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Dave Rhodes' Hump Day, March 14, 2024

By March 14, 2024


Los Angeles Leather Pride March 17-24

Los Angeles Leather Pride is thrilled to unveil the itinerary for its iconic week-long celebration. Embracing the theme of Dark Angel Seduction!, this year's festivities promise to stand out as the premier events within the Los Angeles Leather Community.

To see our full schedule of events scroll all the way down.

Event producer Mistress Cyan expresses the team's dedication to curating a week filled with enjoyable and memorable experiences for the community. "We've put significant effort into crafting a diverse schedule of events throughout the week that we believe our community will find both engaging and worthwhile," she shares. "Los Angeles is known for hosting top-tier events, and we continuously strive to elevate the standards. This year is no different."

Sponsored by Rough Trade, the festivities kick off with the legendary Kick-Off Party at The Bullet Bar on March 17th, featuring the arrival of Mr. Los Angeles Leather contestants on The Satyrs Motorcycle Club's bikes. The week unfolds with a formal Leather experience on Monday night, showcasing the cultural event, La La Leather — a classical music concert where all the musicians will be adorned in Leather and Fetish attire. Titled In The Arms of Angels, this year's concert will take place in Pride Hall at the Los Angeles LGBT Center.

Various gatherings are scheduled throughout the week, including a Meet and Greet at the Precinct DTLA on the 21st, The Assembly at Rough Trade and Den LA on the 22nd. The pinnacle of the week is The Mr. Los Angeles Leather Contest on the 23rd, followed by an exhilarating Vaseline Alley dance and play party.


IML Judges named

The judging Panel for International Leather was announced at a social at Mid-Atlantic Leather in January. Heading the panel will be IML 2023 Marcus Barela, who will be joined by Gayle Rubin, G Yang, Graylin Thornton, Michael Tattersall, Per Helge Nyland, Pusckat Pumera Onyx, Richard Newberry, and Roberto Cuero. The tallymasters will be Omar Hekal and Cluff Reyes.

The Leather title world will meet at the Congress Plaza Hotel over Memorial Weekend, May 23-27, to select its standard bearer for the next year. Oh, and everyone will party like there's no tomorrow - with dance parties, vendors, dining, the lake and statues, Art Museum, Pecs and Personality, cocktail parties, Leather Archives, Uber versus taxis, boot shining, Touche', lobby crowd, hotel entrance, Miller's Pub, volunteers, cigarmen - oh my.


CLAW 24: The Return of the Hotel Cleveland in the Path of Totality

CLAW (Cleveland Leather Annual Weekend) is April 11-14 at the magnificent and historic Renaissance Hotel in Downtown Cleveland. Built in 1918, the hotel has been undergoing a complete renovation for more than two years and will reopen as the Hotel Cleveland in time for the Solar Eclipse on April 8th (Cleveland is in the center of the path of totality) and CLAW 24 three days later.

This vibrant event brings together the global Leather, BDSM, and fetish communities for a weekend of hot Leather sex, a huge vendor mart, parties, entertainment and the largest curriculum of kinky sex education for men anywhere. It’s the happiest place on earth.

With all the meeting space available, most of the events are at the main hotel, including the Hercules BDSM play parties for men, late night dance parties, the cigar deck, speed dating, all the education sessions, the vendor mart, a huge silent auction, eight banquets, a dozen socials where like-minded people can meet and mingle, and the much-photographed Bound & Beautiful, sponsored by Torso. CLAW 24 also includes nightly fetish parties at the Leather Stallion Saloon, one of CLAW’s Legacy Sustaining Sponsors.

CLAW is also a platform for philanthropy and has donated more than $985,000 to important community charities. The one-million-dollar mile stone will be reached and celebrated by the attendees of CLAW 24.

Registration and hotel reservations are open at https://www.clawinfo.org

16th SNOWBOUND Leather Weekend

By Richard Conley

The Sixteenth SNOWBOUND Leather Weekend was held in Provincetown MA, February 23-25 and by all accounts was a great success with 275-plus Leatherfolk in town to celebrate brotherhood and charity.

Three days of events described as “A Winter Getaway with a Twist” concluded with the announcement of Mr. SNOWBOUND 2024, Mr.E of Provincetown, MA, who brought in the most donations, $4,146.05, with his Leather-themed photo submission. The seven contestants collectively raised $11,235.09 for AIDS Support Group of Cape Cod, the second largest amount raised in SNOWBOUND history. Handing off the Mr. SNOWBOUND sash was FineLeatherJock, Mr. SNOWBOUND 2023 of Boston, MA.

While there can be only one winner, it is equally important to applaud three additional contestants who brought in well over $1,000 each, an outstanding contribution. They are Andy, Sir Paul and Red Buoy.

Jay Falcon, 2011/2012 Northeast Community Bootblack and SNOWBOUND/Mates Leather Weekend Resident Bootblack, was performing his services throughout the weekend.

