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Dave Rhodes' Hump Day, March 31, 2021

By April 01, 2021




Flash Back Gallery - Smokeout

Smokeout Las Vegas has given the entertainment capital a terrific event for close to two decades and is hosted by the Desert Brotherhood Motorcycle Club and LUC Las Vegas and has been at the Alexis Park Resort the whole time. Now it is moving to the Tuscany Suites Resort and Casino the weekend of August 25-30.

Scroll down to Flash Back Gallery to see photo from each year and a link to Smokeout 2021 for registration and hotel reservations.





Bite The Bullet! a massive success

By Gabriel Green

On behalf of the LALC CAReS - Community Assistance Resource Service Committee, I personally would like thank each and everyone of you who supported, donated, volunteered, bid and contributed in making the Bite The Bullet! a massive success. Together, we raised over $6,000 for the LALC and Bullet Bar Pantry and the LALC CAReS program. Because of all of you, we will be able to continue to help those who are still in need and will be after the pandemic is over.

I also want to congratulate our LALC and Bullet Bar Pantry Coordinator and LALC Board member, Michael Lara who worked incredibly hard to put this event together. Your drive and your passion in taking care of the community resonate with all of us and that’s what brought us together. Your kindness and compassion in the midst of a crisis are shining examples of what it means to take care of one another and focus on what is important. You are a man of strength, resilience and integrity and that’s what makes you a hero.





In The Spotlight featuring Guy Baldwin

In The Spotlight, a weekly show hosted by Mistress Cyan will host special guest Guy Baldwin on Monday, April 5 at 8 PM Pacific Time on Zoom.

Guy Baldwin, a California licensed psychotherapist in private practice for 38 years, has been an active participant, commentator on, and thoughtful observer of the American Leather scene since the late 1960's. He has authored three books and countless essays in a wide array of lifestyle publications. In 1989 was chosen to be Mr. National Leather Association, and weeks later was chosen to be International Mister Leather. An acclaimed speaker, he has delivered numerous keynote addresses. Baldwin' many accolades include the Pantheon of Leather Lifetime Achievement Award, Dominion Lifetime Award and Tom of Finland Foundation's Lifetime Achievement Award. Guy was inducted into The Society of Janus' Hall of Fame, Leather Hall of Fame, National Gay and Lesbian Task Force awarded him the Leather Leadership Award, and the first recipient of the Master/slave Heritage Award.

Join the Zoom Meeting at https://us02web.zoom.us/j/87058766791?pwd=SmhhWU55OXY1T1YzRkpsMVlreFcrQT09



Oedipus Motorcycle Club ride to Mount Wilson

Late March is usually a great time to go riding in the Angeles National Forest due east of Los Angeles. Members of the Oedipus Motorcycle Club and friends went on such a ride to the Mount Wilson Observatory on a crystal clear day on Sunday, March 28. There was a little snow left at the top of the mountain and it was brisk at the Observatory. The club was glad to get out in the open air during this ride.

Oedipus Motorcycle Club of Los Angeles is a gay motorcycle club that, like Madonna, was born in 1958. Members ride all varieties of motorcycles, but they have a preference for sportbikes and, whatever types of bikes they ride, a sporting mindset. Visit our Meetup page at the ink below.




Virtual CLAW IX

Virtual CLAW IX will be held online the weekend of April 9-11. Features are Speed Dating where one gets to meet 10 men in one hour on Friday night. Advance registration as top, bottom or versatile is required; raffle for a $2,000 motorcycle jacket from Ryder Gear; classes on Saturday and Sunday including Kinky Naked Yoga by Bear Mike and Bear Marvin, Dungeon Self Hypnosis by Bear Trancer, Bound and Beautiful Muscle Gallery, Rope 101 by Tyger Yosh and six more; Gear Party on Saturday night with DJ Daryll G., and a Raffle Draw Social on Sunday night.

For registration and other details check out https://clawinfo.org/virtual-claw/virtualclaw

To reserve your room for CLAW-LA at the 33 story architectural wonder Westin Bonaventure in November go to https://clawinfo.org/planning/claw-la-registration/hotels-reservations



Bullet Bar to re-open on April 5

By Michael Lara

The Bullet Bar will be reopening starting Monday, April 5 from 12-10 PM daily as per county regulation. The safety of my staff, customers and vendors is of the most importance to me, so not only will we be following LA County Health Department protocols but I have also added some of my own. In addition to all Health Department protocols we will be doing the following:
Wherever possible the tables will be separated by plexiglass. We will be having fans to circulate the air throughout out the patio. Hand sanitizer will be placed throughout the patio. All drinks will be served is single use disposable cups. Bullet Bar, 10522 Burbank Boulevard, North Hollywood, CA 91601.




