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Election Night Fun - Political Bingo

By November 06, 2016


This election has been the most contentious in our lifetime and there is so much to win or lose…on either side. I have created this version of bingo using commonly-used names and phrases so you can play along with us! This is meant to be a respite from all the spite of this election season.

Enjoy reading The Leather Journal,

Dave Rhodes.

TLJ Political Bingo is for fun and it is non-partisan. Sure we take a couple of digs, but a little at all of the candidates. We've tried to be fair.

Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump and Gary Johnson - They're all here. CNN, Fox News, MSNBC - we've got you covered. Rachel Maddow, Anderson Cooper and Mike Wallace - you are included.

When you hear a commonly-used name, word or phrase take a look at your cards...going to the bar???

Play ONLINE NOW...Computer, phone or tablet by clicking here.


Click on the bingo card to download and print out 30 different cards to take with you, surely it's safer than taking shots every time we here clinton emails or Trump's hate....


Screen Shot 2016 11 08 at 6.42.10 AM