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Dave Rhodes' Hump Day May 20, 2023

By May 21, 2023


Austin Kink Weekend

Austin Kink Weekend is growing rapidly. During its second year of existence, 600 tickets of the 700 weekend passes sold two months in advance. Approximately 1,000 kinksters attended. Austin Kink Weekend was held April 22-23 in the capital of Texas

at the Holiday Inn Austin Midtown. Sir Rat Leather and Gear, and the Austin Eagle hosted several events each. There was a lot of anticipation around the country leading up to the weekend. Austin Kink Weekend was a popular topic at CLAW and LA Leather Pride and is only in its second year.

Beacon Ortiz is the new Mr. Texas Leather, Goddess Indigo is Ms. Texas Leather, Maxine LaQueene, and Rex "Pup Sharp" Simpson are the Texas Handler and Texas Pup titleholders.

The Mr. and Ms. Lonestar Leather contest judges were Briar Wood, Kaprese Andre, Randy Surratt, Daddie Danger, IML 2022 Gael Leung Chong, Duke, and Evert Leerson.

International Mr. Leather 2009 and past Dallas Eagle owner. Jeffrey Payne delivered the keynote address. Teis was followed by dinner and the Texas Leather Contest.

Austin Kink Weekend had many terrific events including kink classes at the host hotel such as Pup Play, IML Mock Panel, Kink and the Law, Buttstuff, Let's Take a Crack at It, Titleholder Panel, Porn Star Secrets, History of Bootblacking and Leather Care, and BDSM Buddies Doing social media.

There was a meet and greet and cigar social at Sir Rat Leather on Friday night, opening of the new Austin Eagle, vendor market with 21 businesses and organizations represented, on Saturday and Sunday night tea dance with LA's renowned DJ Brian Novy, keynote speech, Dog Tag party, All Gear party, Criso Disco party, gear swap, Rubber Social, pup contest, ONYX social, Agliff Movie, two days of classes, and a main Saturday night dungeon party. There was a shuttle to and from events all weekend.

In summation, one attended posted on Facebook, "I have been reflecting on the event I attended and helped out with over the weekend. Austin Kink Weekend 2023 was my very first kink convention ever. As a person whom is very new to the BDSM lifestyle, this event was the first event I walked around and thought to myself, 'This is it. I'm home. I've found my tribe.'"




CLAW 2023 Rocks Cleveland

CLAW 22, which was held at the Renaissance Cleveland Hotel, OH the weekend of April 6-9 passed the $1,000,000 funds total raised at all CLAW events over the years. The Renaissance has a lot of history as it was built in 1820 with many names, reconstruction, having survived two fires and refitting for electricity. That electricity was working as CLAW had all of its events going for the 1,500 attendees which included in excess of 400 volunteers and staff.

CLAW 2023 was produced by new Executive Director Chris Howlett who handed his maiden voyage with flying colors. CLAW co-founder Bob Miller has stepped into the background and was still a part of CLAW.




Bullet Bar's 40th and 25th Anniversary

The Bullet Bar in North Hollywood, CA celebrated 40 years of being named the Bullet Bar and 25years under the ownership of Michael Lara on Friday, May 5. Before it became the Bullet it was the Officers Quarters. This will be a huge party and you don't want to miss it. A lot has happened in those 20 years in the greater Leather community at large. Plenty has changed in the San Fernando Valley which is where Burbank is. All those moons ago there were about 50 LGBT bars in The Valley and many were Leather and/or were Leather friendly. These were peeling off in droves during the early years of AIDS.

Leather bars I can remember were the Hayloft, Driveshaft, Jobsite, Renegade, Rawhide. We just lost Oil Can Harrys which was dance, but very Leather friendly. In fact, they had a contestant in most of the Mr. Los Angeles Leather contests. Bar owner Michael Lara has received some pretty big honors for his long record of community service. There are apparently only two LGBT bars in The Valley now. We know that the address has had a bar there going back to the early 1970s including the Hanged Man, The Junction, The Signal, Officers Club before it became the Bullet.

Michael shared ownership with Daddy Bob Allen when they took over 25 years ago. Several years later, Daddy Bob sold his interest to Lara who was then the sole owner. Daddy Bob brought a crock pot of his own chili recipe on Sundays. I know guys who drove up from Long Beach for it. Alex Kitay had a long-going karaoke show on Mondays. Just these two facts let you know the Bullet Bar was also a neighborhood establishment with a list of loyal patrons. Make sure to be at the celebration because it is going to be huge.