Kudos to the folks who received the free health screenings, MPOX vaccines and NARCAN/Fentanyl info and supplies provided by ASGCC at their Drop-In Center. Their proactive approach towards their health and the health of your partners should be mirrored and lauded. Thanks to Brad Badgley and the ASGCC team for providing these important services.

Look for the Seventeenth SNOWBOUND Leather Weekend February 21-23, 2025. For further information go to https://www.MatesLeatherWeekend.com/snowbound


Sir Rat opens in San Antonio

Sir Rat Leather and Gear is rapidly taking over the Lone Star State. Their next iteration was the grand opening of a third location on March 9 in San Antonio. There was a huge celebration inside the store and adjacent lot with clubs, local community dignitaries, including the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence attending.

"When we opened the first store in Austin, I suggested a red door because usually in Brazil a red door means it’s a slut house. This has become a signature part of our colors. We did the same in Houston, and now we had to find a workaround in San Antonio, and I love it. We also had the Red Door series created by Anthony Garcia," Sir Rat Leather and Gear and Austin Kink Weekend co-founder Luis Bratt said. The photo above is outside the San Antonio store.





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Leatherman of Color is Voudou Onyx

By Mufasa

The national title of Leatherman of Color (LOC) was awarded to Voudou Onyx In Chicago at the Leather Archives and Museum on February 17th, during Mufasa's Leather Fellowship Weekend tradition. The mission of promoting People Of Color in the Leather community with positive images remains strong, and we are also proud to continue our educational programs and outreach. Kink University included classes on whips, impact play, fire flogging and The POC Journey Panel Discussion. Voudou Onyx of Chicago was the sole contestant.

The judges were head judge Goddess Lakshimi, Mr. Classic Leather 2024 Counselor Oucemare, LOC 2023 Phobos Onyx, Lady MJ Spezia from Trident Windy City, Mr. Chicago Leather 2020 Butch Romero and AL Onyx Robins from Onyx Midwest. The emcee was Adjutant Rhaego Ali of ONYX NY/NE.

American Brotherhood Weekend returns

By Steph Sanders

American Brotherhood Weekend returned February 2-4. The event was held in Las Vegas, NV at the Luxor Hotel and Casino. This year, under the direction of new owner and producer Eileen Sanders, the event was structured as a traditional Leather run, including cocktail parties, group excursions, dinners, and bar nights.

There was not a contest this year however, as ABW is focusing on bringing the ABW Family, old and new, back together after a three year hiatus. The goal was to reconnect and give space for attendees to have a say in the evolution of the event going forward. This year marks the 35th Anniversary of American Brotherhood Weekend, founded by Mik Miller in 1989.

American Leatherwoman 1994 Sarah Humble hosted a Lesthersex on the Strip cocktail party. The annual Leatherwomens Dinner, held in celebration of all Leatherwomen and their contributions was held on Friday night at Border Grill in Mandalay Bay, and our annual Family Dinner was held at Dick's Last Resort in Excalibur.


Mr. International Leather and Boots Spain Ruben Martinez

By Ruben Martinez

On Friday January 12, live from the Virgin of the Kings of Seville Theatre in Seville, Spain, Ruben Martinez was chosen to be Mr. International Leather and Boots Spain.

ILBS is an association which promotes the Leather and boots culture, and at the same time promotes fetish in all its varieties. It was born in 2015 and nowadays they have 120 partners, more or less. ILBS has other events : Enamorados del cuero in Alicante in February; Torremolinos Fetish Weekend in Easter, Celtic Meeting in July in La Coruña and Granada Leather Weekend in November.

There were two candidates: Francisco Expósito and me. The jury members were: Jesús Pontaque, Fran Sanz, Eduardo Peixoto, Martin Korinth, Emanuel Roussel , Manolo Rosado and Clara Macias.


Smokeout Las Vegas, April 3-8

Smokeout is around the corner as several cigar men will descend on the Tuscany Suites and Casino the week of April 3-8 in Las Vegas, NV. The weekend is specifically created for cigar and pipe smokers and those who admire these men.

During Smokeout, there is a long list of optional things to do, including open bar and various types of parties to which everyone is invited, or they can just relax and lounge around the pool/spa areas basking in the sun of Las Vegas. There is even a smoking lounge and play area in the smoking building with equipment and music provided and staffed by the House of Peter. This area is available till the wee hours of the morning.

Being Las Vegas, the Entertainment Capitol of The World, there is plenty of first-rate entertainment to see … and the Smokeout concierge will provide a limited number of complimentary tickets for these shows to Smokeout attendees.

Interested in getting together as a group for dinner? Smokeout has that too … at the Bahama Breeze restaurant, within walking distance of the host hotel.

Interested in getting out into the beautiful area surrounding and away from the Las Vegas Strip? Join the Desert Brotherhood Motorcycle Club on their ride to Nelson, Nevada and tour the active Techatticup Gold Mine. The ride, lunch and entry fee, is provided ‘complimentary’ to those attending Smokeout.

