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Dave Rhodes' Hump Day, October 21, 2023

By October 22, 2023


Mates Leather Weekend XXVI

By Rick Conley

550 Leather-folk were on hand for the 26th Mates Leather Weekend in Provincetown, MA September 28 - October 2 and by all accounts had a great time. Mates Leather Weekend raised a record $12,100 for the AIDS Support Group of Cape Cod, bringing the total to date

over $105,000. In addition, 22 people took part in ASGCC’s Free Health Screening throughout the weekend.

The 2023 First Mate Contest was held on Saturday, September 30 with First Mate 2022 BLUF4414. The contest had eight entrants. After careful consideration by judges Mr. FLAG

2023 Pup Red, Mr. Virginia Leather 2023 Ken Nelms, and Mr. Connecticut Leather Jordan Lewis, Danny Sparkles of Provincetown, MA was chosen as First Mate 2023. The first runner-up is William Small of Worcester, MA and second runner-up was Sam Smiley of Providence, RI.

The recipients of this year’s Mates Leather Weekend Brotherhood Award are Joe Gaschnig and John Joiner. The Brotherhood Award is given to those who have shown extraordinary and continuous support of Mates Leather Weekend and who demonstrate the true meaning of community and brotherhood.

Scroll all the way down to view the Mates Leather Weekend gallery. Photos supplied by Rick Conley and Facebook.



Tom of Finland Foundation Art & Culture Festival

The Tom of Finland Foundation presented their annual Tom of Finland Art & Culture Festival - GlobalSexual at The Soho Warehouse in the Arts District near downtown Los Angeles on Saturday and Sunday, October 7-8. This year, the American leg of the Festival touched down in Los Angeles and others will be in Berlin and London. The Festival in Los Angeles was open to the public October 7-8.

The Festival is the Foundation’s yearly programming effort to bring together artists, galleries and patrons from all over the globe in a socially friendly setting, so that they can network as well as buy and sell works. Scheduled programming included a kiki with The House of Avalon, a conversation about LGBT non-profit organizations with Phillip Picardi, a chat with favorite porn stars, and a discussion with previous and current Tom of Finland Foundation artists-in-residence. Martin of Holland was there.

The American leg of the Art & Culture Festival began with a piece by host Steve Chiotakis. Featuring artists from around the country, all the work in the show maintained a nod to the founder’s erotic male-centered art. The Festival also includes artist talks and performances.

We talked with TOFF’s Sharp who happily noted that the Soho Warehouse was perfect for the Art and Cultural Festival/ It was lush with greenery, accessible, had plenty of parking including a pay parking lot, a restaurant on the top floor. We would not be surprised if it returns to Soho Warehouse next year.

Scroll all the way down to view the Tom of Finland gallery. Photos by Motorboot Photography and Dave Rhodes.



Alta California Leather Corps 30th Anniversary

By Joan Norry

On October 14th Alameda County Leather Corps, currently Alta California Leather Corps (ACLC), held their 30th Anniversary celebration. The event was attended by 60 plus Leather people of all ages, who enjoyed a catered formal dinner with a hosted beer and wine bar, the presentation of awards, and the installation of new officers for the club.

The outgoing board of ACLC put together a dynamic dinner at the Hayward, California City Hall Rotunda that included entertainment by Mark Paladini and brief presentations by several of the club's beneficiaries for the year. In attendance were members of Phoenix Uniform Club, The Constantines, The Golden Gate Guards, and The 15 Association, as well as current and past ACLC title holders from three decades of community service.

The outgoing board, consisting of Nyna Kaiser, Joan Norry, Andrew "Bootdog" Johnson, Bianca, and Sweetie, put together a fantastic event that included speakers from three decades of ACLC, people who are still showing up and still doing work.

This year's beneficiaries included the Alameda County Community Food Bank, The Mendocino County Ford Street Food Bank, North Bay Bear Collective, Dorothy Day House, and Gender Health Center.

At the end of the evening, club awards were received by Cody Elkin for Member of the Year and Jeffrey Wayne for Rookie of the Year. Daddy Ray Tilton was awarded ACLC's highest honor of The Lee Bell Award and The Hopland Taphouse won Business of the Year.

The incoming board was introduced and consists of: President - Andrew "Bootdog" Johnson, Vice President - Chrysty Busch, Treasurer - Nyna Kaiser, Secretary - Joan Norry, and Member at Large - Jeffery Wayne.

Scroll all the way down to view the Alta California Leather Corps 30th Anniversary gallery. Photos by Adventure Miles Photography.



