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Dave Rhodes' Hump Day, September 11, 2022

By September 12, 2022




Peter Fiske raises over $25,000 for Leather Archives

By Jim Neuman

Peter Fiske has raised over $13,722 by rewarding significant donors with items from his iconic and lifelong Whip and Singletail Collection.

Thanks to matching gifts of $10,000 from Jim Neuman and $1,500 from Jonathan Rosenblatt, he is presenting $25,000. Pictured are (left to right) Peter Fiske, Executive Director of LA&M Gary Wasdin, Board Member Bob Miller, and Jim Neuman, at a recent gathering of the Palm Springs, Desert Division of the California B&B Corps. Peter, Jim and Jonathan are B&B Members.

To make your own tax deductible donations to the LA&M please visit




Master Taino passes MsC torch

"This evening, (September XXX), I announced my decision to pass the torch as Executive Producer of MsC. The MTTA Board of Directors named Mister Blue to take the position. I will continue as president of the Board and Executive Director of MTTA. I ask the MsC Family to support Mister Blue and to help the event in years to come, as I will do. It’s time to let new blood to move the event forward. I thank all for the love, respect and support I received since the beggining of MsC in 2004. Love all of you back." - Master Taino.

The Master slave Conference was held September 1- 5 at the College Park Marriott Hotel and Conference Center in College Park, MD. MsC is the largest gathering of Masters and slaves and the only fully educational event on Master/slave relationships. MsC 2022 is held over Labor Day Weekend.

MsC is the home of the Northeast Master/slave Contest, the keynote speaker was International Master 2018 Mister Blue, Traditions Live speaker was slaveboy Joshua Tenpenny, M/s Flag Breakfast speaker was Hardy Haberman; there were 122 educational opportunities including classes, panels, intensives, roundtables, conversations and service stations.




LGBTQ Leather at Pride World Wide

This is the summer where the world came out from shelter as they felt safe enough from COVID-19 that they could do so. To be sure, the virus has not thrown up the white flag and it doesn't look like it ever will; and many are still cautious because it "ain't over yet."

Still, millions participated in Pride Parades and Festivals virtually every where. The big cities and global tourist centers such as Berlin, London, New York, Tokyo, Barcelona, Los Angeles, Amsterdam, San Francisco, Toronto , Mexico City, Seattle, Chicago, and Paris were busy.

Cities such as Fresno, Minneapolis, Portland, Austin, Malaga, Antwerp, Long Beach, St. Louis, Oslo, San Diego, Providence, Utrecht, Sioux City and more were out in full force.

We have a gallery of approximately 150 photos at https://theleatherjournal.com/news/lgbtq-leather-at-pride-world-wide for your viewing pleasure and will be adding to it as there are still many celebrations left to be held in 2022 such as Palm Springs, CA, Australia.

Leather manifested itself in so many of these cities. Some in full Leather, gear, puppy hoods. Many were embracing and/or kissing. There was no shortage of bare chested men, most wearing bulldog and traditional harnesses, kilts, titleholders with sashes on, BLUF men.

Story continues on https://theleatherjournal.com/news/lgbtq-leather-at-pride-world-wide



Mr. Palm Springs Leather names emcees and judges

Palm Springs Leather Pride will feature the Mr. Palm Springs Leather contest October 27-30 at venues in Palm Springs and Cathedral City which will be emceed by the duo of Brian Dawson and Karen Ultra. The theme is Eruption.

The judges for Mr. Palm Springs Leather are Ralph Bruneau, Joe Gallagher, Jeff Tucker, Andy Cross and Lenny Broberg - all past IMLs, and Marc Bellenger of the Tom of Finland Foundation.

More than a contest, Palm Springs Leather Pride - Eruption will include several awesome events including Friday night Leather Pride Dinner, several Plunge Pool Parties at the Canyon Club, Mr. Palm Springs Leather contest and Victory Dance, Cigar Social, and both nights of Leather Mart at the Tool Shed.