Along with a very low event registration fee and reasonable hotel room rates (with no resort fee), these are the main reasons why so many men attending SMOKEOUT have returned year after year, after year. Many have paid the highest compliment of all, and one said, "this is the ONLY event I will attend every year, because the camaraderie experienced here cannot be matched at any other event."


Check the pictures of some of the men who will be attending, and see all the things planned … and then join us

On Guard Leather Salon

On Guard Leather Salon is a place where a group of experienced Leather Men sit around smoking cigars while reflecting on the way it used to be, and the new issues affecting the BDSM queer community today.

Each episode is approximately one hour long. One can go to the link below where one can select from most or all episodes. Topics of the day are discussed.




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Violet's Bake Sale: A Charity Auction by Eagle Wings

Join in for a heartwarming event that combines the joy of baking with the spirit of giving. Eagle Wings charity presented Violet's Bake Sale, a charity auction which benefited HIPS and Rainbow History Project on Sunday, February 18 at The Crucible in Washington, DC. Plan the whole afternoon for this culinary fest. This year's theme was Fill Your Hole! Whether it's cookies, cakes, or pastries, plenty of bakers showcased their culinary talents.

Violet's Bake Sale is an event where sweetness meets compassion to fill those holes! The Fabulous Jo Arnone was the auctioneer.


Arizona Men of Leather 20th Anniversary

By Mark Levesque

The Arizona Men of Leather (AML) mark their 20th Anniversary with a long April 11-14 weekend of exciting events at Anvil Bar in Phoenix, 2424 East Thomas Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85016, including the revival of the Mr. Anvil Phoenix contest.

This weekend also marks the Anvil Bar’s 14th Anniversary and kicks off on Thursday, April 11. The Mr Anvil Phoenix contestants will be on hand for a special edition of Contestant Karaoke. Friday, April 12 Anvil will host the contestants for a meet and greet. Contestants can take a stab at Go-Go box dancing in front of the judges and demonstrate their fundraising prowess with a sticker sash mini-contest.

An order draw selection for their contest positioning will occur, along with a cigar social on the Anvil patio. The centerpiece of the weekend takes place the evening of Saturday, April 13 when the Arizona Men of Leather will present the Mr. Anvil Phoenix 2024 contest. The winner will compete in the International Mr. Leather contest in Chicago in 2025.

There will be a parking lot party, featuring AML’s famous outdoor dungeon, and a gift basket raffle and so much more. On Sunday, April 14, the festivities will conclude with a victory brunch and beer bust and the drawing of grand raffle winners. Lucky winners will take home a Taotao Motor scooter, a new 50 inch Roku Smart TV and $100 cash. Proceeds will benefit Mulligan’s Manor at


The Arizona Men of Leather held a demonstration for Valentine’s Day during their monthly Leather Club Night hosted at the Anvil bar. Rope bondage, electro, flogging and spanking were demonstrated with a great time had by everyone who attended.

The Arizona Men of Leather is hosting a St. Paddles Day party at Anvil bar on Saturday, March 9 at 10 PM, and a medieval-themed party called The Inquisition at Anvil bar to benefit the Mr. Anvil Phoenix Travel Fund for contestants attending International Mr. Leather in 2025 at 10 PM on Saturday, March 23.

Founded in 2004, the Arizona Men of Leather (AML), is a male-identified Leathermen's social club consisting of individuals who seek or live the Leather/SM/Fetish lifestyle, proving opportunities for friendship, mentoring, education, and support of the community



AML has a gallery of awesome photos of club kinky play at


Dragon's Den

By Ron Rasmussen

The Dragon's Den hosts the PDX Dungeon Men's Party and other monthly events in the Portland OR - Vancouver WA area. Dragon Den's popularity has grown so much that Don Blair is asking for contributions to expand the current playspace with a 22' x 22' addition, to include a bathroom, shower, bedroom, closet, and glory holes, all estimated at $12,000 - $15,000.

Don asks everyone to visit the Go Fund Me site to contribute. If 120 people donate $100 each, that would produce a construction fund of $12,000!

Don is also offering a raffle to win unlimited attendance at The Dragon's Den events for various time frames. Participants may purchase a $20 raffle ticket by visiting the Go Fund Me site, during March 1--April 30. First Prize is 12 months use from May 1, 2024 through April 30, 2025, Second Prize: six months use during May 1-- October 31, 2024, and Third Prize is three months use during May 1--July 31, 2024.


Law or Lunacy? International Mobilization Towards Sexual Liberty Post- Op Spanner

A Research Update from 2023 Visiting Scholar Alexandra Grolimund

My project addresses ‘Operation Spanner’, a police investigation which took place in England, and its impact on SM activism domestically and abroad. The operation saw 42 men arrested and 16 charged with assault. Several of the men spent time in prison, amidst outrage that consensual sadomasochism which resulted in no lasting bodily injury could somehow be criminalized. The men appealed their sentences to no avail and lost their claim under the right to privacy at the European Court of Human Rights.