Avatar elects new officers

Avatar Club Los Angeles voted in a full slate of officers who will all serve one year term during their monthly meeting at MCC in the Valley in North Hollywood, CA on Wednesday, September 27. The presenter for the public program was Matthew Mullins, aka Pup Ashtray Boner Kain. Matthew has presented at Avatar on the pup scene before. He updated Avatar and guests on the explosion of this scene among many.

During Avatar's Annual General Meeting the club elected the following board members: President - James (J.R.) MacCurdy, Vice President - Tom Trafelet, Secretary - Brian Haugen, Treasurer - Perry Ash, At-Large - Frank Cavallo, At-Large - Dennis Beisbier, and At-Large - Jeff Schatz.

On Saturday, October 21 Guy Baldwin spent the afternoon walking us through his deconstruction of BDSM scenes.

Photo by Dave Rhodes above is during the Avatar Halloween Butt Painting Contest at Eagle LA on Friday night, October 13.


15th Leather Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony

By Rostom Mesli

The 15th Leather Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony will be held on Sunday, November 26 at the Leather Thanksgiving 23 at the Bonaventure Hotel in Los Angeles, California. The LHOF Induction is part of the greater CLAW LA weekend where there will be vendors, classes, dance parties, play parties and socials. A bit about each of the recipients:

Robert Meijer - In 1974 Robert Meijer founded RoB Amsterdam, a popular brand of Leather and kinky gear with brilliant, original designs and outstanding quality. Their flagship store and gallery on Warmoesstraat in Amsterdam remains popular today, almost 50 years later.  At various times, RoB stores have also been open in Berlin, London, Paris, New York City and San Francisco. In 1990, Robert Meijer met an untimely death due to AIDS, but RoB’s legacy and RoB brand gear endure.

John Sutcliffe - John Sutcliffe was among the most influential fashion designers, entrepreneurs, and kink technological innovators of the 20th century. He published Atom Age (no. 1, 1972), "Magazine of Modern Leather Couture," dedicated to kinky fashion with innovative use of Leather, rubber, and vinyl materials. Rare during this period, Sutcliffe operated a public store offering fetish clothing and publications in London.  His distinctive designs, such as the fetish "catsuit" for women, inspired others and contributed to the popularization of kink styles in fashion, media, and popular culture. 

69 Club - Founded in London in 1965 by Tony Hepworth and by Felix Jones (LHOF 2015), the 69 Club was the first gay male motorcycle club (MC) in Europe. This type of social and sexual institution quickly spread throughout the continent.  The 69 Club ended its activities after 56 years in December 2021, but dozens of MCs stand as their heirs, from Portugal to Estonia and Russia.


AJ Huff is Mr. International Rubber 27

Congratulations AJ Huff became Mr. International Rubber 27, and Daniel Roche was chosen first runner-up in Chicago, IL on Saturday, October 21 in front of a cheering crowd of rubber/latex enthusiasts at the Northshore Center for the Performing Arts.


So, let’s talk about the new Leather Club called Proteus

By Tom Keller

Proteus is a Leather club that offers a space for Trans, non-binary and ally leather folk. Whilst the scene now compared to many moons ago is more accepting towards Trans and non-binary people, Proteus is specifically setup to act as a safe space for all these people.

Proteus and its vision is to integrate itself into the community by working with already well-established groups and clubs, rather than creating a divide. Proteus currently has groups in Germany (@proteuslthrger) and UK/Ireland (@proteuslthruki. This picture comes from @proteuslthrger  first ever social at Folsom Europe. If you are keen to learn more and become a member, I implore you to reach out to Proteus.




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Gear Club Portugal

By Brent Sweer

Here is a group shot of Gear Club Portugal one of the boat stops at the end of September in Portugal.

Cowtown Leathermen hosts final event.

A celebration of 40 years of service and dedication to the community was held at the Arlington 1851 in Fort Worth, TX on Saturday, September 16 when the Leather community, past members and prior anniversary attendees witnessed the closing of the organization and retiring of Cowtown Leathermen Club colors.

The ceremony included a special anniversary pit to the first 100 in attendance and heavy hors d'ouvres. Sad to lose another club and thank you for those who stuck it out.


Mr. Eagle NYC Eric Holland

The newly sashed Mr. Eagle NYC is none other than Eric Holland who won the title on Saturday night, October 6 in New York, NY Four men vied for the chance to represent the bar at IML in Chicago, IL next May.

