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LA Leather Pride - Dark Angel Pride

By April 09, 2024



LA Leather Pride - Dark Angel Pride

Los Angeles Leather Pride: Dark Angel - Seduction was highlighted by Mr. Cochando Leather David Mosqueda being named Mr. LA Leather in front of about 300 Leatherfolk on Saturday night, March 23 as the City of Los Angeles was pulsating with excitement as Leather enthusiasts from

all over North America joined in to celebrate diversity, unity, and the rich heritage of Leather culture. Mr. Sister Leather J Carter was first runner-up and Mr. Regiment Leather Doug Milleken was second runner-up. There were six contestants. Doug Milleken was voted the winner of the Brotherhood Award, an honor bestowed via selection by all of the contestants.

In chronological order LA Leather Pride included March 15, Submit, an Avatar dungeon party at Sanctuary LAX Studios featured slings, bondage equipment, dark room, outdoor play area, open bar, light snacks and a clothes check to open the 10 days of LA Leather Pride.


Erotic Village presented Healing Ties: A Journey into Kink and Self-Discovery on Saturday, March 16 attendees explored the fascinating world of kink and embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery at the Los Angeles LGBT Center - Pride Hall, a vibrant and inclusive space that celebrates diversity and acceptance.

Bears LA hosted Locker Room, a new fetish/gear night dedicated to sports enthusiasts and chasers on Saturday, March 16 at GYM Sportsbar and Grill in West Hollywood raising money for the Tom of Finland Foundation and the Mr. LA Leather Bear 2024 travel fund. Beats by DJ Santo and Jello shots provided by Bears LA.

The official week-long festivities kicked off on Sunday, March 17th with the highly anticipated LALP Kick Off party at the Bullet Bar in North Hollywood.
As with LALP tradition, bikers from Satyrs Motorcycle Club rode the six Mr. Los Angeles Leather contestants to the front entrance of the Bullet Bar where they drew their numbers. Tony Vega drew the number one position. Emcees Jeremy Ronceros and Gabriel Green were in top form.

Honoring the theme of LA Leather Pride 2024, Dark Angel: Seduction, this year’s concert was inspired by Sarah McLachlan’s haunting melody Angel featured in the Grammy-nominated soundtrack of City of Angels, an American remake of the classic German film about Berlin; Wings of Desire. It was the perfect inspiration for the fifth edition of the La La Leather Concert series. The series takes its cue from the amazing “Classic Meets Fetish” Concert series held annually in Berlin as part of Easter Fetish Week.

In both cities, the music is played live on stage by members of the community in gear and the LA LGBTQ+ Center in Hollywood audience was dressed in their best Leather finery. In Los Angeles, film capital of the world, the concert consists of selections of beautiful classical and original music featured in film, gaming or television. The soaring open spaces and great acoustics of the Hall will enhance the music of the talented ensemble led by Music Director Dr. Jason Lo.

Center Assistant Director of Senior Services Michael McFadden presented The Center's Trailblazer Award to The Leather Journal publisher and editor Dave Rhodes in front of close to 100 guests.

March 19
LA XXX Sexual Collapse
Reverend steven Johnson Leyba presented LA XXX Sexual Collapse at the Tom House in Los Angeles on Tuesday, March 19.

For cinephiles and culture enthusiasts, Encuerados: A Movie Viewing and Panel Discussion took place on Wednesday, March 20th at Precinct DTLA.
Mistress Cyan stated, "Earlier this evening I attended the screening preview of the upcoming documentary Encuerados, a documentary by filmmaker Orlando Bedolla. The screening was held at The Precinct with the filmmaker and the cast that was interviewed and featured in the documentary.

Following the showing, the filmmaker spoke with the audience and took questions. He then introduced the the cast, who took the stage for questions, of which there were many. These men have opened their hearts and souls, as well as their lives in this film. Hearing their experiences was very heartfelt and sincere about their experience in the Los Angeles Leather Community and how much they felt at home here with their chosen family.
Orlando and his cast have captured the real life experience of our Latino brothers in the Leather Community. You learn about their hardships, their happiness and their love for the community that they have embraced, and their passion comes though loud and clear. This film not only focuses on the lives of these men, but fearlessly showcases some of the fetishes these individuals engage in, devoid of any semblance of shame or trepidation."
This coincided with Chupada, Latin Leather, Gear and Fetish Night at Precinct DTLA.