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Only Fans - Payasos Fundraiser Carwash for Eagle LA

After a year of closure, due to the pandemic, Eagle LA bar needs it’s fans and your support, more than ever. That is why Payasos-LA is bringing back its decadent, one-of-a-kind, sexy AF and shameless carwash on Saturday, April 3 from 12-4 PM. Combining forces with the Rough Trade Gear family, Payasos-LA is bringing you the very private carwash experience of your life - along with your favorite Only-Fans celebrities.

The car wash will be in Rough Trade Gear’s back lot. Just drive in and Payasos-LA will take care of you. Lots of fully vaccinated, naked, hairy, hunky and thirsty clowns, will be ready to get down for some of your dollar bills. Charlie will gladly invite you a drink and say hello, while your car is getting serviced. Payasos-LA will also have a Zoom event for those who want to check it out, from the comfort of their homes. There will be raffle prizes.

Payasos-LA will be following all the safety guidelines from LA city officials to protect everyone participating. Stay in your car the entire time if you choose. Face-masks are mandatory at all times. $25 per carwash with a driver. $5 per extra rider in the car. No photos allowed. Buy advanced tickets at




Leather Life, Virtual Leather

By Steve Lenius for Lavender Magazine

This installment of this column is a time capsule. Someday, far in the future, someone will read this column and be amazed at what members of the Leather/BDSM/fetish community, in the Twin Cities as well as in other parts of this country, were willing to do in 2020 and 2021 as they tried to survive a global pandemic.

(But you’re not reading this column someday far in the future, are you? You’re reading it...."




Tom of Finland: Pen and Ink 1965 – 1989

A revealing exhibition of one of the twentieth century’s great visual innovators is on view at the David Kordansky Gallery now through May 1, 10 AM - 6 PM.

The exhibition of drawings includes a range of media, including pencil, pen, ink, marker, and gouache. Together, these pictures demonstrate the breadth of graphic production key to Tom of Finland’s creative output throughout his lifetime.

Tom radically hijacked traditional masculine roles; throughout the show, his emboldened cowboys, sailors, and bikers engage in couplings at turns boisterous, erotic, idyllic, and tender.

Visit the current exhibitions in-person at David Kordansky Gallery. Your safety and that of the David Kordansky Gallery staff and community is important. In accordance with health guidelines, they kindly ask that you wear your own mask and maintain at least six feet distance from others. Visits are free and open to the public. 5130 West Edgewood Place, Los Angeles, CA 90019.




Charles “Harley” Brown

Charles “Harley” Brown was born on January 2, 1961 and died on December 20, 2020. Harley is best-known as the illustrator of the cigarman used on Smokeout Las Vegas T-shirts. By professional he was an artist. Harley was a Captain in the United States Marine Corps and had a military burial at the VA Memorial Cemetery Biloxi, Mississippi. He was married to Alex Bladowski with whom he lived in Toccoa, Georgia.



Touche' Bear night in Chicago

A year ago we were posting about which bars were closed or going to close. Now the tide has begun to turn. Add Touche' in Chicago to the list. Saturday, April 3 is Bear night and there are other monthly and weekly club nights on the horizon.

Dave Boyer of Touche' posted, "Per Covid restrictions, we are keeping our gatherings small an intimate. There was an online gathering for bars and restaurants with the City to remind us of keeping it small and keeping you safe. City guidelines continue to required we keep you to groups of six inside the bar and spaced in the room. We also need you to keep that mask on at all times.

During their March 31 presentation, City officials noted that the rise of infection rates and case numbers are getting up to trigger points on restrictions. They urge people to keep it up with the masks, crowd control. We are working to arrange for outdoor service on the sidewalk now that the temps are rising.




Empire City MC - 10th Annual Motorcycle Weekend.

Save the date and come celebrate Empire City MC's 10th Annual Motorcycle Weekend at The Ranch in Hemlock, NY the weekend of May 28-31. The Ranch will no longer be available, but the men of Empire MC are working plans for a new venue for this popular east coast motorcycle club run. Albert and Dan, owners of "The Ranch" have been more than generous with their home since they bought it many years before Empire City MC started hosting Motorcycle Weekend there. See the Empire MC web site below to find details on the run and registration.




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Richard Majewski, Early Excelsior MC member and officer, passed away on March 25

By Bruce-Michael Gelbert

Richard Majewski, of Sunset Park, Brooklyn, NY, and Cherry Grove, Fire Island, passed away after a long illness on March 25, according to long-time life partner Ted Thompson. Born on May 23, 1945, Richard lived his entire life in Sunset Park and, an early member and officer of Excelsior MC, had spent summers in a house on the corner of Ivy and Bayview Walks, associated with the club, in Cherry Grove. Installation of Excelsior officers and other festivities occurred in and near that house, as well as at the Ice Palace at the Grove Hotel. Richard worked for Chase Manhattan Bank for 40 years. He is being interred at St. John's Cemetery in Queens. Photo of veteran Leathermen Richard Majewski (right) with composer Robert Wendell, at Excelsior Trim-a-Tree at the Eagle NYC in December, by Bruce-Michael Gelbert..



