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IML 2018 Contestants' Photos and Bios

By May 15, 2018



Members of the IML Class of 2018 who appeared at Mid Atlantic Leather in January.

A record 71 men have officially registered by the early May deadline as contestants for IML 40 or International Mr. Leather 2018. IML contestant coordinator Jeff Tucker, an IML 1994 titleholder himself, greatly assisted in compiling this information. Contestants were given the opportunity to submit decent photos and brief bios. We have photos of all 71 and three-fourths of the supplied bios.Take a look and pick your favorites. One might pick their own Top 20 and compare it later to the list announced on stage at The Auditorium in Chicago, IL on Sunday night, May 27. This article originally had 72 contestants. One dropped out a few days before the contest due to a medical emergency. Find out more about IML at http://www.imrl.com


Mr. Alameda County Leather 2017 Steve "Ox" Geist. Photo selfie

Pinned into Mama’s Family in 2002 as Mama’s Leather Maker, later as Mama’s Password Keeper, Steve has been wearing and making Leather since the late 80s. In his earlier years, Steve was a member of the Sacramento Leather Association and a tailor at Mr. S Leather, but now he uses the powers of caffeine and snark as an information security professional to defend the world’s financial systems from idiots. After his husband of 16 years passed in 2016, Steve’s passion for Leather was reignited. In addition to Alameda County Leather Corps, he's also a member of The 15 Association and Volunon.


Mr. Atlanta Eagle 2017 Jonathan Fenrir. Photo by Dave Rhodes


Australian Leatherman 2018 James Davidson


Mr. Austin Gear 2017 Roger Grape


Bavarian Mister Leather 2018 Robert Heckmann. Photo by Iwan Valentin

My name is Robert Heckmann, born 47 years ago in Munich Bavaria in South Germany, I am partnered and am working as credit analyst in a local bank. In my leisure time I like to travel and to make fetish friends around the world - I join the gay Leather community since 25 years and am a member oft the Munich Lions Club (local fetish club). I love to meet my friends there, helping as bartender, doorman or volunteer for the pride parade team. I also support a local prevention group campaigning for safe sex and testing on HIV and STDs.

Mr. Bolt Leather 2018 Adam Lee

Adam likes long walks on the beach - in Leather. He has been a part of the Leather community for 15 years. A resident of Sacramento and Mr. Bolt Leather 2018, he has served Leather communities and groups across the US. He started with the Knight Hawks of Virginia and now a member and volunteer coordinator, of the Queer Leather Association of Sacramento. Adam believes that sexual freedom and expression should never be limited among consenting individuals. He flags black and light grey and enjoys other fetishes. He enjoys showing people that there is no reason to hide from what brings true joy and fulfillment to their sex lives and to our community. He strives to help create a community without judgement, and he believes that the only way that can happen is through communication and exposure to all different parts of our community. He’s lived his life by the Leather code of respect, honor, loyalty, trust and integrity.


Mr. Bullet Leather 2017 AJ Chier

AJ is proud to represent his favorite bar, the Bullet Bar in North Hollywood, California, in the IML 2018 competition. He and his partner Geoffrey live in Pasadena, California. His LUG Nut (Leather, Uniform, and Gear) play events have raised thousands for his chosen cause of combating LGBT youth homelessness. He believes the role of a title holder is to be an approachable ambassador, without arrogance or entitlement, that promotes safe, sane, and consensual enjoyment of our fetishes.


California Drummer 2017 Xavier Espejo

Xavier has been an active member of the Los Angeles Leather community for the past four years. He’s served on the boards of two local organizations, volunteered his time to different events, and has mentored many new comers into the community. His title platform is to fight against HIV/AIDS stigma and slut shaming. He recently released a calendar that celebrates being sex-positive and raises funds for Being Alive, a client-based non-profit that provides many services to people with HIV/AIDS. He’s the first Drummer title holder to participate at IML in 20 years, and he is excited and grateful for this opportunity.


Leatherman Of Color 2018 Dax Volpe


M. Cuir Montreal 2017 Ray Sparo. Photo by Dave Rhodes

Ray Sparo is M. Cuir Montreal 2017. He was born in Montreal by Italian parents and raised in both Montreal and Italy until the age of 10. He’s fluent in Italian, English, and French, and is also learning Spanish. He’s been working as a second Assistant Director in the film industry for the last 18 years on such movies as Life of Pi and the X-Men movies (Days of Future Past, Apocalypse and upcoming, Dark Phoenix). He enjoys cooking, disco music, wrestling, fashion, art, flogging and being flogged, pits, bondage, water sports and barebacking. He the Gay Semicolon for those who struggle with mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety, and thoughts of suicide. He started #iamsansjugement, a monthly meeting space for sex positive individuals who can talk freely about any sexual experience or fetish in a judgement free zone. Ray is working with local Ministers of Parliament to make conversion therapy illegal in Montreal and across Canada.


