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IML IMBB 2022 Contestants Preview




IML Class of 2019.


IML IMBB 2022 Contestants Preview

It has been a long time waiting, but the day is coming when a new International Mr. Leather and International Mr. Bootblack will be sashed, and that will be on Sunday night, May 29 at the Auditorium in Chicago, IL. The following is The Leather Journal's annual IML and IMBB Preview of contestants. This will be online and not in the print edition. New this year, each contestant was provided the opportunity to include a link to their web site and/or social media page so readers can find out more than they can from a 100-175 word bio. Thank you to IML IMBB Contestant Coordinator Jeff Tucker for his help with this.



We have all 61 IML contestants and two of three IMBB contestants.


 The International Mr. Leather and International Mr. Bootblack 2022 contest has a new an exciting venue , the Arie Crown Theater at McCormick Place on Sunday night, May 29. For the full schedule and registration options go to the IML IMBB web site. Note - there have been some changes, so it might worth it to take a look.



International Mr. Leather 2022 contestants


Mister Bretagne Pays de la Loire 2019


Patrice Menhard, 37 year old. I was born in Angers, west of France. I live now in Paris. Scientist in phytochemistry, I am now a business man, in food industry (natural beverages) and in Leather goods. Since 2018, I have done the first inclusive fetish event in France. I also created Miss Titleholder Best Friend Europe 2019 ceremony in Berlin. I love to raise funds, for different associations. For example I raised 1,000 euros for Institut Pasteur, for Covid19 vaccination R&D. I did donation to LA&M and I was contest judge (in Paris, Koln and Helsinki).
File “chateau."

Photographer - Model Hunter




Mister Daddy France 2020

Laurent Baj

I am a French citizen leaving in central Paris since 1996 coming from east of France near Luxembourg. I was elected as the first Mister Daddy France in 2020 just before the pandemic. I’m still in charge as my successor is not yet elected. I’m also the chairman of the board of ASMF, which is the second oldest LGBT association in France and the oldest fetish gay association. I’m involved in the leather community since years and members of several associations (BLUF, UNIFS…). I’m here in front of you in order to affirm that being a daddy doesn’t mean that we are out of the community.

Photographer's name: Thomas Laconis

Facebook - Mister Daddy France 2020




Mr. DC Eagle 2020

Justin Sawyers

Justin Sawyers, Mr. DC Eagle 2020, earned the sash in November 2019. Although the bar itself, DC Eagle, has closed, the work of the title in building community and supporting our leather, kink, and fetish family continues. Fundraising efforts by Mr. DC Eagle 2020 have benefited organizations such as The Trevor Project to Black Lives Matters to Casa Ruby DC.
Justin has been in the DC leather community more than 7 years and prior to the pandemic could be found with friends enjoying the city, singing karaoke, and being shirtless in bars. He is member of Potomac Motorcycle Club and is an Associate Member of COMMAND MC. He also serves on the boards for SigMa DC and Rogue Darts. His leather heart focuses on self-acceptance and suicide prevention. He looks forward to finally celebrating with his IML brothers this May.

Photographer - Matthew Swanson




Mr. ICON Detroit Leather 2021

Dwane Gerald

Mr. ICON Detroit Leather 2021, Dwane Gerald is an architectural designer known for his community outreach, welcoming smile and bowties. He values brotherhood and considers himself a proud Leatherman with memberships in the Michigan Band of Brothers, Motor City Bears, Creek Ridge Campground, ID Coalition for Change, and Grant-A-Wish Fund.
With a belief of “Different Angles, Same View," Dwane’s philosophy is to bring the similarities of people into focus rather than what separates us.
Dwane is active in volunteering and has raised over one million dollars for nonprofits and charities. He has been recognized both locally and nationally for his efforts.

Photographer - Twisted Photography





Mr. SF Eagle Leather 2022

Master Ghee

Master Ghee is honored to represent the San Francisco Eagle bar, as Mr. San Francisco Eagle Leather 2022. Twenty-nine years ago, he emigrated from Singapore and has been active in the leather community as an out and proud HIV+, Asian Leatherman. Mentoring, advocacy and sharing his experience is important to Ghee. He has participated in the mentorship program of the Leathermen's Discussion Group, assisted an aspiring member of ONYX Northwest, and has provided a leather and kink perspective to therapists and peer counselors of a substance recovery center The Green House, Singapore. He is the main event organizer for BLUFSF, an associate member of The 15 Association, and a member of Masters And slaves Together, SF. He looks forward to the IML journey with his fellow Leather brothers this May

Photographer - Alex Ray





Mister Leather Norway 2019

Per Helge Nylund

I am the northernmost Mister Leather in the world. From my hometown Tromsø in Arctic Norway, I want to spread Leather pride and awareness, using my visibility to spearhead fetish freedom and sexual joy for all people. I don’t believe in shame, but in knowledge, acceptance and equality.

Being fortunate to live in a place where queer rights are well respected, my goal is to inspire the leather community by sharing the Norwegian ways. I run the Arctic Pilot Leather event in November, attracting many international participants. They get introduced to Tromsø’s queer politics and are invited to a Lutheran rainbow mass, alongside regular Arctic fun like husky dog sledding and watching the Northern Lights.
Tom of Finland was my first Leather inspiration, and I am a lifetime member of the Tom of Finland Foundation.

During the pandemic, I made snowmen in my garden and gave them gear to have a frozen fetish party. Neighbors loved it!

Let the Leather culture be open, friendly and inviting. I wear my Leather with a smile, and I want you to show me what your pride is.

Photographer - Daniel Lilleeng





Mr. Gay DayS Leather 2019

Daddy Mark

Daddy Mark, is the current Mr. Gay Days Leather and is from Solon, Ohio. He identifies as a Daddy Leather Bear. He is an emcee and entertainer for many local events promoting and raising funds for the LGBTQ+ Community and other charities. He is a full member of the Rangers, Northeast Ohio’s Leather/Levi/Uniform Club, and member and Past President of Arktos Bears of Northeast Ohio. He is also a member of Mama’s Family, Mama’s Cleveland Bear.

He is married to Jim and will be celebrating 30 years together, has two children and two grandchildren. He is proud to be a Daddy to the Leather and Bear communities and mentor, support, and provide a shoulder or hug.