The judging panel included Mr. Eagle NYC 2023 Chris Kelley, Ms. Philadelphia Leather 2016 Alaina Hummel, Daddy Sage ONYX, Wil Wever and Jason Fluegge, Team Eagle Captain; the emcee was Mr. Eagle NYC 2004 Brian Kent and the ASL interpreter was Susan Weinstein.

The Eagle bar originally was a longshoreman’s pub called the Eagle Open Kitchen at 142 11th Avenue at 21st Street from 1931 to 1970. In 1969 the Stonewall Riots in Greenwich Village produced a newfound pride in being gay and the closet doors were slowly opening. In 1970, the Eagle Open Kitchen was acquired by Jack Modica who turned the pub into a Leather/Levi bar. With a few coats of black paint and an old beat up motorcycle for decoration, an institution was born.

The photo above was supplied by Eagle NYC and includes Mr. Eagle NYC 2024 XXX and Eagle NYC bar owner Derek Danton.


Leather History Preservation Weekend

By Tori Jones

Leather History Preservation Weekend is a three-day event, November 2-4 in Atlanta, GA, dedicated to sharing the diverse voices and experiences of Leather, and the tradition of sharing our oral histories with one another. We make items of historical value - books, photographs, recordings - available for conference participants to make these personal histories more immediate and real.

LHPW is not like any other Leather event.  LHPW is not about teaching people how to do SM, run groups, or further their relationship dynamic. This weekend brings Leatherfolk of all identities, and orientations together to share their experiences – their trials, triumphs, and tragedies, feelings, and opinions, to tell their personal stories.  Learn where today’s Leather came from, to make wiser decision about where we will take Leather tomorrow.

LHPW is for anyone curious about, or new to Leather, seasoned Leatherfolk, and others who wish to learn more about living a Leather lifestyle.

To receive your discounted registration, follow this link: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/leather-history-preservation-weekend-2023-registration-455349762397?fbclid=IwAR2RzZxp9hwYKwydh4FJb5q64m3bltL9sDzZMvj4h7NEmWAFshpkBUxy6KQ&discount=TLJ10


Mr. San Francisco Rubber 2024

By Mark Hankins, Jr.

Rodrigo Patron has been crowned Mr. San Francisco Rubber 2024 in front of a cheering crowd at the Powerhouse in San Francisco, CA on Friday night, October 6. The judges were Mark Weston, Rey Ursery, Bri Burning, Race Bannon and Dawn.

Rodrigo posted on Facebook, "As Mr. San Francisco Rubber 2024, I am committed to using this platform to promote inclusivity, education, and understanding. Together, we will continue to build a community that embraces diversity and fosters a sense of belonging."


Israel Mr. Leather is on December 14

Israel Mr. Leather is on the docket for December 14 in Tel Aviv. The host hotel is the Inta. As of now the contest is scheduled to go on, but that could change with the war status.

The judging panel includes Tio Lelieveld, John O'Brien, János Martényi, the winner of Mr./Ms/Mx Fetish Europe 2023 and

Israel Mr. Leather 2018 Udi Taurus.

Daniel Premack and Ted Spencer are the producers of 32 Degrees North, dedicated to supporting the Leather and fetish communities in Israel. We help Israeli Leather and fetish enthusiasts to connect with others like them around the world through participation in the International Mr. Leather contest in Chicago or the Mr. Fetish Europe contest. The Israel Mr. Leather titleholders also regularly attend other events around the world.


Arizona Men of Leather Area 69 Party

By Nick Kotwica and photo by Mark Levesque

The Arizona Men of Leather had a blast at their Area 69 Party, held at Anvil Bar in Phoenix on September 23rd. The outer space themed fundraiser was a benefit for Mulligan's Manor, which is the only LGBTQIA+ Non-Profit Group Home in Arizona. There were too many heavenly bodies to count, as guests enjoyed a 're-contamination chamber', a laser light show, alien probings and the centerpiece of the evening, the Mr. Galaxy Leather contest. Among the trophies handed out were the Space Cadet Award, The Kneel Armstrong Award and the Mr. Galaxy Leather crown to the best dressed contestant. Jell-o shots and space toys were sold, a 50/50 raffle and gift basket raffle were conducted and $530 was raised for Mulligan's Manor. Mission Accomplished!

Founded in 2004, The Arizona Men of Leather (AML) is a male-identified Leatherman’s Social Club consisting of individuals who seek or live the Leather/SM/Fetish lifestyle, providing opportunities for friendship, mentoring, education, and support of our community.


The Roast of Graylin Thornton

By Daddy Ray Tilton

If you remember they started back in 2012 with Lenny Broberg 20 years IML, 2013 with Queen Cougar 20 years MsSFL, we took exception and roasted IML 2013 Andy Cross in 2014, followed by Donna Sachet 20 years Empress in 2015 and our last Gary Virginia 20 years Mr SFL in 2016.

After an almost seven year hiatus we are proud to roast (maybe even spit roast) Graylin Thornton for his many, many years of advocacy within the broader LGBT community and specifically within the BIPOC and kink scenes with unwavering dedication.

On December 16 at the SF Eagle at 2 PM we will be celebrating 30 years since his historic win as International Mr. Drummer 1993.

Join our Co/MC's Race Bannon and Sister Roma as they guide us on the road and through the gutters. This is one to not miss.


NCSF Celebrates National Kink Month with an interview with Goddess Lakshimi

"Right now, my biggest project is to do something for the Carter Johnson Library every month. Those buildings don’t run on air. I think that that particular project is noteworthy because it deals with everything from masochism, sadism, sexuality. To find just old love notes and old love stories. I love books. That is the way we love. Not that conventional. There are new books there every time I go. I find the book and I go to sleep with it. I am amazed and mesmerized with Lucifer the Light Bearer, which is the newspaper that Mama Vi has in her collection that was written from about 1883 to 1903, I think. I have so much to thank the library for because now there’s a section that’s strictly on human sexuality. There’s a Scholars Room for goodness’ sake. You can go there and just be in the books. And my father, Papa Nathan has an entire room dedicated to him. And yes, I was out to my mother and father."

Read the entire interview at https://ncsfreedom.org/2023/10/01/ncsf-celebrates-national-kink-month-with-an-interview-with-goddess-lakshimi/

Atons of Minneapolis Holiday Fundraiser

Atons of Minneapolis and Minnesota Leather Pride will celebrate the winter holidays with an afternoon of Leather, kink, and cheer at The Saloon on December 2 at 9 PM! Join them for the return of their annual Holiday Fundraiser with proceeds benefiting The Aliveness Project and The Bridge for Youth.

This year, there will be a prize drawing and silent auctions. They are currently gathering items from sponsors and accepting gear donations of gently used Leather and fetish items.


LA Puppy Pride

Los Angeles Pup Pride Weekend and the main event, the Los Angeles Pup Contest! This year’s theme is ‘Hooray for Hollywoof!’ This year’s events are on Thursday, November 9-12. There are seven contestants this year.

Thursday starts with Bark & Sniff meet and greet at Threshold LA, 18 plus; Friday features Hollywoof! exclusive pup and pet private screening party at a private warehouse, 18+.

Saturday Nov 11 -LA Pup Pet Educational classes at 12 PM; LA Pup 2024 contest beginning at 7 PM - MCC in The Valley, 18- plus; and Sunday is Bone: LA Pup Victory Party at the Eagle LA at 9 PM.

LA Pup Pride cofounder Matthew Mullins, aka Pup Ashtray Boner Kain, presented on the pup scene at Avatar's monthly educational meeting in September. Pups and handlers were there in packs.


What has the Science of BDSM been up to?

By Brad Sagarin

After two years of virtual conferences and events, it has been wonderful to get back into the field. Earlier this year, the team attended the annual conference of the Society for Personality and Social Psychology (and the Sexuality preconference), the Leather Leadership Conference, Kinky Kollege Spring Break, CLAW, Beguiled, Southwest Decadence, the Guild of Deviated Standards, the Master/slave Conference, and some great events at the Leather Archives and Museum. Over the next couple of months, we’re looking forward to Kinky Kollege Homecoming and the annual conference of the Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality.


Mr. Sister Leather J Carter

The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence: Los Angeles House congratulates J Carter for becoming Mr. Sister Leather 2024 at Eagle LA on Saturday night, September 30. Don Levy and Drew Arvizu competed admirably. Of course, the Sisters opened the night with one of their zany blessings.

The emcees were Sister Unity and Robert Blackmon who was the first Mr. Sister Leather titleholder. The judges were Mr. Sister Leather 2023 Victor Ongpin, Bishop Onyx, Gerald Hill, producer of Cruise LA Pony, Sister Tonkabelle Fairy.


Passing of Stephen Brown

By Howard Fergusen

I am sad to announce the passing of Stephen Brown, Oedipus Pro Emeritus Member in good standing since 2000. Stephen died Monday, September 25th after a short battle with respiratory illness, with Oedipus friends at his side.

Stephen has been an avid rider for many decades, joining Oedipus in 2000. During his membership Stephen has supported the club in fundraisers and events, hosting many at his Silver Lake home. Stephen also served as Ride Captain (Regent) for two years providing many innovative rides.

