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LA Leather Pride 2023


Release! LA Leather Pride 2023

LA Leather Pride - Release! was held March 19-26 at several venues all over Los Angeles. The main event was the Mr. LA Leather 2023 contest on Saturday night, March 25 at the Catwalk Club in Downtown LA where Colin MacDougall was best of six men competing. First Runner-up was

Mr. Bullet Leather Justin The Stork Hauser and Second Runner-up was Mr. Cochando Leather Yair Lopez. Mr. LA Leather Bear 2023 Carlos Zavala received the Bob Tomasino Brotherhood Award. Mr. Sister Leather 2023 Victor Ongpin and Mr. CSW Leather 2023 Christopher Velasquez also competed valiantly.

The judges were Mr. Sister Leather 2020 and Mr. Los Angeles Leather 2022 Angel Rincon, IML 2022 Gael Leung Chong Wo, Brian Thomas of COMMAND MC in Baltimore, MD, Chad ONYX who is a founding member and vice president of ONYX Southwest, founder and a board member of Folsom Europe Dan Ruester from Bavaria, THR Productions co-founder Scott McTeir and Sanctuary LAX co-owner Genesis. The alternate judge was Phoenix Uniform Club co-founder Joe Easton.

Bob Miller, co-founder of CLAW and CLAW LA, Leather Getaway, was presented The Jim Neuman Award which recognizes Leather Community Humanitarian Deeds. The award was to recognize the fact that CLAW, over 23 years, has raised over $1,000,000 for charity and also to thank Bob for bringing another major leather and kink fundraising event to Southern California in the form of Leather Getaway which takes place over the weekend following Thanksgiving. This was the second time the award has been presented. The 2022 recipient was Bullet Bar owner Michael Lara.

The emcee was Jeremy Ronceros with performances by Love Connie. Regan Carrington sang The Star-Spangled Banner a capela followed by blessing by the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence Los Angeles House.

Meat Rack - Off The Hook was the official dance party which followed the contest.

Other events included a motorcycle ride-in introduction of Mr. LA Leather contestants, La La Land Classical Music concert at MCC in the Valley on Monday night; meet and greet at WeHo910 on Thursday night; Assembly, a formal Leather Social at Rough Trade on Friday night, March 24, Mr. LA Leather on Saturday night March 25, and the Off Sunset Festival on Sunday, March 26 at Santa Monica Blvd. and Hoover Street - all of this plus several unofficial events. The two largest sponsors were The Fight Magazine and Ben Orson Leather.

Avatar Club Los Angeles' Play Party at the new Sanctuary LAX on Friday, March 17. This was an unofficial event but is worthy of note as 75 kinky men played into the night. Mistress Cyan, Genesis, Carol and crew should have a winner with the new space.


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Release! The LA Leather Pride Kickoff Party was held  at The Bullet Bar on Sunday, March. Each of the six Mr. Los Angeles Leather contestants were ridden to the front of the Bullet Bar on bikes by the members of the Satyrs Motorcycle Club. Later in the event they drew their numbers with Gabriel Green handling the emcee duties and his aunt Pamela Johnson entertained in song. In front of the Bullet was a fenced in area with vendors and a hamburgers-and-hot-dogs barbecue. It was raucous and it was fun.

La La Leather IV: Unchained Melody, a concert of classic and original music performed in gear by members of the Los Angeles Leather Community at MCC United Church of Christ in the Valley on Monday, March 20. La La Leather IV was a concert of classical and original music performed in gear by members of the Los Angeles Leather community in the tradition of the beloved “Classic Meets Fetish” Concerts held in Berlin. The Los Angeles version was inspired by Jon Wright. Among the musicians in the orchestra was Mr. Bullet Leather 2019 Brando Bullet. The Musical Director was Jason Lo. Pieces played included works by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Antonin Dvorak, Elton John, and Rodgers and Hammerstein. Sarah Knowlton sang My Favorite Things, Goodbye Yellow Brick Road an Unchained Melody.

Yass Jesus! An LA Leather Pride Special Edition with Azariah Southworth and Daniel Franzese at 910WeHo was the thing on Tuesday, March 21. "What is your pathway to release?" This was a panel discussion with members of the LA Leather/Kink Community about Leather and Spirituality about "What is Your Pathway to Release? with hosts from the Yass Jesus! Podcast Azariah Southworth and Daniel Franzese. Panelists were Brandon Bullet, Francisco Perales, Pug Pug and Tony Gulla.

Avatar Club Los Angeles presented an educational class at its monthly meeting at MCC United Church of Christ in the Valley on Wednesday night, March 21. Is leather "just" drag? Is a Leatherman still a Leatherman when wearing... say... footie pajamas? Who gets to decide who is and who is not a Leatherman? Are you a Leatherman? Can you prove it? Drummer Magazine editor Drew Kramer dealt with these questions in an open forum.

The Contestant Meet and Greet was held on March 23 at 910WeHo. This was an opportunity to meet the contestants and judges for Mr. LA Leather 2023 in a social environment. Lots of cellphone camera action here.

The Assembly, produced by the California B&B Corps Southern California and the Regiment of the Black and Tans, a formal Leather/uniform dress-code-enforced social was on Friday night, March 24 at Rough Trade Gear. The food was catered by Hunter and Charlie of Eagle LA, bar hosted by the Bullet Bar, desserts by XXX and still photo booth by Pinche Ponce Photography. Assembly concluded early so attendees could go to a cigar night at Eagle LA or other parties around Los Angeles. The puppies were having a night at the Bullet Bar. Den LA held Release! This was the official play party of LA Leather Pride.

Saturday, March 25

And finally, the Mr. Los Angeles Leather Contest will be held at The Catwalk Club on March 25, starting at 5 PM. Catwalk Club, 698 Harlem pl, Downtown Los Angeles, CA 90014. Carlos Zavala received the Bob Tomasino Brotherhood Award

Meat Rack – Off the Hook is the official dance party.

Sunday, March 26

It was estimated there were 10,000 Leatherfolk and kinksters at the Ninth Annual Off Sunset Festival on Sunday, March 26. From seeing last year's crowd and this one it looked as if there were more this year. Coupled with people being rained in for about a month and terrific weather on Sunday it was the time to be out in the streets. There were lots of bare chests and harnesses. Eye candy was the winner in this round. The Palm Springs Leather Order of the Desert had a bus load there for Sunday only, plus more club members who were in LA for the whole week. Headlining the Festival was the Tina Turner Tribute by world-renowned vocalist Debbie Holiday. Spanning more than a half mile of Santa Monica Boulevard, the festival featured live music, gourmet food trucks, beer/beverage booths, and vendors representing local organizations, handcrafted novelty items, and specialty Leather goods. Expected to be the festival’s biggest year, organizers anticipated up to 10,000 attendees - it likely exceeded that. The California B&B Corps, CMEN West Coast Gathering, Regiment of the Black and Tans, puppies, ABL, ONYX Southwest were represented.




LA Leather Pride 2023 Gallery

Photos by Motorboot Photography, Off Sunset Festival, Dave Rhodes


Ride In



















La La Land



















Yass Jesus


Meet and Greet




























Mr. Los Angeles Leather 2023
























Off Sunset Festival


































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