Story continues at https://leatherarchives.org/archives/

Mr. SoCal Leather is James Holjes

The Mr. SoCal Leather 2024 title went to James Holjes who is from Palm Springs. Alpha Apollo was first runner-up and Keith Ralph was second runner-up. The day started with six contestants, but one dropped out after the formal Leather/speech category. The SoCal Leather contest was held on February 18 at the Eagle LA in Los Angeles, CA. The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence opened the show with a short and zany blessing.

This was the first time in SoCal Leather contest history that contestants of all genders are welcome to run for a single title. The winner determines if we have a Mr., Mx or Ms titleholder.

Moshiel, the outgoing 2023 titleholder, made a strong impression as emcee. The judges were IML 2017 Ralph Bruneau, IML 2008 Gary Iriza, Rough Trade Gear manager Jessica Mendoza, Mr. LA Leather 2019 Elliot Musgrave, Mr. Fetish SoCal 2023 Francisco Perales, IML 2018 James Lee and IMsBB 2011 KD Diamond.

SoCal Titles (SoCal Leather and Fetish SoCal) are produced by Mr. SoCal Leather is James Holjes Aric Wilson. The Fetish SoCal title, also an open gender contest, will be held on September 1.

Northwest Leather Celebration

Set for May 2-5 at the DoubleTree by Hilton in Sacramento, CA, the Northwest Leather Celebration is a gathering place for Leather and kinky people and offers a full weekend of education, contests, parties, and fun. NWLC is the home of the Northwest Master slave, Northwest Bootblack and Northwest Person of Leather Contests.

Featured events include a formal dinner, play parties, bootblack lounge, vendor market, hospitality suite parties, classes and workshops, contests, keynote speeches, silent auction, and a wind down party on Sunday night.

NWLC 2024 will require all attendees to test Negative at registration (Rapid Antigen Self-Test aka Home Kit provided) upon arrival and masks are mandatory at registration until Negative test results are complete.

Northwest Leather Celebration was created as a weekend conference in 2008 to serve as the host for the Northwest Master slave contest. The first Northwest Leather Celebration, owned by smOdyssey and produced by Ms Margaret and Erich, was held in May of 2008 in Sunnyvale, CA.


Black & Tans - Maneuvers Weekend

In celebration of their 50th Anniversary, the men of the Regiment of the Black & Tans are bringing back their legendary Maneuvers Weekend, April 26-28. Weekend packages include all three events. The whole weekend is $90 until April 15, but prices will go up after that. A limited number of discounted Early Bird packages are on sale now for $85.

Friday, April 26, 1930 hours - Barracks Party: A uniform play party at a secret warehouse. Uniform gear encouraged, but clothes check will be available. The location will be disclosed at check-in to ticket holders.

Saturday, April 27, 1930 hours - Commander's Mess: Formal uniform dress required. This is a cocktail and dinner party at an historically important private estate. Includes commemorative glass and anniversary run pin.

Sunday, April 28, 1500 hours At Ease: Beer bust at Eagle LA - included for weekend ticket holders. $5 donation goes to the Regiment Fund for the TOM House.






You can make a difference





San Francisco Asian Leathermen forms

The newest group of kinksters to grace the Bay Area is the San Francisco Asian Leathermen. The club, with over 40 members, recently held a dinner at R & G Lounge in San Francisco to celebrate the Year of Dragon. SFAL is not affiliated with Leathermen Travel.

SFALG - San Francisco Asian Leathermen Group is a voluntary social group of Leathermen who wish to promote the Leather and fetish scene in the San Francisco Bay Area Asian community. They welcome all male-identified Asian men to find a place of belonging in the community, form brotherhoods, provide mentorships, and strive for representation.

The group is run by a committed group of volunteers all of whom have experience in the fetish scene both at home and abroad. We are a new group that will evolve over time. Their aim to collaborate with other groups and clubs from the Leather and fetish scene across the world.


ShipMates present $2,800 check

Article and photo by Rodney Burger

The ShipMates Club of Baltimore recently presented a check for $2,800.00 to B & Dee’s Baltimore Love, Inc., a nonprofit organization that works hard to "provide life sustaining resources to the most vulnerable residents of Baltimore City." The money was raised during the club’s annual Daddy Christmas fundraiser which included the Ho Ho in the Heat cookout in July at Mixer’s bar and a variety show and silent auction held at the Ottobar in December.

The ShipMates Club of Baltimore is an all-gender inclusive, Baltimore-based Leather Club that has served the LGBTQIA+ community of the Maryland area since 1974. ShipMates aims to promote pride in the Leather community, as well as welcome and promote the different ways that pride in the Leather community can be expressed, both personally and publicly. ShipMates strives to work hard and play hard to support the community's financially and actively whenever possible..


Pete Fitz documentary The Sisters Film

Rough Trade Gear celebrated its 25th Anniversary along with a galaxy of notable Leatherfolk on Friday, February 9. For the event, Mr. LA Leather 2001 Pete Fitz (aka Peter Fitzgerald) shot and directed a seven-minute documentary, The Sisters Film, in an effort to record LA's Leather history while acknowledging Rough Trade's important place in LA's kinkster scene.

