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LGBTQ Leather at Pride World Wide

By August 22, 2022


LGBTQ Leather at Pride World Wide

This is the summer where the world came out from shelter as they felt safe enough from COVID-19 that they could do so. To be sure, the virus has not thrown up the white flag and it doesn't look like it ever will; and many are still cautious because it "ain't over yet."

Still, millions participated in Pride Parades and Festivals virtually every where. The big cities and global tourist centers such as Berlin, London, New York, Tokyo, Barcelona, Los Angeles, Amsterdam, San Francisco, Toronto , Mexico City, Seattle, Chicago, and Paris were busy.

Cities such as Fresno, Minneapolis, Portland, Austin, Malaga, Antwerp, Long Beach, St. Louis, Oslo, San Diego, Providence, Utrecht, Sioux City and more were out in full force.

We have a gallery of approximately 150 photos at www.TheLeatherJournal.com for your viewing pleasure and will be adding to it as there are still many celebrations left to be held in 2022 such as Palm Springs, CA, Australia.

A large number of our photos have been gleaned from social media and many were sent directly to us by known photographers.

Some of the huge parades that normally draw over 500,000 and some even one million LGBTQfolk and friends marketed their plans long in advance.

New on the scene is the monkeypox virus which started in late spring. This has added concern for the safety of people gathering closely together in large groups and the low amount of available vaccinations.

Still the big trucks with scantily-clad dancers bouncing on them, large flags carried by groups, many claiming to have the largest pride flag or Leather Pride flag in the world, groups of friends, crowds dancing in the dark with laser light trailing the sky.

Leather manifested itself in so many of these cities. Some in full Leather, gear, puppy hoods. Many were embracing and/or kissing. There was no shortage of bare chested men, most wearing bulldog and traditional harnesses, kilts, titleholders with sashes on, BLUF men.

As in every year, the celebrations were of victories gained in Civil Rights and efforts to keep fighting as many battles have been one - but the greater war rages on.
It is the same for Corona an monkey pox - many battle have been won, but is not over.

The following are among those who sent us photos or we gleaned from pride organizations on Facebook - Gael Leung Chong, Rodney Burger, Jon Stockton, Oride, Emanuel Wallace, Fresno Pride, Pup Sparkie, Miguel Angel Reyes, Dallas Pride, Jon Stockton, Eric Crow, Orange County Pride, John O'Brien, Mixiuptrini, Will Stone, Tradesmen Willie, HOIST Leathermen and Fetish Club, Montreal Pride, Eagle NYC, Anthony Marshall, Joan Norry, Anthony Leathermen 365, Marc Owens, Adam Monda, Ricardo Soliz, John Pendal, David Boyer, Philly Pride, BLUF Berlin, Arthur Robinson, Michael Christopher, SLM Oslo and Toronto Pride.


 Amsterdam, The Netherlands





Antwerp, Belgium




Baltimore, Maryland








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Berlin, Germany












Bristol, England



Capital Pride - Washington, DC




Charleston, North Carolina
















Cleveland, Ohio




Cologne, Germany





Dallas, Texas



Denver, Colorado






 Edinburgh, Scotland



Fresno, California






 Houston, Texas



Inland Empire, California

















Kinosha, Wisconsin


Los Angeles, California









London, England








 Long Beach, California











Malaga, Spain





 Memphis, Tennessee









Montreal, Canada


Munich, Germany





New York, New York













Orange County, California










Oslo, Norway





 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania




 Portland, Maine



 Providence, Rhode Island



Saint Louis, Missouri



 San Diego, California











San Francisco, California











Seattle, Washington





Sioux City, Iowa



 Tokyo, Japan


 Toronto, Canada





Utrecht, The Netherlands


 West Hollywood, California



 Worthington, United Kingdom