Mr. California Leather 2017 Dino Garcia. Photo by Cubby

Dino Garcia is the first Mr. California Leather sponsor by HEAT. (Honorably Embracing All Tribes). He is a Leather bear who enjoys teaching others in all aspects of Leather and kink. He is a founding member of LA Band of Brothers, Mr. Bullet Leather 2008, So Cal Leather Sir 2013, and Emperor 38 of Long Beach Imperial Court. Dino has taught numerous subjects like kink on a budget. His biggest platform is no matter who you are, We are one, We are Human!


Mr. Chicago Leather 2018 Stitch Leatherdandy. Photo by DS Trumbull Photography

Stitch has been a kink player since he was 19. While in the Marines he found the sexual draw of Leather and uniforms, and began his journey young. Since then he had added to his wheelhouse of kinky skills and continues to explore and grow. He was a founder of CAGE, and continues to work with Chicago Puppy Patrol, Chicago Rubbermen, and the Windy City Boys Troop. He advocates for body positivity for all, and a completely inclusive community. As one of Chicago’s Leather Dandies, he is dedicated to bringing class and a lot of sleaze to his community.


Mr. CMEN Leather 2017 Mark Simonds

Raised in the Smoky Mountains of East Tennessee, Mark came to California in the 1990’s for training in child and adolescent psychiatry. He has always been a lover of nature and found the parks of Southern California to be a great place for walks and getting naked under the sun. He has done three consecutive, 545 mile Lifecycle bicycle rides from San Francisco to Los Angeles and has raised, with the help of his partner, $45,000 for HIV prevention and cure. In August 2017, he won the Mr. CMEN Leather title. His title goal has been recruiting more young people into the naturist and Leather communities.


Mr. Connecticut Leather 2018 Pup Data. Photo by Tim White Photography

As a Service Pup, Data is regularly found donating his time at various events around the nation. Pup Data is the CLAW Social Media Coordinator and jumps at the chance to help the Leather Archives for road shows. A transplant from the Midwest, Data reconstructed the Nebraska Leather community, was a founding officer of the Titans of the Midwest, coordinated multiple Kink U events, and produced the Nebraska Leather weekend. At home in Connecticut, Data enjoys partnering with the Imperial Court and the Triangle Community Center to spread acceptance and inclusion at events throughout the state.


Mr. DC Eagle 2018 Daniel Ferguson

Daniel Ferguson, 34, has been an active member of the DC Leather community for four years. He is a board member of DC Leather Pride, where he has organized Kink 101 seminars, and enjoys personally mentoring new members of the Leather community. Daniel also provides legal support to DC Pups and Handlers and SigMa DC. Daniel is a nudist, attending NoCover DC and DMV Starkers events as well as camping at The Woods Campground. Daniel enjoys smoking cigars, weight lifting, and gaining size. He is fluent in French and has visited 32 countries. Daniel has one collared boy, boy Kris, 34, has been an active member of the DC Leather community for four years. He is a board member of DC Leather Pride, where he has organized Kink 101 seminars, and enjoys personally mentoring new members of the Leather community. Daniel also provides legal support to DC Pups and Handlers and SigMa DC. Daniel is a nudist, attending No Cover DC and DMV Starkers events as well as camping at The Woods Campground. Daniel enjoys smoking cigars, weight lifting, and gaining size. He is fluent in French and has visited 32 countries. Daniel has one collared boy, boy Kris.


Mr. Eagle NYC 2018 Joseph Macchia. Photo by Dave Rhodes

Joseph is a native New Yorker. Seven years ago he walked into The Eagle and knew he found a home and a safe place. He began his Leather journey in 2014 when he competed for the Mr. Eagle title. Joseph is into rope bondage, flogging, CBT. He has been in the entertainment industry for 20 years, booking and producing cabaret acts, he is a freelance floral designer. He volunteers for Broadway Cares. Joseph decided to work with Children living with HIV and AIDS. Joseph founded Help Is On The Way Today, a not- for-profit for children, and youth living with HIV and AIDS. A cancer survivor, Joseph also speaks about cancer awareness. He lives his life with one belief; it does not take money or fame to make a difference “Just A Voice And A Belief."