Explicit Prior Permission for Consent to Kink

By Susan Wright

NCSF worked with the American Law Institute to help create Explicit Prior Permission in the revised Model Penal Code on Sexual Assault. EPP replaces old case law which found “consent is not a defense to assault."

To get Explicit Prior Permission for use of force or restraint with sexual contact, specific acts must be agreed to verbally or in writing (opt-in not opt-out negotiation). Everyone must understand the risks involved and agree to the intensity, like marks or no marks? Even with consent, you can’t seriously injure someone, like causing a scar or nerve damage.

Everyone also must be able to stop what’s happening at any time, even in M/s or consensual non-consent relationships. That means having a safeword, safe signal, or simply agreeing that any protests should be respected (also which specific protests can be ignored during roleplay). Prior consent doesn’t mean current consent under EPP.

Be aware of everyone’s limitations or barriers to their ability to consent to the planned activities, such as age, diminished mental capacity, or use of drugs or alcohol. Don’t re-negotiate to add things after starting because it’s too easy to coerce someone into doing things they normally wouldn’t agree to in their right mind.







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Steven Rutledge is Mr. CMEN Leather 2022

Steven Rutledge from Santa Maria, California, won the title of Mr. CMEN Leather 2022 at CMEN’s West Coast Gathering near Big Bear, California on Sunday evening, August 28. First runner-up was Kip O'Connor from Palm Springs and second runner-up was Jeff Crandall from Los Angeles were selected runners-up. There were seven contestants.

Steven is looking forward to representing CMEN at Leather community events in California and at the International Mr. Leather contest in Chicago in May 2023. The judging panel was composed of head judge, Mr. CMEN Leather 2003 Rob Silver, Jeff Calvert and Kyle Young. Mr. CMEN Leather 2015 Rick Boehle served as emcee and Rob Daniel served as tally master.

California Men Enjoying Naturism (CMEN) is an international social organization for gay and bisexual men who enjoy naturism. CMEN's West Coast Gathering 2023 will take place in Southern California’s San Bernardino Mountains August 21-28. Participants share experiences and learn new skills in workshops, and enjoy the Southern California sun, camaraderie, activities, and shows. First held in Malibu in October 1999, the West Coast Gatherings have grown to draw over 500 male naturists from throughout North America, the Pacific Islands and Europe. CMEN also hosts gatherings in Northern California and Tennessee.




Sergei is Mr. Argos

By Gonzo Gonzales

The Mr. Argos 2022 Contest was won by Sergei at Argos Tavern & Patio in Dayton, OH on Saturday night, August 6. Six brave souls Blu, Sergei. The judges were Xcentic, John Gantt, Pup Kaine, and Beth Jacobs with tally master Damon Babbage. The contest was completed in less the two hours. There were classes in the day time, including Power Exchange 101.




NCSF honored by American Psychological Association

The NCSF announced that we received the 2022 Presidential Citation from the American Psychological Association’s Division 44 (Psychology of Sexual Orientation and Gender Diversity) for our efforts fighting the marginalization of sexual variance. From L to R: NCSF Treasurer Archer Shelton, Kink Aware Professionals Advocate Russell J. Stambaugh, and Chairperson Tess Zachary display the award at the APA Conference in Minnesota on August 4.




Satrys MC Badger Flat 59 held

Off, on, off and on again, the Satyrs Motorcycle Club held their world famous grand daddy of them all Badger Flat 59 run in the mountains northeast of Fresno, CA over Labor Day weekend, September 1-5. The crowd was smaller than in recent years and that is easily attributed to the fact tht the run was cancelled because the Forest Service wold not allow the camp to opn. Then, at nearly the last minute, conditions were improved enough that th Satyrs were given the go ahead.

