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Dave Rhodes' Hump Day, July 15, 2020

By July 15, 2020


DomCon LA Virtual coming in August

By Mistress Cyan

DomCon LA Virtual will happen over the weekend of August 28-30. While it will be scaled down from the five days to three days, we're still going to be able to enjoy each other's company and have the DomCon experience even if we do it online. We will come together virtually for all the things we love about DomCon: the Red Carpet Festivities and Opening Ceremonies, industry and lifestyle classes/workshops, vendor rooms, Animal Play Awards, The Gender Bender Pageant, Ladies’ Tea, the group photoshoot, and a variety of socials. We will also have kink performances and our signature Saturday night Fetish Ball with performances from Sanctuary LAX. We will also bring together scenes broadcasted from our playrooms, and from private spaces of those who wish to broadcast their play from around the country. DomCon LA Virtual will be hosting this virtual gathering through the DomCon website that has virtual chatrooms. We require a membership which then enables us to have an uncensored event.






LA Pride leaving West Hollywood

The Los Angeles Times reported that the Los Angeles Pride will be at a new location next year. While no site was named, it is apparent that it will not be in West Hollywood. West Hollywood has been the host city for LA Pride since and including 1979. Meanwhile, West Hollywood plans to have a pride celebration next June. West Hollywood invested greatly in the LA Pride Parade and Festival and the city's businesses benefited greatly. "While we are still in a phase of gathering feedback and listening to the community,” stated LA Pride Board of Directors member Mistress Cyan, "we felt it was important to notify the city of our intentions given our long standing relationship with them as a partner in Los Angeles Pride."





Ginger Beards

There is a Facebook page for Ginger lovers, the red headed kind with beards. If you love cabesas rojos, this site is for you. It sure is for me.




Dave Rhodes' Hump Day has a new Feature

We start a new 10-photo gallery of events from past years of events. Scroll down below to see several years from San Diego's Leather Realm and Pride Parade.






Please Support The Leather Journal

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Golden Eagle Leather Guard - Tea Talk

Golden Eagle Leather Guard of the Inland Empire hosts monthly Tea Talk, with the next one being on July 26 from 7-9 PM on Zoom. Tea Talk is a roundtable discussion group designed to engage Leathermen and Kinksters from near and far, in a safe and open forum, covering everything from issues of the day to questions regarding finding a place at the Leather Table. It’s a free-wheeling and friendly group, with a lot of lively back and forth to keep the conversation moving. If you’ve joined them for one of their previous events, you know how spirited this group can get. As always, Gear is optional, but highly encouraged.




ONYX Mid-Atlantic to discuss the Black Lives Matter movement

The Men of ONYX Mid-Atlantic invite you to join us for a Virtual Town Hall to discuss the Black Lives Matter movement as it relates to the Leather Community. On Saturday, July 18, from 4-6:15 PM EST, we will be having an in-depth and no-holds-barred conversation on what it means to be Black in Leather and the issues we encounter as a result. Our list of panelists will include Leatherfolk from throughout the community including Tyesha Nicole Best, Graylin Thornton, That Sandy, Sir Wu and slave deedee, BlackKat (BK), Kai Anderson and Spec Black. Our Town Hall will be facilitated by ONYX Mid Atlantic’s Lynx.




Pigskin - Underwear Zoom Party

PIGS-Perverted Interracial Guys and Mr. Regiment 2016 Matthew Jensen invited you Pigskin Underwear Zoom party on Sunday, July 19 at 3 PM. Summer is here queer, let’s do our best to make it fun! Join us for another Zoom party, let’s have some cold drinks for a hot day. Meeting ID: 728 920 2164 and password: spunk.








Dave Rhodes Hump Day Mailing List

Join this Facebook Group today and Have my weekly news blog sent to your Facebook Notifications every time we post.







LALC and Bullet Bar Pantry

The LALC and Bullet Bar Pantry, a branch of LALC CAReS - Community Assistance Resource Service, is for those in need of food supplies, clothes, toiletries, etc., and is proudly sponsored by the Bullet Bar. If you, or someone you know in the Los Angeles area are in need, please message Michael Lara via Facebook Messenger or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Please put Pantry in the subject line. If you’d like to make a donation please contact Michael at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and Pantry Donation in the subject line. They are offering either no-contact pick-up or delivery services. All shoppers and delivery volunteers will wear masks, gloves and use sanitizer for safety.




