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Dr. Larry's 75th Birthday Bash

By March 23, 2023



Dr. Larry's 75th Birthday Bash

By Dave Rhodes

91 Leatherfolk descended upon the Dr. Lawrence and William Burden household in Rancho Mirage near Palm Springs, CA on Saturday night, March 18 to celebrate Dr. Larry's 75th Birthday. A museum-quality gallery of photos, awards and honorifics, Leather items and memorabilia was organized and presented on walls and tables in their home. The throng was treated to a deli buffet catered by Sherman's Deli of Palm Springs. The night started with a blessing by Sister Glitterati James Quiroga.

Scroll through the gallery below to see the photos and memorabilia. Most of it appears in sections such as the time he judged International Mr. Leather, International Olympus Leather and International Leather Sir/Leatherboy; his jacket and number 41 jersey from when he played on Griff's bar softball team, awards he received such as from Pantheon of Leather, the Los Angeles Leather Coalition, Avatar Club Los Angeles and others. Photos of demos where he mummified submissives and did other fun "things" to them. There were photos of close friends over the years and from events such as CLAW in Cleveland.

The whole shebang was organized and created by William Burden from collecting photos from community friends to arranging caterers. Guest after guest heaped praises upon William for his work producing the whole party. Many helped, but it was Dr. Larry's husband, William, who deserves the praise. The bartenders were Jeff Cocco and his partner, Ed.

Most of what appeared was from the last 20 years, but there was one from his very early days, a Leather jacket he wore at the Eagle's Nest in New York. He has been involved in Leather for almost 60 years, something he is proud of and which has been rewarding for those close to him as well as his self. When asked about the jacket, Dr. Larry said, " I came out into Leather in 1964. The jacket was give to me as my first earned Leather in that same year..."