LA Leather Pride - Release!

LA Leather Pride - Release! was held March 19-26 at several venues all over Los Angeles. The main event was the Mr. LA Leather 2023 contest on Saturday night, March 25 at the Catwalk in Downtown LA where Colin MacDougall was best of five men competing. First Runner-up was Mr. Bullet Leather Justin The Stork Hauser and Second Runner-up was Mr. Cochando Leather Yair Lopez. Carlos Zavala received the Bob Tomasino Brotherhood Award. Jeremy Ronceros excelled as the emcee.

Other events included a motorcycle ride-in introduction of Mr. LA Leather contestants, La La Land Classical Music concert at MCC in the Valley on Monday night; meet and greet at WeHo910 on Thursday night; Assembly, a formal Leather Social at Rough Trade on Friday night, March 24, Mr. LA Leather on Saturday night March 25, and the Off Sunset Festival on Sunday, March 26 at Santa Monica Blvd. and Hoover Street - all of this plus several unofficial events . The two largest sponsors were The Fight Magazine and Ben Orson Leather.

The Off Sunset Festival would have been hard-pressed to have better weather. It is likely that this year's version had the biggest crowd ever. The Eagle had the longest line I've ever seen at a Leather event. Off Sunset closed LA Leather Pride as a winner. See the full article with a gallery of approximately 100 photos posted in a few days. When we post it we will also post a link to our coverage right here on Hump Day.



Smoke Out Las Vegas

Photos by Diego Gal, Bjarki Vikarason, Thor Stockman, Marc Owens, Mark Holmes, Don Filiar Aguilera, Facebook

Spring of 2023 has been as wet and cold as winter was and who would know the difference. Those who could made it to Las Vegas' Tuscany Suites and Casino for a weekend in the sun, cigars, swimming pools, great food aplenty and big casino shows, and for some, a motorcycle day ride.

Smoke Out Las Vegas, held the weekend of April 4-10 at the Tuscany Suites, brought and estimated 675 cigar men and their admirers.

Among the many events and fun things at Smoke Out 2022 was the hospitality suite hosted by the House of Peter and the Desert Leathermen Motorcycle Club, and the adjoining bar/party suite presented by Black Boots of Salt Lake City. Utah might be a conservative state, but the bartenders' pours were quite liberal. There were bootblacks on hand, and they were kept busy.

The vendors had full rooms to market their wares and it appeared that cigarmen were shopping, not just looking/

See the whole story and gallery at



International Ms. Leather 20-23 is Liquid

Liquid was voted tops and became International Ms. Leather 2023 at the Holiday Inn Piscataway - Somerset in Piscataway, NJ the weekend of April 20-23. There was a single Bootblack contestant, MX Barbie, who did not garner enough points to win. Sometime this year, the International Ms. Bootblack title will be held by the community - that was not explained. Liquid is IMsL, Tru Facade is Heart and Soul. The IMsL 2023 contestants were Liquid, Tru Facade, Diamond Pearl and Mia Rose.

Liquid (She/They/Them) is a Black Queer Femme Presenting, social worker, and educator, who has been a fixture in the Leather/BDSM community for over 25 years.

Cecelia Tan was the keynote speaker. Cecilia Tan is "simply one of the most important writers, editors, and innovators in contemporary American erotic literature," according to Susie Bright. Cecilia Tan is the founder of Circlet Press, and 2010 Inductee into the Saints & Sinners Hall of Fame for GLBT writers.

Not everyone was able or ready to attend this in-person event, so IMxLBB 2023 was organized as a hybrid in-person and virtual event. Classes and all main stage events were streamed live, and all non-interactive content was available to watch around the clock.



The Leather Journal's IML 2023 Contestants Preview

Welcome to The Leather Journal's International Mr. Leather 2023, or IML 45 Class, Contestants Preview. We are happy to say that we received biographies and photos of all the 55 men who will be competing this year. That is 55 of 55 or a perfect game and is the first time we did this. Every year we had at least four missing and the norm was five or six. The contestants’ order of appearance was decide by the chronological order of fully completed bios and photos.