This eminently clickable short film is filled with steamy Leather clad men, women and others. Included in the video are Tom of Finland Foundation founder, Durk Dehner, Rough Trade founder Adrian Bernal, Eagle LA's Charlie and Hunter, the current Mr. LA Leather Colin MacDougall, B&B Corps' Jim Newman, IMLs Gary Heltenberg Iriza, Mike Gerle and Ralph Bruneau (along with Ralph's smokin' hot boy Matthew Moody - current IML second runner up.) Motorboot's Robert Green (who provided stills,) is also seen snapping stills in the background.

Under the Fitzfilm banner, Pete hopes to continue to document Leather history in the making at any number of upcoming events.

Check it out at https://vimeo.com/913132048


Maximus 20th Anniversary

By DJ Reed

The main event of Maximus' 20th Anniversary Weekend, February 16-18 was a cigar and pipe social at Rough Trade Gear on Friday night, February 16 with over 50 attending. Cigarmen dressed in Leather, gear, and fetish wear came with their favorite sticks. Cigars, lighters and supplies were available. A host bar sponsored by Eagle LA and cheese and cracker spread had guests satiated.

Many took the short walk for smokey times at the Eagle LA after the Rough Trade Gear parking lot party. There were Maximus gatherings at the Eagle LA on Saturday night and Sunday afternoon.


Golden Dildeaux Awards nominations open

The Golden Dildeaux Awards, produced by the Leather & LGBTQ Cultural District, are coming. The Golden Dildeauxs are prestigious, cheeky, all-in-good-fun, fundraising awards. The 25 sexy and scandalous awards include categories like the Golden Gape Award for best power-fisting bottom and the Hole Hog Award for biggest pig, and more among 26 sexy categories.

Nominations are open until Wednesday, March 13 at 5 PM. Nominations are free, nominate as many people as you like, including yourself.

Voting ($1 each) opens Saturday, March 16 and runs until Thursday, April 25 at 5 PM. Your votes help keep SOMA kinky and queer.

The Golden Dildeaux Awards Ceremony is Saturday, April 27, 6-8 PM at the SF Eagle. Join the fun, see who gets a Woody, the Oscars of SOMA.


International Puppy contestant Pup Stitch

Iron Pup 2023 Pup Stitch has turned in their application to compete at the International Puppy Trainer Contest for International Puppy, which will take place in Chicago, Illinois April 4-7.

We encourage anyone who can make it to San Antonio, Texas on March 17th from 5-8 PM at Heat, 1500 N. Main San Antonio, TX 78212 to celebrate Pup Stitch at their send off to International Puppy.

This year will include ATX Iron Pup 2024 Champ the Fox and his partner Pup Neil presenting their Emotional Support Pet workshop during the event in Chicago.

Austin Puppy Culture: https://m.facebook.com/groups/AustinPupCulture

IPTC: https://www.iptc.dog

Registration for GearUp Weekend

Registration for GearUp Weekend opens Tuesday, March 5 at 7 PM PST.

GearUp Weekend is an all-inclusive annual kink and play retreat where guys can socialize with, learn from, and play with other queer, gay, bi, and trans men of all ages (21+) and backgrounds in a safe and friendly environment. The weekend will be July 11-14 at Saratoga Springs, CA. Full-weekend reservations start at $465.

At GearUp Weekend you’ll find guys into all kinds of gear (such as Leather, rubber, sports gear, uniforms, spandex, underwear) and all kinds of kinky activities like domination and submission, fisting, pup play, watersports, chastity, roleplay, and more.


REPRESENTATION: Recent Fetish Photography by Mr. M

The REPRESENTATION: Recent Fetish Photography by Mr. M had its opening on March 2 at the AS220 Project Space Gallery in Providence RI.

Mr. M's work consists mostly of portraits of people in different fetish communities and some BDSM images. There is a heavy focus on the LGBTQ+ Leather and bear communities in his work. The show consists of over 200 images and well over 120 models. Some recent portrait work of many Leather titleholders and other important community people, some magazine work, and the recent work he has done with the Boston chapter of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence were showcased in this exhibit.

The opening was well attended by the local Leather community. There was a bondage demo by Mr. R. during the opening and an active after party held at the Providence Eagle. All proceeds from the show will go to The Haus of Codec, a local agency that provides support and housing for LGBTQ+ youth. The show will run until March 23.



DomCon Los Angeles

DomCon Los Angeles, now in its 21st year, returning with a bang from May 29 to June 2.

Sharpen your skills and expand your knowledge with a diverse range of workshops, seminars, and panels led by industry experts. Whether you're a seasoned practitioner or a curious newcomer, DomCon offers an unparalleled opportunity to learn from the best in the business.

