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Dave Rhodes' Hump Day, August 9, 2022

By August 09, 2022


Southland Honors returns

The Southland Honors were back after a two-year hiatus and were presented by the Los Angeles Leather Coalition at MCC United Church of Christ in The Valley in North Hollywood, CA on Saturday, August 6 with about 40 Leatherfolk in attendance. Mr. LA Leather 2022 Angel Rincon was the emcee.

The following awards were presented: Next Generation Award – Brandon Bullet, Steve Ganzell Mentor of the Year – Scott McTeir, Business (or Business Person) of the Year – The Bullet Bar, Cultural Arts Award – Brandon Bullet
LALC Chairman’s Award – Alberto Garcia of Gearworxxx, John Roads, Empress Lucinda Rear Long Beach Imperial Court, Community Choice Woman – Mistress Cyan, Community Choice Man – Tom Hoffman, Olga Perez-Stable Legacy Award - Cyan St. James Jeff Burnam Community Service Award – Adam Monda, Club/Organization of the Year – Los Angeles Band Of Brothers, and George Wong Person of the Year – Gabriel Green. A special award and back patch was given to Alan Stroik for 16 years of service with the LA Leather Coalition and heading up the Southland Honors.

Appetizers were hosted by Eagle LA and the pre-awards dinner was catered by Layne Sanden. It was announced that the LA Leather Coalition was donating $15,000 this year to its charities. See details in a separate article. Scroll down to see a gallery of Southland Honors photos by Motorboot Photography and Dave Rhodes.




Mr. Palm Springs Leather names emcees and judges

Palm Springs Leather Pride will feature the Mr. Palm Springs Leather contest October 27-30 at venues in Palm Springs and Cathedral City which will be emceed by the duo of Brian Dawson and Karen Ultra. The theme is Eruption.

The judges for Mr. Palm Springs Leather are Ralph Bruneau, Joe Gallagher, Jeff Tucker, Andy Cross and Lenny Broberg - all past IMLs, and Marc Bellenger of the Tom of Finland Foundation.

More than a contest, Palm Springs Leather Pride - Eruption will include several awesome events including Friday Night Dinner, several pool parties at the Canyon Club, Bar events at the Tool Shed, Barracks and 501 Eagle.




San Francisco Leather Pride Fest

The Second Annual San Francisco Leather Pride Fest will be held at Eagle Plaza at 12th Street and Harrison Street on Sunday, September 18. The party will follow the Mr. San Francisco Leather contest at the SF Eagle on Friday and Saturday nights.






Sanctuary LAX purchases new space

By Jay Moyes

We have some exciting news to share with you....

After months on end of searching for a location to move Sanctuary, we have finally succeeded in finding a space nearby. It will be located near Gardena approximately 12 minutes from the location near LAX, and we are excited to announce that we will not be leasing it, we are buying the property instead.

Our new space will be similar in size to our current location. It is approximately 6,200 square feet on a 13,000 square foot private gated lot.

Since our lease is up and we have to vacate our current space by July 31, it means we are going to be temporarily down for a while until we can take possession of the building at close of escrow. In the meantime, we will keep everyone updated as to our move in and call for volunteers to help with the build out and set up of the new space when we get it.




LALC Charity Donations announced

By Robert Green and photo by Dave Rhodes

After the pandemic break LA Leather Pride returned in March of 2022 with a variety of events over the span of a week. Los Angeles Leather Coalition's year-long fundraising efforts via sponsorships, the LA30 and event proceeds, the LALC has set a record in the organization’s history.

At Southland Honors LALC Board Chair Robert Green announced the donation of $15,000 to the charity partners for the 2022 season. Being Alive and LALC CAReS will get equal portions of the funds.

The announced donation included a special salute reflecting on the passing in 2020 of the Director of Being Alive, Gary Bowie. LALC CAReS continues to assist community members with helping hand micro grants, food bank and the help line services.



Farewell to The Backstreet

By Nigel Whitfield

After 37 years, The Backstreet closed its doors on 17 July. It goes out on a high, having won the Best Bar award at this year's X-Awards in Antwerp.

The world in which the club first opened has changed - our rights as gay men have improved massively, for example - and yet, in some ways it's not so different. The subcultures to which the club catered are the same as those for whom it opened in 1985, and just as back then, there are plenty who think us "filthy perverts" give the rest of the gay community a bad name.

The Backstreet has survived pandemics, electricity failures, redevelopment plans, the smoking ban, the internet, and the fickle fashions of the gay scene. Ultimately the thing it couldn't withstand was the ending of the lease.

We can lament the loss of Backstreet, but we should also be grateful, not least to John Edwards who has given 37 years of his life to keeping the Backstreet alive, and to making sure that it maintained its ethos. Where other venues decided to relax rules in the face of falling numbers, John always maintained that what was important about the club was not just who you let in, but who you kept out. And so the Backstreet was always a place where you had to be in gear; where you didn't have to worry about the gawking of other patrons.

Many of those reading will have their own memories. Perhaps the very first night they went - which for me was in the mid 1990s, riding pillion on the back of a friend's bike one Thursday night, and stepping into a world I'd only ever fantasized about.

Or perhaps the packed nights after Pride marches in London, where the club would be filled to capacity, and even in the outdoor smoking area there would barely be space to squeeze past.

BLUF's last event at The Backstreet was on 9 July 2021. The club had a strong following in the US and California and Tom of Finland personally designed the iconic logo which never changed in 37 years.

Whole story at https://bluf.com/blog/farewell-to-the-backstreet





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ONYX NY Northeast inducts five new members

ONYX NY Northeast added these five men into their family in late July.

Men of ONYX - NY Northeast is a Brotherhood of Men of Color (and their friends) who are active members of the Leather Community and practitioners of BDSM/Fetish and the Leather arts. ONYX NY Northeast is centered in New York City with a region that includes New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine.




Puppies in the Mountains

Puppies in the Mountains will be held September 30 - October 3 in Colorado Springs, CO.

When they started Puppies in the Mountains 10 years ago, it was the first event of its kind just for puppies and handlers. This year, they're making it an even more richly immersive experience where one can learn, laugh, hang out, make friends, relax, and best of all, simply play.

Puppies in the Mountains does not include a lot of structure, have a schedule full of seminars or lectures, nor have any title contests or pageantry. They just want to hang out and have a lot of fun; such as, plenty of play time in our huge mosh area, games for puppies and humans alike, cuddles during movie night, story time, or camp fires, discussion groups for pups and handlers, and excursions to Pikes Peak and Garden of the Gods.




Ringold Revival Block Party and Boot Walk

The Ringold Revival Block Party and Boot Walk, a celebration of the people and institutions that made South of Market famous, was held on Saturday, June 18. The Leather and LGBTQ Cultural District thanks Historian Gayle S.Rubin, Sister Tonka Belle, caricaturist Paul Gallo, artist Josh Katz, bondage performers Two Knotty Boys, bootblack boy zander, and all the volunteers who made the event possible; and special thanks to the 16 artists whose Art Boot creations entertained and helped raise funds for the Cultural District's projects and activities.

In honor of the Alley’s bronze bootprints, sixteen local artists turned a combat boot into an art piece. The boots were on display during the event and put up for auction.

The Ringold Leather History Walk is located on Ringold Street (between 8th and 9th, and Folsom and Harrison Streets) and is open to visit 365 days a year.




KC Pioneers - Second Annual Leather Family Picnic

The KC Pioneers will host their Second Annual Leather Family Picnic at Shelter 10 in Swoke Park starting at 9 AM in Kansas City, MO on Sunday, September 11. Bring lunch, socialize outside with new and old friends, and have a good time! Feel free to bring a yard game for personal or shared use. 50/50 Corn Hole Tournament - $10 per team. Winning team gets half the pot.




Austin Gears present Back to the Woods

Back to the Woods returns for a weekend of fun and games at a private campground near Cameron, TX, September 30 - October 2. Back to the Woods is being produced by the Austin Gears and is sanctioned by the Texas Conference of Clubs. Admission includes five meals, luxury campsite, camper cocktail parties, Saturday night Gear Dinner
Saturday Night Show hosted by the incomparable Miss Kitty Litter ATX. Sir Rat Leather and Gear will be the vendor for the weekend should one find something they absolutely can't live without. There will also be demos, classes, prizes, and fun games. Come relax into a non-bar setting and bond with friends.




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Conversations in Leather - Duke

Rodney Burger found a few minutes with IML Second Runner-up and Mr. Mid Atlantic Leather 2022 Duke. His path to the MAL 2022 title came through his becoming Mr. Mayhem Leather 2021 at Bears, Bikers and Mayhem. Click on the link below to read the article and view the gallery of about 15 photos.




Dave Rhodes' The Leather Journal vest stolen

Someone burglarized my car outside my apartment on Friday, July in the late afternoon. The stole my vest for The Leather Journal and a toy bag. The vest was estimated to be worth over $3,000 because it was a commissioned one-of-a-kind embroidered piece of art designed by Curtis Atkinson who created many pieces of clothing for Hollywood movies in the 1980s. The toys were whips, floggers, handcuffs, shackles and a variety of smaller items. Estimated value is over $1,500 to replace.