Those who went were not disappointed. The camaraderie and brotherhood were there, the bonfires raged, drinks flowed, entertainment was fun, bike competitions, eggs-to-order breakfasts and all that is Badger Flat occurred. Photo by Frank Jenkins.

The Satyrs Motorcycle Club of Los Angeles is the oldest running gay men’s motorcycle club and organization in the world. Formed in 1954 during the height of the McCarthy era, seven men came together, bonded by the love of the motorcycle to form a club. It was not an easy time in America for gay men to congregate with fellow gay men. Homosexuals were deemed as deviants and undesirables in society.




International Master slave judges named

South Plains Leatherfest will be held March 23-26 in Dallas, TX and the producers have named the panel of judges for the International Master slave 2023 Contest. South Plains Leatherfest will feature a keynote address, dinners, workshops and classes, socials vendors and play parties.

The International Master slave panel includes head judge Liza, Master Lola Smiles, Mrs. BlueFrost, Master Bill Master Seykou, His victor, and slave Brynn. To read the bios of the judges, information an to register, check out






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Mr. and Ms CSW Leather 2023 is Chris Velasquez and Lady Remedy

By Mistress Cyan

The Los Angeles Leather Contest Season kicked off this past August 20th with The CSW Leather Contest 2023 at Eagle LA and produced by Mistress Cyan, who is a member of the CSW/LA Pride Board of Directors.

The large turnout at the Eagle witnessed a very entertaining contest emceed by Gabriel Green and Genesis, which ended with the sashing of the new Mr. CSW Leather 2023 Chris Velasquez. There were no contestants for the Ms Contest so Lady Remedy was asked to serve another year and accepted the offer by her title brothers.

One of the highlights of the evening was the speech that Chris gave in his Formal Leather segment of the contest. It was passionate and straight from the heart as he shared his experience of coming out and accepting himself for who he was after attending his first LA Pride Festival and finding his way into the Leather Lifestyle area of the festival known as Erotic City. “I was the first runner-up in the 2020 Mr. CSW Leather Contest," said Chris. “I knew this was the title I wanted and with the support of many in the Leather community, I worked hard to get ready for this."

Judges were Head Judge Mr. CSW 2020 Joe Clopton, Mr. CSW Leather 2019 Jacob Lamoent, Mr. CSW Leather 2018 Jose Magana, Ms CSW Leather 2020 Lady Remedy Ann, and Ms Bettie Bondage. Tally Master was Mike Van Horn, Judges Coordinator was ALLC Treasurer Adam Monda and Contest Coordinator was LA Band of Brothers President Romaldo Mancilla.




IML trip to Fort Lauderdale

By Bear Man

International Mr. Leather 2022 Gael Leung Chong Wo made the annual IML trip to Fort Lauderdale, FL, where he received his IML vest with much fan fare. The trip in late July was made possible by the financial support of the Fort Lauderdale Leather community businesses, LeatherWerks, Stompers Boots, Stompers Gloves, Ramrod Bar, Wilton Manors Eagle, and Inn Leather Guest House.



Crescent City Leathermen - Leather Under the Stars

By Tim Reynolds

Crescent City Leathermen invite interested guests to join them at Wildwoods Hideaway which is a gay men's clothing optional destination in Eutaw, Alabama October 14-16 for Leather Under the Stars. There will be Leather demos and the weekend is free to roam as there is no structured schedule. Phone (205) 860-0836 for reservations.




Woodhull Files New Brief Challenging Constitutionality of FOSTA

Woodhull Freedom Foundation, the national advocacy organization for sexual rights, has filed an appellate brief with the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit. The brief is the latest in Woodhull’s four year legal battle to have 2018’s FOSTA legislation declared unconstitutional. Woodhull is joined by Human Rights Watch, the Internet Archive, Alex Andrews, and Eric Koszyk in mounting the appeal.