Explore the Fetish Marketplace, with 70 vendor booths from around the world showcasing the latest and greatest in BDSM gear, fetish fashion, and unique accessories. Discover one-of-a-kind items that will add a spark to your intimate moments.

Indulge in an electrifying nightlife experience! DomCon LA hosts legendary parties featuring top DJs, mesmerizing performances, and an atmosphere that pulsates with excitement. Dress to impress and revel in the freedom to express your desires.

DomCon Los Angeles 2024 is where fantasy meets reality, and boundaries are meant to be pushed. Get ready for an unforgettable journey into the heart of fetish culture. Registration is now open at


International Bear Convergence

International Bear Convergence was held the weekend of February 23-25 at Hotel Zoso in Palm Springs, California, welcoming thousands of frisky, bears, muscle bears, cubs, chasers, chubs, admirers, and their fans who had the time of their lives.


South Plains Leatherfest

"South Plains Leatherfest, March 21-24 in Dallas Texas, will be celebrating the 25th Year of South Plains Leatherfest and the 35th International Master slave Contest at SPLF 2024" states Tomo, the owner and producer of South Plains Leatherfest. For the first time, SPLF will also host the International Person of Leather Contest. Race Bannon will give the opening note and Mama Vi will deliver the keynote.

"We are excited to both celebrate the rich history of the IMs Contest as well as welcome the IPOL Contest System to SPLF. With an emphasis on Leather and diversity and a welcome to all who wish to call South Plains home, SPLF will be epic with a hotel buyout, education, hospitality, parties, at least 15 vendors, play parties and hot sexy entertainment" Tomo shares with great passion. Among the SPLF goodies will be a slave Circle with Mama Vi.

All the details, including information on the host and over flow hotels, can be found at https://www.SouthPlainsLeatherfest.com


Mr. Phoenix Leather Austin Kent

By Kenneth Anthony

This year's Mr. and Ms Phoenix Leather contest took place on February 3, with the Mr. Phoenix Leather 2024 title going to Brittanic Zane. Ms Phoenix Leather did not have any contestants.

The judges were Stephen Bloom, Matthew Moody, boypup Rocko Cook, Kristofer Inez Onyx, boy Justin, Pup Tugger, and Mr. Phoenix Leather 2023, Austin Kent.

Highlights of the weekend included the yearly cigar social, Tim Starkey Memorial Bus Tour, silent auction, Bacongate victory brunch, and victory party held at partner bars Anvil, The Rock, NuTowne Saloon, and Pat O's Bunkhouse.

Austin Kent will go on to compete at IML 2024, while Britannic Zane will begin his title year and compete in IML 2025

Gregg Lakota passes

By Scott Hutka

One the five stars on the Rangers' Colors went dim. Last Sunday, the Rangers lost one of its five founding fathers. Gregg Lakota (stage name) or Daddy Gregg was the Club's patriarch, a strong pillar in the Leather Community, and a selfless advocate in the greater LGBTQ+ communities of Northeast Ohio.

Gregg was the Rangers' MACC Representative for a number of years. Most of it during Steven Chaisson's and Threasa Rushing's tenures as Presidents of MACC. I traveled along side him to many MACC Runs and other Leather events to which is how I met so many wonderful Leatherfolk here and abroad. Gregg was a great mentor and a great friend. The Club, and Northeast Ohio, will miss him immensely. Big hugs to boy greg, Gregg's surviving Partner. In Leather. In Brotherhood. Above is one of the MACC Runs that Gregg and I attended together.



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A Blast from The Past


The 15 Association Anniversaries

The last weekend of February has been an important one in San Francisco, CA for decades. The 15 hosts their Anniversary that weekend. The weekend is highlighted by a formal High Cow dinner at one of The City's better eateries with a silent auction, appetizers, presentation of awards, the club's AGM, a plated dinner in some years and a buffet in others The biggest play party of the Anniversary, now held at Transform1060, is on Saturday night. The closing and smaller play party is also at Transform1060.





Writer Guidelines

Report your club's news, new titles, major events

What to send.

1. Short article of about 75-150 words.

2. Photo or two. Landscape preferred. Must be a jpg. Taken with cellphone is fine. Please supply photo credit.

3. Link to a working site. Web sites are preferential, Facebook still works.

4. Five "W's" - Who, what, when, why and where. All are important.

5. Please be concise. In news writing, verbosity is not a virtue; it is an editor's nightmare.

6. Please write in third person.

7. Send to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please share us on social media




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LA Leather Pride Schedule

Get ready to indulge your senses and embrace the allure of Leather as LA Leather Pride returns with its thrilling annual event, Dark Angel Seduction.
From March 15 to 24th, the City of Los Angeles will be pulsating with excitement as Leather enthusiasts from all over come together to celebrate diversity, unity, and the rich heritage of Leather culture.
The pinnacle of LA Leather Pride 2024 arrives on Saturday, March 23 with the highly anticipated Mr. LA Leather Contest..