Mr. Fetish Spain 2017 Janos Martenyl


Mr. Firedancer Dallas 2016-2017 Thomas Blanton. Photo by Mark McCray

Thomas is Vice President of Misfits Houston, a 25-year-old Leather club, and is the current run captain of GLUE Weekend, the club’s nationally-recognized annual fundraising event. An HOA manager by day, he works evenings at the Montrose Forge, a Leather and fetishwear shop, and keeps a running journal of entertaining customer service stories at MisfitMarjorie.com Thomas was pinned into Mama’s Family as one of Mama’s Misfits, and he co-hosts the monthly late-night radio show Facets of Leather on 90.1 KPFT. He flags fuchsia on the left (as evidenced by an ever-growing collection of unusual paddles) and gray on the right.

Mr. Fire Island Leather 2017 Sir Joseph. Photo by D81

Mr. Fire Island Leather 2017 Sir Joseph proudly represents the New York Leather community as Mr. Fire Island Leather 2017 and as Vice President of Excelsior MC, NYC’s premier Leather organization. Sir Joseph is best known for his motto, “Remembering the past, in the present, for the future." His passion for the Fire Island community and its history has inspired him to travel the United States and Europe to support various events and spread the importance of LGBT history. Sir Joseph is the first Mr. Fire Island Leather since the contests inception in 2001 to compete at IML.


Mr. Friendly SF 2018 Stephan Ferris. Photo by Troy Dean Photography

Stephan Ferris earned his BA in broadcast communication from San Francisco State and a JD from UC Hastings. He is passionate about LGBT, HIV, and sex-worker activism. During law school, Stephan researched the implications of California’s failed Proposition 60, a measure that mandated condoms in adult entertainment, and he was selected to publish his findings in the Hastings Women’s Law Journal. Stephan has worked internationally to advocate for educated and informed sexual autonomy, in addition to serving on the board for Bay Area Lawyers for Individual Freedom (BALIF). Stephan enjoys puppies, blood-sports, cuddling knuckles deep, and a good horror movie.


Mr. Gay Days Leather 2017 Chip Wegner

Working with various charities when ever I can to raise funds, recently, Honey Bee jock auction, Trevor Project, True Colors campaign, helping less privileged gain access to medical services. Been out in Leather since 1995, and consider Chicago my second home. Hobbies include: Dragon Scalemail, SCUBA diving, home remodeling, water gardens (koi), tropical plants, organic gardening, skiing, travel, nude beaches/camp grounds, cigars, leather folk, various kink (still pushing my limits), weight lifting, swimming, hanging out with bio and chosen family, volunteering for charities when I can. Treasure hunting with a metal detector.


Mr. GNI Leather 2017 Brian J. Ballone. Photo by Mark I. Chester

Proud instrumental part of resurrecting the Pocono Eagle at Gay Naturists International's The Gathering and cohost for the five traveling Pocono Eagle's Boots and Bourbon parties. He is an active member of three BDSM clubs: Chicago’s Hellfire Club, San Francisco's The 15 Association and Delta Brotherhood International. This genuine DILF allows only one person to stand on his boots while squeezing his heart and telling him that he looks ridiculous in his Leathers...his seven year old daughter.


Mr. ICON Detroit Leather 2018 Lukas Latunski. Photo by Twisted Photography

Lukas Latunski is Mr. ICON Detroit Leather 2018. He is a master stylist, master gardener, master chef, and loyal pup and husband to Olykos. Lukas has a passion for fineable-arts: a proud naturist, avid fitness buff having a keen eye for the beauty of a performance. He is a proud loving father and a role-model for the Leather community ticking off colors of the hanky-code like a boy scout collecting merit badges. With all of that, Lukas is your typical guy-next-door and modern-family man.


Mr. Indiana Leather 2018 Jeremy Muncie


Mr. Iowa Leather 2018 Bull Baugh. Photo by Dave Rhodes


Mr. Israel Leather 2017 Aviv Grundman. By Dave Rhodes


Mr. Kentucky Leather 2017 James Lee. Photo by Chadford Chomper Schuld

Living life to the fullest, and learning along the way, is James’s aspiration in life. He tries his best to follow three rules: Have Fun, Respect, and Never Give Up. James believes in surrounding himself with people that challenge him for the better. Sharing his life lessons and whimsical attitude, he works hard to give back to his community in and out of leather. He’s a coach/choreographer for Hip Hop. Cheerleading, and power tumbling. He is a friend and mentor to his athletes and their parents. James' Chosen and Bio family are his support system, and most precious treasure.