By having the deadline for our Contestant Preview the same as the one for contestants to register with IML, a tweak or two in our form is the main reason. We have a kink or two to do before next year which will make it easier on this end.

Thank you IML Contestant Coordinator Jeff Tucker for his huge assistance with this project.

Browse through thew gallery, read the bios and see if you have a favorite. If you are going to be at IML, you have a heads up.

After you read this, please share it all over social media and join the Dave Rhodes' Hump Day group on Facebook. We send you our group before sending it to the rest of the world. There will be a link to one of the ads below. If you like what we are doing or benefit and feel we deserve support, please donate to us by clicking on the Patreon Pledge link below.




The Tom of Finland Foundation is back with the biggest TOM’s Bar in history, the Foundation’s 30th annual commemoration of the artist Tom of Finland, his life and legacy on Sunday, June 18 at The Avalon & Bardot Hollywood starting at 2 PM.

“Tom asked me not to have a funeral but to have a party – like a scene from his artwork – people coming together and having a hell of a good time. We created a celebration – the first TOM’s Bar in 1992 – which has become a Tom of Finland Foundation annual event honoring Tom," said Durk Dehner, president and cofounder, ToFF.

The festivities for the rousing Daddy’s Day party for Tom return to our partnering venue, The Avalon & Bardot Hollywood. The theme for the year is All roads lead to TOM, a celebration of the idea that Tom of Finland is at the nexus of so many different temporalities and communities.

The all-day party at the Avalon will feature TOM’s Men dancing and sweating to great music while enjoying the works of various artists and artisans.
Information on TOM’s Bar and the participants can be found at
tomoffinland.org/tomsbar https://www.tomoffinland.org/tomsbar/

The Tom of Finland Foundation (ToFF) is a nonprofit organization established in 1984 by Durk Dehner and Tom of Finland. As Tom had established worldwide recognition as the master of homoerotic art, the Foundation's original purpose was to preserve his vast catalog of work. Several years later, the scope was widened to offer a safe haven for all erotic art due to rampant discrimination against art that portrayed sexual behavior or generated a sexual response. Today, ToFF continues to educate the public about the cultural merits of erotic art and promote healthier, more tolerant attitudes about sexuality.



IML Schedule of main events

The International Mr. Leather 2023 Contest will return to the popular and convenient Auditorium on Sunday night, May 28. This is next door to the host Congress Hotel and is an easy walk instead of shuttle buses. Vendors who have to shut down and make it to the contest should have a sigh of relief or miss part of the show.

The IML Victory Celebration starts at 9 PM, right after the contest at the House of Blues. This will be IML 2023's first appearance with the medallion and sash around his necThe IML Leather Market will be at its usual times, Friday through Monday afternoon and on the third floor of the Congress.

Main events begin on Thursday at 8 PM with the IML Opening Ceremonies in the Florentine Room in the Congress Hotel.

IML Pecs and Personality segment of the IML 2023 Contest Auditorium Theater on Saturday night where contestants will be judged on their appearance and stage presence.

There will be tradition cocktail receptions hosted by the likes of Centaur Motorcycle Club, Chicago Hellfire Club, BLUF Social. Kink U classes, Rubber Gear Social, People of Color Leather Caucus hosted by Mufasa Ali, Mr. International Rubber Judge Announcement, Off Leash Pup and Handler Romp and several others.






Tip Jar


Please become one of The Leather Journal's many supporters today


Patreon or GoFundMe








Chicago Fetish Weekend

The new Chicago Fetish Weekend will make its maiden voyage July 21-23 with the gender-inclusive Chicago Leather Ambassador and Midwest Rubber titles up for grabs.



ONYX Pearls

By Viola Johnson

There are eight original ONYX Pearls and a number of different chapters around the United States. At South Plains Leather Fest, Lustre Chapter from Texas hosted a reception. Dave, it was simply beautiful. The women you are looking at in the photo are the women of Lustre, as well as their sisters from Pearls Florida, Pearls New York, Pearls Pacific North West, Pearls Great Lakes, Pearls Mid Atlantic and two Original Pearls, Lady D and myself.



Golden Dildeaux Awards

By David Hyman

The Golden Dildeaux Awards were presented at the SF Eagle on Saturday, April 22 with Dixie De La Tour and Donald Mooney as emcees.