“This appeal gives us a chance to directly challenge the constitutionality of the FOSTA in a court that has previously affirmed us,” says Ricci Joy Levy, President of Woodhull Freedom Foundation. “FOSTA is brutal, unconstiutional law that continues to destroy lives in its effort to silence sex workers. This is a long battle, but the stakes are enormous. We look forward to making our case before the DC Circuit.”

The Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act (FOSTA) was passed by Congress and signed into law by President Trump in 2018. The law created an exemption to Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act for both criminal and civil complaints involving the promotion or facilitation of prostitution. Free speech and internet rights advocates and sex worker rights groups have all protested the law, which has since resulted in widespread censorship of sex-related speech. Story continues at




Mr. Fits Like A Glove Jack Keegan

The Mr. Fits Like A Glove 2022 winner is Jack Keegan and there were four men competing. The runner up was Harry James Ostrowsky. The contest was held at the Providence Eagle on August 13 and was part of FLAG's 31st Anniversary.

Ian Scooby Rossman was presented the Mentor Award for his community service.




Crescent City Leathermen World AIDS Day Candle Light Vigil

Story and photo by Tim Reynolds

December 1st, at 7 PM, the Crescent City Leathermen will host the annual World AIDS Day Candle Light Vigil in Washington Square Park in New Orleans, LA. They will be lining up on the neutral ground between the New Orleans Phoenix and Mag’s on Elysian Fields. Each year the Crescent City Leathermen gather as a community to honor those lost during the AIDS crisis and those currently living with HIV.





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Northeast Master/slave 2022 winners

Northeast Master/slave 2022 are Master Penguin and slave ginna from MAsT Gettysburg, PA. They won their titles during the Master slave Conference which was held September 1- 5 at the College Park Marriott Hotel and Conference Center in College Park, MD.

The judging panel included Head Judge Sir Daddy Daun, Master David Mack, Cream Dream, Mama Vi Johnson, Vi Johnson, slave raven and Sir S’ango. 2019 Northeast Master and slave
Sir Edgar and slave raven of Clifton, NJ stepped down after serving three years due to COVID-19 delays.



LA Leather Coalition elects officers

By Mistress Cyan

Elections for LA Leather Coalition officers were held during the organization's August 2 monthly meeting. Terms were up for the seats held by Mistress Cyan, Gabriel Green and Victor Ayala. Additionally, a fourth seat opened with board member Alan Stroik stepping down with one year remaining for that vacancy. Nominations were taken and a vote was held to elect the board members to fill the open seats.

Mistress Cyan and Gabriel Green were re-elected to continue for another term. Victor Ayala was elected to fill the vacancy of Alan Stroiks chair for the year remaining on that seat and Romaldo Mancilla was elected to fill a third open seat. The LALC 2023 Corporate Officers are Chair Robert Green, Vice-Chair Sir Frank Cavallo, Secretary Mistress Cyan, and Treasurer Adam Monda.



Cain Berlinger receives NLA Lifetime Achievement Award

Cain Berlinger was presented with the Lifetime Achievement award for 2022 by the National Leather Association, the ceremony was held Saturday on August 14 via Zoom and presided over by NLA president John Doan.

Cain was cited for his contributions such as Producer of Mr. Ebony Leather; His life-saving booklet, Sex in the Dungeon, which made safety protocols regarding Diabetics in dungeon play.

He is also the author of a cultural first, Black Men in Leather, which recently went hardcover.

He is also the co-founder of the CBF foundation which funds minority artists who live the Leather and kink lifestyle. And the founder of the Cuckoos Nest Leather bar in Amsterdam. Cain is the author of over 20 books of erotica.

Cain resides in New York with his partner Will and his Boy, NR.




Mates Leather Weekend XXV judges named

Mates Leather Weekend will celebrate its 25th Anniversary the weekend of September 29 - October 3 in Provincetown, MA.