Photographer - Emerson Aniceto FStop74 Photography





Mr. Phoenix Leather 2020

Eric Thurnbeck

Eric Thurnbeck, Mr. Phoenix Leather 2020, is a proud Kinsman to the Phoenix boys of Leather, a Glam Daddy, a pusher of traditional boundaries, and an artist of the floating world. Eric considers Leather a medium of creative and sensual expression, rather than a uniform to fit into.

Eric's kink passions include impact play (especially flogging), mental exploration through headspace and roleplay, strength derived from the aesthetic, the satisfaction of devoted service, and the beauty that is found in acceptance of the deepest self.

Photographer - Eric Thurnbeck





Bavarian Mister Leather 2020-21

benji waters

I grew up in a small village. In 2015, I moved to Nuremberg where I live with my husband with whom I am almost 10 years now together. Since the headquarters of the company I work for is located in Berlin, I am often found there.

In my free time I like to do sports - I often go to the gym. In summer I like also to drive my convertible or get on my motorcycle - of course in a Leather suit.
The preference for Leather and fetish has developed very early. For me fetish means to be able to live out as I am. Fetish accompanies me every day and is a part of me. I am glad that I can show my true self and be as I am.

The most important values for me are honesty and reliability.

Photographer - Erwin Harbeck






Australian Leatherman 2019

Mike James

Australian Leatherman, Mike James lives in Sydney, and identifies as a bisexual switch Leather alpha pup – Relentless!

His favorite color is orange, left or right, depending on his mood. Mike loves travel and adventure sports, and has visited all seven continents.

During his title years, Mike created Sydney Fetish Week with help from members of the local kink community. Mike is a firm advocate for inclusion, not only of sexualities and genders, but also gear, encouraging everyone into kink to congregate and celebrate together. He regularly attends interstate and international kink and fetish events with the aim of creating dialogue within and between communities. Mike is also a co-organiser of the Sydney Eagle, a pop-up fetish bar for Sydney’s Mardi Gras and throughout the year.

Photographer - Matt Spike



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Northeast Leatherman 2020-21

Donnie Bell aka SirPup Eros

My name is Donnie Bell. I also answer to SirPup Eros. I am Northeast Leatherman 2020-21 and founder of Pups And Handlers Of Color. I am 53 years old and living in Harlem in New York City, but I am originally from Raleigh North Carolina and living with my partner since 2008. He’s Vanilla, I am Not.

Photographer - Flash ONYX





Washington State Mr. Leather 2019-20

Sir Chris

Once learning his thing for men in motorcycle jackets and jocks was not so unique, Chris Kauffman started his journey in the Leather and kink community. Having a knack for knots and boat ties, rope became his gateway into kink. His curious nature has taken him from novice to mentor in rope bondage and grown into impact, and pup play.

From President of Seattle Men in Leather (2014-2017) to current Treasurer and founding member of Seattle Leather Service Corp, Chris helps groups navigate issues from formation and funding to governance and formal complaints. He is an active member of Seapah, the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence and Delta International. Safe sane and consensual applies to board meeting as well as play space.

Photographer - Skuff Pup




Mr. Missouri Leatner 2020

Vern Warner

Raised on a small farm, Vern calls Kansas City, Missouri home, where he has been a stylist for 23 years. As chair of the KC Pioneers communication committee, he works behind the scenes to bring all Leatherfolx together for inclusive education events. Serving as Den boy for Show Me Leather for the last few years, he loves helping contestants remain calm and look their best on stage. His interests include cooking and collecting art supplies. He flags light blue, hunter green, and yellow, all on the right.

Photographer - Mark Moore Photography





Pride of The Hide 2019

Thomas Seggie

The very first Pride of The Hide, Thomas Seggie is a Sydney-based kinkster who has an active role in the resurgence of the Sydney Fetish community. Founder of the Kink Kloset podcast series, and key organizer of the Fetish Australia Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras float, Thomas has helped shaped the vibrant and diverse kink social landscape in his hometown. Thomas spends his days supporting and running The Hide, Sydney’s premier monthly fetish event. Since winning the bar title in 2019, he has kept The Hide community active through Zoom socials and helping build connections for new kinksters to find a place where they belong and feel welcomed.

Photographer - Mathew Grevink Photograph





Mr. Michigan Leather 2020

Tiger ONYX

Tiger ONYX (He, Him,His) is a Bukkake-loving, honey dripping, power bottoming, cum covered Primal pussy built for comfort and made for wear and tear.

Representing his community as the first African American Mr. Liberty Leather 2019, and the second African American Mr. Michigan Leather 2020, his goals are advocating for the Great Lakes LGBTQIA+ community by tackling current issues centered around the increased need for HIV/AIDS Care Services, Inclusion/Exclusion stigma, Body/Identity Positivity, and Transformative Change/Community Engagement.

Tiger is a Full Brother and past President of the Great Lakes Chapter of ONYX, and a member of the Black Bear Brotherhood in Detroit..

When he isn't volunteering with Unified HIV Health and Beyond, or Kappa Psi Kappa Fraternity Incorporated, he can be found perfecting his head down pussy popping “Ragin Cajun” spit roast technique, ordering cases of fishnet body stockings, or daring greatly and defying gravity while hunting for the perfect beige hanky snack. #Fishnetsarethenewblack

Photographer - Frank Clark

Instagram - CapyPics - https://www.mmlweekend.com




Mr. GNI Leather 2019

Mark Branson

Mark (any pronouns) has been active in the Baltimore and Mid-Atlantic Leather communities for seven years, serving as treasurer of COMMAND MC and an associate of ONYX-Mid-Atlantic and La Fraternitié du Loup Garou. As a member of Gay Naturists International (GNI), they work to create bridges between the naturist community and the Leather community, helping to make more kinky naturists and more naked Leatherfolx. His goal is to combine the body positivity of the gay naturist movement with the sex-positivity of the Leather community, and help to free everyone from the negative emotions which hold them back from being their best selves. When he's not i Leather, naked, or naked in Leather (and even sometimes when he is), Mark works as a mathematician and teaches yoga.