NCSF Coalition Partners elect Board

THe 24th Annual Meeting of the NCSF Coalition Partners was held on March 6-7. The meeting was all virtual, allowing more people than ever to participate without having to travel. The Coalition Partners elected new Board members and discussed the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the alt-sex communities. They also discussed new and ongoing projects, like the work being done by NCSF's Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee to better NCSF and help its member group.

10 candidates ran for six elected Board seats. The members of the new NCSF Board are: Chairperson Tess Zachary is Chairperson, Vice-Chair Saira is Vice-Chair, Treasurer is Archer Shelton, Secretary is Kelly Larkin, At-Large are Jackie “Bebe” Harris, Justin Golden, Netta, Ruby Bouie Johnson, LCSW, Russell J. Stambaugh, PhD, DST, CSSP, Sheffie Robinson, Stephen Ratcliff, MA, LPCC, NCC, CST, and Susan Wright.




Crescent City Leathermen - Masked Bonnet Contest

The Crescent City Leathermen are hosting a Masked Bonnet Contest on Saturday, April 3 starting at 7:30 PM at the Phoenix in New Orleans, LA. First, second and third place prizes. All you can drink Beer Bust running from 5-8 PM and admission to the contest is $10. Phoenix, 941 Elysian Fields Ave, New Orleans, LA 70117-8535.

Crescent City Leathermen's mission has a twofold approach. First is to create social activities among our members and other LGBTQIA organizations. Second is to raise funds through various events. Both of these approaches are in an effort to support and give back to the LGBTQIA community.




MIR Contest forms new leadership working group

Earlier this year, MIR Contest, Inc. formed a new leadership working group within the organization. This internal leadership group is made of members at both the Executive Team and the General Staff levels. This team will work over the next few months to develop and strengthen internal support systems related to Diversity, Equity, Access and Inclusion (DEAI) initiatives.

This leadership working group was created following several workshops attended by MIR staff. Additionally, MIR has been working with the Senior Director of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Community Partnerships at Center on Halsted, who we have engaged with in a consulting capacity. We continue to be grateful for our ongoing relationship with Center on Halsted, Chicago's LGBTQ Community Center.

The focus of this effort over time will be to help build on past successes, while moving the organization away from one-off directives issued from the top, and to an ongoing whole of organization approach.




Colorado Leather Fest Virtual

Colorado Leather Fest Virtual will be a free online event the weekend of April 30 at 3 PM PDT to May 2 at 3 PM PDT. Anyone can join for a weekend of education, fun, and community. More details TBA.

Colorado Leather Fest is a weekend educational event featuring classes, title contests, community events, and more. The Mission of Colorado Leather Fest is to provide a venue for preserving our heritage, expanding our knowledge and resources, and accepting and supporting diverse cultures for the development of all within our Leather/Kink/BDSM community.

Colorado Leather Fest does not focus on BDSM play skills and techniques and does not host a play party. Our event is centered on Leather/BDSM history and culture, a variety of relationship styles and the issues associated with them, and service skills found in Leather and M/s or D/s relationships and culture.





Flash Back Gallery


Smokeout Las Vegas

Smokeout Las Vegas has given the entertainment capital a terrific event for close to two decades and is hosted by the Desert Leathermen and LUC Las Vegas and has been at the Alexis Park Resort the whole time. Now it is moving to the Tuscany Suites Resort and Casino not far away the weekend of August 25-30.

While we wait a few more months, here are 60 photos of muscles, bears and hot men who love cigars, pies and tobacco. Smokeout includes a Saturday bike ride to Nevada desert sites, a poker party, cocktail parties hosted by Utah Rebellion as well as the chance to see great shows and eat like your on a cruise ship.

Find out more, register and book your room at

http://lasvegassmokeout.com     https://www.facebook.com/events/3879970728730773













































































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A Blast From The Past




Tom of Finland events

Events at the Tom of Finland House and at the Faultline will be featured in the Flash Back Gallery in the next Dave Rhodes' Hump Day. From parling lot parties on hot Sunday afternoons in May to Holiday parties, club events and Art Fairs at the Tom House. There is a lot of eye candy in this Gallery and they are all real people who emulate Tom of Finland. Durk Dehner and Sharp, the Tom of Finland Foundation and its staff have maintined a great visibilty for over three decades and we have a lot of it in our files and we are opening it up for you to see.




Links to all Dave Rhodes' Hump Days going back to August 9, 2017