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Dave Rhodes' Christmas, Hannukah and Yule List

By December 24, 2018



The entire LGBT community - I hope you get your asses to the polls. This is the big one.



Alan Stroik - A prouphreader.

Jaco Lourens - A trip to the US, specifically a city where I am at the time.

Gary Wasdin - All the best with the Leather Archives & Museum. I hope this has been a rewarding experience for you.

Scarlett Sin - Plenty of Ms LA Leather contestants.

Peter Fiske - Congratulations on receiving the Leather Leadership Award presented by the LGBTQ Task Force.

Bruce-Michael Gelbert - A visit to the west coast.

Raven - All the best with the International Mx Olympus Leather title.

Tracy and Eric - More trips to Southern California for Factor's, Brent's and Art's delis.

George Herbert - A completely healed knee.

The guys over at Tom of Finland, Durk, Sharp, Dan, Marc, Louis and others - A hot new year.

Rick Conley - A full house at Snowbound in Provincetown.

Ali Mushtaq - A high-resolution photo which shows every hair on his chest.

Tyler Fong - Glad your trip to the Gay Games and participation in the orchestra was a success.

Joan Norry - Plenty more targets to skewer in Pitchforks and Torches.

ONYX national - A huge welcome to LA next October for Blackout. This is going to be one huge blast.

Jeffrey Payne and Sergio - A well-deserved break for several weeks after that grueling Texas Governor campaign.

Mistress Cyan - Keep Sanctuary LAX going and make it even bigger, and continued good health.

Vonn Tramel - Gold Olympic win.

James Lee - Keep lighting rooms up with that smile.

Lucky Rebel - 10 IMBB contestants to follow in your wake and a great year.

Alex Wisniowski - Opening Day game at Dodger Stadium

Jeff, Jerry and JJ's Clubhouse - A terrific 2019 with plenty of events.

Brent Seeley - A return to Boot Camp because you were missed.

CLAW - The only complaint about CLAW is that it ends. Should go on forever.

Genesis - Kudos on becoming Ms CSW Leather.

Gerald Creole - Hugs for all of the head rubs and embraces. You have a knack for giving them when I need them most and I love you for it.

Michael Lara - Huge growth and success with next year's Valley Pride Street Fair.

Lulabelle and Larry - What to get the Dynamic Duo of CLAW?

Dean Ogren - A record number of ABW contestants in 2019.

Bill from San Diego - More time together - lots more. Perhaps a cruise.

IMsL and IMsBB - More contestants for both titles.

Sandy "Mama" Reinhardt - Is gathering Mama's Family like herding cats. More of Mama's babies at Up Your Alley and Folsom shoots.

Stonewall 50 - Would anyone in their right mind who was at the Stonewall Inn that June night in New York think we would have come this far?

Rick Boehle - More time to have dinner together and visit.

Jesse Segebartt - A trip to Smokeout because you need to be there.

Charlie Matula and Hunter - A successful 2019 for Hunter and Charlie's Restaurant and the Off Sunset Festival.

Gonzo at Eagle 562 - Woof. Enough said.

Christopher Edwards - Recognition for all the work you do for Pantheon, ILSLb and a lot of other things. You really put your nose to the grindstone with the campaign and all and it needs to be noticed.

Patrick Grady - A few trips to Southern California.

Rick Conley - More attendees for Mates Leather Weekend and Snowbound

Justin B. Terry-Smith - Mazel tov on your accomplishments over the year.

Doriam Couto - You are doing great work in San Diego and don't slow down.

Hunter Draufganger - Wild success with International Geared Pup contest held via the internet and not in a brick and mortar venue.

Anthony Michael Harmon - Keep the faith and grow the Mohawk back.

Mauro, Ruben, Rex and the Albuquerque Leather Daddys - Lots of love. You guys are terrific hosts.

Jim Neuman - 100 points for USC against Notre Dame - must be used in 2019.

Apolonio Muñoz - Love for all you do and your passion with it.

Gus Norris - The patience of Job as yours is not an easy task.

Tim Hamilton - More puppies.

Ms Diana - One big bear hug. You have stuck with it and good for you

Ralph Bruneau - What a great man who seems to have everything one could ever need. In short, what a mensch.

Henry Jordan - Success with your new job and happiness.

Blackout 2019 - A huge welcome to the City of the Angels in October.

Donna Sachet - Love you for keeping the Pre-Folsom Brunch going and having Ken there.

California B&B Corps - Mazel tov on your 50th Anniversary which you did in style.

Dennis Beisbier - Appreciation for all you have done with Avatar and hopes you find that solid and good-paying job out there. You deserve goods things.

Mark Malan - See Jim Neuman.

Maj Ty - I think you already know.

Durk, Sharp and the gang at Tom of Finland - Keep going strong. What a start to a year with the Tom of Finland movie. May the light always shine on the Tom of Finland House.

Jon Krongaard - Congratulations on your successful search and hope it works for you.

Pony of the Golden Gate Guards - One of the best spirits out there.

Matthew Mullins and Dan - Your heart and commitment carry you through. More of it. You probably have no idea of just how many love you.

Karen Ultra - A plethora of new hair colors.

Motorboot Robert - Appreciation for your photography work and ability to organize photo shoots on stage after events.

Bob Miller - A play date bottoming for Lulabelle. Oh, wait, that should go to Larry Golubski.

Cypher - A year of health and recovery. Thank you for what you have done for the LA Leather Coalition.

Matthew Jensen and Joel - Both of you do your generation proud. Keep it up. You are special to me.

Race Bannon - I've not seen many who can consistently fit into a day and get done like you. More breaks and energy.

Dr. Larry and William - More fantastic vacations. Two of the most amazing men, ever.

And to all - Merry Christmas, Yule, Solstice and/or Happy Hanukkah.