Photographer - Brian Becnel





Mr. 3rd Coast Leather 2019

Drew Manning

Drew is a 54 year-old mechanical engineer formerly with NASA and has been active in the Leather community for just over eight years. A native Texan who has lived in Houston for over 20 years, he has contributed his time and energy to support a number of the Leather clubs in the area since he began his exploration of Leather. Guided and supported by a number of mentors in the community, he was named Mr. 3rd Coast Gear in 2016 and later pursued the Mr. 3rd Coast Leather title. Despite the impact of the pandemic, he’s been able to attend Leather events across the country to continue building his connection to the community and his own personal development. He flags dark blue and dark green on the left.

Photographer - Dante Kieran





Mister Leather Europe 2020-22

Stevio Blackhar

My name is Stevio Blackhart. I’m a 29-year-old Leatherman living in Milan.

The fetish world intrigued me since I was 13. From the beginning, the Internet was my trusted teacher, just like Virgilio for Dante. This was my secret journey for a long time since I came out at only 21.
When the fetish community took my hand it was one of the best things that happened in my life because the Internet couldn’t show me how warm people within the community could be.
I met so many people that changed my life forever and i will bring some of them in my heart for the entire life.

I’m Mr Leather Europe 2020-2022 and my mission is to bring more young people to the fetish community by showing the warm and friendly side of it.

Photographer - Alberto Degano





Mr. Eagle NYC 2022

Kenzo ONYX

Kenzo Is an activist and advocate In the LGBTQIA+, Kink and BDSM communities.
Growing, maturing and sharing his knowledge and experience through friendship, fellowship, and active participation and service since 2013. He Is a founding member of The Kink Collective, Creator of Gotham Kennel Club, and New York Age Players Munch and Is also the current Vice President of ONYX NY/Northeast. He currently holds the titles of Mister Eagle NYC 2022 and pervlous held the title of Northeast Puppy 2020 and 2021.

Kenzo has emerged as a leader among his peers by planning, sponsoring and hosting several Queer Inclusive kink events, creating safe spaces for anyone and everyone In the community to explore their sexuality and kinky curiosities under his gentle protective tutelage.

Pup Kenzo's fierce spirit and boundless Imagination are ignited by two mantras which guide and fuel him: "Be the change you wish to see In the world" and "always live in your true authentic self.

Photographer - Joshua Rodiguez (Master Joshua)

Facebook - Kenzo ONYX




Mister Leather Chap’s Belgium 2017-18

Kevin D. Dyson

I owe so much to our Leather family. From an extremely introvert boy, I became a Leatherman with values and self-esteem. While I am always happy to meet new people, making the very first step still remains a personal challenge. Lockdowns due to the Covid-19 pandemic has affected us all; My husband and I descended to hell and I luckily came back but…alone. Surviving the suicide of a life partner is awfully difficult. Suicide and its prevention should not be taboo subjects so does prevention around PnP, Fisting accident, etc. I am working on showing off that no one should be ashamed of asking help and support on subjects somehow considered as taboos.

I want to shout out the following message “You are not alone, and you will never be!" I am alive and I have a second chance; I want to demonstrate that as low you can fall down there are many happy and beautiful ways out other than the extreme ways. Every day of your life is worthy to be lived. Leather hugs!

Photographer - Werner Oberli

https://www.facebook.com/kevin.d.dyson/ - Instagram - kevin_d_dyson




Mr. SoCal Leather 2019

Aric Wilson

After undergoing intense self reflection under whom is considered Aric’s greatest teacher, he became able to live authentically - then came Leather. Aric Wilson, from Los Angeles, California is Mr. SoCal Leather 2019.
Aric is partnered to an amazing Pup named Chewi. Aric is a certified Project Manager in Pharmacy, and possesses two Masters degrees.

After finishing first runner-up at LA Leather in 2019, Aric has continued to produce events and bring people together in community service. Aric is also member of Onyx Southwest. Outside of Leather, Aric loves travel, hiking, circuit parties and making human hand puppets. Flagging red, black, dark pink and fuchsia among others, this Leatherman has explored plenty and mentored others. Aric even discovered his own inner Pup, Arrrroooo!

Aric believes that being a generational bridge and providing safe space to be kinky is key to ensuring the growth and maintenance of our community.

Photographer - Ponce





Mister Leather Belgium 2020-21

Gael Leung Chong Wo

I am a 40 years old architect, who was elected as Mister Leather Belgium in march 2020. The pandemic started one week after the election, so I had to find a way to work on my project #WeAreFetish” that focusses on the inclusion of all people within the Fetish scene. I started a website and a Facebook group that promotes Diversity in all its forms and from different backgrounds. As son of a half-Chinese/maurician father and Belgian mother, I always had to fight for a spot in society. I recently turned #WeAreFetish into a non-profit-organization that will help in providing more publicity and funds to minorities towards acceptance.

Photographer - Eddy Verheecke





Mid South Kink & Leather Sir 2019

Den-Nickolas Schaeffer-Smith

Den-Nickolas Schaeffer-Smith, MidSouth Kink & Leather Sir 2019, is excited to be representing Memphis and the Mid South on the IML stage. Den moved to Memphis in 1986 and has been a member of the Memphis Leather community for over three decades, during which he has been actively participating in fundraising events to bring awareness to the LGBTQIA+ community. Den is a member of Tennessee Leather Tribe. Den enjoys mentoring young men interested in Leather/BDSM, TPE, bondage, flogging, sensory play, and water sports. Den is also the founder and Co-artistic Director of Emerald Theatre Company, Memphis’ first LGBTQI+-focused theatre company, now in the 25th year of residency at TheatreWorks at the Square. Den is sponsored by Hoist Men of Leather & Fetish and is grateful to have this opportunity to fulfill a life-long dream of competing at International Mister Leather along with his peers.

Photographer - Gage Osbourne




Mr. Ohio Leather 2020-21


My Leather journey started almost as soon as I found online porn for the first time. Sneaking onto my parents PC in the middle of the night, enthralled with Jeff Stryker screen shots printed out and hidden under my mattress. I felt an immediate draw to Leather and the lifestyle it represented. I would walk through Wilson's Leather in the mall taking in its intoxicating scent. I was lucky that even though I was raised Mormon my agnostic father showed me how to appreciate and explore the world. Appreciate the things that make us different. This allowed me to develop my own beliefs and world view. From my love of art to my eventual exploration of Leather and kink.

