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Dave Rhodes' Hump Day, June 9, 2021

By June 09, 2021





IML IMBB 2021 cancelled

The Renslow Charitable Foundation, owners and producers of the International Mr. Leather and International Mr. Bootblack contest, announced on June 9, that both contests were cancelled and the the contest will be held during Memorial Day weekend in 2022.

The press release stated, "....We clearly understand that things are beginning to return to some new sense of normal. However, as we look to this November as well as May 2022, we must also consider many factors in making event decisions....That said, we have decided to cancel (IML and IMBB) 2021 events....The specific key factors behind this decision include a shortened weekend program and a space-compressed vendor market with reduced hours, the financial impact to our guests in possibly attending two IML weekends six months apart, the shorter title year for the winners who have waited patiently for their moment to compete and a necessary consideration for any potential reinstatement of large gathering restrictions."

The complete press release can be found at http://www.imrl.com



Flash Back Gallery - IML IMBB, Part III

There are so many photos of IML IMBB-related activities that we could not reasonably post them in two parts, so our International Mr. Leather and International Mr. Bootblack galleries is expanded to three sections. We only can touch the surface of Leather's premier convention. Part III includes the first year, 1979, when David Kloss won and goes to 1994 when Jeff Tucker won. The International Mr. Bootblack contest started in 1993 when David Morgan won.

Scroll down to the Flash Back Gallery to see photos, from each year and a link to IML IMBB where you can find out more about IML IMBB which will be held in Chicago in May of 2022.


Jack Thompson's IML 2019 speech - one for the ages

"I am enough!" was the theme of Jack Thompson's speech which helped to propel his win at International Mr. Leather 2019. He was responding to people who tried to convince him he was always going to be short of the mark, because he, to them, falls short of the mark. Sporting a wolf tail with a white tip at the end hanging from his back side and bobbing back and forth, Jack spoke clearly and convincingly. His command of the stage and speaking ability, as well as his message impressed the judging panel and the 1,350 cheering crowd. Jack closed, "I promise you, I am more than enough!"





Connecticut Leather Weekend 2022

After a year of pandemic comes the return of Connecticut Leather Weekend, September 10-12 at the host New Haven Hotel. This annual celebration of Leather and fetish will include a Friday night meet and greet, BDSM classes, the Mr. Connecticut Leather contest, and lots of time to be social.

Phone the New Haven Hotel at (800) 644-6835 using room block code: CT Leather, or cut and paste into your browser: https://reservations.travelclick.com/17714?groupID=3236203

$10 suggested donation per person at the door for Saturday night contest. Raffle tickets and other events throughout the weekend may have a separate costf. All Connecticut public health guidelines will be followed.







Dave Rhodes Hump Day Mailing List


Now there are 1,049 members and growing


Join our Facebook Group today and Have my biweekly news blog sent to your Facebook Notifications

every time we post as well as interviews and main features from The Leather Journal.







Juneteenth Telethon presented by POCKLE and IMsLBB

People of Color Kink and Leather Experience and International Ms Leather and International Ms Bootblack team up for a Juneteenth Telethon, June 19.

Join a day filled with history, Leather, cooking, kink, classes, art, and conversations while raising funds for POCKLE and IMsLBB. The Telethon will feature the Menopause Panel filmed for IMsLBB 2021, moderated by The Goddess Indigo and featuring Mama Vi, Judy Tallwing-McCarthey, Mistress Mir, Mistress Max Rulz, Mistress Jill Carter, and Shann Carr.

Other programming includes: Learn wonderful recipes from Jackie Thompson and Robert Bowden; Listen in about POC Leather history from Graylin Thornton, Mama Vi, and Kinkerbell; Take a deep dive into Black Leather in Color with Sir Damien and some of his ONYX Brothers; Watch kinky drawing with Pup Shade; and pick up the 101 basics of anal prep with Xir Oya

Catch the Telethon streaming from 12 pm EDT to 9 pm EDT on one of the following websites or social media outlets:




SFLDG and Avatar present Centaurs MC and Mid-Atlantic Leather Weekend

LDG and Avatar are honored to double team this one. The Centaurs are a storied motorcycle club who just celebrated their 51st Anniversary, and are perhaps best known as the hosts of Mid-Atlantic Leather. We hope you'll join us for this bi-coastal threeway on June 23 starting at 7 PM, it should be sexy and informative.