My thanks go to Stephen for all the support and the great memories he has left with us.


Mr. and Mx San Francisco Leather results

Bacilo was named Mr. San Francisco Leather and Stylist Denali was chosen to be Mx San Francisco Leather at 934 Brannan Street on Saturday night, September 9 in The City By The Bay. This was the 40th Annual Mister title and the first Mx title which was produced by the San Francisco Bay Area Alliance. A victory celebration followed at the Powerhouse a few blocks away.




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Race Bannon is at Tool Shed

By Race Bannon

If you're going to be in Palm Springs on October 28th, join the On Guard Cigar Salon crew for a live recording of a episode. We'll talk with Durk Dehner from the Tom of Finland Foundation. We will discuss Tom's legacy and how his art shaped our community today. Starts at 12:30 PM at the Tool Shed. Stay for the Cigar Social benefiting the Tom of Finland Foundation and have a smoke with us immediately after.

You can listen to episodes on Spotify or iTunes or watch our video channel at OnGuardSalon.com.


The Dallas Eagle has landed

The Dallas Eagle held its grand opening on Friday, October 13 to a raucous crowd at its new location, 525 South Riverfront Blvd. Dallas, TX 75207.




Manchester Leather Weekend XXIII

The Manchester Leather Weekend XXIII brought Leathermen from all over Europe, the United Kingdom to Manchester, England for another terrific early October weekend for brotherhood and camaraderie produced by the Manchester Leathermen. Photo by Tom Keller.



Mr. SF Eagle Leather Alex W. Seidel

By Mark Hankins Jr.

The new torchbearer as Mr. SF Eagle Leather 2024 Alex W. Seidel and Nikhil Londhe was the runner-up on the patio stage at the SF Eagle on Saturfay, Septrmber 16. The panel of judges was Cody Elkin, Nunca Sola, Alpha pup Savage, Jamal Herrera-O'Malley, Bri Burning, Justin TheStork Hauser, Taylor Daniel. The dynamic emcees, Beth Bicoastal and Jeffrey Wayne were full of energy and owned the stage.


Philadelphians MC 50th Anniversary

Fifty years ago, 19 men became the Charter Members of a new back patch Leather club, the Philadelphians MC Incorporated. The Constitution and by-laws of the club were adopted on October 17, 1974, at the home of Frank D (who also would be the originator of the Philadelphia Freedom Punch).


Mr. Bear LA Brian

Brian was tops among five men running for Mr. Bear LA on Sunday night, October 15 at the Eagle LA. The runner-up was Lunar Bear. The emcee was Bears LA president Gabriel Green. The judges were Mr. Bear LA 2023 Marquis The Honeybear, Mr. LA Leather Bear 2019 Eric De Leon, Danny Moran, Joe Ether and Pup Orion.

The disco ball theme was Studio Fifty Fur. There was a Bears LA dinner at the Coral Cafe in Burbank on Friday night and a meet and greet at Eagle LA on Saturday night.

NCSF's Jackie “Bebe” Harris passes

The NCSF is saddened to hear of the passing of Jackie “Bebe” Harris on October 12, 2023, in St. Louis, MO.

Jackie was always such a bright light in every room, and a vibrant presence in our communities. She cannot be replaced, but she will always be loved and remembered. Her friends and colleagues at NCSF honor her 9 years of service, both as a Board Member and her dedicated outreach in bringing people together.

The Visitation took place on October 17 at the Irwin Chapel on 3960 Maryville Rd in Granite City, IL.

Bucks MC Santa Saturday 50

The Bucks MC of Pennsylvania will host Santa Saturday 50 at the Empress Hotel in Asbury Park, NJ. The main event will be an auction with shows, dancing, drinks, food, bootblacks, vendors and massages. THere will be a meet and greet on Friday night.

This is a 100 percent charity event. All money raised goes to The Center of Asbury Park, Project REAL, Fact Bucks County NJ, and We Are Better Together.



SFLeathermen's Discussion Group welcomes ONYX Northwest

On Wednesday, October 25 at 7:30 PM the San Francisco Leathermen's Discussion Group will welcome ONYX Northwest as the club celebrates six years of operation. Five of the newest line of members, Bruised N Banjee, will discuss their journeys as BIPOC kinsksters and their first two years of club membership.

Program will be recorded.

The Leathermen's Discussion Group will present Mental Health on Wednesday, November 15. Note this is on a third Wednesday and regular meetings are on fourth Wednesdays. Transform1060, 1060 Folsom Street, San Francisco, CA, 94103.






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