It took me many years to actualize the visceral draw and join the community I call home and am proud to represent. My first title I won, Mr. Akron Leather 2017, started me on a path that led me here. Representing Ohio as Mr. Ohio 2020-21.

Photographer - Avery Latta




Mr. Long Beach Leather 2019

Eric Crow

I was born six months before Woodstock and moved to San Diego in the early 80s. I have lived with HIV/AIDS most of my adult life, seroconverting in 1990. I am a proud triple-AA graduate of Berkeley City College, class of 2018. I came into the Leather and Bear community in San Diego in 2001 and identify as a Leatherbear and a Switch. In 2019, I became Mr. Long Beach Leather and worked with For the Child, an organization in Long Beach that advocates for and helps children who have suffered trauma, abuse and neglect. I flag white, red, fuchsia and floggers on the left, purple on the right, and gray, yellow, houndstooth and magenta in both.

I am an ambivert who thrives on experiences, mild or wild, but I also appreciate the value of time at home with Buzz, my partner of over 11 years.

Photographer - Robert Green





Mr. Regiment 2020

Daddy Jeff

After years of addiction and alcoholism, Jeff had become sober in 2007 and re-entered the Leather and kink life. His first Daddy and mentor taught him safe and healthy ways to navigate Leather. In 2019, he won the title of Mr. Regiment 2020. He currently resides in Chicago Il., while he finishes school at Chicago State University. He is graduating in May 2022 with Highest Honors in Psychology. He will be continuing with a Master’s/PhD program in the fall of 2022 in Legal Psychology, at NYU. He is currently a full-time student and full-time sex worker.

He is 100-percent sex positive and flags orange and maroon on the left. He is currently partnered to his wonderful, collared Boy. He is a member of LORE (Leather Folk of Recovery). He has fundraised for organizations in Los Angeles and Chicago.

Outside of Leather, he is establishing an educational scholarship for Transgender POC. Jeff loves Marvel Legos and The Avengers.
Jeff lives by Brotherhood, Community, Respect, and Love.

If Nobody Tells You They Love You Today, Daddy J Does. #FINDYOURLIGHT

Photographer - N/A





Leatherman of Color 2020

C Lee Hill Jr.

My full name is Curtis Lee Hill Jr, I go by Lee and I am also known as Thoth Onyx. Additionally, I am a brother, uncle and a great friend. I was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA. In 2006, I became a Leatherman who obtained a MBA, with a focus on organizational and personal development and project management, which was nutrient with my involvement with civic engagements through various political campaigns and non-profit efforts that started in Pittsburgh and continued with my homes in the communities of Indianapolis and Colorado Springs. I have honed and development my skills of networking, fundraising and constituent development. Moreover, I am a Dale Carnegie course participate and honoree with the achievement of “Outstanding Achievement Award” and served as a graduate assistant for two courses.

To date I have either hosted, coordinated or served in a organizing roles in over five Leather-focused events in Pittsburgh, Recently, I have been elected President of the Steel City Stonewall Democrats and asked to be a Parade Coordinator for the 2022 Pittsburgh Pride Parade. I have association with the Three Rivers Leather Club and Onyx. And, most recently, I have obtained the honor of wearing the Leatherman of Color 2020 title.
A mantra which I try to live by is “Ubuntu, - if I am to be great you must be great,” an understanding made famous by Nelson Mandela and Bishop Desmond Tutu.

Photographer - N/A

Facebook - LeathermanOfColor2020 - Instagram - leathermanofcolor2020




Mr. New England Leather 2020

Roberto Cuero

Roberto is from Spain and moved to the US in 2016 with his husband Carlos, where they both found a welcoming home in Boston's Leather community. He is now known throughout New England as a leader and loving mentor to folks exploring their kink identity. Roberto works in healthcare and manages the construction of hospitals in Colombia.

Guided by his title-year motto “Place your loving heart into your helping hand," Roberto enjoys organizing fundraisers to support various non-profits and hosting events that promote diversity within the Kink community. As a member of LML - Latin Men of Leather, during Hispanic Heritage Month Roberto annually co-hosts a Latin-X Kink Celebration with Chara Confusion, a Puerto Rican drag queen and Leatherman. The events include interviews and kink demos that showcase the broad interests of Latin-X kinksters across the US and Latin America. Roberto recently joined the Bay State Marauders and as their Road Captain plans to co-organize events and social gatherings that introduce the rich history and legacy of leather clubs to new generations interested in kink.

Photographer - Sylvester Q





Mr. Twin Cities Leather 2020-21

Ashley “Dragon Pup"

They are known throughout many communities by many different names, but at the heart of each name one thing remains, their, desire to make the world a little easier for those less privileged.

He is an activist, culinary artist, public speaker, artist, entertainer, and protector. He is a veteran of the United States Army and a founding member of Twin Cities T-Rexx, the first Leather club created for masculine transgender folx and Twin Cities Spectrum, a club for BI&POC folx. They are President of both. A grass roots organizer, Ash is committed to his community, working to provide direct financial and basic needs support to those most vulnerable.

After being medically retired from the Army, Ash took to educating about LGBTQIA+, racial differences, Seen/Unseen physical and mental disabilities, Transgender rights, and kink at colleges, in the community, one on one and anywhere that would have them.

They’re a Saint of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, served with the Imperial Court of Minnesota, and a twice former MI titleholder in the Mr. Gay United States pageant system. When not on stage, you can find this dragon cooking sweet and savory meals, baking desserts, enjoying bubble baths and the love of his partner Foxx, his Sir/Daddy whom they’re collared to and his service dog Socrates.

Photographer - Cody Daniels





Mr. Tri-State Leather 2019


From the Buckeye state, Xcentric is your current Mr. Tri-State Leather. Exploring fetish and kink for six years now, and eager to learn more he has become a Pledge of ONYX Great Lakes chapter. Dance is one of his most loved talents, and he has taught street styles for over 20 years! This Cocoa Butter Leather Brutha loves a great fragrance and an amazing sneaker and collects both in his spare time. He believes Leather shouldn't follow a certain style and instills street culture into his looks. Xcentric realizes the need for the Leather culture and its spaces to exist and how fragile maintaining that existence is especially for BIPOC, and hopes to be a catalyst to insure its survival and relevance in the future.