The 2023 Golden Dildeaux Awards ceremony filled the crowd with laughs at the banter between the MC’s, Dolan Wolf and Dixie De La Tour. Entertainment was provided by Sadyst Payne. Nominees and their friends and supporters filled the SF Eagle’s patio to see the awards presented, and snap pictures of the winners holding their “Woody” statuettes on the red carpet. The races this year were hot and heavy, and many categories were won by just a handful of votes. We saw many top spots flip back and forth several times a day in the last week. The Leather District would like to thank everyone who voted! Results at the bottom of this post - click link below.

The crowd at the SF Eagle brimmed with excitement and anticipation as 26 Woody statuettes were presented to those who got the most votes, including one for the highest fundraiser in a single category.

It was a record year, and a ceremonial check for $18,000 was presented to the PRC Emergency Financial Assistance fund, though a last minute update brought the total to $18,341.33.

Special awards were given to... rest of story at



Philadelphians MC

On Saturday night, April 22 the Philadelphians Motorcycle Club hosted a cigar social at Cigars International up in Hamburg, PA. The Phladelphians will celebrate Tri-Cen XX - The Golden Age of Inappropriate Behavior at the end of this year.



Satyrs and Homotos ride

By Ron Neiport

Cruising Mt. Tam on Saturday April 15 with Homoto's and Satyrs M/Cs


Mayhem in Gettysburg!

By Rodney Burger

Keron Boy Pup from Philadelphia was selected Mr. Mayhem Leather 2023 and Tyrik Strachan (Thunder Knight) from Baltimore was sashed Mr. Mayhem Leather Bear 2023 during the 12th annual Bears, Bikers & Mayhem Weekend held May 4-7 at the Eisenhower Hotel and Conference Center in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.

This year’s contest saw five contestants for Mr. Mayhem Leather and eight for Mr. Mayhem Leather Bear. Due to the large number of contestants, three bear contestants were eliminated after the in-pool jockstrap competition leaving five contestants for each title at Saturday evening’s formal Leather and speech competition. Also competing for Mr. Mayhem Leather 2023 were Scott Merrick, Edward Alo, Derek McCandless, and Nobile LaPier. Competing for Mr. Mayhem Leather Bear were Maxwell Wasserman, Drake Wolfe, Bear Jim, Evan Heess, Kevin Wykoff and Tony Rogers.

Emceeing were Mr. Mayhem Leather 2015 Kevin Michael O’Connell and Mr. Mayhem Leather 2017 Joey Watson. The judges were Mr. Mayhem Leather 2022 Colton Bell, Mr. Mayhem Leather Bear 2022 David Sugar, Mr. Mayhem Leather Bear 2021 Ben Smith, Mr. Connecticut Leather 2018 Pup Data, Mr. Mid-Atlantic Leather 2023 Daniel DeLuca, Mx. Maryland Leather 2023 Finn Michael Coy-Gresavage, and Northeast Bootblack 2020-2021 Steele Toe the Bootblack.

Producers Charles King and Rich Wertman made sure that Bears, Bikers & Mayhem was a whole weekend filled with fun activities. There was a Leather vendor mart, classes on everything from Consent 101 to knife play, pet play, and fisting, opening cocktails provided by the Pennsmen, a poolside cocktail party hosted by COMMAND MC, dances, drag bingo, a pet mosh, meals, and entertainment provided by pianist John Flynn, and comedian Daniel Webb. Additional activities were available offsite on Friday which included bowling, a whiskey and cigar party at Union Cigar Gettysburg, a guided tour of downtown Gettysburg, or a visit to the Hickory Falls Fun Center.

At a time when some Leather events have become more like circuit parties filled with buff young men in freshly bought harnesses, BBM has a layback vibe that welcomes everyone. The only six pack I saw was behind the bar. Inclusion was also a popular theme in many of the contestant’s speeches. If you have a short time to speak, say something important. Perhaps that is why BBM is so popular. In fact, BBM is such a hit that next year it is moving to a larger hotel in the Baltimore area. Bear, Bikers & Mayhem 13 is scheduled for the first weekend of June 2024 at the Delta by Marriott Baltimore Hunt Valley.