LA Leather Pride Schedule of Events

* Denotes Official VIP events

The $160 VIP Package includes: Kick-Off Party, LA LA Leather, Encuerados: A Movie Viewing and Panel Discussion, Meet and Greet, Assembly, Mr. LA Leather Contest, LALP 2024 Event Shirt, and LALP 2024 Event Pin.


March 15

Submit, An Avatar Dungeon Party

Join the members of Avatar Club Los Angeles for a hot Play Party at Sanctuary LAX Studios on Friday, March 15 from 9 PM 2 AM at Sanctuary LAX Studios, 13012 Athens Way, Los Angeles, CA 90061. The Official Play Party of Los Angeles Leather Week with slings, bondage equipment, dark room, outdoor play area, open bar, light snacks, clothes check. Tickets start at $35.




March 16

Erotic Village presents Healing Ties

Get ready for an unforgettable in-person experience at Erotic Village Presents Healing Ties: A Journey into Kink and Self-Discovery on Saturday, March 16 starting at 4 PM. Get ready to explore the fascinating world of kink and embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery. This in-person event will be held at the Los Angeles LGBT Center - Pride Hall, a vibrant and inclusive space that celebrates diversity and acceptance.

Discover the power of kink as a tool for personal growth and healing. Our lineup of renowned speakers will guide you through a series of insightful conversations. You'll explore various aspects of kink in a safe and welcoming environment.

Connect with like-minded individuals who share your curiosity and passion. Engage in open discussions, ask questions, and gain valuable insights from our knowledgeable presenters. Whether you're a seasoned kink enthusiast or just curious about exploring this realm, Healing Ties offers something for everyone.

Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to delve into the world of kink and embark on a journey of self-discovery. Secure your spot now and get ready to uncover new dimensions of pleasure, connection, and personal growth.


Bears LA - Locker Room

A new fetish/ gear night dedicated to sports enthusiasts and chasers, Bears LA will host Locker Room on Saturday, March 16 at GYM Sportsbar and Grill West Hollywood at 8 PM.
Celebrate this unique event in your favorite singlet or team uniform, while we mingle and raise money for the Tom of Finland Foundation and the Mr. LA Leather Bear 2024 travel fund. They will have several drawings throughout the night including liquor, clothing, art, adult novelty items and more - one free raffle ticket for those in sports gear.

Beats by DJ Santo and Jello shots provided by Bears LA. GYM Sportsbar and Grill West Hollywood, 8919 Santa Monica Blvd.


March 17


LA Leather Pride Kick Off at the Bullet Bar

* The official week-long festivities will kick off on Sunday, March 17th with the highly anticipated LA Leather Pride Kick Off party at the Bullet Bar in North Hollywood,. Attendees can expect an electrifying start to the official LA Leather Pride week from 2:30 to 7:30 PM.

As with LALP tradition, bikers from Satyrs Motorcycle Club will ride the six Mr. Los Angeles Leather contestants to the front entrance of the Bullet Bar where they will draw their contestant numbers. This is an ideal photo opportunity. Bullet Bar 10522 Burbank Blvd, North Hollywood, CA 91601.


March 18


La La Leather Concert

By Jon Wright

* Honoring the theme of LA Leather Pride 2024 “Dark Angel: Seduction,” this year’s concert is inspired by Sarah McLachlan’s haunting melody “Angel” featured in the Grammy nominated soundtrack of “City of Angels,” an American remake of the classic German film about Berlin; Wings of Desire. It is the perfect inspiration for the fifth edition of the La La Leather Concert series, part of this year’s LA Leather Pride. The series takes its cue from the amazing “Classic Meets Fetish” Concert series held annually in Berlin as part of Easter Fetish Week, and as in previous years, the LA Leather Coalition has introduced the concept to LA Leather and fetish audiences with a twist.

In both cities, the music is played live on stage by members of the community in gear and the audience is dressed in their best Leather finery. In Los Angeles, film capital of the world, the concert consists of selections of beautiful classical and original music featured in film, gaming or television! The concert will take place in a new venue this year: Pride Hall on the campus of the LA LGBTQ+ Center in Hollywood. The soaring open spaces and great acoustics of the Hall will enhance the music of the talented ensemble led by Music Director Dr. Jason Lo.

The Leather connections between the “sister cities” of Berlin (with its Victory Angel) and Los Angeles (the City of Angels) run deep. And, the Los Angeles Leather Coalition, Inc. (LALC) has long been a proud partner of Berlin Leather Fetish (BLF) and Folsom Europe.

Tickets are $30 advance purchase and $40 after March 15. Refreshments will be served. Doors open at 7:30 and the performance begins promptly at 8:00. Please visit



March 19


LA XXX Sexual Collapse

Reverend Steven Johnson Leyba will present LA XXX Sexual Collapse at the Tom House in Los Angeles from 6-9 PM on Tuesday, March 19.


March 20


Encuerados: A Movie Viewing and Panel Discussion

* For cinephiles and culture enthusiasts, Encuerados: A Movie Viewing and Panel Discussion will take place on Wednesday, March 20th at Precinct DTLA. This is a venue change from WeHo941. Starting at 7 PM. Attendees will enjoy an immersive experience celebrating Leather culture through film and insightful discussions.