Photographer - BTL with Rene





Mr. Eagle Wilton Manors 2020

Cory David

Twenty-five years ago I purchased my first Leather harness at 501 Eagle Indianapolis and attended my first International Mr. Leather Competition. Now a force of awareness for common causes and contagious love from the leather community became embedded in my soul. With my philanthropy background in LGBTQ+, HIV/AIDS, community causes, Roughly 25 years later I would win the title and honor of Inaugural Mr. Eagle Wilton Manors 2020. I take my title and community service role with the highest of responsibility. Creating events under title, Hearts Party, raising funds for Florida AIDS Walk, Mama's Family Christmas, target gifts cards for community friends in need. Creator and Writer of The Leather Almanac Fort Lauderdale FL, Mama's Family - Mama's Eagle Wings, founding member and Co-President of Mama’s Helping Foundation, Eagle Member Leather Archives & Museum. Created Real Estate Donation Program benefiting the arts and LGBTQ+ communities, hosted Mr. Florida Rubber 2019 and head judge Leather Sawmill 2021 Sir/Boy competition, emceed Broward House Jock Auction, titles include second runner-up at Mr. Ramrod 2019, second runner-up at Mr. Chicago 2018.

Photographer - Sabino Paulicelli





Mr. Ramrod 2019

Blade ONYX

Blade's Leather journey began in the early 1990’s when he made his first venture into the Eagle in Jacksonville, FL. While leather had always peaked his curiosity, this experience would open doors to a whole new world. Life eventually led him to Fort Lauderdale where he would often visit the Ramrod, Eagle, and Jackhammer, determined to learn more.

In 2017, he encountered the Men of ONYX Deep South, which was a chapter in formation at the time, and felt like he had possibly found a home. In 2019 Blade became a member of ONYX Deep South. He is currently Mr. Ramrod 2019 and also serves as Vice President for ONYX Deep South. Blade believes that Unity in the #commUNITY is the way to build a stronger foundation that enables us to create a community that works for the greater good of all of its members. Blade is a hugger because he feels like hugs, relieve stress, anxiety, depression and loneliness…but most of all because #youmattertome. Blades’s kink/fetish interests are bondage, impact play, breath control, and water sports.

Photographer - Kirk Stephens Studio





Mr. New England Leather 2022


Ulysses (AKA The Leather Gentleman) is an active member in the Boston gear and kink community who draws inspiration from vintage erotica/ephemera and cultural history. As Mr. New England Leather 2022, his passions for encouraging visibility, cultivating relationships, and offering guidance to those seeking a point of entry within the fetish community have become the foundation of a deeper mission of advocacy for fostering and preserving queer culture at large. Serving as the new creative director for Fascination (a renowned local kink/gear/fetish event; fascinationboston.net), Ulysses is proud to carry on the vision and legacy of the night’s founder while embracing relevant opportunities to nurture the continued growth and evolution of the event overall. In addition to his community engagement, Ulysses is an aspiring sex educator, developing erotic photographer/model, and microblogger.

Photographer - The Leather Gentleman





Mr. Texas Leather 2019

Kaprese Andre

Kaprese, a multi disciplined artist identifies as a Gear boy and Pup. He is a lover of all things gear from Leather suits to Jeweled Denim or even nothing at all. He flags hunter green right - navy, yellow and beige center. His favorite pieces of gear are his jocks. A social butterfly and avid volunteer, Kaprese believes in service as a pillar to true Leather boyhood. Kaprese is founder of many QPOC-oriented organizations in Texas. During 2019-2021 he and his sash spouse (Eli) raised funds to ensure safety, health and wellness for QTBIPOC in Texas. He is a firm believer that our differences make us beneficial to one another, and we should learn to embrace those things to "live and let live." See y'all in May!

Photographer - Jeremy A. Teel





Mr. Mobile Leather 2019


I have been a human rights activist since the 1980’s. As part of Act-Up Houston I was active in marches and protest during the Reagan years to get funding for AIDS research. I founded the Miss Greenwich Village Pageant in NYC, as well as the Mr. Miss and MS. Gay Pride Houston Pageant, the Mr., Miss, Ms and Mx Rough Trade contest in New Orleans. I founded the non-profit NUTS and Fruit Organization to provide new underwear, t-shirts, and socks as well as ready-to-eat food items for homeless shelters and “tent city” in New Orleans. I am a Lord in the Lords of Leather Mardi Gras Krewe, the only Leather-oriented Mardi Gras Krewe in the world. I serve as the Function Lieutenant and as Lord King XXXIX. I hope to use IML as a platform to promote all people to embrace the Leather community and the acceptance you will find among us.

Photographer - Jack Greenwood





Mr. North Carolina Triangle Leather 2019-20

Michael Christopher

Michael is a resident of Raleigh, North Carolina and has been involved in the community there for 4 years now, where he won his title back in the summer of 2019, and held it till 2021. Currently, Michael is member and President of the Red Lions based in Raleigh, and is also a full time member of the Titans of the Midwest. His focus for his title year was to help bridge the gap between classic and new Leather/fetish traditions, and to help bring educational events to the Southeast. He is a submissive leaning switch with a long kink list to boot, and is looking forward to finally getting the IML experience alongside his brothers.

Photographer - J-Bo Gray





Mr. Barracks Leather 2020

Sammy Willis

After two years of anticipation, Sammy Willis is excited to finally hit the IML stage. With his platform, he hopes to bring awareness to the issues of domestic violence in the gay community.
Sammy enjoys paddles and floggers and other forms of impact play. He has left a trail of reddened backsides as he’s traveled to various events. He also enjoys fisting and is always happy to lend a hand.
Sammy looks forward to getting to know his fellow class members better and the lasting friendships that come from competing at IML.

Photographer - Motorboot Photography

Instagram @icecreamsammys




Mr. Leather Venezuela 2022

Oscar Bear

I am an accountant with Master degree that switched to sex work and porn. I choose to live my life for mi passion not for money or people’s opinions. At 48 my life goal is leave this world more sex positive when die, and IML title is aligned with my life goal! What you do for a living doesn’t define you as a person!