On Wednesday, March 20, Avatar's monthly program featured a panel of Southern California International Mr. Leather titleholders, sharing about their journey to winning the Leather community's biggest contest, and how it shaped their lives afterward. IMLs Gary Iriza, Michael Gerle and Ralph Bruneau were the panelists while Guy Baldwin opened  and closed the program via video. This was at MCC in the Valley in North Hollywood, CA with about 75 Leatherfolk in attendance.

The festivities continued with the LALP Meet and Greet on Thursday, March 21st at Precinct DTLA in Los Angeles.

Assembly lived up to its billing as an awesome formal event with a dress code: formal Leathers, black button up, tie, dress slacks on Friday, March 22nd at Rough Trade Gear in Los Angeles. Assembly was produced by the Regiment of the Black and Tans and the California B&B Corps. Assembly included a great buffet of appetizers and a host bar. Mr. Los Angeles Leather contestants were introduced. Ponce Photography had a portable photography set up.

Matthew Mullins and Dan Lovell produced Dog Pound at the Bullet Bar on Friday night, March 22. Dog Pound included a mosh, go go pups, performances and more. A raffle with prizes from Mr. S Leather was exciting.


Den LA presented Seduction. the official dance and play party of LA Leather weekend for hundreds of men diving into the sexiest party in LA.

Maximus Cigar Social/Cigar Lounge at Eagle LA was the place to be after Assembly a couple blocks or so away. Eagle LA was packed to the rafters with Joe and DJ's loyal smokers and admirers.

More contest details: The contestants were Mr. Cochando Leather David Mosqueda, Mr. CSW Leather Avery, Mr. Sister Leather J. Carter, Mr. Regiment Doug Milleken, Precinct Leather Harwick, and Mr. LA Leather Bear Tony Vega.

Mosqueda said in his speech, "Once upon a time, there was a boy that thought the sexiest thing on earth was to be a super hero, he would put on his dads button-ups, just at the collar and jump off the bed to have a cape, just like Batman. Years later, that little boy grew up to a full fledged vaquero, the cape was substituted for a poncho, serape, a falsa; and he discovered a new superhero, the vaqueros he grew up loving, Infante, Negrete, Félix, Solís. hank you all for your support over these long years, and helping me discover the Leather vaquero that has always been inside of me. Nos vamos dar un show chicos."

Upon receiving the Jim Neuman Humanitarian Award, Gabriel Green said, "I am the proud recipient of the Jim Neuman Award for Leather Community Humanitarian of the Year. I received the award while I was hosting the Mr. Los Angeles 2024 Contest. I’m humbled, honored, touched and still at a loss for words, especially after the man, whom the award is named after, turns around and announces the recipient is me. I love you Jim and thank you for honoring me with your friendship and this award," Gabriel Green said.




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The judges were Mr. LA Leather 2023 Colin MacDougall, International Leather 2023 Master Liquid Ruiz, International Leather 2023 Marcus Barela, World Cub 2023 David Sugar, past Northern California Mr. Drummer Rod Wood, Onyx Suede, Mr. LA Leather 2010 Brad Taylor, and Mr. CMEN Leather 2015 Rick Boehle. Emcees were Jeremy Ronceros and Gabriel Green.

Right after the Mr. LA Leather contest on Saturday, March 23 is Vaseline Alley at the same venue as the contest. Hunter Fox and Justin David know how to produce a great dance and Vaseline Alley was living proof.

Under the threat of rain, the Off Sunset Festival, held in a greatly expanded area on Santa Monica Blvd. fom Myra Street to Sunset Blvd., the 10th year for the Off Sunset Festival was a success. Headliner Kenny Metcalf, an Elton John tribute band, rocked as the closing act while live bands, retail and organizational booths and exhibits, food trucks, bare chested men, Eagle LA patio were enjoyed by almost 10,000 Leatherfolk and kinksters.

The Los Angeles Leather Coalition named the Charity Partners for the upcoming LA Leather Pride festivities March 17-24. They are: Los Angeles LGBT Center Senior Department, Tom of Finland Foundation and The Wall - Las Memorias.



LA Leather Pride Gallery

Photos by Dave Rhodes, Motorboot Photography, Rod Wood, Ponce Photography and Diego Gal