Mr. Leather64Ten 2018 Kurt Allen

Kurt Allen, currently serving as Mr. Leather64Ten 2018, has lived in the Indianapolis area for over 25 years. He introduced jock parties to the Indianapolis gay scene. He wants everyone to feel comfortable as they are and have some fun too. He found Leather after coming out eight years ago. Since than, Kurt has worked to bring more people into the Leather community through bar events and Kiki’s. His kinky side came out when his husband thru a surprise bukkake party for him on his birthday during IML. He’s been open to all types of kink since. As a part of their vacation travel, he always incorporates several naked and Leather events. He’s been a strong supporter for Indiana Youth Group, a local organization that helps the LGBTQ youth in their quest to be comfortable in who they are, and has raised over $5,000 for its operation.


Mr. Leather Austria 2017 Tom Wucherer. Photo by WF Portraits

I'm a 34 year old living in Vienna, Austria with my American husband of six years. I am a Chef de Rang and bar keeper at five-star hotels around the world from Ireland, to Cayman Islands. Also involved in our community through BLUF (Breeches and Leather Uniform Fanclub).


Mr. Leather Belgium 2017 Sandro Cossero

Sandro, a 36 year-old crazy and always smiling Italian living in the heart of Antwerp, Belgium. During the week he is teaching and educating his kids in the fifth grade. In the evening you can find hi m in the gym where he teaches gym classes like an overloaded Duracel power bunny Dancing is his biggest passion since 24 years. A positive attitude, horror movies, beach walks, board games, red wine and nice restaurants are the magic key words.


Mr. Leather Brasil 2018 Dom PC

I am Dc. Rafael, 38 years old, live in Sao Paulo and best known in the Leather and BDSM communities as Dom PC. I was elected Mister Leather Brazil 2018 as a result of my love for the Leather culture and my personal desire for our community to be more visible and eradicate every prejudice. During the last 13 years as an effective member of the Brazilian Leather community, I have supported all the Leather and Fetish events in Brazil and one of the founders of BDSM CAMP BRASIL. Consequently, I have become a promoter of Leather culture in Brazil, giving interviews in radio and TV. As a Doctor, I have been focusing my efforts promoting the prevention and treatment of STD/AIDS and health care in the practice of BDSM in talk shows, conferences and several radio programs about these matters. In addition, I have been fighting against homophobic crimes, in order to ensure the protection of individual rights of those in the Gay and Leather communities. I am a biker and I usually drive my Harley Davidson bike in full Leather and love playing the piano in my free time.


Mr. Leather Colorado 2017 Superhorse. Photo by Broken Glass Photography

Superhorse discovered the Leather community through his local club Voodoo Leatherworks, eventually joining its Leadership Council in 2016. He is Secretary of the Marquis Lifestyle Center, a nonprofit dedicated to educating law enforcement entities, mental health professionals, and crisis centers on BDSM-related activities and lifestyles so that these groups may better serve our community. Once per quarter, he presents on BDSM at his Alma Mater UCCS, giving other young adults his age access to resources they may not get otherwise. He's also super into tabletop roleplaying games, which coincidentally also involve hitting things in dungeons.


Mister Leather Europe 2017 Raymond Timmer. Photo is by Suzanne van de Laar (Different by Suus)

I’m Raymond, 44 years old and currently Mr. Leather Europe 2017. I am from The Netherlands and live in Amsterdam. My focus is to make Leather more accessible for everybody. I am active with HIV/AIDS and hepatitis C, especially prevention of stigma. As Mr. Leather Europe I promote the community and support the various clubs and other misters. I promote initiatives within the community, one which is very dear to my heart is raising awareness and money to help our gay brothers in Chechnya and other countries where they are persecuted. We can only be stronger together.


Mister Leather France 2017 Aurelien Normane


Mr. Leather Italia 2017 Fabrizio Paoletti. Photo by Haus Mein Gott

1965 born, Electronic Engineer working on Intelligent Transportation Systems, Fabrizio has passion for art, photography, theater and art counselor himself. Being a gay father from heterosexual relationship and a fetishist since very young, after his separation in 2001 he became in 2007 LGBTQIA activist for gay parents awareness and visibility in Italy, cofounding Rainbow Parent Network association - Rete Genitori Rainbow www.genitorirainbow.it As a visible gay father and activist, he decided to run for MLI 2017 with the total support of his daughter and family. He is running a project on Leatherman gay fathers visibility at htp://www.puroquore.it


Mr. Leather Mexico Abel Castro 2017

Hello my name is Abel Castro, I represent Mexico, a beautiful place full of landscapes food and more but not so kinky like my wish, then I found IML 15 years ago on the internet and now IML is part of my life, my brotherhood and my family. I'm just Latin trying to make my dreams come true - Not so perfect English. No muscle but my heart is always open for the LKGBTQ community.


