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International Mr. Bootblack 2018 Contestants' Bios and Photos

By May 17, 2018



There are four confirmed contestants for International Mr. Bootblack this year. With the assistance of Jeremiah Morris we were able to present this to you. Jeremy is the Coordinators for the International Mr. Bootblack Competition. For more about International Mr. Bootblack including judges and rules check out http://www.imrl.com.  To see our coverage of the 72 men competing for International Mr. Leather go to https://www.theleatherjournal.com/news/regional-news/item/2019-iml-2018-contestants-photos-and-bios


A_Lucky-_Rebel international mr bootblack 2018 

Lucky Rebel

Photo by Tobie Lynn

Originally from San Diego, California, Lucky Rebel has been involved in Leather for over half his life. Getting his start in a motorcycle family he developed an interest in Leather early. He currently lives in Portland, Oregon where he served as Mr. Oregon State Leather, 2016. He is a former President of Portland Pets and Handlers and one of the founders of San Diego Pups and Handlers. You can find him bootblacking with the PDX Bootblacks and the Oregon Bears. He is integral to organizing Oregon Leather Pride as a board member for both OLP and Blackout Leather Productions. Some of his favorite flags are hunter green, red, black, maroon, and hounds tooth all o n the left.


Southeast Conference of Clubs Bootblack 2018 Max

Photo by Carsten Basile

Max lives in Winter Garden, FL and has been involved in the bootblack community for over seven years. He is owned by his partner, Zach. Max describes himself as a Sir Pup Erotic Bootblack. He was co-founder of Arizona Leather Bears and Cubs and founder of Central Florida boys of Leather. Max is a member at large with the Coastal Empire Sentinels. He has held the titles of Tampa Bay Leatherboy 2013, Florida Leatherboy 2013, American Leatherboy 2015 and now Southeast Conference of Clubs Bootblack 2018. Max has been a staff member for several events over the years. He was Coordinator for South Central LeatherSIR/boy/Community Bootblack, Transportation Coordinator for Florida LeatherSIR/boy/Community Bootblack, Coordinator for Southwest Leather Bear and Contest Manager for Gay Days Leather. He has a huge heart for charity work which led him to serve his community as a Novice Sister with the Orlando Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. He has always had a love of boots. He believes that every person that sits in his chair is someone special. Through the service that he provides, he is able to make a new friend and help their Leather continue to shine.



Photo by Ryan Coit Photography

Roke is one of those puppies that has always had an affinity for boots. Not the annoying kind that hijacks your shoes, taking them away to gnaw on them and leaves them absolutely demolished behind the couch for you to find the instant you're heading to IML, but the loving kind that will slobber on them until they shine like a freshly loved bone. Seth has been an active part of the bootblacking community working in such places as IPAHW, ILW and his partners bedroom (or his Daddy bears, he ain't picky) and is well loved for his "waddling Corgi cuteness" amongst the people of the Leather community. As an Agent of ASH! he is a force to be reckoned with and a guy to be reckoned with. In his local community he can be found working for Iowa Leather Weekend and International Pup and Handler Weekend as Head Bootblack/Bootblack coordinator. When not at Leather events he is spending time with his local Leather family, Partner and Daddy bear as well as saving the worlds of Final Fantasy.

Colorado Bootblack 2017 Sir William

Photo by girl Rubiee

During the day he swings from scaffold and crawls across roof lines. He stands for quality and integrity. He’s your friendly neighborhood Sider-man. During the night you can find him servicing his community... (Not like that). He enjoys working on fundraisers for local charities such as Colorado Leather Fest, Denver boys of Leather, and Leather Colorado Foundation. His favorite thing to do on an given night is shine a pair of boots while laughing and playing with the local Leather crowd. He enjoys sharing his knowledge of Bootblacking with anybody with a desire to learn. He got his start five years ago on a living room floor learning to care for a jacket and did his first public blacking in 2014 at Exile Fetish Ball in Colorado. He is a firm believer in follow your heart, trust your sole. Coming to you from Aurora, Colorado I present to you the Colorado Bootblack 2017 Sir William, your Bootblack Knight.




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