Photographer - Sylvester Q photo





Mr. San Diego Leather 2019

Jody Mitchell

I was born and raised in rural Nebraska. For the last 22 years I have made San Diego my home. I've found kindred spirits in FMSD, and Swap Meat. I have had the pleasure to serve as Mr San Diego Eagle 2018, and Mr San Diego Leather 2019 and president of The Leather Boys of San Diego. As a person of Leather, I feel I am always learning, always growing, and forever appreciative of the community I think of as family.





Mr. Northwoods Leather 2019-20

Allan Dahl

Allan represents the Argonauts of WI as Mr. Northwoods, 2019-20. He hails from Minneapolis, MN and is a full member of The Black Guard of Minneapolis and serves as the club’s Corresponding Secretary and Archivist.

His professional and community works are closely related. He is dedicated to working with issues related to identifying, advocating for access to services, and to improving mental health for all; but with an emphasis on the Leather/LGBTQ communities.

He is proud of his affiliation with, and the work of the Black Guard (celebrating its 45th anniversary in 2022). He is especially proud to be a US Navy Veteran.

Photographer - COIT Photography




Mr. Los Angeles Leather 2022

Angel Rincon

Angel Rincon was born in Colton, CA during Cancer season 40 years ago. He identifies as a boy, loves to please people, and wears his heart on his sleeve. Angel is a member of the Payasos and LA Band of Brothers and aspires to be a Sister of Perpetual Indulgence. During the pandemic, he became a massage therapist and taught himself to sew and sold masks locally and internationally. A true unapologetic Butch Queen, Angel often says: “It’s not about me; it’s about the CUM-munity."

Photographer - Don Tinling

IG@ mrsisterleather2020




Mr. Mid-Atlantic Leather 2022


Duke was raised on the Great Plains and prairies of Kansas, where he spent his childhood working on a hog farm. That’s right, he loves getting down and dirty with the pigs… and then working on the farm after!
If you don’t find him sitting by the fire at the Clifton Pleasure Club or working out at the gym, you’ll find him at the feet of his Daddy or cuddling up next to his Alpha. He calls the DMV area home now, but regularly visits Kansas so he can get his fill of his favorite food: Kansas City style BBQ.

Duke is Mr. Mayhem Leather 2021 and Mr. Mid-Atlantic Leather 2022. As a titleholder, his philosophy is not to say no to any organization that asks for his help if he can. He was raised to believe that you never say no to a friend in need.

Photographer - Chris Jay




Mr. Chicago Leather 2022


Mr. Chicago Leather 2022 George “Chief” White earned the sash in April 2022.

I am 54 years old, I started my Leather journey in 1985 in Detroit, Michigan at the Detroit Eagle. During my journey I have been a member of MIGRA(Michigan International Rodeo Association) since 1995.

'I spent 27 years as a flight attendant and have been able to be part of numerous Leather communities around the country. I currently work as The Director of Training for North America for a German Airline.

I am now a proud member of the Chicago Leather Community and Touche’ Chicago is my home bar.

The areas I will focus on during my year as Mr. Chicago Leather will be Trans rights as well as bringing Leather awareness to the community through education and visibility. And promoting the Leather Archives and Museum here in Chicago.

Photographer - Moorcroft Photography





Mr. Palm Springs Leather 2022

Andre Law

When I first started this journey it was all about curiosity. As my curiosity became more of a reality, I wanted more and more. Born in Oceanside, CA, California is where it all began. Growing up with my two older siblings and tons of cousin’s, life was not so bad. There were ups, downs, twist and turns, through it all - and with the strength of my family - I was able to overcome life’s obstacles and be who I am today, Me.

Living in Los Angeles for 15 year's with a great career in the educational school system was such a gratifying time. Now residing in Palm Springs, I have taken on new challenges. Working in one of the top Palm Springs restaurants as a bartender has become a new love of mine. Being able to provide for my parents making sure they are comfortable in their older age also lead me to this wonderful place I now call home.

Wanting to be more connected with my fellow brothers and learn the ins-and-outs of this Leather world from the men who created it and lived it, I decided to run for Mr. Tool Shed. Winning the title led me to Mr. Palm Springs Leather. I am so grateful and proud to be the voice and leader of such an exceptional tribe of Leathermen here in the desert. My journey has begun and I am honored to be headed to IML to see where this journey takes me.

Photographer - David Manzanares

Instagram - MrPSLeathere2022 - https://www.instagram.com/invites/contact/?i=7fyu4h3zsp9l&utm_content=2up9ns




Mr. Atlanta Eagle 2019

David Hardy

David Hardy is Mister Atlanta Eagle 2019. He is also the current vice-president of the National Leather Association. He identifies as a submissive person of color and wanted more representation of that in the Leather community during his title year. He has done work inside and outside of the Leather community. This includes being the founder of the Atlanta Leather Social producing a black submissive roundtable and suicide prevention classes at the Atlanta Eagle. He has lobbied on Georgia state capital for LGBTQIA+ rights, worked with Park Cannon and other queer Georgia politicians, CDC and Emory fighting HIV. Because of this work he has received the Outstanding Georgia Citizen Award, which is the highest award you can received as a civilian. The award serves as the highest honor given on the state level to any citizen and affords the recipient every courtesy as a Goodwill Ambassador from the state of Georgia. He has also raised money for homeless LGBTQIA+ youth and toys for the Children Hospital of Atlanta.

Photographer - David Clifton-Strawn




Mr. Leather Austria 2019-20

Martin Mayr

Martin grew up in a village in Upper Austria and moved to Vienna for University. He holds postgraduate degrees in business administration and East Asian studies and works in the financial sector. Martin is married to his long-term partner Patrick, whom he met while studying in Shanghai. Both have been active in the Austrian Leather fetish communities for several years particularly in Vienna, Linz and Salzburg. Martin was elected Mr. Fetish Austria and Mr. Leather Austria during Vienna Fetish Spring in 2019. His term has recently been extended until May 2022.





Mr. Leather64Ten 2020

T Wayne

T Wayne (56, He/Him) hails from Chicago by way of Texas and Arkansas. He is Mr. Leather64Ten 2020, sponsored by the Chicago Leather shop, 64Ten. A Southern transplant, he’s called Chicago home since late 2015. He’s an IT Training Manager/Educator in Healthcare but has also been a Music Educator and a Staff Accountant. He’s been together/married to Huzbear Blake for over 26 years in an open Poly Group that currently includes Alpha Boy/Pup RJ/Kamo for almost six years now.