Mister Leather Netherlands 2018 Evert Leerson. Photo by Rene Zuiderveld

Entrepreneur Evert, 47, has had a keen Leather interest since his early twenties. After a successful career abroad, he returned to Holland in 2017 to discover that the Leather scene and tolerance towards Leathermen had changed for the worse. Evert wants to reverse these trends and put Amsterdam back on the international Leather map. He is one of the founders of Leather Friends Netherlands, a community organization aiming to re-active the Leather scene. He also formed a group of younger, accessible Leathermen around him to promote influx of younger men. Evert shows Leather as sexy, beautiful desirable but also accessible, normal and acceptable.


Mr. Leather Ottawa 2018 Andre Cyr


Mr. Leather Spain 2017 Ralph Alvarez

Ralph, nick name Spykemad is Mr. Leather Spain 2017. Born in Madrid 55 years ago, within the Leather scene in a visible way since more than 30 years and activist of the Leather community and other social and charitable works for more than 10 years. I have been lucky to see how my country went from a dictatorship to a democracy, how it was illegal to be gay, and to be able to fight for the egalitarian laws that we currently have, and currently working for more rights and equalities not only for the Leather community, at the same time working in social volunteering and charity, and creating community with the youngest who want to start in the Leather world. I am very lucky to have time in off in my life and be able to dedicate it to the Leather community and to those who need it most. For me it is a real pride to be the first Spaniard to appear on the IML stage.


Mr. Leather Switzerland 2017 Reto

I am Reto, Mr Leather Switzerland 2017. At my election I promised to bring back the Swiss Leather community on the Leather map again. Since 2013, when an old established Leather club in Switzerland died, the Swiss Leather scene has nearly disappeared. I felt the need for brotherhood and community of Leathermen is still there. With a small motivated group I started social Leather activities. Meanwhile, a new club, Leathermen of Switzerland, was founded. Together we are stronger, can live our values and help men who still struggle to be who they are - in Switzerland or elsewhere.


Mr. Long Beach Leather 2017 Jerimyh Jackson

Being an Air Force Vet makes it hard to find others to relate to or possess a certain level of masculinity that I am attracted to; which is rare. The title of Mr. Long Beach Leather gave me the chance to facilitate events that allow people to be themselves and not feel the shame associated societal expectations; that take a toll on your mental, physical, and spiritual health. Also, the Leather tribe of Long Beach is a place that allows you to just love each other rather you interest align or not. Luckily for me this has made all the difference for me in ways I will never forget. Remember by being yourself, you’re ultimately allowing others to be themselves. So just “be and let be” and look into kink not with judgement, but instead intrigue and curiosity.


Mr. Los Angeles Leather 2018 Ben Kaufher. Photo by Trevor Ott

Mr. Los Angeles Leather and LA Leather Bear Ben Kaufher has lived in Los Angeles for a decade with his husband Ben. He loves listening, flirting, and giving massages, and has a soft spot in his knees for Dads, Sirs, and Coaches. A member of the rebooted LA Boys of Leather, Ben believes that great change comes through service. When he is not working in TV production, he flags yellow, hunger, gray, black, and various blues out of his very full right pocket. Ben says that most problems in the world can be solved with either love or sausage gravy.


Mr. Louisiana Leather 2018 Darrell Klassy, "Daddy D"

Darrell's Leather journey started when his husband of 29 years passed away. Out of grief came his new life as he wanted to explore himself and live for both of them. Along this journey Darrell gained a new family: a Daddy, Brothers, two boys and a pup. Darrell continually educates people on the meaning of being undetectable. Darrell encourages everyone to explore themselves, educate others and to “enjoy" each other until it hurts everywhere. Darrell is who he is and doesn’t waiver from his true core. As a veteran himself he is always looking for a few good MEN in or out uniform.


M. Cuir Montreal 2017 Ray Sparo


Mr. Maryland Leather 2018 Brendan Patrick. Photo by Dave Rhodes

Brendan Patrick won his title in early November of 2017. Since that time Brendan has enjoyed meeting other Leather folk and discussing the importance of Recovery for individuals like himself who have or are currently struggling with an addiction. Additionally, Brendan is proud of the partnerships with other area title holders he has been involved with in order to raise money for local charitable causes local recovery housing for men. Brendan would like to wish his IML Brothers the best of luck as we come together in May for the experience of a lifetime!