First Mate 2001 David Oravez is the First Mate contest emcee. The judging panel includes Mr. FLAG 2022 Jack Keegan, Mr. Snowbound 2022 Cameron Peirce and Mr. Fire Island Leather 2022 Errik T. Following the phenomenal success of the 2022 Mr. Snowbound Contest, which raised over $17,000 for AIDS Support Group of Cape Cod, an additional category, Fundraising Results, has been added to the judging of the contestants.

A weekend registration includes event pass includes entry into all events, Mates Leather Weekend T-shirt, a portion of the proceeds benefits the AIDS Support Group of Cape Cod; discounts at the Bayside Betsy’s Restaurant, Crown & Anchor Restaurant, main course dishes at Ross Grill Restaurant, Way Down Town Restaurant, Provincetown Brewing Company, free workouts at Provincetown Gym and $20 day pass at Mussel Beach Health Club. All discounts at the restaurants exclude alcohol. The First Mate contest is always a blast as are the Leather and gear vendors.

Host hotels are Gifford House at 9 Carver Street and the The Watership Inn at 7 Winthrop Street.

Mates Leather Weekend is a kick-back, have a good time, meet some hot new friends weekend for those who want to hang out, socialize, relax or party with other like-minded people in Leather, Rubber and Uniforms.




Mr. SF Eagle Leather during Leather Pride Fest

Kicking off Leather Pride Fest Weekend is the 2023 Mr. SF Eagle Leather Contest. The contestant meet and greet will run from 7-9 PM on Friday at the SF Eagle. Saturday the fun starts at 5 PM with the Mr. SF Eagle Leather contest.

Mr. SF Leather will be hosted by Daddy Ray Tilton and Ms SF Eagle Tammy Lg Hatter. The judging panel is comprised of Jeffery Wayne, Caity Lynch, Brent Heinze, Howie Ramirez, and Reika Minxie. Stick around for Young Hearts starting at 9 PM on Saturday.

During the Mr. SF Eagle Leather meet and greet, Lenny Broberg will be a guest of honor celebrating his 30th year as Mr. SF Eagle and Mr. SF Leather and, of course, International Leather. Lenny will join in on raising the flag at Leather Pride Fest.

Leather Walk 2022 itself is on Sunday, September 18 at 11 AM at City Hall - Polk Street side. This will wind its way to Eagle Plaza in front of the SF Eagle at 12th and Harrison Streets. Watch the traditional raising of the Leather Pride Flag followed by a huge beer bust at the SF Eagle.





CLAW - LA Leather Getaway

By Bob Miller

Excitement is growing in Southern California for CLAW’s LA Leather Getaway which will be held at the Westin Bonaventure Hotel over Thanksgiving Week, November 23-27.

CLAW - LA Leather Getaway includes more than 250 events and exhibitors, 100-plus kinky sex education sessions, Leather vendor mart kicking off the holiday shopping season, seven dungeon parties, hosted by Avatar LA, 12 speed dating sessions, three silent auctions, semi-annual SquarePeg MisFit Toys sale, Leather Hall of Fame inductions of the artist Rex, GMS/MA and the 15 Association, Sunday Tea Dance on the plaza pool deck, Bound & Beautiful Live Muscle Gallery, Strip Bingo, pup/pet moshes, Playground by ABUniverse, Kinky Kabaret, 24-hour Bunker Hill Cigar Deck, and many other sexual, social and community events.

Separate tickets are also available for seven different banquets, including the Second Annual Chosen Family Leather Thanksgiving Dinner on Thursday.

All Getaway events take place at the Westin Bonaventure, the largest hotel in Los Angeles. Rooms start at $165/night and are available only at the link below.



Mr. Connecticut Leather Weekend

Connecticut Leather Weekend will be held September 9-11 at the York Street Cafe in New Haven, CT with the Mr. Connecticut Leather 2022 contest being the main event. Join in for a weekend of Leather, fetish, and camaraderie. Events will include a meet and greet, BDSM classes, performances, cigar social, and of course, the Mr. Connecticut Leather contest.
Stay over night at The New Haven Hotel and enjoy all the fun Connecticut has to offer.