Avatar presents - BDSM in the time of COVID-19

Avatar Los Angeles will present BDSM in the time of COVID-19 on Wednesday, July 29 at 7 PM, Pacific. This will be a Zoom panel discussion with Jen Laws, Joe Gallagher, Tyger Yoshi, and Daddy Rod ONYX Avatar was founded in 1983 around the time the AIDS crisis hit. The challenge of the club was to promote safe ways to express alternative sexualities. As a result, BDSM play was, in many ways, practiced independent of sex. Today we face another, quite different, pandemic. COVID-19 is an air-borne pathogen and AIDS is blood-borne. Risk and precautions are quite different. We have seen some guidelines and discussions of mitigated sexual risk with COVID and some discussion of harm reduction with both sexual expression and BDSM play. Avatar LA remains true to its mission of safety and play. In that light, we’ve put together a panel of players from different parts of our scene to express their thoughts and talk about this complex but important navigation. Join us.




Empire City MC to visit Green Mountains of Vermont

Empire City MC was last in the Green Mountains of Vermont and the White Mountains of New Hampshire at their 40th Anniversary 15 years ago. They will return the weekend of August 14-17. On the 15th and 16th they will explore Vermont - from a safe distance. Gargoyle House is a clothing-optional retreat for men featuring rooms, movie lounge, decks, hot tub, sauna, gym, showers and a sixteen-acre forest with wild things. There is space for 13 bikers and buddies, you must reserve your space now to ensure your preferred space at the Gargoyle House. Visit https://bit.ly/gargoylehouse to read more about Gargoyle house. You will be responsible for own accommodations at Gargoyle House. Reply to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for details.



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It's Town Hall Time

The Town Hall for the Leather and LGBTQ Cultural District happens on Tuesday, August 25 from 6-8 PM. This is your time to tell us what you want the Leather and LGBTQ Cultural District to do. This is where we gather the raw data that tells the City of San Francisco what we want to happen in SOMA over the next three to five years. The entire queer and kinky community is invited and encouraged to attend. The event is free. ASL interpretation or captioning will be provided if requested 10 days in advance. For more information, please visit


or write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Greater Than AIDS to provide 10,000

Greater Than AIDS, with Support from Walgreens and Orasure Technologies, to provide 10,000 free in-home HIV tests to Community Partners. The Collaboration Expands HIV Self-Testing in High-Need Areas During COVID-19. With in-person health services limited due to COVID-19, Greater Than AIDS, a public information initiative of KFF, and Walgreens announced a new program to provide 10,000 OraQuick® In-Home HIV Test kits to support expanded testing options in high-need areas. Local health agencies and community-based organizations will distribute the FDA-approved, self-administered tests at no cost to those unable to get tested in person. Just ahead of the 25th anniversary of National HIV Testing Day (June 27), the announcement comes at a critical time with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimating that HIV testing is down 50 to 70 percent since February....




SF Leathermen's Discussion Group presents Ass Play with Scott Douglas

The San Francisco Leathermen's Discussion Group will present Ass Play with Scott Douglas on Wednesday, July 22 at 7:30 PM on Zoom. Whether it’s practiced occasionally or daily, ass play has the potential to affect our health and well-being in significant ways. Scott Douglas from SquarePegToys® brings a coherent perspective to help you better tune-in with your body and put your mind at ease to focus on your ass play. As there is already so much information available on self-pleasure, Scott presents this forum so we may dig deeper into things not commonly discussed, and to entertain questions you might not have been able to find resolution for elsewhere, all in the unapologetically frank style he is known for. You’re almost certain to come away with some fresh perspectives on this sport so many of us enjoy, even if you just like watching from the sidelines.




New Feature - Photos From Past Major Events

San Diego's Leather Realm and Pride

During the down time created by the Coronavirus we are going to past 10 photos from past events from the closest frame in each Hump Day. San Diego's Leather community has been producing one of the best Leather sections in LGBT Pride festivals for many years. San Diego Pride is amazing. They have their parade, usually on the third Saturday of June, in historic and beautiful Balboa Park which is a world-class city park with a zoo, museums, indoor and outdoor theaters, running paths and tens of thousand of tall eucalyptus trees.















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How you can include your information on Dave Rhodes' Hump Day

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A Blast From The Past



Members of the Promethean Guard Leather Club seen at Folsom Street East in 2000 on the streets of New York, not far from Eagle NYC.



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