Mr. Mayhem Leather 2017 Boy Joey


Mr. Men’s Room Toronto 2018 Taliesin Wolf

Pup Wolf has been an avid member of the international Leather community since 2004. Wolf has enjoyed giving time back to the community including raising over $10,000 for The Positive Living Center to support people newly diagnosed with HIV. After many years of community involvement, this intrepid globe trotting puppy left the sunny shores of Australia and has attended Leather pride events and fundraisers the world over for the past eight years. Now residing in Toronto, Wolf was proudly awarded the inaugural title Mr. Men’s Room Toronto 2018 by a group of his peers. As a fully fledged service dog, Wolf is a bootblack enthusiast, loyal companion and proud guard dog of his friends and family.


Mr. Michigan Leather 2018 Tim Koski. Photo by Calvin Pohler

Tim lives in his hometown of Chesaning, MI where he was born and raised. He drives truck locally and was a volunteer firefighter for over 15 years. Hobbies include working on cars, going to car shows, off-roading in his lifted jeep, boating and camping. Tim started his kink and Leather journey in the early 2000's by attending Detroit Bondage Club functions at the Detroit Eagle bar. Over the next few years he was a regular at DBC functions and leather bar nights at the Detroit Eagle. He attended his first Mr. Michigan Leather weekend in 2008 and has been making connections and friendships since then. Tim attended his first IML in 2016 and was blown away by the experience and he is extremely excited to be representing Michigan at IML 40 this year.


Mr. Mid-Atlantic Leather 2018 Gerard Turner. Photo by Steve O'Toole Photography

Gerard Turner, May 16, 1977; believes his purpose in life is to close the stereotypical gap of judgement and welcome others to tap into accepting themselves as well as others. A 25-year cancer survivor and philanthropist; worked raising thousands fighting cancer/leukemia; Annual toy drives throughout the LGBTQ+ community, for over seven years. His strongest passion supports the fight against HIV and Aids, with Code RED, raising $9,200 in four years. A full brother ONYX, receiving awards for ONYX-MA Brother of the Year 2016, ONYX Lion Strength Award 2017, Leather Person of the Year 2017 at Maryland Leather Weekend from COMMAND.


Mr. Minneapolis Eagle 2018 Sir Randy Ingram-Lile. Photo by Dave Rhodes

Mr. Minneapolis Eagle 2018 Sir Randy Ingram-Lile has been involved in the Leather community all his adult life. He was a Charter Member of Silver Spurs of Dallas and is a Founding Member of North Star Kennel Club. He is currently third-term President for Atons of Minneapolis; he has also served on MN Leather Pride Board. He is Uber Sir to his Leather family, consisting of his husband/former boy, their collared puppy, their collared boy, their family service boy, and their Padawan. His passions include flogging, fisting, electro play, CBT, smells and generally making boys moan and scream.


Mr. Midwest Leather 2017 Adam Heusinkveld. Photo by Dave Rhodes


Mr. Missouri Leather 2018 Aj Gault. Photo by Jarrett Stoll

Born and raised in Central Arkansas, AJ calls St. Louis home. On Feburary 24, Aj had the honor of earning the title of Mr. Missouri Leather 2018 after hard work and dedication to himself and our community. He started his journey in the Leather community five years ago, as a fetish photographer and has met many various friends, role models and mentors that have helped him to become and realize the Leatherman that he is today. Aj is excited to represent the Mr. Missouri Leather family and believes that being genuine, humble and supportive is key.


Mr. Nebraska Leather 2018 Jeff Deutsch. Photo by Dave Rhodes

Jeff Deutsch is a 28 year old nerdy Leather otter who currently resides in Omaha, Nebr as k  a  . Jeffstarted his Leather journey after watching the 2016 Mr. Nebraska Leather competition andfinally feeling a sense of belonging in the gay community. Jeff believes in erasing hate bypromoting understanding, compassion, and acceptance welcomes everyone to the events hehosts. Jeff’s interests outside of Leather, and performing for the community at drag shows ashimself for various causes/charities, include lots of reading, learning new languages (bothmechanical and natural), watching movies, and staying active usually at the gym, bowling, or tumbling.


Mr. New England Leather 2018 Rob Birch


Northeast Handler 2017 Damien Basile. Photo by Ryan Colford

Damien is the first Northeast Handler. He believes that being Leather is first and foremost in your heart. As founder of Leather Pin and T-shirt Marketplace, Leather Couchsurfing Rideshare, and Leather Together: Mental Health Support, it’s important to him to help out our communities when he is able. He's a brother of Excelsior MC, a member of NYC-PAH, and an associate of ONYX NY/NE. He's a champion of bi visibility, and mental health awareness. He flags red, yellow, hunter green, teal, silver lamé, air force blue, white velvet and bar rag. He enjoys long fucks on the beach, and kittens.