International Deaf Leather (IDL) announced to dissolve the organization

By Bob D-Pirc

During the past thirty years, the International Deaf Leather – formerly National Leather Association – Deaf Chapter (NLA-Deaf Chapter) transition to IDL as well, have been proud to support and foster multiple leather people with our IDL titleholders, contestants, supporters along with seven founders – four have retired and three have passed away so that leave me a sole founder of IDL. It is time for me to retire from this organization. The seven founders are Philip Rubin, Rolf Hagton, Bobby Andrascik, Michael Felts - deceased, Jim Dunne - deceased, Charles Wilkinson - deceased and me.

It is with heavy heart that International Deaf Leather (IDL) Core Committee have made the decision that it is time for IDL to dissolve the club. With today’s technology that has change and affected our organization big time.

We want to express the deepest thanks to everyone who has been a part of our organization for past 30 years with your great support and appreciation.

We, the core committee, have decide to split our funds into two group. They are Mid Atlantic Deaf Interpreters Fund (MAD-IF) and International Ms. Leather Black Boot (IMsLBB) for Deaf Interpreter Fund. Thank you once again for all your love, support and celebration with us for these 30 years.


Wicked Grounds to continue as an event and boutique space with changes

By Mir

It's no surprise to say that the pandemic has utterly reshaped San Francisco and the world, for better and worse. Many of you whom I used to see in the SF Bay Area are now reading this from new homes all over the world, while Wicked Grounds has finally carried out a years-long goal: supplying insight and education to kinksters globally.

Providing a safe educational and community space to kinksters and locals here in San Francisco is still a huge focus, and with huge changes to the neighborhood and the restaurant business, I've been looking long and hard at how to do this while still being sustainable.

It will be no surprise to most of you that food and drink have been the challenging part of the business for years. Launching the Patreon and later Wicked Grounds Annex were the best risks we ever took. The Annex has partially -- but never totally -- allowed us to offset losses on the cafe side for quite some time. But the bleeding has gotten much worse over the last two years. Because I feel so passionate about the core of what we do, it's overdue to make some tough decisions.

Starting on May 1, we will be using Wicked Grounds as an event and boutique space, with open hours downstairs to not only continue -- but expand -- our ability to supply a key hangout for customers and community members.https://wicked-grounds.ck.page/posts/updates-retail-expansion-commitment-to-our-safe-space-and-more


Trident International Windy City: Neptune 5: Pirate’s Booth, September 8-10.



Atlanta Bear Pride

We don't have a lot of details, but Atlanta Bear Pride was reported by many to be hot, fun and successful. The host hotel was Loews Atlanta. Major events were held at a variety of venues. Many were dance parties. Perhaps the biggest and most well-known was Bearacuda at The Heretic as was the Saturday T-Dance and other activities. The XION After Hours party was at Future Atlanta.



NCSF - Meet the new Board

Thank you to all of the Coalition Partners, Board Members, and volunteers for attending the 26th Annual Meeting of the NCSF Coalition Partners on March 4, 2023. The Coalition Partners elected the new Board Members and discussed projects like our Explicit Prior Permission educational campaign.

The 2023 members of the NCSF Board are: Executive Director Susan Wright, Chairperson Tess Zachary, Vice-Chair Rolicia F. Martin, Secretary Kelly Larkin, Treasurer Archer Shelton, Dr. Daria Chase, Dr. Elyssa Helfer, Jackie “Bebe” Harris, Russell J. Stambaugh, PhD, and Seq, Stephen Ratcliff, MA, LPCC, NCC, CST.

The NCSF announced that a grand total of $11,133 was raised at Dark Odyssey Winter Fire in January, with $5,566 donated to the NCSF Foundation, and $5,567 donated to Maryland Network Against Domestic Violence.


Pacific Northwest Leathermen's Campout

By Ron Rasmussen

Pacific Northwest Leathermen's Campout, set for August 3-6, is now open for registration. On 15 secluded, tree-lined acres near Oregon City, Oregon, just 25 minutes south of Portland International Airport. This Leather-focused campout is BDSM-friendly, Pup-friendly, clothing optional, and sex-positive, with a variety of workshops and seminars. Find the red registration button and view the entire website at





Dave Rhodes' Hump Day Mailing List


Now there are almost 2,000 members and we're growing


Join our Facebook Group today and have my news blog sent to your Facebook Notifications every time we post including interviews and main features from The Leather Journal.