Having explored the Leather/Kink scene several years ago, he has fallen deep into the Leather world completely embracing the Leather/Kink community where everyone can reinvent themselves so their outside matches their inside. As a member and ally of our alphabet communities, he welcomes all and is always ready to offer help, lend an ear, hold a hand, or give a big hug to anyone in need.
T Wayne enjoys playing classical piano especially Chopin, Mozart, Debussy, and Rachmaninoff. He’s an avid gardener, enjoys a day at the Art Institute, Architecture, Travel, Glamping, History, and Antiques especially Vintage Glassware. And he’s always up for a good conversation with anyone willing to tell a story.

T Wayne has never been to IML before and is taking the plunge as a contestant. No doubt there’s gonna be a lot of firsts and plenty of stories to share.
Photographer - Ethan Hutchinson



Mr. Fetish Spain 2019-21

Santi Noguera

Doctor and cosmetic surgeon, gogo dancer, porn actor

(+34) 625717773 - Twitter @santinogueraxxx - Instagram @santinoguerax - Facebook Santi Noguera - Fan page - Mr fetish Spain 2019




Mr. Bolt Leather 2019

Service Pup Estie

Estefan Retiz, aka Service Pup Estie. Bartender at The Bolt Bar in Sacramento California. Also a member of Queer Leather Association Sacramento and held a seat on the board running beer busts and fundraising for the club. One of the founding members of Pups and Pals of Sacramento getting the club established and create events for community awareness. Loves being of service to his community (in more ways then one), volunteering for CGNIE (The Court Of The Great Northwest Imperial Empire Sacramento), and fundraising for local charities for the Leather community. When not rolling around with my fellow pups you will probably find me hosting new events bringing people together to expand our knowledge/experiences and sucking down chicken wings to the bone. Flags yellow left pocket, puppy white on the right and always frisky to meet new pups.




Wilton Manors Mr. Eagle 2022

Daddy Bubba

This is Mr. Eagle Kevin Bubba Wilton Manors. I am deaf, born and raised in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I recently became Mr. Eagle WM 2022. My current title is Mr. Eagle WM. I work at The Eagle as a security guard in Wilton Manors. I am Mr. Eagle WM and want to set up a Deaf and Hard of Hearing family in Wilton Manors. I want to build a new community LGBTQ family, and Leather family. Wilton Manors has embraced its reputation as a destination for the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender community, which includes Deaf and Hard of Hearing. I am working with the communities, doing fundraisers, charities, boards of directors, and member of Leather organzations.

Photographer - SylvesterQ

Intagram mr_eagle_wm




Mr. Classic Leather 2020

Steve Boger

I've been a part of the Canton City Aids Vigil Committee for the past 15 years. The vigil hasn't taken place for three years now, but is gearing up to once again continue. It is one of the longest standing AIDS vigils still in existence in Ohio. We combine music, theater, lighting of candles and reading of names to memorialize those lost locally.

I am a founding member (1998) of the Iron Eagles L/L Club based out of Canton/ Akron, Ohio. I was Road Captain for two years, President for 9 years and Treasurer for the past 12 years.I have
been our delegate to the Mid American Conference of Clubs (MACC) since 2001.

I enjoy gardening, hiking, birding, camping and visiting National Forests and scenic areas. Also enjoy concerts, music of all kinds and traveling. I like attending Leather-related events and Leather bars throughout the country, and MACC runs.

Working alongside my late partner in Backlash Productions, producing regional Drummer Contests in Ohio in the 1900s and 2000s was my greatest involvement.




Mr. Buckwood Leather

Garrett Dean

Hello Leather Family! My name is Garrett Dean. I’m 40 years old. I use he or they pronouns and I currently hold the honor and responsibility of the Mr. Buckwood Leather title. I am a queer naturist, a country western dancer and instructor, and a dedicated Leatherman. I first entered the Leather, fetish, and kink lifestyle about a decade ago and find amazing community here. I wear some piece of leather everywhere, at all times because in 2016 a good friend told me he was afraid to hold my hand on the street in Chicago. Because of that admission, I decided that the leather I don each day is there as a visual reminder of my connection to our community and a commitment to standing as a visible ally to any member who feels afraid to be their full, authentic self at all times. For me, my queer identity and my Leather identity are deeply entwined and I look forward to learning more about it each during my IML journey with my brothers, siblings, and each of you.

Photographer - M.J. Ruebensam - Art of Knight Photography





Mr. Cleveland Leather

James Orosz Jr.

I am 40 years old and I was born and raised in Ohio in the Cleveland area. I have been a city worker for over 20 years as a laborer/garbage man. I ran for Mayor of the same city after a political firing in 2016 - after trying to organize a union, but was reinstated in 2018 after winning my court battles. At 18 I started fighting for the rights LGBTQ community and for marriage equality. I was on the board for Cleveland Pride, and I am currently on the board for the Rock “n” Roll City Sisters, as well as being an active Sister of Perpetual Indulgence. I was Mr. Cleveland Leather in 2013 and I ran again in 2019 so that I can bring the Mr. Cleveland Leather title back to the IML stage after roughly 12 years.

Photographer - Hatfield





Mr. Nebraska Leather 2020

Ox Culver

Ox is a Leatherman who has been active in his local community for five years, acting as a board member for both the Big O Bears and River City SEARCH - promoting safe kink social and educational events in the Midwest.

As Mr. Nebraska Leather 2020, Ox has helped to raise thousands of dollars for local organizations, connecting with regional drag queens, burlesque performers, and other kink demonstrators/educators in the process, while sharing his own skills and passion for flogging.

He enjoys working out to become as strong as his namesake, and jokingly eats like one too. Ox lives by the hashtag #moof - a playful bovine-centered take on puppy/bear woof-ing. His hobbies include- playing Magic the Gathering among other card and boardgames, creating chainmail, Jeeps, jockstraps, fuzzy men, cigars, daddies, and fitness. He flags primarily Hunter green - R, tan - L, light grey - L/R, and most shades of blue - L/R.