"A group of men with an enthusiastic interest in motorcycles, Leather, and we have to own up to it, leaning toward homosexual and S/M sex, got together on May 10, 1970 and formed a club on the model of others in cities across the United States and Europe. Examples from Los Angeles The Satyrs, and Motorsport Club Amsterdam suggested a framework for such a club to build on, and under the initial leadership of Ron Barret, The Centaur Motorcycle Club was established in Richmond, Virginia, and the distinctive and striking emblem of the white centaur displaying the banner with CENTAUR emblazoned on it, over the Richmond identification below, soon became a recognized and respected icon."




Titans of the Midwest

Summer is finally here and looking to be highly eventful compared to 2020! If you are unaware, on May 13th the CDC announced that they are dropping the mask recommendation for all fully vaccinated people. Since the announcement, venues have started reopening, events are gearing up, and groups are making plans.

You may be asking, “What are the Titans going to do?” As much as we would love to host an in-person event immediately, the board has decided to begin sponsoring and holding in-person events starting July 1st. The Titans of the Midwest will use the month of June to keep an eye on the situation to ensure everyone’s safety while also giving our members time to re-acclimate themselves to social gatherings, and to get vaccinated.




Puppies in the Mountains - October 1-4

October 1-4 are the dates for Puppies in the Mountains, an amazing weekend getaway for human pups, critters, and handlers, and the people who love them. It's an event like no other where you can simply be yourself in a safe and accepting space. Tap into unconditional joy, unleash for carefree play, and be a part of an awesome, welcoming community.

This year's event will be an immersive experience: everything you'll need will be available. That includes meals from Friday night through Sunday morning, including options for any dietary concerns you have. And after a long day of play, curl up in one of the heated cabins.

We're welcoming all the critters who want to join our pack—so if you want to come to this amazing retreat and don't identify as a pup/handler, you will still be welcomed with open arms to join us and participate.
Registration is now open at






Please Support The Leather Journal


Become a Patron today







Golden Gate Guards - Father's Day raffle

By Marc Owens aka pony

You can’t choose your father, but you can choose your Daddy! The Golden Gate Guards is hosting there Father's Day raffle online through Zoom Sunday, June, 20 from 3-4 PM.

We are raffling off four amazing Gift Baskets on Father's Day. Go to http://www.ggguards.org to purchase tickets and view the raffle prizes. Join the Golden Gate Guards online through Zoom as we entertain with club updates, annual run show performances as we raffle off four Father’s Day gift baskets. Tickets are on sale now and ends June, 19th.

Zoom link invite information will be posted on our website and Facebook event page. We appreciate your support and donations. Net proceeds to assist Golden Gate Guards operations.



Empire City MC - 10th Motorcycle Weekend

Aside from a wet and cold ride up on Friday and an “indoor day” on Saturday, Empire City had filled The Ranch up to 100-percent capacity this past Memorial Day Weekend. Only one guest was unable to make it (due to illness). Once again, K.K. prepared a menu that rivals some of the top restaurants and served six gourmet meals to some very hungry bikers!

As this was ECMC's last Motorcycle Weekend at The Ranch, a commemorative plaque was presented to The Ranch Hands, Al Rizzo and Dan Marty for their 10 years of solid dedication to fostering the club and the brotherhood that comes with Leather and riding motorcycles.

Empire City MC is ecstatic to announce the return of its annual Bike Christening and Blessing. If you have a motorcycle or just dig bikers, come on down to Ty’s for the christening and blessing. If your bike needs to be christened (named), please arrive by 6 PM and identify yourself to any ECMC member and they will provide information. A blessing of all the motorcycles will follow.

The day after the Bike Blessing, Empire City MC will host its 57th Annual Free Biker's Picnic at a secret, undisclosed location. Motorcycles only. Meet at 9 AM for breakfast at Sweet Life Café, 147 Christopher Street, New York, NY 10014.