Mr. Northwoods Leather 2017 Edward Brooks


Oklahoma Mr. Leather 2018 Bret Streetman. Photo by Josh New

Bret Streetman is Oklahoma Mr. Leather 2018 and Co-Founder of OKC Gears. He is also active in the Oklahoma City community as an Executive Board Member of Other Options, a non-profit providing food, education, mental health services and other resources to at-risk individuals and families, with a focus on HIV/AIDS. Through OKC Gears, Bret has had tremendous success locally in bringing the Leather/Gear enthusiasts together through Gear Nights and has been successful in helping to bring the Oklahoma City and Tulsa Leather communities together.


Mr. Palm Springs Leather 2018 Jax Kelly. Photo by Dave Rhodes

Writer, Yale alum, entrepreneur, community leader, HIV/AIDS activist, gym rat, book club member, volunteer, Leatherman. Jax is a former Commissioner on the Los Angeles County Commission on HIV. Currently he serves on the board of the California LGBT Arts Alliance and is a member of the Palms Springs Leather Order of the Desert. One of his title beneficiaries is Let’s Kick ASS-Palm Springs (LKAPS.org) a 501(c)3 assisting long-term survivors of HIV/AIDS. In July, Jax will be attending the International AIDS Conference in Amsterdam.


Mr. Philadelphia Leather 2017 Nick Hollup

Nick Hollup is Mr. Philadelphia Leather 2017. He is a strong proponent of community, brotherhood, diversity and inclusion, as well as many other popular buzz words. He spent his year traveling and supporting the community as much as possible, raising funds with his sash wife, the inimitable Heather Raquel, for important causes from local non profits to national organizations. He is an associate Member of the Philadelphians MC, and a regular patron of the Bike Stop.


Mr. Phoenix Leather 2018 Boy Scott. Photo by Turbo PX

Scotty works at his family’s funeral home and educates the community about memorialization and advanced planning. He’s a board member of Eve’s Place, a domestic violence advocacy organization. His greatest accomplishment to date is his sobriety and service to others is his guiding principle. It is his mission to be a sober voice in the Leather community in hopes of touching those suffering in shame and silence as well as educating those in the community about the issues sober people face. He identifies as a Boy and flags grey and light blue on the right. Electro play anyone?



Mr. Providence Eagle 2017 Jay Menick. Photo by Tim White Photography

A transplant from Chicago to the east coast for the last 20+ years. Jay came out later than some in his mid-30’s and gravitated to the Leather community thanks to Tom of Finland. While attending his first IML in 2007; he started to hear what his story would be from the stage and want to be able to inspire others. Earning the title as the first Mr. Providence Eagle is an honor, and privilege. He hopes to be able expand the knowledge of the Leather community and continue to build a strong relationship with the straight community through NELA, AIDS Cares Ocean State, and Victory Programs of Boston; memberships and titles: Bay State Marauders, Harbor Masters of Maine. AMCC, Mr. Providence Eagle 2017, Mr. Snowbound 2014 and Mr. Gay South Shore 2005.


Mr. Queensland Leather 2017 Scott Lovegrove


Mr. Ramrod 2017 Scot Blumstein. Photo by Scott Portugal

Scot Blumstein has been active in the South Florida Leather community for the last five years. He is a member of the South Florida Minotaurs. He is a volunteer, a leader, a coach and a mentor. He is the only person to win The Mr. Ramrod Contest and The Mr. Ramrod Daddy Contest in the same year.


Mr. San Diego Leather 2017 Nathan Kendrick. Photo by Micheal Brian Studios

Nathan recently completed a very successful local title year, raising $10,000 for Sunburst Youth Housing through his #BeWhoYouNeeded campaign for mentorship and giving. He volunteered as a sexual health educator with Club X and Fetish Men San Diego, and his work was recognized by San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer and California State Senator Toni Atkins. Nathan was named Outstanding Leather Personality at the 42nd Annual Nicky Awards, and received the Order of the Double Eagle from the Imperial Court de San Diego. He is a left-leaning switch, and flags red, light blue, yellow, black, white velvet, and Holstein.