Photographer - Joe Desanti





Mr. Northwoods 2021

Jason "Buck Wyldr" Casale

Life long involvement with Radical Faery community led to meeting my Leather mentor in late twenty. Since, I've had the pleasure of PS Leather Pride, prevailing as Mr. Northwoods, competing at MAL, and to DJ for my Rudis bros cocktail hour at Tracks XL. My gratitude is deep for countless mentoring hours over a year and a half of practical skill sessions, Leather history and culture education.

Currently, I am an Associate Member of Rudis Mens Leather Society as well as an Associate Member of The Argonauts of Wisconsin.

Deep in the Backwoods of TN, I fill most days with folk arts such as pottery, trade beads, painting, story telling and esoterica. I create and sell art as well as adult content, and give a killer moonshine tour on the

weekends. Neo Paganism, meditation and initiatory tradition with indigenous elders give me perspective and space to grow. Cruising in my beloved pickup and 501s takes the rest.




Mr. Leather Colombia

Dan Hunter

I was born and raised in Colombia. I came to the United States at the age of 18 years old. I am currently a medical assistant. I was elected Mr. Leather Colombia in 2020 on December 22 in Bogota, just before the pandemic. I’m still in charge of my title. I’m involved in the leather community since years ago in Colombia.

I’m also involved in the local Leather community un NYC. Love love the heat. I am looking forward to IML with my fellow brothers as the first Mr. Leather Colombia.




Mr. Leather Colorado 2019-22


My name is Richard Colin my stage name is Cubby I won Mr. Leather Colorado in May 2019-2021. I have lived in the Denver metro area sence 2000 I started exploring the Leather community in 2003 here in Denver. Since then I have been involved with the Leather community, Bear Community, and Drag community and-even working with other states with several of our groups and raising funds for our community and helping many when asked and see events. I've traveled all over the country, meeting amazing people. In 2020 our world shut down due to a pandemic and lives shut down. I kept my title. Not being able to step down due to this pandemic, I have continued helping and traveling when I can and have stepped up one more year as Mr. Leather Colorado for 2022 with everything still recovering.




Mr. Mid-Atlantic Leather 2020/21

David Spivey

David has a background in language and linguistics. He dedicates his days to the pursuit of higher education, and his nights to the pursuit of...less savory…but more interesting options. His passions include international travel, learning new languages, seeing unique places, and finding joy in the experience new cultures offer.

He has held the Mr. Pittsburgh Leather Fetish 2019 title, as well as the Mr. Mid-Atlantic Leather 2020/21 titles. He is a big believer in service with a smile! He has been involved in community organization and support since the age of fifteen, teaching English to migrant workers, volunteering at church, and then in college providing workshops for LGBTQIA awareness in rural Georgia.

He has continued this passion for service throughout his title years, supporting local and significant regional charitable events, hosting his online cooking show “Mangia!” in support of Proud Haven, a Pittsburgh-based housing unstable/homeless youth organization, and spearheading a local food drive to name a few.

He looks forward to experiencing IML with his class, and is excited to meet many for the very first time!





Mr. Eagle NYC 2020/21

Michael Jeavons

Yeah, you may have seen Michael around and that is no accident! Everywhere he goes, fearlessly living his daily life, clad in some form of the fetish which he has adapted to exude his own personal point-of-view, Michael seeks to show the world, and maybe even inspire all he encounters along the way, that we all have the right, and power, to courageously be and/or pursue absolutely ANYTHING we desire. Always reminding himself, over and over, that if he wants the world to change for the better….the first move must be his and that in order to be surprised by the people around him…he must give them the chance and opportunity to do so, too.

Photographer - Michael Jeavons





Mr. Mayhem Leather 2019


Lucky is a part of the Red Lions of Raleigh, and Mr. Mayhem Leather 2019/2020. He is an associate of Bayou City Pups (Houston), and Charlotte Tradesmen. Lucky is a landscape architect and avid fast car and big truck fanatic. His kinks and interests include water sports, bondage and oral. The mission Lucky sought after for his title year was to raise awareness for, and create a safe and supportive space for sexual assault victims.

Photographer - Cody Perry



International Mr. Bootblack 2022 contestants



Northeast Bootblack 2020-21

SteeleToe the Bootblack

SteeleToe the Bootblack started his bootblack journey in 2017 at the NJ Kollege of Kink’s Bootblack 101. He served as the inaugural Northeast Bootblack in 2020-21.

SteeleToe is Sir to a son, boy, and sub. He is a Dom in foot worship, CBT, fisting, anal play, rimming, cigar play, electro, tickling, nipple play, impact (paddles, floggers, whips), watersports, sensory, and bondage. SteeleToe also enjoys subbing for CBT, sounding and biting.

SteeleToe is passionate about kink/fetish/BDSM education. His love for education and empowering others led him to ONYX NY/Northeast, where he served as President and VP. He’s taught for Leather Leadership Conference, Bootblack RoundUp, Virtual Bootblack Jam, Kink U in Rochester, NY, and various ONYX chapters.

SteeleToe is committed to strengthening the Leather community, volunteering at many events and with the Soles with Heart Program, where bootblacks collect, restore, and sell leather to benefit LHF. He has blacked all over the country, including MAL, CLAW, Lake Erie Bootblack Weekend, and for several Leather contests and clubs.

Photographer - Flash ONYX





Bootblack Europe 2020

Alistair Leather Hiraeth

Alistair Leather Hiraeth has served throughout the pandemic as Bootblack Europe 2020, having won the title at Darklands just before the world went into lockdown. Hailing from the beautiful west coast of Wales, Alistair is a Trans, polyamorous Leatherman, a bootblack and family Dominant of the UK KRueL Leather Family, and a proud member of both Leathermen Cymru and MSC Belgium. He earned his Leathers and the title of Leather Sir, from the bottom up, through the family. Passionate about Leather community and history, Alistair’s title goals have been focused on making bootblacking a more visible and accessible kink in the UK, and creating bootblack spaces as a normal part of fetish and Leather events. Alistair loves caring for boots and Leather and passing on his knowledge to others. He flags black, red and hunter green on the left, and for his Master only, the same colors on the right. He will also accept bootblack tips in the form of impeccable service and cigars, if you’re a little bit short on cash.

Photographer - D81 Photos



We're missing only one IMBB contestant .



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