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International Leather Sir, Leatherboy and Community Bootblack 2015 winners were announced at the Crowne Plaza Dallas Market Center on Saturday, September 5 in Dallas, TX with Sir Tug Whitehead from the South Central Region taking the Sir sash, Tim from the Great Lakes Region the boy title and Briar Wood from the South Central Region the Bootblack medallion.

Leather Sir runner-up was Sir Jim, Leatherboy runner-up was Louie and the Bootblack runner-up was Cherielle. There were five Leather Sir contestants, three Leatherboy contestants and two Bootblack contestants.

The contest with the theme, Ties That Shine and Bind, had staged segments and contestant interviews.

Billed as "the players title," contestants performed fantasies on Thursday night in a non-judged presentation and it was hot. No humor, no mock play or anything simulated, it was was raw action.



The Leather Sir and Leatherboy judges were headed by Dr. Larry with Dave Rhodes, George Saltzman, Doug Mezzacapo, Gator, Don Leach and Sir Merrill on the panel.

The Community Bootblack judges were Bootblack Paul, Christopher, Dara, Gabriel Majors and Randall Kinnear. The Bootblack competition was 100 percent judged with no ballots collected.

The emcee was Thib Guicherd-Callin and the ASL interpreters were Sir Robert and Alex.

Awards that were voted on by the contestants were Golden Flogger to Sir Michael and Golden Paddle to Boy Tater and Golden Brush to Cherielle.

The late Thursday night roast of International Leather Sir 2014 Mark Eddy, International Leatherboy 2014 boy Paul and International Community Bootblack 2014 boy ed at the Dallas Eagle was emceed by Thib Guicherd-Callin and it was mercilessly brutal. Guest speakers were as rough. No one was spared, including people who were not even there.

A nice air conditioned bus carried Leatherfolk between the Crowne Plaza and the Dallas Eagle all weekend. Parties at the Dallas Eagle included the Roast, Uniform Party followed by a Cigar Social on Friday night, Victory Party on Saturday night, and a Leather Family Barbecue and Trash Disco on Sunday.

Parties at the Crowne Plaza included a Puppy Park and Mosh on Friday and Saturday, a Pool Party and Cards Against Humanity on Friday, and International Community Bootblack Contestant Bootblacking followed by Kinky Bingo on Saturday.

Not surprising, Dallas was an oven all weekend, including at night. On Wednesday afternoon a water main that serviced the area burst. This caused the hotel to not have any running water until later in the day on Thursday and it caused the air conditioning system which was water-cooled to not work.

As well as the United States, there were guests from Canada and the United Kingdom.

The Jeffrey Payne Lifetime Achievement Award which had been presented at International Mr. Leather for several years was presented Miss Kendra from Indianapolis, IN by Jeffrey Payne, Dr. Lawrence Burden aka Dr. Larry and Bob Weber.

For more information check out http://www.ilsb-icbb.com/index.html




New Press Release for Drummer North America:
Press Release
For immediate release
August 14, 2015

It’s Vegas, baby! Drummer North America relocates to ‘Sin City’
DNA fetish weekend 2016 moves to Alexis Park resort to accommodate future growth

Las Vegas, Nevada — Organizers of Drummer North America (DNA) fetish weekend today announced the 2016 weekend dates for and the relocation of the fetish weekend to Las Vegas, Nevada. The move stems from the successful sold-out inaugural event last year and the need to find a larger fetish friendly hotel for future growth.

DNA fetish weekend 2016 will take place Thursday, January 28 through Sunday, January 31, 2016 at the Alexis Park all suites resort in Las Vegas — a gay/fetish friendly hotel home to the infamous Las Vegas Smokeout weekend.

“After the successful launch of DNA weekend last year, our priority was to find a gay and fetish friendly hotel resort in an exciting, vibrant destination easily accessible by air from points across North America,” says Tina Landi, Executive Producer of DNA weekend. “The Alexis Park’s reputation hosting Smokeout each year, dozens of daily affordable flights by all major airlines, and being the entertainment capital of the world, made Las Vegas the ideal new home for DNA fetish weekend.”

The Alexis Park is a premium all-suite non-gaming resort with close proximity to The Strip that offers a range of accommodations from standard to large suites. Lush courtyard gardens and winding pathways lead you to a heated swimming pool. Entertainment showrooms and afitness center are onsite. The reception area, bars and restaurants provide free WiFi. The hotel shuttle service offered will allow you to see the city during non-event hours.

Room prices for DNA fetish weekend 2016 are $109 for a standard room (larger lofts and suites are more), with a minimum three-night stay. To receive the special DNA weekend rate attendees are required to pre-purchase a DNA weekend package prior to making their reservation. Weekend packages are $79; a hotel registration code required to make your room reservation will be issued upon purchase of your package. Purchase your weekend packages at http://www.eventbrite.com/o/drummer-north-america-754067681…
Highlights of DNA fetish weekend will include a playfulMeet & Greet featuring contestant demos, the Top Men’sCigar, Bourbon & Scotch Social, hospitality suites, the Top Men’s Club educational series of interactive workshops, both men’s and queer play spaces, open shine bootblacking stations, Women of Drummer social events, the HypnotiXXX comedy hypnosis show. All events are included in the weekend pass.

