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the secretary blu rayPerformers from Europe's morally notorious fetish club Torture Garden are scheduled to "dance" the night away after a 15th Anniversary viewing of "the sweetest BDSM film ever made".

Scotland's Glasgow Film Festival will host special events for 3 film anniversaries including 30th Anniversaries (say it ain't so!) of The Princess Bride and The Lost Boys and as mentioned the 15th Anniversary of The Secretary.  The February event will include parties with sword fighting and a treasure hunt. Theres a secret location for the showing of The Lost Boys. It's noted that while fangs will be provided, audience members should bring their own garlic for the bus ride to the pop up theatre.

Allison Gardner, GFF co-director, said: “We are excited about this year’s special events program, and thrilled to be able to announce these events in advance. We can honestly say that GFF is continuing to create unique cinemas events around some of our audience's best-loved films in terms of events venues, content and reach. There truly is something for everyone in this year’s programme – from kids’ favourites to cult classics – all across the city.”

lost boys still

Tickets for Lost Boys and Secretary will be available 10am on Thursday at glasgowfilm.org/festival. Tickets for The Princess Bride will be released with the main festival programme in January.

Tom of Finland movie posterThe film Tom of Finland, directed by Dome Karukoski, hits theaters in Finland in February 2017.  The homoerotic boipic tells the story of Touko Laaksonen, who is best known for exaggerated, hyper-masculine drawings. His art would unarguably become the trademark expression of the leather scene the world over.

Tom of Finland depicts the post WWII oppression of queer people which influenced style, galvanized how we view sex and virility, and inspired activist's infamous works in both his native Finland and abroad. Portrayed as an activist and artist, Laaksonen's life is chronicled in the film. It focuses on his life after the draft and the period of time the young man was made to serve along Nazi officers who inspired a life-long thing for men in uniform. 

Tom's drawings of hypersexualized macho men in various uniforms and states of dress (or undress) became the hallmark of gay male culture for decades but it turns out Laaksonen’s life was just as fascinating as his artwork. Born the son of Finnish schoolteachers in 1920, The he was drafted during WWII and was made to serve as an anti-aircraft officer alongside Nazi officers. He's quoted in several places as stating a distaste for Natzi philosophy, “In my drawings I have no political statements to make, no ideology. I am thinking only about the picture itself. The whole Nazi philosophy, the racism and all that, is hateful to me, but of course I drew them anyway—they had the sexiest uniforms!” It has long been know it was the well designed uniform's of the Nazi officers who inspired this 1950's iconoclast's fascination with working men in uniform.

Laaksonen worked from the 1950's through 1973 for the Finnish advertising firm of McCann-Erickson after which he began a life in denim, surrounding himself with his art. in 1978 he first visited the US and eventually settled here in the US during the 1980's.

The original short trailer was released in September:


 The much anticipated trailer is online now:





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CineKink Announces Dates for Annual Kinky Film Festival / March 14-19, 2017

New York, NY; December 6, 2016 - Scheduled for March 14-19, 2017, the 14th annual CineKink NYC will feature a specially-curated program of films and videos that celebrate and explore a wide diversity of sexuality.

Billing itself as "the kinky film festival," the event is presented by CineKink, an organization dedicated to the recognition and encouragement of sex-positive and kink-friendly depictions in film and television. With offerings drawn from both the independent cinema world and the adult, works presented at CineKink NYC will range from documentary to drama, comedy to experimental, slightly spicy to quite explicit--and everything in between.

"As always, we're looking to blur some boundaries and mix things up a bit," said Lisa Vandever, Co-Founder and Director of CineKink. "And this coming year, more than ever, we'll be looking at the importance of embracing sex as a right of full self-expression."

With at least half of the festival's works typically coming from women directors, a program titled "Nasty Women," a nod to the recent election, is already slated for inclusion. In addition, plans for CineKink NYC include a short film competition, audience choice awards, a "Bring It!"-style adult entertainment showdown, panels and workshops, a kick-off gala, and a sizzling "Afterglow" play party to wrap the festivities. A tour is set to take place in the months following the festival, showcasing audience favorites from the NYC selections.

The festival line-up and schedule for CineKink NYC will be announced in January.

Festival passes are currently on sale at http://cinekinknyc2017.eventbrite.com

For more information, visit http://www.cinekink.com.

# # #




CONTACT: Lisa Vandever
PHONE: 917.609.5928 (media contacts only, please, not for publication)
EMAIL: press2017 * at * cinekink.com
WEBSITE: http://www.cinekink.com
TWITTER: http://twitter.com/cinekink
FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/CineKink

Just completing its thirteenth season, CineKink is an annual film festival and national screening tour that celebrates and explores the wide diversity of sexuality. Presented by CineKink, an organization dedicated to the recognition and encouragement of sex-positive and kink-friendly depictions in film and television, works showcased by the festival range from documentary to drama, spicy to explicit - and everything in between!

For more information, visit http://www.cinekink.com

amazon censorship dante art of the bullwhipAmazon Video Direct is banning Robert Dante's bullwhip instructional video Bullwhip - Art of the Single Tail Whip. Amazon.com has been selling the hour and seven-minute long single tail instructional video for $19.99 for 8 years. They continue to sell the DVD released through Amazon in February of 2008, and at least 6 other similar titles, while simultaneously banning it on the re-seller giant's own digital services.
Dante applied to have the video streamed on Amazon Video Direct. It was rejected. They refused to give any reason - perhaps it was because it is about consensual BDSM, but whatever their reasons, this video scared them. Want to see the video?  Well lucky for you Dante quickly found another, friendlier provider, to www.bullwhip.xxx and see what the hullabaloo is all about (or just a topless chick getting her titties bullwhipped cause...Dante's work is hawt!!!).

The interesting thing is that Amazon has been selling Dante's video for 14 years with no problems. It was vetted by the Ontario Film Board in 1995 and approved. The instructional video received only positive reviews, including in Adult Video News.

"I must assume it is being rejected not for its content, but for what it actually is: a factual, educational DVD about consensual BDSM, with no sex, no nudity, no injury, no humiliation, no degradation. This is from the same company that brings the execrable "Fifty Shades of Grey" and "The Secretary" to its audiences." Dante ruminated in his letter to us.

Dante sent TLJ the full Orwellian exchange, in chronological order, after it had been rejected at lower executive levels: