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IMBB and IML 2019 Contestants Preview

By May 19, 2019





Welcome to The Leather Journal's annual IMBB and IML Contestants Preview

We have all four of the Bootblacks and 63 of 69 IML contestants

Who are your favorites?



IMBB 2019 Contestant Photos and Bios

Placed in chronological order of receipt




CA State Bootblack 2018 Geoff Millard

Photo by Image Male

Geoff Millard is CA State Bootblack 2018 was Mr. San Francisco Leather 2017, Mr. Daddy's Barbershop Leather 2017, and finished first runner-up at International Mr. Leather 2017. Geoff is a disabled combat veteran, kinkster, activist, author, martial artist, stripper, and bootblack. As a bootblack Daddy Geoff is most comfortable working the stand so come sit for Daddy.





Photo by DS Trumbull

Sparkie grew up in Vermont and has lived in several places from New England to San Francisco. He has finally put down roots in Wisconsin. Along with his wife, Girl Becky, Sparkie produces the Bootblack Round Up, and is also proud to serve on the Titans of the Midwest Executive Board. Sparkie is a member of Wisconsin Band of Brothers and Mama’s Family. He is Central Plains Leather Boy 2009 and Illinois Community Bootblack 2015.




XXXLeather's Official House Bootblack Kriszly

Being a loyal service dog to his Sir and the European kink community, Kriszly's favorite service to offer is boot-blacking. Kriszly has always been a person who has found connecting with people through touch comes much easier and naturally than through talk - whether it be a handshake, a pat on the shoulder or... bootblacking. Looking into his client's eyes while Kriszly works on their boots and seeing them grow in their (sexual) confidence is electrifying!



Philadelphia Bootblack Boy Roger

Boy Roger is the current Philadelphia Bootblack. A member of Delta International, Roger has been providing boot love for seven years and was the house bootblack at the Bike Stop from 2012 to 2015. You can find him at events along the eastern seaboard, usually in an apron and with his face somewhere alongside a boot. Past president of Keystone boys of Leather.





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IML 2019 Contestant Bios

Placed in chronological order of receipt





Mr. Minneapolis Eagle 2019 Tommy Rosengren

Photo by Everett Allen Photography

Tommy was chosen as MME2019 on November 17. He is a boy of service. Since 2013, he has been an official contestant handler at the IML contest. He has been collared as a bratty boy since 2016. Tommy is a writer, theater director, and educator. He lifts people up daily through his BE-YOU-TIFUL posts on Facebook. His goal for the year is to SPREAD POSITIVITY wherever he goes.




Mr. Leather64TEN 2019 John William

Photo By Joseph Stevens

John William lives in Omaha, NE, and has been hooked on Leather ever since he met that Leather daddy five years ago. He’s was a board member of Titans of the Midwest in 2016-17, is a member of Mama’s family as her Ginger Leather boy, and Team Friendly Nebraska. Recently sashed as Mr. Leather64TEN, he enjoys double penetration, houndstooth, sounding, and electro play. Looks forward to this wild journey of never giving up hope.



Mr. Long Beach Leather 2018 Louie Ramrod

Photo by Timoteo Ocampo

Louie Ramrod holds the title of Mr. Long Beach Leather 2018. During his title year, he has worked on growing and making the Leather Community in Long Beach more welcoming and inclusive, by providing representation and visibility to minorities and people of color. He advocates for the de-stigmatization of mental illness, and has raised funds to make mental health services accessible to queer youth.




Mr. Michigan Leather 2019 Will Baker

Will Baker, Mr. Michigan Leather 2019 is the consummate host, baker, and ethical slut. As the co-founder of the American Society for Sodomy and Fine Unaged Cheeses (ASS-FUC), he enjoys combining cheese with sex and hosts well catered orgies where the hours of sex are followed by a Julia Child meal. Will enjoys building relationships with people and sharing the incredibly important message of U=U.




Mr. New Jersey Leather 2019 Lynx

Photo by Flash Onyx

Lynx proudly represents not only the State of New Jersey and the Men and Women of ONYX with his title; He deeply understands that wherever his travels may take him, he also represents the Leather Community at-large. These opportunities of visibility are a constant reminder to Lynx that no one is ever truly alone and that #LeatherMagic can be shared all around the world, if only we tap into and harness its power.




Mr. Atlanta Eagle 2018 David

Photo by McCall Studio

Born in rural Illinois and transplanted in Atlanta, David is a ABDL Furry Leatherman. He took the Mister Atlanta Eagle title in 2018. With his title year, he hosted events for Pups, Furries, and ABDLs in hopes of building more roads between Leather and other fetish communities. He now sets sights on IML to expand those goals worldwide.




Mr. Mid Atlantic Leather 2019 Emerson Aniceto

Photo by FStop74

Born in Brazil, dual residences in Pittsburgh and Philadelphia, Mr. Mid-Atlantic Leather 2019, Mr. Pittsburgh Leather Fetish, BOS-Barons of Steel charter founder, Pittsburgh Leather Pride LLC associate producer, Leather Archives & Museum member, BLUF:3845 Member, F Stop74 owner Stay Pink and Blue founder, professional architect and photographer. Emerson wishes the IML Class of 41 Love, Brotherhood and Fun.




Mr. DC Eagle 2019 Christopher Booth

Photo by Keith Hutson

As Mr. DC Eagle, Chris strives for better communication and understanding within the Leather community. By hosting classes on specific kink topics at his bar, he wants to make the Leather/kink community safer and more accessible. He has also helped raise money for organizations such as Brother Help Thyself and the Triangle Club of Washington, DC.




Mr. Pittsburgh Leather Fetish 2018 Greg Jones

Photo by Emerson Aniceto of FStop74

Mr. Pittsburgh Leather Fetish 2018 Greg Jones is an avid Leather enthusiast since attending his first Leather event at MAL in 2012. Greg considers himself very sex positive, “power versatile”, BDSM enthusiast and nudist at heart. If clothing is worn, his choice would be a jockstrap and harness boots. As president and owner of December Diamonds, he has contributed over $25,000 to LGBTQ organizations since 2016. He is currently married to his husband of 33 years.




Mr. Philadelphia Leather 2018 Sam Daniels

Photo by Click Save

Sam Daniels has been using his title to represent bisexuals in Leather and to promote the inclusion of queer people in the Leather community. He is a proud member of the House of Renee. He is also passionate about LGBTQ representation in sports and likes to wear crop
tops while getting sweaty.




Mr. Amici Leather 2019 Leather Marshall

I’ve been in the fetish community for the last 21 years. I was involved in the Imperial Court for 13 years in my community of Sacramento, CA. I have been giving aid to the poor all year with food, cloths and blankets. In my fetish history, my mentor Daniel Murphy of Kelso WA. Taught me the meaning of Respect/Honor in our community. I enjoy my Leather siblings. For who they are, MY family.




Mr. Twin Cities Leather 2019 Kurt Patton

Photo by Coit Photography

Kurt Patton describes himself as a bisexual, relationship anarchist, full-time pervert and part-time armchair Leather historian from Minneapolis. His message is promoting accessibility to our community through combating classism and its intersectional impacts, while also promoting TNG (18-35) involvement in Leather/Kink/BDSM, radical acceptance of taboo sexuality, as well as building bisexual visibility in and out of Leather. He says "Try me" with his hanky of choice, orange on the left.




Mr. Texas Leather 2018 Peter Reid

Photo by PDReid

Peter has been active in Leather communities since attending his first IML in 1987. A native Chicagoan, he moved to Austin in 2003 via New York. He is council member of Austin Gears, member of Discipline Corps, Mama’s Family (Mama’s FlyFisherman), and president of the HOT Bears. He teaches classes in rope bondage and believes that mentorship, telling stories, and leading by example are the best ways to educate and open up minds.




Mr. NC Triangle Leather 2018 Sir Brad

Photo by Cody Perry

Sir Brad is proud to be the inaugural Mr. NC Triangle Leather and first runner-up at Mid-Atlantic Leather 2019. Hailing from Raleigh, NC, he is the current president of the Red Lions Leather Club and involved in numerous events and charities benefiting the region. He believes everyone has a fetish – some just haven’t discovered it yet.




Mr. GNI Leather 2018 Jonathan Kharfen

Photo by Brian Becnel

With increased interest as a Leather nudist, Jonathan won the Mr. GNI Leather 2018 title at his first Gay Naturists International event. A Bay State Marauders past president and member since 2015, his other titles include Mr. Snowbound 2015 and First Mate 2015. An avid US/international Leather event attendee, Jonathan was a First Mate 2017 Contest judge, and co-creator/host of Get Your Kink On, featuring bondage, EStim, flogging demos and an informational STI discussion.



Mr. Austin Gear 2018 Douglas Perkins

During his title year, Douglas has focused on promoting connection and participation within the Leather and kink community. He has put effort into promoting body and sex positivity through education and community building, and has taken a special interest in supporting the fundraising efforts of the United Court of Austin as a guest performer. He is passionate about all modes of artistic expression and is a prolific creator.




Mr. Ramrod 2018 Elimination Onyx

Photo by Scott Portuga

In October 2018, Elimination Onyx won the title of Mr. Ramrod 2018. Elimination is a current resident of Fort Lauderdale, Florida and is one of the founders of the ONYX Deep South Chapter. He currently serves as chapter president. Elimination was introduced to Leather over twenty years ago while living in Baltimore, MD. He identifies as a Pansexual and Dominant Top. Elimination is honored and humbled to serve the Leather community in South Florida.




Mr. Leather Italy 2018 Tom

Being Mr Leatherman Italy 2018 gave me the chance to travel for fetish events even more than other years, in this way I get in contact with a lot of Leatherguys from all over. About my fetish beginning, I have a motorcyclist dad, so at home there were never missing Leather pants, boots, jackets. At 33, the passion for Leather is conquering my everyday life - dressing in Leather only for events is not enough anymore!




Mr. Nebraska Leather 2019 Michael Claar

Photo by Kevin Theesen of KT Photography

Michael is actively involved in the LGBT community, serving in various titles for over 20 years. He is enjoying building and promoting Leather and kink through various events, including hosting bi-weekly Leather socials at unexpected venues to invite new people into the community. Claar is a member of River City SEARCH and Titans of the Midwest, is treasurer of the LGBT Ice Bowl tournament, sings with RCMC, and plays bass guitar for MCC of Omaha.




Bavarian Mr. Leather 2019 Stefan Modschiedler

Photo by Glasow

Stefan Modschiedler, Mr Bavarian Leather 2019, represents the Leather and fetish community of Bavaria from his hometown of Erlangen, Germany. His interest in Leather began with a fetish for motorcycles and Leather gear. He is a motor cycle enthusiast and proud owner a Harley Davidson. He is a board member of the Nuremberg Leather Club and member of the Munich Lion Club, his official sponsor. Stefan is proud to represent Bavaria Germany at IML 41.




Mr. Iowa Leather 2019 Jason Ranschau

Photo by Coit Photography

Jason's first foray into the Leather community began three years ago with IML. His time as Mr. Iowa Leather 2019 has been enlightening and a great opportunity to continue to grow personally, but more importantly help others that like him hadn't been involved in the community. He's very lucky his job has allowed him to travel to places around the world to make a positive impact on the lives of people in need.




Mr. Off Ramp Leather 2019 Steve Buchanan

Photo by Jon Howard

I am Steve Buchanan, Mr. Off Ramp Leather 2019, I am representing a custom Leather apparel shop in Palm Springs, California. I am active member in my community and Europe, a supporter of the Desert Aids Project, The Fathers Project, Palm Springs Pups, Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. I have been supportive of the Palm Springs Pups as a judge and most recently a judge for Mr. Fetish Spain and Mr. Leather Bavaria and numerous other events.




Mr. Missouri Leather 2019 Robert Segarra

Photo by Scott Lokitz

Robert is a native New Yorker, but has called St. Louis, Missouri home for almost two decades. He recently participated in his first title run and is the current Mr. Missouri Leather. Robert looks forward to having a great and productive year as a representative of the Show Me State, (show him yours and he may show you his), Robert is also a member of and Road Captain for Rudis Men’s Leather Society.



Mr. Maryland Leather 2019 Scorpius Renegade

Photo by Andrew Timleck

Scorpius Renegade is your Mr. Maryland Leather 2019. His year's theme, #LeatherTogether, focuses on not only the need to build an open and welcoming community, but also for respect of the range of Leather and kinkster family members; differences mean conflict will happen so recognize that we mean more together than apart. An associate member of ONYX Mid-Atlantic, he lives in Baltimore, MD where he flags fuchsia, gray, hunter green (as boy), black, and red.