Mr. San Francisco Leather 2018 Matt Welch. Photo by Pup Scamp

Matt is the first cub and first pup to be named Mr. San Francisco Leather. He also serves as Mr. Bay Area Cub and Dore Alley Kinkster 2017. A polyamorous advocate, he is married within a sero-discordant triad and is a proud Alpha to his pack. Matt regularly performs with the Boys of Bearlesque, a body positive dance company that helped him love his size. Through performance and lifestyle, Matt encourages sex positive and physical pride attitudes throughout Northern California. He works in the environmental sector and freelances as a theatrical director. Matt flags gold, yellow, beige and magenta.

Mr. Texas Leather 2017 Rylee Janus Spire

Living in Grand Prarie Texas and Papa to one son Rylee grew up on the South Side of Chicago and has spent the last nine years finding his way in Texas. Becoming involved in the local community in 2009 Rylee is pleased and honored to represent the Lone Star State at IML 40.


Mr. Third Coast Leather John Miley. Photo by Dave Rhodes

John is a divorced dad of two beautiful daughters, ages 18 and 16. He is engaged to a great guy who he's been with nearly two years. While John lives in Louisiana where he was born and raised, he is an active member of the Houston Leather Community, as he often travels there and will ultimately relocate to once the kids leave the nest. John teaches Oil and Gas Technology to high school students. He also drives a daily school bus route and maintains all 56 of the parish-owned school buses. He’s Mama’s MacGyver for a reason.


Mr. Tri-State Leather 2017 Dorian Gray. Photo by Dave Rhodes

Mr. Tri-State Leather Dorian Gray advocates passionately for community members of all background to achieve equity by working to connect his fellow LGBTQAI+ family members with the resources they need to survive and thrive. With eleven years of service in the medical field, Dorian currently works directly with under served women to provide them with high quality Ob/Gyn care. Over the last year, Dorian has been using his medical background to curate and promote a directory composed of local providers that self-identify as LGBTQAI+ and HIV+ friendly.


Mr. Twin Cities Leather 2018 Pup Buster. Photo by Ryan Coit

Pup Buster is the current Mr. Twin cities Leather with a passion for performing, Disney and merging them together with his Leather/kink life. So much so that for the last two years he has done some memorable scenes such as miss piggy fisting Kermit the frog, and Dr. Frank n Furter turning rocky into a boy. He is originally from Orlando Florida where he discovered leather and kink while working at Disney as a stilt walker and performer. Lover for flannel and fisting aka a fisty ginger lumberjack, he also has a huge passion for bootblacking. If you smell of musk and Leather bring it on since he is a huge lover of pits/musk. He is usually seen nose diving into many pits at events. Fuck body hate and love the skin you are in "big or small, thin or fat, worship that body, it's the only one you've got.


Washington State Mr. Leather 2017 Sir Travis. Photo by Andrew Villeneuve

Sir Travis, a poly, dynamic sadist who throws a whip, rope, or a joke in equal time. He currently serves on the board of Leather Azimuth, the first Leather organization in Eastern Washington, that he helped found. Travis enjoys teaching, traveling and is known for giving just the tip- whether to a bartender or bootblack. Serving as Washington State Mr. Leather 2017, Travis enjoyed bringing opportunities to kink/Leatherfolk, hosted moshes and a bootblack Leather gang-bang (ask him about that one). A Navy Veteran and a member of SML, Travis fosters a feeling of home wherever he travels.


Mr. Wisconsin Leather 2018 Magnus Wynter. Photo by Chomper Shuld

Mr. Wisconsin Leather 2018 Magnus Wynter is grateful to represent the state of Wisconsin as he competes for IML. He's 28 and lives in Kenosha. As a clinical oncology dietitian, Magnus counsels patients undergoing chemotherapy in wellness and nutrition. He enjoys exercise and especially cooking, as he is a French classically trained chef. Magnus is also a talented photographer who has photographed over 13 events in these last four years. He focuses on contests and kink education. Many within the Leather community praise his photography. He does this to teach about the Leather and kink communities and enhance our collective memory.


Mr. XXX Leather 2017 Wolf Schmid. Photo by D81

Wolf, grown up in Germany, moved to Arnhem (NL) in 2004. Being member of German LGBT association LSVD since 1997, he volunteered for several German LGBT and HIV groups until 2013. Wolf is member of LGBT employee network RBgay and came out to 10.000 European colleagues in the employee magazine. Since 2012f, Wolf is a regular in Amsterdam’s Leather scene; he’s volunteering at XXX Leather and recently joined the steering committee. During his title year he represented XXX Leather at 15 international Leather events from Antwerp (BE) to St. Petersburg (RU), helped fundraising for Rainbow Railroad, and made second runner-up at Mr. Leather Netherlands.


The Class of IML 39 or IML 2017 at the Congress Hotel on Thursday before the contest last year. Photo supplied by IML