The vest is not only expensive and done at a time when I was able to afford an exotic piece, circa 1990. The vest was made in the design of The Leather Journal banner, also designed by Curtis Atkinson.

This is not something like a club vest where there are several vests bearing the same logo. There is only one. If you see anyone wearing it, they are wearing stolen property.

It will be easy to spot. Being the one taking photos, I never took one of my back. I posted a request out to the general Leather community on July 16 but have only seek Like ad Love emojis - but no photos.

The photo above is of The Leather Journal banner which is not much different from the vest. If you see someone wearing it please let us know. Only mention it to them if you feel safe and that you are not in danger. Take a photo of it. We believe that who ever ends up with it will find out that there are a lot lot of people all over the world who know what it is and to whom it belongs, and that they will help us recover it. Please contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or at Dave Rhodes on Facebook Messenger.

Mr. and Ms CSW Leather 2023 August 20

By Mistress Cyan

The Los Angeles Leather Title Season kicks off with The Mr. and Ms CSW Leather Contest at The Eagle LA on August 20. This year's judging panel is comprised of the reigning CSW Titleholders Joe Clopton and Lady Remedy Ann, as well as former Los Angeles titleholders Jacob Lamount, Jose Magana and Ms Bettie Bondage. The team of Gabriel Green and Genesis return as emcees for the night.

Mr. Christopher Street West Leather 2020 Joe Clopton will step down after an amazing three years of service.



Mates Leather Weekend XXV

Mates Leather Weekend will celebrate its 25th Anniversary the weekend of September 29 - October 3 in Provincetown, MA.

A weekend registration includes event pass includes entry into all events, Mates Leather Weekend T-shirt, a portion of the proceeds benefits the AIDS Support Group of Cape Cod; discounts at the Bayside Betsy’s Restaurant, Crown & Anchor Restaurant, main course dishes at Ross Grill Restaurant, Way Down Town Restaurant, Provincetown Brewing Company, free workouts at Provincetown Gym and $20 day pass at Mussel Beach Health Club. All discounts at the restaurants exclude alcohol. The First Mate contest is always a blast as are the Leather and gear vendors.

Host hotels are Gifford House at 9 Carver Street and the The Watership Inn at 7 Winthrop Street.

Mates Leather Weekend is a kick-back, have a good time, meet some hot new friends weekend for those who want to hang out, socialize, relax or party with other like-minded people in Leather, Rubber and Uniforms.




CLAW - LA Leather Getaway

By Bob Miller

Excitement is growing in Southern California for CLAW’s LA Leather Getaway which will be held at the Westin Bonaventure Hotel over Thanksgiving Week, November 23-27.

CLAW - LA Leather Getaway includes more than 250 events and exhibitors, 100-plus kinky sex education sessions, Leather vendor mart kicking off the holiday shopping season, seven dungeon parties, hosted by Avatar LA, 12 speed dating sessions, three silent auctions, semi-annual SquarePeg MisFit Toys sale, Leather Hall of Fame inductions of the artist Rex, GMS/MA and the 15 Association, Sunday Tea Dance on the plaza pool deck, Bound & Beautiful Live Muscle Gallery, Strip Bingo, pup/pet moshes, Playground by ABUniverse, Kinky Kabaret, 24-hour Bunker Hill Cigar Deck, and many other sexual, social and community events.

Separate tickets are also available for seven different banquets, including the Second Annual Chosen Family Leather Thanksgiving Dinner on Thursday.

All Getaway events take place at the Westin Bonaventure, the largest hotel in Los Angeles. Rooms start at $165/night and are available only at the link below.




Folsom Europe around the corner

By Juergen Jakob

Folsom Europe will be bigger and better than ever. The street fair will take place on Saturday, September 10 from 12 - 10 PM on Fuggerstrasse / Welserstrassein Berlin‘s fetish district of Schöneberg. Folsom Europe will have more space than in the past 18 years, more vendors, more attractions and three full stages with world famous DJs and lots of entertainment.

Folsom Europe is much more than a one-day event. Beside the street fair Folsom Europe will present a week full of wow moments: four major parties during the weekend, fetish theme parties at the local bars and clubs all week long, cigar nights and BLUF meetings, the world’s biggest Leather and fetish retail offer presented by dozens of outstanding and unique stores in Berlin, a sightseeing bus tour, a party boat tour and the Folsom Europe art center at an original former Berlin jail.