Mr. Chicago Leather 2019 Saber Onyx

Photo by DS Trumbull Photography

Saber is a Chicago native, raised in Detroit. He is the current president of ONYX/Midwest and Mr. Chicago Leather 2019. He is a son of Mufasa’s Pride and has affiliations with AIDS Foundation of Chicago and Chicago Black Gay Men’s Caucus. Saber strives to be A Beacon of Light within the Leather community. Saber believes in touching lives in ways that add positivity, wealth, and knowledge. He loves exploring life and kinks/fetishes with his Husband.




Mr. Leather Venezuaela 2019 Gaspare La Rocca

Hello friends. My name is Gaspare La Rocca and I am from Caracas, Venezuaela. I'm a lawyer and a choreographer, always working for the Gay community and I help any way possible. As a choreographer I teach folk dances of Italy because my family is Italian as well. I am 45 yeas old and I am very happy to go to the important event representing my country.



Mr. Mayhem Leather 2018 Pup Baxter

Pup Baxter is your Mr. Mayhem Leather 2018. With a belief that all of us are only as strong as the bonds we make, Baxter's message is that we are all family and we must support each other. Baxter is a full member of Red Lions, and associate member of COMMAND MC, Knight Hawks, Titans of the Midwest and Panthers LLC. A message to all the contestants, "I wish you all the best and I love you!"




Hong Kong Leatherman 2019 Craig Menzies

Photo by Graham Martin

Craig has lived in Hong Kong for over 15 years and this year he represents Hong Kong as Leatherman 2019. A Leatherman, father, interior designer and committed dermophile. Also the founder of @muscle__pigs on Instagram. The goal and theme for this year is to Be Proud, Be Open and together we will build our brotherhood.




Mr. Eagle NYC 2019 Thom Khan

Photo by Zak Krevitt

Thom entered the Leather world in San Francisco in the mid-70s and has been recognized member of the NY Leather scene since 2005. He’s a veteran cyclist of more than a dozen AIDS rides and a founding member of Team Eagle NYC which since 2007 has raised more than $1,000,000 for HIV/AIDS programs at The LGBT Center NYC. Through the years he’s also volunteered his time to the GMHC AIDS Walk, The Trevor Project and the SAGE Friendly Visitor program. His focus includes creating programs that benefit learnings and support between the elderly and the young in our gay and Leather communities.




Mr. Leather Ireland 2019 Fionn Scott

Photo by D81

Fionn Scott, a Dublin-based kinkster with an international background, finds meaning in fighting for equality and diversity - in and out of Leather. He is a founder of the Irish Kink Collective and is a professional social care worker and community and youth worker, working with those marginalised by society to facilitate empowerment and social change. He has worked with people experiencing homelessness, in sexual health and empowerment education, PrEP advocacy, and in anti-hate speech education.




Mr. New England Leather 2019 Nick James

Photo by James Acero

Nick is currently Mr. New England Leather 2019, formerly Mr. Snowbound Leather 2018. A founding member and former Road Captain of the Green Mountain Bucks of Vermont, he lives in the Boston area with his husband and two dogs where he works in higher education. He realized his love for fetish and kink in his teens with a love of Leather, rubber, and sports gear and it’s only grown since then.




Mr. San Diego Leather 2018 Doriam Couto

Photo by Michael Brian Studios

At 26, Doriam is the youngest Mr. San Diego Leather to date. "My platform focused on welcoming and walking with PoCs, Leatherwomen, Transfolk and anyone who felt alone because of something we have no control over" - all while reminding folks "age does not equate experience." He travels to conferences and colleges year-round educating on Leather, BDSM, and how we can integrate our own culture into our Leather, while honoring the groundwork of our predecessors. #LetsWalkTogether




Mr. San Francisco Leather 2019 Jawn Marques

Photo by Inked Kenny Photography

Jawn calls San Francisco home and has a passion for traveling to destinations around the world. He loves to find open public spaces on each trip to explore kink with groups so please invite him to your town so you can create a scene and show off together.




Laird Leatherman 2017 James Addinsall

James moved to Melbourne in 2016 and, inspired by the men of the Laird, became an artist who drew inspiration from fetish. During his title year, he raised money and awareness for Positive Women Victoria, Australia’s only community-based organisation dedicated to supporting women living with HIV. James took his passion for art and fetish, and produced An Illustrated Guide To The Hanky Code with artists and fetish enthusiasts from around the world.