The inaugural DNA fetish weekend held in February 2015 in St Petersburg, Florida, drew more than 180 weekend pass holders to the sold-out host hotel — forcing an 30 additional rooms booked into the overflow hotel across the street. Day passes and local residents attending DNA signature parties and onsite DNA bar events helped double total weekend attendance to more than 350. The weekend attracted at least 16 international attendees from outside the United States.

Joining the established roster of men’s, women’s and pansexual contest weekends, DNA weekend will feature three fetish contests for gay men: Drummer, Drummerboy and Drummer Bootblack. The contests will be open to gay-identified, biological and trans men in the fetish/kink communities, who are residents of Canada, United States and Mexico.

“DNA weekend rekindles the Drummer tradition of self-identified masculinity. The weekend is a celebration of gay masculinity, whether it is expressed in leather or sports gear or fetishes, at a joyful family reunion where history is honored and diversity respected,” says Master Mike Zuhl, co-owner of DNA.

“It’s important that as DNA weekend moves forward, we build on our past instead of being stuck in it. Today, we have boys who are bootblacks, bootblacks who are puppies, gay men equally comfortable in rubber as they are in leather, and generations of gay kinksters who are equally comfortable exploring power dynamics at both ends of the spectrum, and fetishists that migrate across a wide range of gear and play,” says Master Brandon Matheson, co-owner of DNA.

“In the spirit of our community’s history, the DNA titles will celebrate the range of fetish and kink identities of gay men. It will be fun and exciting to watch contestants as they celebrate rubber, leather, sports kit, military, and more — and to see who the judges pick as this year’s DNA titleholders,” says Matheson.

Drummer North America was launched in October 2014 and is the first US-based fetish organization and contest weekend to have owners from two countries. From the US, Master Mike Zuhl is the former owner and producer of the Drummer International contests, founder of the International LeatherSIR/Leatherboy and International Community Bootblack contests, and owner of Leather Central bar in Pittsburgh. From Canada, Master Brandon Matheson is a former president of Mr Leatherman Toronto, a founder of the Church Street Fetish Fair, creator and co-producer of the popular Rough House dungeon parties in Toronto, and a former regional producer and board member of International LeatherSIR/Leatherboy and International Community Bootblack.

For more information and updates on the contest weekend, visit www.DrummerNA.com.

Follow us social media at Facebook.com/DNAcontests and Twitter.com/DNAcontests.

For more information, please email Executive Producer Tina Landi at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The Equus International Pony and Trainer Contest was held last weekend in Los Angeles, CA at Sanctuary Studios LAX.  Produced by Submissann aka Beauty, the weekend long event included classes, a formal dinner and play date event, and in addition to the International Pony and Trainer contest the weekend included a Human Pony Show for the community at large complete with Dressage, obstacle course, blindfold obstacle course,  and reigning events and Pony performances.

The International Pony and Trainer contest had two tough teams which included one pony and trainer team Dame Nobel and Ebony Midnight back for their sophomore showing and a freshman competitor Daisiy Dawl a appaloosa circus pony out of Portland, Oregon.  After an intense day of interviews, presentations and performances Dame Nobel and her pony Ebony Midnight won by a 2pt margin (at over what I believe was almost an 90% score) over the infectious Daisiy Dawl.  

Best in show went to Pony Caddie and her handler Doug, who’s enthusiasm for pony play was evident each time she was able to shake her tail.

Congratulations to Ann on a well planned and hard worked success.

penelopeThis weekend in Dallas During Women in Leather Legacy Weekend, Penelope Jones, Karida, and Deborah Wade, competed for the title of Women’s International Leather Legacy 2015. The title exists to capture women’s leather history, serving their year interviewing those women willing to be interviewed, and preparing those interviews for the Womens Leather History Project at the Leather Archives and Museum.

Saturday night after interviews, auctions and presentations had been made, a legacy sash was presented to each of the former WILL’s (with the exception of one of the Angels who was unable to make the event) and then to 2015 Women in Leather Legacy Penelope Jones.

Penelope will join us in the next week or so, she’s just trying to get her feet under her as she assumes her responsibilities but did want to extend her thanks to a few people through a Facebook conversation with me she said " I want to thank Linda "Bootpig" Hall, Michelle Sigler, Tracy Hunt, Lynn and Deb Starnes, Kitty and Jodi from Paddle Your Drawers (I want to thank Sir Bill as well. He's the reason I ran!), Tulsa girls of Leather, House of Phoenix, Gail and slave courtney, Tony Mayes, Bettie Crocker, Lady Faye, Blayn and Parker, Ian and Jerri All the Judges and staff, Jody the contestant liaison I think that covers everyone that either came specifically to support me or those that helped me along the way! XoXo I just need a moment to cry and be overly emotional. Lol I'll be better tomorrow!"