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CLAW 2023 Rocks Cleveland

By April 23, 2023



CLAW 2023 Rocks Cleveland

CLAW 22 (Cleveland Leather Annual Weekend), which was held at the Renaissance Cleveland Hotel, OH the weekend of April 6-9 passed the $1,000,000 funds total raised at all CLAW events over the years. The Renaissance has a lot of history as it was built in 1820 with many names, reconstruction, having survived two fires and refitting for electricity. That electricity

was working as CLAW had all of its events going for the 1,500 attendees which included in excess of 400 volunteers and staff

CLAW 2023 was produced by new Executive Director Chris Howlett who handed his maiden voyage with flying colors. CLAW co-founder Bob Miller has stepped into the background and is still a part of CLAW.

CLAW had its schedule of events listed on an app instead of a printed booklet. There were more than 200 events from which to choose, including play parties, special cigar area all weekend, silent auctions, special dinners capped by a Leather Family Dinner on Saturday night, socials, Bound and Beautiful display of tied-up men, drag bingo, dances, bootblacks, bondage barbershop, one of the largest vendor markets on the circuit, and people horny to play after being on ice for two years.

There were approximately 45 vendors on the third floor where most of the events were held.

Bound & Beautiful: Live Exhibition and Jockstrap Auction at the Hyatt on Friday night saw over 30 entries tied and/or bound either individually or in groups. This was the eye candy moment of CLAW.

There was a parade of club colors on Saturday night with 19 clubs represented on the Renaissance second floor lobby.

The International Leather Family dinner was where honors were bestowed upon those recognized by CLAW and the keynote speaker was International Mr. Leather 2017 Ralph Bruneau. The Cornerstone Award went to Neal Flaig, presented by CLAW Executive Director Chris Howlett; Frontier Award to Pup Loki, presented by CLAW Director of Guest Services Boy Shannon; and Volunteer of the Year Award to Connor Toomey, presented by Roger Edwards.

Among the 50 or more Skills and Education Sessions were Consent to Kink, Pegging 101, Kinky Naked Yoga, Age Play Panel, Predicament Bondage, ABDL and Ageplay, Cigar Service, Pup Play - 50 Questions, Plushie Picnic, S&M Politics, Gaining and Encouraging, Titleholders of Color Panel, Tantra Introduction, Electro 101, Better Hookups, Padded Pet Social, What Leather Was Like in 1987, Taming Your Brat, Meet the Leather Hall of Fame, Kinky Life Drawing, Consent For The Older Generation, Fisting With Passion, Inside the Leather Bond, CARAS Research Gala, Scene Flogging, Role-Play Alter Egos, Brown Hanky Social, Zap Your Sub, Hobby Leathercrafting, Erotic Boxing, Nerdy Science of Spanking, Violet Wand Introduction.


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There was a series of buffet meals at the nearby English Oak Room in the Tower shopping mall next door. The main event was the Leather Family Dinner on Saturday night, The BLUF Formal dress-code dinner on Friday was served family-style with some of the best salmon and short ribs that could be catered. Several noted that this dinner was the best they've had at a Leather community convention,. Friday brunch at the English Oak Room featured So You Want To Be A Boy? by Boy Scotty, and Saturday Brunch was Improving Community Inclusion with Bear Mike and Bear Marvin, and Sunday brunch was Bottomless Drag followed by Kinky Bingo.

Among the Skills and Education Sessions were, Kink and Therapy, Heavy Impact Play Boxing, Tantra Massage, Single Tail Whip Play 201, Boundaries, Cupping With Hot Wax, Fisting Panel Discussion, Sexual Games and Playful Sex Power of Promiscuity,, Doctor's Guide to Great Anal, Chasing Life 50 Questions about Pup Play, Mummification Basics, ABU Playground, Vacuum Bondage DIY, Knifeplay, Improving Community Inclusion, Bringing the Bijou to CLAW, Kink Relationships, Gooning 101 and Nerdy Science of Spanking.

The long list of presenters included, but was not limited to Adam Lunter,, Tim Reynolds, James Laidler, Pup Sirius, Richard Sprott, Alexandra Fanghanel, Mark O'Keefe, Sir Arcane, Tess, Sofftpaw, Thrasher, Kleopatra Blck, Atom, Rob Bienvenu, Jim Drew, Jorge Arroyo, Josh Simon Bear Marvin and Bear Mike, Bost Lean, Master Eli Ra, Oup Spaz, Pup Red, , Ann Randall, boy Scotty, Carolyn Meeker, Dr. Erik Wert, Daddy Eric, Doggo Oso, Denni Nguyen, Gee, Jack Thompson, Geoffrey Millard, Jeremy Rigger and about 29 others.

There was a Cigar Deck around a corner from the Renaissance and it was busy at all hours. Virtually everything was going on the Cigar Deck. It was risky and frisky - lots of sex and play.

Other events included BDSM play parties two Pup Moshes, several Speed Dating sessions, Titleholders of Color panel, 12-Step Meetings every day. ABDL Playground space, Erotic Bootblacking. three silent auctions with more than items up for bid, POC Social, Asian Caucus Social, Strip Bingo, bar parties at the Leather Stallion, Titleholders' Cocktail Party, LOBO - Lights out Barks out at Studio West 117, Kinky Art Show and sales counter. For locals and early arrivals there was a CLAW kick off party on Wednesday night at the Leather Stallion, Pets and Handlers Mosh and Rubber Social.

Speed Dating Sessions included rope bondage, BDSM 1,  Uniforms, Pets and Handlers, Rubber, Brown Hanky Social, ABDL, Fisting, Daddy and Boy, and Smokers.

The Academy was the site of play parties involving dungeon play and many of the hands-on classes and workshops. There was premium-class bus/van transportation to and from bars, FLEX, Hercules open play at Academy, Kinky Kabaret and overflow hotels.

CLAW closed its annual Brigadoon with Kinky Kabaret on Sunday night at Studio West 117. CLAW weekend emcee Larry Golubski and Lulu Belle were at eachother again, but for the last time. The only sad moment of the weekend was Larry announing his retirement from CLAW. While excellent, there were less acts. Earlier in the evening at Studio West 117 was Broadway Live where show tunes fans listened to and sang their favoties.

CLAW LA - Leather Getaway will be held in Los Angeles at the Bonaventure Hotel over Thanksgiving Weekend where the Leather Hall of Fame inductees will be honored.



Gallery of 100 photos from CLAW 23

Photos by Bear Mike, Dave Rhodes, Elijah Greenwood, Thomas Stebel, Dale K. Linden ,

J. Tebias Perry, Eli Ra, CLAW and Facebook.























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