Mr. Leather Berlin 2018 Jens Walker

I was born in 1989 as the only son of two bikers in the countryside of Germany. There I discovered that I have a fascination with Leather and biker gear, which only grew during my teenager time. Later I moved to Berlin to study physics and develop my own fetish life. I fell in love with the fetish scene, founded my own software company and stayed a Berliner at heart while traveling all around the globe.



Mr. Cincinnati Leather 2017 Ramon Spurlock

Photo by Bryan Patrick Photography

Ramon Spurlock aka “Porkchop” is a sex-positive, kinky exhibitionist that enjoys the finer things in life. Currently residing in Cincinnati, Ohio where he held the title of Mr. Cincinnati Leather 2017. During his tenure, he organized a fundraiser for Proud Scholars and promoted multiple Leather events within the city to bring others together. As a criminal justice professional, Porkchop uses his ability to relate to individuals and bring others together.




Mr. Route 66 Leather USA 2019 Sir Patrick Ulysses

Photo by Kody Nance

Patrick identifies as a Pansexual Polyamorous Leatherman, a BDSM top and a primal bear. He is also a Renaissance reenactor, a crafter, and a fan of popular nerd culture. He is a cofounder of Leather House Abundance - a family based on education, outreach and community building. Patrick is also an apprentice Bootblack, a member of MAsT-OKC, an officer of NLA-OKC, an instructor for Titans of the Midwest and Mr. Route 66 Leather USA 2019.




Eagle LA Mr. Leather 2019 Mike Ebelhar

Photo by Motorboot Robert

A Los Angeles native, Mike lives in Pasadena with his husband, Lance, and works in nightlife and entertainment. A business student at Cal State LA by day, and bartender at the Eagle LA by night, Mike is not unfamiliar with keeping busy, participating for a myriad of Leather groups and organizations across Southern California. Some favorite kinks include piercing, fisting, and muscle worship, and he is an avid fan of international travel.




Mr. Atlas Leather 2019 Colin Marcus Jackson

Colin Marcus Jackson grew up on the Alberta prairie and is excited to bring some Canadian beef to the stage at IML 2019. Now living in Vancouver, BC he works with local businesses and organizations to promote the fetish lifestyle, sex health and positivity, and to inspire others to live their authentic life!




Mr. Fetish Spain 2018 Emerson Prieto

My name is Emerson Silva Prieto. I was born in a Venezuelan-Spanish family and live in Barcelona, Spain. I always had a kinky mind, and was interested in fetish, but in the end, 2017 my photographer friend urged me to participate in the election of Mister Fetish Spain, which I won and became Mister Fetish Spain 2018. During my title year I was working on making the community accessible for the younger generation.



Mr. Gay Days Leather 2018 Denny Morelock

Denny is originally from Bowling Green, OH, but now calls Chicago home. He has spent his title year working to expand and promote Gay Days as an international brand by spreading the message of diversity and inclusion. Denny finds comfort in helping people discover their kinky way in our community.




Mr. Midwest Leather 2018 Troy Pettibon

Raised in southwest Missouri on a dairy Farm, at the Age of 21, I joined the US Navy and retired in 2016. Since then, I began a second career with a Class 1 Railroad as a locomotive electrician. I've been active in the Leather community for the last 20 years while living in Florida, Maryland, Virginia and California. I've been active in fundraising efforts for the True Colors Fund, the Trevor Project and have donated my time as an electrician to Habitat for Humanity and my local Humane Society. My hobbies include classic cars, and vintage porn.




Oklahoma Mr. Leather Gage Baldwin

Photo by Leatherboy Pippin

Gage Baldwin is a switch from Oklahoma City. His passion lies in increasing education within Leather spaces, as well as fighting the current FDA ban on gay and bisexual blood donation. In his community, Gage works to promote the kind of service, honor, and kindness that became known as The Oklahoma Standard in the aftermath of the 1995 bombing.




Mr. 3rd Coast Leather 2018 Joseph Wood

I’m a 50 year old Alabama Native who attended Troy State University and majored in business. I own an Aveda concept salon and day spa. My interests include gardening and discovering new cultures through travel. I have raised $4,000 so far for my home charity AIDS Alabama. I am also Mr. Alabama Leather 2018, the first Mr. Alabama Leather.