This coincides with Chupada, Latin Leather, Gear and Fetish Night at Precinct DTLA, 357 South Broadway.


Avatar presents Southern California IML titleholders panel

On Wednesday, March 20, Avatar's monthly program features a panel of Southern California International Mr. Leather titleholders, sharing about their journey to winning the Leather community's biggest contest, and how it shaped their lives after. 8:30-10 PM, MCC in the Valley, 5730 Cahuenga Blvd. in North Hollywood, CA.


March 21


LALP Meet and Greet

* The festivities continue with the LALP Meet and Greet on Thursday, March 21st at Precinct in Los Angeles from 8 to 11 PM.

The Meet and Greet provides an opportunity to mingle, connect, and embrace the sense of community that defines LA Leather Pride. Hob nob with the Mr. Los Angeles Leather contestants, judges and emcees. Precinct, 357 S Broadway, Los Angeles, CA 90013.


March 22



* Assembly is a formal event that has a dress code: formal Leathers, black button up, tie, dress slacks which will be held on Friday, March 22nd at Rough Trade Gear, 3915 Sunset Blvd., Suite H, Los Angeles, CA 90029. Assembly is produced by the Regiment of the Black and Tans, and California B&B Corps.

Expect a great buffet of appetizers and host bar. Awards will be exchanged with brother clubs in San Francisco and the Mr. Los Angeles Leather contestants will be in their best attire.

Tickets: https://bit.ly/LaAssembly2024


Dog Pound 10th Anniversary

It's already been 10 years since Matthew and Dan produced their first Dog Pound. This year Dog Pound will be at the Bullet Bar on Friday night, March 22. With mosh, go go pups, performances and more. A raffle has awesome prizes from Mr. S Leather. New pups are always welcome and encouraged.



Den LA - Seduction

DenLA Presents: Seduction! The Official Dance and Play Party of LA Leather weekend. Join hundreds of men diving into the sexiest party in LA. DTLA warehouse! Come join the hottest men and dive into the music and fun. Sound, EDM, open bar, free clothes check, and play spaces throughout. $50 plus fee.



Maximus Cigar Social/Cigar Lounge

Walk a couple blocks from Assembly to Eagle LA for a Cigar Social at 9 PM. Make sure to visit the Cigar Lounge at the Off Sunset Festival.


March 23


Mr. LA Leather contest

* The Mr. Los Angeles Leather 2024 contest will select a man from a field of six to represent The City of The Angels at IML in May. Mr. LA Leather will be held at a yet-to-be-named location in the Arts District in DTLA, from 5:30 to 9 PM.

The contestants are Mr. Cochando Leather David Mosqueda, Mr. CSW Leather Avery, Mr. Sister Leather J. Carter, Mr. Regiment Doug, Precinct Leather Harwick, and Mr. LA Leather Bear Tony Vega.

The judges are Mr. LA Leather 2023 Colin MacDougall, International Leather 2023 Master Liquid Ruiz, International Leather 2023 Marcus Barela, World Cub 2023 David Sugar, past Northern California Mr. Drummer Rod Wood, Onyx Suede, Mr. LA Leather 2010 Brad Taylor, and Mr. CMEN Leather 2015 Rick Boehle. Emcees will be Jeremy Ronceros and Gabriel Green.

Contest tickets and/or VIP Packages at https://bit.ly/LALeather2024


Vaseline Alley

Right after the Mr. LA Leather contest on Saturday, March 23 is Vaseline Alley at the same venue as the contest. Hunter Fox and Justin David know how to produce a great dance and Vaseline Alley should be no different.


March 24


Off Sunset Festival 10th Anniversary

The Off Sunset Festival will be held in a greatly expanded area on Santa Monica Blvd. fom Myra Street to Sunset Blvd. from 12 to 7 PM. This marks the 10th year for the Off Sunset Festival.
Enjoy live bands, retail and organizational booths and exhibits, food trucks, probable sunshine, bare chested men, Eagle LA patio, likely more than 10,000 Leatherfolk and kinksters. Kenny Metcalf will star as Elton John.

Off Sunset Association is a group of individuals who live, work and play in the Silver Lake area. It is with great affection for this diverse community that we launched the Off Sunset Festival in 2013. We own businesses here. We frequent the local restaurants and bars. We spend time in this incredible section of Los Angeles and we want to give back. It is our goal to support beautification, art and youth programs with an emphasis on the LGBT community. Not only is this street fair an exciting day of music, culture, art, food and fun, but it also brings a way for us to offer our support for the place and people we love.

Festival tickets at https://offsunsetfestival.com


Three Charity Partners

The Los Angeles Leather Coalition named the Charity Partners for LA Leather Pride. They are: Los Angeles LGBT Center Senior Department, Tom of Finland Foundation and The Wall - Las Memorias.




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