appears in print and on the Internet.
Also please like The Leather Journal on Facebook. You can also sign up to get notifications of when new articles are posted by signing up for that on www.TheLeatherJournal.com
The Pantheon of Leather Awards 2015 will be presented during DomCon: Atlanta the weekend of October 13-17 at the Ramada Plaza Capital Atlanta. This will be the 25th Anniversary for Pantheon of Leather and we hope you will be there for the celebration and that you will be there. It is not being held during Atlanta's GLBT pride and not during American Brotherhood Weekend. Mistress Cyan, producer of DomCon: Atlanta, switched the dates to accommodate these two events.
Over 500 Awards have been presented at Pantheon of Leather over the years.
Which leads us to the present. It's that time of year again - The nominations for the Pantheon of Leather Awards open on Saturday, March 7. The Selection Panel which decides who most of the Award recipients will be is set. There names appear in the Pantheon of Leather Nominations Open article in General News.
There is a wider time frame for people to submit nominations. The deadline is May 25. All nominations will be accepted electronically. Those mailed in via snail mail will not make it. If you do not have a computer, find a friend who does.
To those who notice that a seemingly-obvious nominee does not appear on the list of nominees when it is published, but who did not make nominations - nominate these people in advance. Sometimes people think that certain names will just appear, then they don't. There are two reasons for this: One, the nomination was never made or, Two, incomplete, wrong or outdated contact information was submitted with the nomination.
Once in a while we may have the nominee's current information, but not always. We will not have time to research. Those submitting nominations needs to do the leg work.
Click on Pantheon Awards above in the main menu you to get to the Nominations Form, and don't forget to read the rules which also let's you know who is not eligible since they won awards in either of the past two years.
The next major milestone for us is the 20th Anniversary of the International Mr. and Ms Olympus Leather contest, which will be held during DomCon: Atlanta.
We are trying to contact all of the past International Olympus Leather titleholders. If you know any of them, please let them know that we are trying to reach them. They can contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or at The Leather Journal on Facebook.
International Ms Olympus Leather 2014 Shy and International Mr. Olympus Leather 2014 Dave Faunce have been working their titles. If you see them, at least say hello and give them a hug.
We want to put on a big celebration for both of these milestones. I order to do so, we need financial sponsorship. We will be beating the bushes. If you are interested in supporting Pantheon of Leather and International Mr. and Ms Olympus Leather let us know. We and those who are part of these two important events will be ever grateful.
Now, for  little community spanking, and not the fun kind. If you break up a relationship with someone, do not go out and try to ruin their lives. Especially don't do it to my personal friends. This is not Leather and Leatherfolk, other than those who may have immediate gain, do not respect those that do.
One such situation is with a good friend of mine from back east. A partner, who once valued their partner, has taken just about every step possible into trying to ruin their ex. Their job has been threatened as has their reputation in the community. To said individual who is behind this, you and at least one other are throwing stones from glass houses. Many of us respected you before, but that has been lost.
You broke up - fine. It happens. Let it go. Remember, at one time both of you loved the other. Before you go out and do the next dirty deed, remember that and just stop. Get on with your life - and let those in the past live theirs.
Next up on the horizon in Southern California is LA Leather Pride. Hats off to the current board of the Los Angeles Leather Coalition for the job that you have done an amazing job, as has the LA Leather Pride committee.
Like any other organization that has lasted a significant amount of time, the LA Leather Coalition has had its ups and downs. Each time in the past we overcame the difficulties by evolving. Changes were made where they needed to be made. Those who last are those who adapt.
Also thank you to Mr. Los Angeles Leather 2014 Eric Paul Leue. I remember when you competed for Eagle LA Mr. Leather and I was a judge. You stated that whether or not you won Eagle LA Mr. Leather, Mr. LA Leather, or even IML that you were going to be out there for a whole year, traveling and promoting causes. You have been all over the planet educating on PrEP. You set a high bar and made it public. You lived up to every part of your promise. You are one of the most loved people in the Leather community right now.
Enjoy reading The Leather Journal,
Dave Rhodes

Vonn Tramel

Vonn Tramel has been a kinky "friday night femme" since she was 17.  She found the Leather community in 2007 and began her Leather Journey in 2008 after attending a Cigar Play Class in Long Beach, CA at Pistons Bar. A meeting with Dave Rhodes in May of 2008, changed her path for better or worse when she filmed and photographed the 2008 West Coast Olympus Contest, then International Olympus in Chicago that year....the rest they say is her-story. 

Edit: In 2012 she was approached by Dave to join The Leather Journal as it's Webmaster with business partner Bryan Teague.

Most misspelled word: Leahter (Sad but true)