Mr. Connecticut Leather 2019 Mister Sperry (aka Ryan Sperry)

Photo by Flash Onyx

Mister Sperry began his kink journey in 2008 when he started working at a bathhouse in Troy, NY. Since then he’s explored bars, events and private parties across the country and hopes to continue his passion for travel and meeting new people in his title year to come. He trained under a West Coast Master for a number of years until deciding to continue his kink exploration by nurturing and expressing his dominant side. Mister Sperry’s kinks included S&M, Rope Bondage, Water Sports and the occasional red or rainbow polka dot hanky, and considers himself a switch.




Mr. Tristate Leather 2018 Rex Rayburn

Photo by Entendre Photography

Rex Rayburn has been a beacon of sex-positivity in Southwest Ohio for over a decade. Born and raised in Dayton, Ohio, Rex brings his unique brand of energy to all that he does. With his spouses Connie Linguist and Girl Kali, they use their Delta-Force powers to turn the kink community upside down. Rex’s message is simple: Kink and Sexual Expression are nothing to be ashamed of. Celebrate your inner weirdo and demand Consensual Sensuality.




Mr. CMEN Leather 2018 James Stewart

Photo by Rick Boehle

James Stewart is from San Diego, California and was born and raised in Oklahoma. James has been comfortable in his own skin socially since his college years and has embraced the acceptance and inclusiveness that both naturists and bears have shown him. He enjoys participating in Leather community activities and is looking forward to representing CMEN at Southern California Leather community events and at the International Mr. Leather contest in May.



Leatherman of Color 2019 Jack “Exile ONYX” Thompson

Jack Thompson has been active in the Leather and kink scene of San Francisco, CA for 15 years, but has recently moved to Baltimore, MD. He is one of the founding fathers of ONYX Northwest and a current member of ONYX Mid-Atlantic. He was Mr. May 2018 for the Bare Chest Calendar. Secretary of the Bay Area's all-gender inclusive Leather club, Queer Sphere. Did stage management for many shows in the Bay Area, including The Playground stage at Folsom Street Fair. An 11-year drag performer/producer with the Rebel Kings of Oakland drag troupe and now running The Rebel Kings of Baltimore troupe and is a consistent companion/service wolf to his husband Geoff.




Mr. Los Angeles Leather 2019 Elliot Musgrave

Photo by Motorboot Photography

Elliot is a Los Angeles-based personal trainer, and lifestyle switch. He is the third person to hold the title for DTLA’s Precinct, and the first out Transperson to win the title of Mr. Los Angeles Leather. Elliot loves bondage, impact, exabitionism, and needle play. Elliot is honored and humbled to be representing Los Angeles in Chicago this May.



Mr. Leather Ottawa 2019 Frankie B

Frankie is the youngest Mr. Leather Ottawa candidate to ever win the City's title, at the age of 21 he barely met the age requirement for competing. Being new to the scene though doesn't mean that Frankie has not hit the ground running, contributing to the community very early on. Competing against two returning contestants, Frankie was able to impress the judges with his eagerness to learn, his commitment to community, and his genuine heart for those around him.




Mr. Phoenix Leather 2019 Sbudz Budzyn

Photo by Mahlon Lovell

Sbudz is a 41 year-old boy pup living in the heart of Phoenix, AZ. Professionally, he gets to tinker with robots while managing a great team of engineers. Outside of work, Sbudz has a lot of fun being active in the Phoenix Leather community where he gets to explore a wide variety of kinks with his Phoenix boys Of Leather (PbOL) brothers. He is enthused and invigorated with the opportunity that he has in front of him, competing in Chicago for International Mr. Leather 2019.




Mr. Palm Springs Leather 2019 Richard Passmore

Richard Passmore is a philanthropist, activist, nurse, and uniform lover. Before becoming Mr. Palm Springs Leather 2019, he won the title of Mr. Tool Shed Leather 2019. He identifies as a Leather boy, and loves men in uniform. He is an associate member of Palm Springs Leather Order of the Desert, the California B&B Corps, and on BLUF, member 1748. He enjoys raising money for charity, and has already raised over $11,000 for AIDS/Lifecycle.




Mr. Houston Leather 2018 John C. LeBlanc Jr.

I have been active behind the Houston scene in the Leather community for 20 years. In the past three years with HPTL. My platform has been to encourage the community to open up more in the greater Houston area. We can all help end the Leather elite that scares away those who are interested. I also am very active in feeding the homeless youth in the LGBQT community and a HIV Hospice.




