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Dave Rhodes' Hump Day, September 23, 2020

By September 23, 2020


Empire City MC - Pennsylvania Ride

The riders of the Empire City Motorcycle club rode over 750 miles in six days, visiting four AMCC clubs and socially-distancing via motorcycle through Pennsylvania with stops in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and Harrisburg trip this Labor Day weekend, September 4-7. Empire City MC met up with other AMCC bike-riding brothers along the way. The club and guests visited the Flight 93 National Memorial of the crash of United Airlines Flight 93, which was hijacked in the September 11 attacks, in Stonycreek Township, Somerset County, Pennsylvania. Plans are developing for ECMC's 56th Anniversary Weekend and Anniversary Dinner with details coming soon. See their link below to find out more.



Centaur MC - Mid Atlantic Leather 2021 cancelled

By Todd White

To our Leather friends, family and supporters,
It is with a heavy heart that I am writing this letter. The Centaur MC had their monthly meeting on Sunday September 13. Following a long discussion and a lot of consideration the membership voted to cancel Mid Atlantic Leather 2021. This was not an easy decision, but with current trends and local regulations there wasn’t a way to hold the event in a safe and responsible manner. Below you will find additional information about the hotel, contest and pre-sold packages.
We have already started planning MAL 2022 and look forward to welcoming you back to the Mid-Atlantic area for an amazing weekend. Stay safe and look out for one another. Until once again we can gather together, reminisce with old friends, and create memories with new ones.



Excelsior MC - new members

By Joe Gebbs

On the night of September 12 I had the pleasure of presenting backpatches to Excelsior MC's two newest members at the Eagle NYC in New York, NY. Congrats Michael Jeavons and Ken Nerol. Excelsior MC began in 1975 when a group of four men, Terry McNulty, David Talbot, Rich Dicurci and Wally Wallace shared a room on Fire Island where they spent Leather Weekend, sponsored by Cycle MC. The club members and GDI's (Goddamn Independents) at this run came from all over the United States and Europe, and everyone was very friendly and outgoing. The original four members felt a kinship with these Leathermen and a special friendship evolved with one group in particular, Empire City MC.




Northwest Leather Celebration will wait until 2022

Greetings from your Northwest Leather Celebration Producers. The last months have been a challenging time in our world and this continues for the foreseeable future. Many are suffering and we as leaders in the community recognize this and our hearts feel the weight of it. After much thought, it is with sadness that we announce that we will not produce Northwest Leather Celebration in 2021. We believe it is the right decision to keep our community safe and to respect not only the health crisis but the financial burden as well. Northwest Leather Celebration is a gathering place for Leather and kinky people and offers a full weekend of education, contests, parties, and fun. Northwest Leather Celebration is the home of the Northwest Master slave, Northwest Bootblack and Northwest Person of Leather Contests.






Dave Rhodes Hump Day Mailing List

One month ago we had 173 members

Now there are 535

Our goal is 2,500

Join this Facebook Group today and Have my weekly news blog sent to your Facebook Notifications every time we post. If you already are a member, please invite your friends.






Chicago Hellfire Club will turn 50 in 2021

Planning is already under way for the 50th Anniversary of the Chicago Hellfire Club in 2021, a milestone which is already generating a lot of excitement. The Chicago Hellfire Club is a brotherhood of kinky gay men. CHC's goal is to provide education and opportunities among consenting adult men, and to foster communication.




MSC Belgium - Extension of titles for a second year

MSC Belgium is happy and grateful to announce that both the titles of Mister Leather Belgium and Bootblack Europe will be extended till 2022. The objective to extend Gael and Alistair’s titles as soon as Covid19 emerged, was formally decided during the first physical board meeting since Darklands. "I know these are difficult times. I would like to encourage all of us, to care of each other! For those, we are going through some difficult moments or time, do not hesitate to reach out to each other, including myself. Next year, we celebrate 50 years of MSC Belgium...." MSC Belgium president Bart Verrecas. Although today, MSC Belgium exists in active support of all fetishes, the name tells more about its roots. MSC Belgium’s name was mentioned for the first time in 1978, taking over the activities of the first Leather and motorcycle club which was created in 1971 under the name of MS Belgica.




Sanctuary LAX Studios and House of Algos - Online International Kink Symposium

Sanctuary LAX Studios, in association with House Of Algos, invites the kinky public to their first online International Kink Symposium the weekend of September 25-27. Guests experience 12 hours of kink and BDSM education presented by eight instructors, to be held on each of three days across the globe. Guests enjoy a wide variety of classes taught by experienced BDSM professionals for one low price of $40 USD. Seats are limited. Topics will include Finding Your First Play Partner by Sir Ezra, Nine Ways to Improve BDSM in the Pandemic by Danarama and Queen Ana, Behavioral Modification by Vee of House Ravyn Blood, Religion and Sexuality by Madame Margherite, Erotic Mind Fucking by Sir Ezra, Call Me Daddy: Exploring the Daddy Domme by Wiley Wolfe, Mastering the Art of Negotiation by Sir Ezra, Finding Your Dominant Voice by Queen Ana, Verbal Domination by Madame Rose, Fire Play by Sir Ezra, Finding Your Submissive Voice by Queen Ana, and BDSM
History - a first person account by Mistress Cyan and Sir Ezra.
Each of three days is timed for a different continent. The first session will be timed for the Americas on Friday, the second session will be timed for the European and African continents on Saturday and the third session will be timed for Australia and Asia, on Sunday. More details at




Ride to Mammoth

A group of bikers from a couple of the Los Angeles motorcycle clubs took a four-day ride to Mammoth Lake in Northern California from Los Angeles the weekend of September 17-20. Photo supplied by Brent Sweer. Oedipur Motorcycle Club of Los Angeles is a gay motorcycle club that, like Madonna, was born in 1958! Members ride all varieties of motorcycles, but they have a preference for sportbikes and, whatever types of bikes we ride, a sporting mindset. Visit their meet-up page at






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Women's sexual revolutionary Shere Hite dies aged 77

By Matthew Weaver for The Guardian

The pioneering feminist Shere Hite, known for her research on female sexuality, has died at the age of 77. She was best known for The Hite Report: A Nationwide Study of Female Sexuality, which has sold more than 50m copies since publication in 1976. Based on the views of 3,500 women, it challenged male assumptions about sex by revealing....Bindel said: “Her work was groundbreaking – in many ways she began the real sexual revolution for women in the 1970s after the abject failure of the so-called sexual revolution of the 1960s. In the 60s, women didn’t ever feel that they had the right to sexual pleasure. Shere Hite put women’s sexual pleasure first and foremost for the first time ever. She centered women’s experiences as opposed to seeing men as the default position and women as secondary. That really spoke to a lot of women about their own bodies, their own sexual liberation and sexual pleasure.”





Angel City Emergency Fund

The Angel City Emergency Fund was started by The FoundNation after postponing the 2020 Los Angeles Ms/Mx/Bootblack contests. ACE offers micro-grants to those affected by economic hardship due to the COVID-19 containment measures. Anyone in the Leather/Kink/Fetish community in LA and the surrounding counties can apply for expenses related to immediate need. ACE is actively seeking to partner with other community entities to signal boost, identify those in need and maximize the effectiveness of this effort. “Time to set aside differences and come together and do what we do best in times of crisis.” said Scarlett Sin, Chair of The FoundNation. For more information on the fund and how to donate or apply, visit:




Join the NCSF today and join the fight

We need activists now, as much as ever. The NCSF has three levels of membership: 1. Coalition Partners - organizations or businesses who support NCSF with an annual membership of $100/year, plus hold an annual fundraiser to benefit NCSF, and vote on the Board Members. See a list of our Coalition Partners; 2. Supporting Members - individuals or organizations who support NCSF with an annual membership of $100/year. See a list of our Supporting Members; 3. Individual Members - individuals who support NCSF and contribute $25/year in membership dues.
NCSF members may apply for liability, property and D&O insurance through the NCSF Members Insurance Program, run by Gleason & Associates LLC. NCSF does not provide the insurance and all disputes are between the insured and the insurance company. NCSF does not receive an endorsement fee with this service.




ONYX Lone Star Albuquerque

By Bear Mike

Time to get back to the Leather bars! With pandemic restrictions relaxing in New Mexico, a group of friends met by chance at Sidewinders S4200, ABQ Eagle, for dinner and drinks on the patio at its new location. Four Lone Star Onyx members in Albuquerque go regularly after Albuquerque Men's Naked Yoga, organized in part by CLAW. Floggings and spankings occur spontaneously on the ABQ Eagle's St. Andrews cross. In the photo above, from the left, are Mr. Corazon Leather 2019 Sir Magnum, POrthus Onyx up Spike, MAL 1996 Mauro Walden-Montoya, NM Leather Cub 2018 Andy Walden-Montoya, Poppa Savant Onyx Bear Mike, NM Leather Bear 2019 Bear Marvin. Sir Magnum, Mauro, Andy, Bear Mike, and Bear Marvin also represent the Albuquerque Leather Daddys as patched members or title holders.





Seattle Men in Leather Friday Social

Join the Seattle Men in Leather for an online version of SML’s First Friday Leather Social, of which October 2 and November 6 are the next two dates at 8-10 PM. They will use the Zoom video conference system, complete with breakout rooms so smaller groups can chat more easily. Gear up, grab a beverage (adult or otherwise), and join the Seattle Men in Leather for some quality Leathermen time. Gear It Up! This is a *Leather* (and such) social, so it’s time to break some gear out of the closet and drawers and bins — something casual, or full BLUF formal, if you like. Rubber, puppy, uniform, whatever floats your kink boat that night. Bigger screens are better, of course (we’re all size queens in our own way!), so if you have a tablet or laptop, that’s better than a phone. And if you can cast to your TV, so much the better.) Zoom link will be provided to SML members via. E-mail and in the Facebook on the day of the event.





Leatherfolk Book Club

The Leatherfolk Book Club meets once a month on Zoom. We read a mix of fiction, biography, histories or historically important writings, and contemporary theoretical writings on Leather, kink, public sex, queer communities, and gay life. Meetings are on the following Saturdays: October 17, November 21 and December 19, from 10-11:45 AM, EST. Please support independent booksellers and your local economy by ordering your books directly through your local bookshop. If you can’t make it to a local bookshop, check out our page on http://www.bookshop.org which supports local bookshops and gives the book club a commission.



More photos from Empire City MC's ride to Pennsylvania







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Flash Back Gallery

Satyrs MC Badger Flat Runs



















The longest running gay organization in the world, world's oldest gay men's motorcycle club and the longest running bike club run - all of these milestones are claimed by the Satyrs Motorcycle Club based in Los Angeles, CA. Here are photos going back to the early days


Photos below from the Satyrs MC Archives











To see more in the Satyrs MC Archives go to



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Mates Leather Weekend



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A Blast From The Past



This is from Sunset Junction and on the patio of the Faultline in Los Angeles, circa September 2000.




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