Science of BDSM - Gender Inclusivity Study

By Brad Sagarin

In collaboration with D. (Choc Trei) Henderson, we are conducting an ongoing study on perceptions of gender inclusivity within the BDSM/Kink/Leather communities. The survey is open to everyone who is over the age of 18 and who has attended at least one BDSM/Kink/Leather community event such as a conference, educational class, munch, play party, meeting, etc. This survey takes about 20 minutes.

This is a continuation of a study we began in Fall, 2020. If you did not participate in the fall, we would like to invite you to participate now. We are seeking new participants as we want to ensure that we have good representation from a diverse set of communities.

If you would like to participate, please follow this link: https://niu.az1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_eFDsp3GzcADN7x4




Since May, 1987, The Leather Journal has been bringing news to the Leather community in print. The first Issue was a quarterly, and within a couple years advanced to bimonthly and then to a monthly newspaper. The Leather Journal has been honored and blessed in so many ways and has accomplished iron-man records in LGBTQ publishing. When it hasn’t always been easy, we have withstood every challenge.

TheLeatherJournal.com began in 1996 and has expanded and stayed alive during the pandemic.

For many, the print and online versions of The Leather Journal are the only available sources of community information.

The Leather Journal is celebrating 34 years and is now the longest continuously-running Leather publication in history.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the print version has been down since last spring. In that time, without incoming revenue, we have accrued a large sum of debt. We are resuming publication in July and need to rebuild our advertising base since a good number of our advertisers did not make it out of the pandemic. We are reaching out for support so we can return to reporting news to the Leather community.

I am asking you to give from your heart. Remember the first time you saw your photo and/or name in The Leather Journal or on TheLeatherJournal.com and how proud you felt? Most likely, you were thrilled and shared it with friends. Perhaps you won a title or became a club officer and others learned of your accomplishments reading The Leather Journal. Perhaps you discovered the Leather community through reading the pages of The Leather Journal.

Please help ensure the newer folk in the Leather community can share this experience. To help The Leather Journal to resume publication and keep going, I ask you to first give, then implore your friends to help by posting and sharing this urgent request.

A sincere thank you to all. We have been blessed with the support we have received over the years and are thankful to those who can assist now.

Dave Rhodes
Publisher and Editor,
The Leather Journal






Flash Back Gallery - IML Part III - 1979 - 1994

David Kloss, sponsored by The Brig of San Francisco, CA, was chosen to become the first International Mr. Leather in May of 1979. The banner hanging above the stage labeled the maiden voyage Mr. International Leather. 12 men vied for IML 1979 with five judges making the decision.

The Leather Pride flag was introduced by Tony DeBlase in Guy Baldwin's momentous year, 1989. The IML stage began to be home to the annual big reveal, the time when major announcements were/are made which effect much or most of the world's Leather community.

IML rapidly-grew in popularity with the first African-American IML being Ron Moore in 1984 and the first Mr. International Bootblack in 1993, David Morgan by 1984. IML INBB had become a major convention with strong influence on America's Second City. Some were pleading the case that, as far as Leather/BDSM/Fetish was concerned, Chicago had become America's First City.


Now, here's IML IMBB, Part III


1994 Jeff Tucker, William Shields, Jr.












1993 Henri ten Have, David Morgan














1992 Lenny Broberg












1991 D Cannon












1990 Mark Ryan













1989 Guy Baldwin













1988 Michael Pereyra












1987 Tom Karasch



1986 Scott Tucker




1985 Patrick Toner




1984 Ron Moore




1983 Coulter "Colt" Thomas




1982 Luke Daniel




1981 Marty Kiker




1979 David Kloss






Writer Guidelines

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How you can include your information on Dave Rhodes' Hump Day

Things to send:

1. Short article of about 75-150 words. So what if you are a few over. Please be concise.

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3. Link to a working site. Web site is preferential, Facebook still works.

4. Five "W's" - Who, what, when, why and where. All are important.

5. Please be concise. In news, verbosity is not a virtue; it is an editor's nightmare.

6. Please write in third person.

7. Send to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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A Blast From The Past - World Wide Pride

Over the next two Hump Days, The Leather Journal will feature LGBTQ Pride. We've been to LA, New York, Toronto, Long Beach, San Diego and Ottawa. Many other cities had photographers submitting photos from other cities and countries.





Links to all Dave Rhodes' Hump Days going back to August 9, 2017