Mr. Friendly SF 2019 Amp Somers

Amp is a blogger, sex worker, and activist. He produces the YouTube channel "Watts The Safeword" where he, along with guests of all abilities, backgrounds, experiences and kinky lifestyles, destigmatize topics on sex, which I'm told he has lots of experience with, and other LGBTQ+ issues.



Mr. Kentucky Leather 2018 Emmett Pope

Emmett Pope aka Esoteric Wolf ONYX is a Daddy fisting, pup loving, switch from Louisville Kentucky, and is honored to be the current Mr. Kentucky Leather. When he's not performing sleight of hand inside bottom Daddies he can be found reading Deadpool comics, nerding out on bad movies, lending an ear to those in emotional need and helping them find.



Mr. Leather France 2018 Laurent Chéry Drouet

Photo by Nathalie Dumas

After a motorbike, I lost many of my life before discover canoeing since 15 years. It help me to move forward in my life and to face my seropositivity. I was deeply involved into the associative life and its difficulties. I had a rich social life as an associative leader, kayak teacher and activist in water protection, with a collaboration to a water festival. Since four years, I’m back with my first love, Leather.



Mr. Leather Belgium 2018 Bart

Photo by Taco D. Smidt

Bart competed at Antwerp Leather and Fetish pride in 2018. As engineer, he helps engineers silencing cars world-wide. As teenager, he was attracted to bikers. But only at 30 he set steps into the Leather community. During his year, he traveled across Europe to support different fetish events, with attention for smaller events, such Mr. Russia election. He started to organize his Fetish socials and also introduced the MLB shower gel in support of Rainbow Railroad.




Mr. Leather Israel 2018 Udi Taurus

Born in Israel at the city of Safed the home of Kabbalah, Udi Taurus grew up between the walls of that 2000 year-old city. He is a designer for costumes and Leather/fetish, partnered to Guy his husband since 2000, father to Danielle who is eight years old, former drag queen in the last 20 years, activist for LGBT rights, community, HIV awareness, proud gay, a father and Israeli.




Mr. Leather Switzerland 2018 Fabien Sulmoni

Hey! My name is Fabien, a young Leatherman from Switzerland and as Mr. Leather Switzerland, I want to let the world knows we are here and we have a big fetish community. As a hard of hearing man, one of my purpose is I want to prove that no handicap can stop you, and we all have our place in the Leather family.



Mr. Hidden Door Dallas Juan Carlos Gutierrez

Photo by Tom Rubeck

You are what eat and I love pork! OINK. OINK. I’ve been a successfully self-employed stylist for 23 years. Happily in a relationship for 18 years. I’m an animal lover. I enjoy traveling and have traveled throughout the US and Europe. I enjoy meeting new people and learning about their communities and cultures. As your next IML I’d like to build bridges not walls, create pathways through education for our next generation making sure to continue our IML movement.



Mr. Leather Spain 2018 Joseph Rider

Photo by Victor Selva

Joseph was elected by a jury formed by seven relevant personalities from the Leather community in Spain, USA, Italy, France and Portugal. Procedural lawyer and rider, he belongs to a family with military roots. He’s a loyal defender of the postulates that the current Leather community inherits from Anthony DeBlase and the ones that Ed Sparan instills in Joseph. He advocates this ideology as the nucleus of a true elite in our social sphere. Joseph has been vice president of Leather Friends Spain. He is also a member of Leather Friends Italy and BLUF association.




Mr. Louisiana Leather 2019 Sir Eric Michael

Originally from Massachusetts by way of Washington State and Florida, Sir Eric Michael is the current reigning Mr. Round Up 2018 and Mr. Louisiana Leather 2019. Within the Leather community, Sir Eric promotes a platform of acceptance, diversity, and belonging. He hosts monthly BDSM parties which promote involvement from the entire kink community including women and pups. His interests include edging, skin contact, dick sucking, cooking, and spreading “bully breed” dog awareness.


Mr. Indiana Leather 2019 James Taylor

I was born and raised in Indianapolis, IN. I enjoy traveling and working out. I work in the long term care area of health care. As a former military man I see a lot of similarities between the army and the world of Leather and I am drawn to it. I’m not a big talker. I’m more of an observer. My conversations tend to be short and sweet but what I say is from the heart.