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Lords of Leather's Mr. Louisiana Leather contest

The Lords of Leather will present the Mr. Louisiana Leather contest on Saturday, September 3 at the Siberia Lounge, starting at 7 PM in New Orleans, LA. The contest will be held during Southern Decadence over Labor Day. Admission is $20. The Siberia Lounge is located at 2227 St. Claude Avenue in New Orleans.




35th Creating Change Conference

The National LGBTQ Task Force announced registration for the 35th Creating Change Conference is now open. They expect thousands to gather in San Francisco, California, from Friday to Tuesday, February 17-21.

Many awards will be presented during the conference, including the Creating Change Leather Leadership Award. The 2022 recipient was Billy Lane.

After two years of gathering virtually, Creating Change finally returns for a highly anticipated in-person gathering early next year, as the NLGBTQ Task Force kicks off the 50th anniversary of the Task Force’s founding in 1973.

As the foremost political, leadership, and skills-building conference for the LGBTQ movement, a special Creating Change registration rate is available in limited supply until October 31.




Golden Gate Guards - Golden Dildeaux Awards

The Golden Dildeaux Awards originated back in 1974 by Mr. Marcus Hernandez to promote his bar, The Cauldron. Later, it became a fund raiser for the AIDS Emergency Fund. At Mr. Marcus’ request, the Golden Gate Guards continued the tradition of the annual awards as well as fundraising for AEF, which became the Positive Resource Center and now Emergency Financial Assistance. This year, 2022 marks the 50th Anniversary of the GDA's. Thanks to the community's overwhelming generosity this year's Golden Dildeaux Awards set another fundraising record of $10,494 for the Positive Resource Center's Emergency Financial Assistance fund on Saturday, April 30 at the SF Eagle. Photo by Dot.

Masters of Ceremonies were Cody Elkin and Star D. Love who kept the show lively and entertaining while presenting the winners.



Michael Alvarez, Ride in Peace

From Empire City MC Rumblings

Michael Alvarez's passing at the age of 71 on Thursday, 23rd June 2022 was announced by Crawford Funeral Home in Rochester, NY.

Michael was a former member and officer of the Rochester Rams MC, which was officially formed in 1975, and officially disbanded (by membership vote) several years ago when their home bar and
community stopped supporting them.

Michael is survived by his 30+ year partner, Bob F. (also known as Axel) whom was also a member and officer of Rochester Rams MC. Michael could be found in the kitchen making breakfast, lunch and dinner at the Rams Run from the late 1990s until the end of the Rams Run in the mid-2010s.



Dion Daly-Susino "Daddy Dion"
Sunrise May 3 1958 - Sunset July 31, 2022

By Rik Newton-Treadway

Dion lost his battle with Cancer in July 2022 at 64 years old. He is survived by his beloved and devoted husband of 39 years Sal Susino, their boy Pup Loyal, and the NJ Leather Family.

Dion was most proud of his life with his husband Sal, Pup "Loyal" and his best buddy Bubba, whether they were being advocates, activists, cooking, volunteers, going to events, camp outs or co-producing the Mr/Ms NJ Leather Contest and other community events with DRAGONSLAIR Productions among others, or just having cocktails sitting on the back deck or around the fire.

Dion was a co-recipient of the Pride Network’s Harvey Milk Community Advocacy Award.

He most enjoyed the life and community they have built in their beloved Asbury Park, New Jersey.

The New Jersey and Mid-Atlantic communities will gather for a Celebration of this Community Icon’s Life on September 25, from 2-6 PM at Paradise 101 Asbury Ave in Asbury Park.




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A Blast From The Past - San Francisco's Phoenix Uniform Club

The Phoenix Uniform Club of San Francisco appear on stage at the SF Eagle during a fundraiser for the AIDS Emergency Fund on Dore Alley weeknd in July, 2001.






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