Satyrs MC - Badger Flat 60

By Stanley

As many of our friends know, it took three attempts to hold Badger Flat 59. We cancelled two years because of Covid. The Satyrs were displaced in 2019 because of hazardous trees caused by climate change: years of drought weakened the forest, and it became susceptible to bark beetle infestation. In Spring 2022, we wrote letters and made many phone calls – first, the Hot Shot crew would take care of the felling of the dead-standing trees. Then they got called to New Mexico to battle active forest fires there. At the very last minute they returned to Badger Flat Group campsite to clear it for our use. We got final approval on July 15 – six weeks before Labor Day weekend. We pulled it off, but our attendance was slightly lower in 2022 which was a good thing because we were a little rusty. We hadn’t put on a run in three years, and it had been four years since we were back in our home.

So come on out over Labor Day Weekend, September 1-4 and enjoy the fun. Kinksters, Leathermen, puppies and bikers are all welcome. See https://www.satyrsmc.org and click on Badger for a .pdf application or simply use PayPal to sign up.

The Satyrs held their 26th Annual Charity AIDS ride on Sunday, May 21 with 21 riders in attendance. Kick stands were up after breakfast at Astro Family Restaurant in Silver Lake. Some $1,680 was raised for Being Alive LA. The AIDS ride ended up a the Bullet Bar in North Hollywood.


West Coast Rubber is Pony

The Mr. West Coast Rubber 2023 was won by Pony. Not only does he get a nice rubber sash and a medallion, he earned a trip to Chicago in November to compete for the Mr. International Rubber title. The runner up was Selena Blackwater. The contest was held the weekend of April 14-16 at The Merrow in San Diego, CA.

The meet and greet was on Friday at AWOL. A men's private play party followed after the contest and Sunday's victory party was at Pecs. Mr. International Rubber 2020 Preston Wexx emceed, and the judges were Colden Lamb, Jody Mitchell, Pup Yoshi and Gus Norris. Joel Royal and Matthew Jensen of PIGS - Perverted Interracial Guys.



Southern California Leather Gathering 20th Anniversary

By Pug Pug

The Southern California Leather Gathering 20th Anniversary will be held Saturday, June 17 from 11 AM to 4 PM at the Whittier Narrows Recreation Area, Group Picnic Area E 2 622 Santa Anita Ave., South El Monte, CA 91733-4423.

SCLG is an annual outdoor picnic gathering that is open to ALL Leather, bdsm, fetish, kink, motorcycle, and bear individuals and/or groups of all genders and orientations. The aim of SCLG is to supply an opportunity for these various folk to interact in a relaxed atmosphere, have fun, and raise awareness about the size and diversity of the leather/bdsm groups within Southern California. BYOF&B: Bring Your Own Food and Beverages (No Alcohol). Feel free to bring extra food if you want to share! There will be grills heated up and available for anyone that wants to grill some food.



New Jersey Leather names winners

By Rik Newton-Treadway

Dr. Michael Zito-Govert, a 30-year veteran Leatherboy in the community, is Mr. New Jersey Leather 2023, Ms. New Jersey Leather is Sandi Smith, and Steven “Pup Yellow" took the runner-up spot. There were three contestants.

After an over three-year-long hiatus due to COVID-19, Dragonslair Productions brought back the New Jersey Leather Weekend to Paradise and the Empress Hotel in Asbury Park. The emcee was International Mr. Leather 1994 Jeff Tucker.

The weekend was dedicated to “Daddy” Dion Daly-Susino, one of the founding producers, who lost a battle to cancer this past year. I know he was there in spirit loving every single minute of it, and I for one, was very emotional seeing the outpouring of love, family, and let’s not forget; debauchery. The weekend started with Friday’s opening ceremony hosted by Jessica Em and We Are Better Together.


Arizona Men of Leather (AML) Monthly Leather Club Night

By Mark Levesque

Join the Arizona Men of Leather for Anvil’s monthly Leather Club Night at Anvil bar, 2424 East Thomas Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85016, the second Saturday of each month, 10 pm to Closing. Show your affinity for Leather and show off your club colors and title affiliations. AML hosts ongoing interactive demos each month. Flagging is encouraged, so grab a color hanky from our booth and let them know what you’re into. All Leatherfolk are welcome.