So, we recommend coming on Wednesday or earlier and stay at least until Sunday. Don’t be late – book your train or flight tickets and your hotel room or apartment. Click on link for more.




Mr. Missouri Leather

Mr. Missouri Leather is celebrating its 39th Anniversary and will be held the weekend of September 23-25. All events will take place at Tropical Liqueurs, 4104 Manchester Avenue, St. Louis 63110. The winner will compete at International Mr. Leather next May.

The weekend schedule includes a Black and Lou Fetish Ball, Titans of the Midwest's Kink U four educational seminars, Mr. Missouri Leather 2022 competition, the informal Gateway Guy contest, after-parties on Friday and Saturday, and Sunday morning Mr. Missouri Leather Victory Brunch.




West Coast Rubber - Rubber Rebel

By Matthew Jensen

It’s time to take out your best fetish attire as West Coast Rubber welcomes the return of one of the pioneering rubber icons, Rubber Rebel. This Los Angeles-born mascot will be having a stimulating fetish event in his honor hosted by Mr. West Coast Rubber 2022, Gypsy Rubber Lee at the Eagle LA on Friday, August 19 at 9 PM. Meet fellow rubberist, latex lovers and fetish friends and indulge in the fun.





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BLUF SF In Gear Dinner

BLUF SF held their annual In Gear Dinner at Don Ramon's on 11th Street in San Francisco on Thursday night, July 28 at the beginning of Up Your Alley Weekend. Seen in the photo are the BLUF SF team working the dinner. Photo supplied by Ghee Phua.

BLUFSF is a group for men interested in Leather, rubber and other fetish attire. Whether one is new and curious or has been in the community for a long time, BLUF SF promotes the values of camaraderie and inclusiveness in the celebration of both traditional and new ways of embodying our fetishes.




Satyrs MC Day Ride

A warm day like any other in July was the setting for the Satyrs Motorcycle Club of Los Ageles ride to Crystal Lake campground in the Azusa Canyons on Sunday, July 17. The Satyrs are all excited and enthused by the news from the Forest Service their Badger Flat Run is on again. More photos at



Show Me Leather winners

By Karen Barber

The inaugural Missouri Pet is Pup Pupper Bluu, Missouri Little is Nila Little, Midwest Power Exchange are Blk_Diamond and his_amira. The Missouri Big and Missouri Ms Leather contestants. Both did a good job, they just did not make points as they were competing against themselves. Show Me Leather was held at Missie B’s Kansas City, MO on Friday and Saturday, July 29 and 30.

Show Me Leather is dedicated to reaching everyone: Leather, BDSM, D/s, M/s, fetish, poly and all other alternative sexual lifestyles. Show Me Leather does not discriminate against age, gender, sexual preference, relationship style or any other diversity. Everyone is equal.




Crown Leather Hangout

By Jeff Galley-Reay

Crown Leather Hangout will be an evening of fun Leather, uniforms, puppies, bears and more at the Frat House Nightclub on Friday. August 12 starting at 9 PM. The classes we're teaching and exploring in the world of Kink! Crown Leather Hangout is a Leather 101 type organization.

The Frat House is located at 8112 Garden Grove Blvd., Garden Grove, CA 92841.




San Antonio Pup Weekend

The San Antonio Pup Weekend - Dog Days of Summer was held July 15-17 at Sparks Club in San Antonio, TX. The weekend included Butt Sniffer Social at Sparks Club, Leather Care for Pups and Handlers Class presented by Sunshine Eclipsed, Thrill Pups: a day at the Six Flags Fiesta Texas Park and Waterpark, Barks at Sparks pet player event, Hair of the Dog: Brunch Pups and Pup Education Class by Sir Roger Barker.




Tammy Collins Atkinson passes

Tammy Collins Atkinson passed away at the age of 56 at her home on Thursday, July 21, 2022 in Danielsville, GA.

Tammy was born in Athens, GA on August 4, 1965. She was a school teacher having taught in the Madison and Walton County School Systems. Tammy Atkinson went to Piedmont University.

In addition to her mother, she is survived by her husband, Ronnie Atkinson; sister, Tracy Collins, Danielsville; niece, McKayla Collins, Danielsville; and best friend, Angela Davidson, Danielsville.

Her funeral was held Sunday, July 24 at Pruitt Funeral Home Chapel



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A Blast From The Past - Alan Selby honored 20 years ago

San Francisco Leather Daddy and Mr. S Leather founder Alan Selby, known as the Grand Father of Folsom Street, was presented an honor by the San Francisco Pride Committee in June, 2002. Photo by Dave Rhodes



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