AML is a male-identified Leatherman’s Social Club consisting of individuals who seek or live the Leather/SM/Fetish lifestyle, supplying opportunities for friendship, mentoring, education, and support in our community.






Links to all Dave Rhodes' Hump Days going back to August 9, 2017






Los Angeles LGBT Center hosted its first Leather Day of Advocacy

By Michael McFadden

On April 17, the Los Angeles LGBT Center hosted its first Leather Day of Advocacy. Members of the California Leather community met with elected officials to secure support for harm reduction funding, expanded hepatitis C prevention, increased access to PrEP/PEP and STI screenings, and more protections for trans youth and survivors of sexual and intimate partner violence. The advocates were dressed in full Leather and gear provided by Ben Orson Leather and cellblock13 to promote sex-positive and LGBTQ+ inclusive legislation.

50+ community members expressing authenticity, sharing their powerful stories, and the HUGE impact they made in Sacramento and in all of California. Across America, our community is battling to protect rights for our trans and gay community as politicians are pushing hundreds of state bills designed to silence us and limit our existence. Just as we did in the early days of the AIDS epidemic, our community will stand up and fight, so that all of our community has the same rights and privileges as everyone. We will not be silenced.

Thank you to the Leather community which showed up in force in Sacramento and made an indelible mark on the California legislative process and showed the true power of community organizing.


SoCal Bondage club moves to 910WeHo

The Southern California Bondage Club invites kinksters to get in touch with their knotty side at a new location, 910WeHo, in West Hollywood on the second Saturday of each month from 1-5 PM. Find and/or bring rope, gags, chains, cuffs, metal gear, Leather, bondage buddies - Bring some rope and get ready to tie and/or be tied at LA's premiere men's bondage afternoon. The next two play parties are on June 10 and July 8 at 910WeHo, 910 North La Cienega Blvd., West Hollywood, CA 90069. SoCal Bondage Club welcomes all men, from experienced BDSM players to guys curious about learning the ropes. In jeans or full gear, you're bound to have a safe, sane and wicked good time.

Arrive right at the meeting's starting time if you're new to the club or the scene. There are brief introductions at the beginning of the meeting to meet each other and tell what we enjoy. Entry fee is $25 for non-members and $20 for members and completed release form.



Oedipus MC monthly ride

By Andre Rigden

Join the Oedipus Motorcycle Club for their monthly ride on Sunday, May 28, starting at Main Kitchen Cafe, 17013 Chatsworth St, Granada Hills, CA 91344. Meet up at 10:45 AM with a lunch stop at Summit Drive In,

12689 Ojai Road, Ojai, CA 93023. Ride ends at JOi Café, 2855 Agoura Road, Westlake Village, CA 91361.

Starting in Granada Hills, Oedipus MC and friends will cross one mountain range into the Santa Paula area, then ride up the mountain pass toward Ojai. They will have a lunch stop at The Summit Drive-In, a burger stop catering to locals and tourists passing through. From lunch, we will drop into Ojai and past Lake Casitas toward HWY-101 on the coast, south along the coast and then to Potrero Road into Westlake Village. We will end at JOi Cafe & Coffee.



Christopher Camp - April 4, 2023

By Rik Newton-Treadway

On April 4th, Christopher Camp passed away surrounded by friends and family. Chris was an alum of COMMAND MC in Baltimore, Maryland.

Chris was a longtime activist and advocate for the LGBT+ communities. He attended Baylor University and Dallas Theological Seminary. Donations in Chris's memory can be made to Aids Action Baltimore. https://www.aidsactionbaltimore.org/






A Blast from The Past


South Plains Leather Fest producers Mark Frazier, Master Jim and slave Marsha after the International Master and slave 2003 contest in Dallas, TX. SPLF has kept its standing as one of the best Leather/BDSM/Fetish conferences in the country. Photo by Dave Rhodes




Writer Guidelines

Report your club's news, new titles, major events

What to send:

1. Short article of about 75-150 words.

2. Photo or two. Landscape preferred. Must be a jpg. Taken with cellphone is fine. Please supply photo credit.

3. Link to a working site. Web sites are preferential, Facebook still works

4. Five "W's" - Who, what, when, why and where. All are important.

5. Please be concise. In news writing, verbosity is not a virtue; it is an editor's nightmare.

6. Please write in third person.

7. Send to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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