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Meet The Contestants IMsL 2014: Submissann

By April 02, 2014

VT-TLJ:  Is your contestant run sponsored by an Event, bar, club, organization?

SA: no answer given

VT-TLJ: Tell me about your favorite charity.

SA: Animals need a voice to protect them; they are entitled to kind and respectful treatment at the hands of humans and must be protected by law.  I like to donate directly to the animal shelter in my area, as 100% of my money goes to animals in need of assistance. Your local shelter spends that money on food, veterinarian care if needed and you can ask that your money be spent in a specific way. My favorite charity is the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.   The sight of a carthorse being brutally beaten by its driver is what inspired Henry Bergh to found this organization in 1866.  Its mission is to provide effective means for the prevention of cruelty to animals throughout the United States.  Programs include ad campaigns to educate so that cruelty can be prevented before it happens and there are a lot of hands-on programs to assist animals in need.  The Equine Fund provides sanctuaries for old race horses and police service horses, giving them alternatives for the completion of their life rather than giving a life of service and then being lead to a slaughter house.  The Equine Fund has several parts to it including protecting wild horses, and you can even adopt a horse in need.


Program Expenses
(Percent of the charity’s budget spent on the programs 
and services it delivers)


Administrative Expenses

Fundraising Expenses

Fundraising Efficiency

Primary Revenue Growth

Program Expenses Growth






VT-TLJ: Tell me in your own words how you feel about service.

SA: Service is all around us, it occurs every day, it is everywhere and service is very common.  I can’t imagine my life without serving. There are different types of serving and different levels of service. Everybody serves to some degree. The CEO serves the stock brokers, the administrators and field workers serve the CEO. A maid serves her boss. A slave serves a Dom. There is nothing inherently bad or demeaning about service. If one feels humiliated or embarrassed, it is something one has added to the experience, just as one can add pride to a job well done.

Definitions from Webster’s Online dictionary that apply to bdsm service:
Main Entry: 1ser•vice
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English, from Anglo-French servise, from Latin servitium condition of a slave, body of slaves, from servus slave1 a : the occupation or function of serving b : employment as a servant c : work done by one person or group that benefits another
2 a : the work performed by one that serves b : Help, Use, Benefit, Assist c : contribution to the welfare of others d : disposal for use
4 : the act of serving : as a : a helpful act b : useful labor that does not produce a tangible commodity — usually used in plural c : SERVE
5 : a : a set of articles for a particular use < a silver tea service> b : be used by; as of a utility
10 : the act of a male animal copulating with a female animal

Service can be done impromptu or it can be a negotiated contract to be fulfilled.  The person giving service has the ability to throw everything they have into it or simply serve to the letter required.  It is my observation there are levels of service, like an onion has layers. Service is being useful. Service requires work. Being on your game requires being mindful of what you are comfortable with, and stretching those limits. To reach the level of experiencing my submission while being in Service to an Owner/Club/Community I must care about what I am doing and believe it makes a difference to the person/organization/community I serve. When carrying out assignments, tasks, projects, being in Service to an Owner/Club/Community means knowing I am a reflection of Master and the job done must represent Her/Them and honor Her/Them. I carry out my projects, homework and tasks in a manner I know She/them would be proud of, keeping to the intention (context and content) with which the assignment was given in focus.

To continuously grow in the depth of my submission and stretch those limits, I’m speaking of levels of respect, honor and regard while practicing consensual service and stretching those limits. If you are a person whom brings your Owner morning coffee – naturally, while it is kind and caring and can be thought of as natural submissive service, bringing it to a meaningful conscious level of consensual service might be bring to Master’s coffee on a silver platter. Then bring it on a silver platter and curtsy before you set it in exactly the place requested. Then bring it on a silver platter, fall to your knees and graciously set the cup in the space requested. These are techniques to bring consciousness to your actions, reminding one of your place and your regard for the person you serve. These techniques can keep a simple act meaningful and not falling into routine. The real charm is going back to step one with all the regard you held in your heart performing step three.

This is not to say that I promote a delusional life of living a fictional book of Gor or The Marketplace or Sleeping Beauty. I believe you must have a balanced life, you must maintain your good health, excel in your job, make time for family and friends, engage in your hobbies, exercise, all the ingredients that make up personal well being.  With this well being in hand, the maintenance of mental, physical and spiritual health, I bring this package and offer myself in service.  Is the package perfect or does it need to be exceptional and close to perfect to offer service? No, of course not, but well being does need to be addressed daily and worked on or one’s ability to be of good quality service suffers.

If you ask the average smart slave, why you here, the answer given is “to please and obey Master”.  My understanding from experience is that a service slave has to wrap oneself around the concept that “I am here serving because it pleases me to please and be useful to someone”. Day in and day out you have to be here for you, because it pleases you because you have a need to please and be used. Your Owner/Club/Community gives you the opportunity to experience pleasing, being useful, serving and the opportunity to experience your submission rather than compliance.

Another aspect of Being in Service, something to ponder BEFORE you accept service to a Master, you need to be honest with yourself and clear with Master/the Club/the Community as to whether this a trade deal or not. I don’t think there is anything wrong with bartering as a submissive. Bartering relationships have terms such as:
-I’ll serve you while you teach me how to throw a single tail.
-I’ll serve you as long as we have hot sex.

Be honest, make an agreement, have integrity with yourself and your motives or don’t serve that person/club/community.

It takes courage to serve. Some days you need to saddle up, in spite of the circumstances. There are periods when being in service is a day to day act, just like any other relationship.  Sometimes you have to find an answer to “why am I doing this?” that gets you through the hour, gets you through that day.  On the “I don’t want to do it” days, I am a big believer in “If you don’t have enthusiasm at this moment, fake it, it will come to you.” Serving is action based. It is an event followed by another event. Submission isn’t one act or behavior; it is a series of acts and behaviors done in succession so that it looks to the unaware like a lifestyle instead of a continuous lifestyle choice. The mental spaces that are happening in your head and emotions you feel are secondary. Better to paste a positive emotion on with a smile while you do that action, and say thank you for the opportunity to serve. If for any reason, you find that hours later or the next day, you actually see the opportunity and truly feel grateful – you can go back and own up to your insincerity, and express your true sincerity.

It is always easy to serve a Mistress/Club/Community that is clear regarding what pleases Mistress/the Club/the Community and exactly how they want you to be useful. It is easier to serve a Mistress/Club/Community that provides clues as to what pleases them. If Mistress/Club/Community is not clear, ask questions until you are clear. Ask questions so that you are clear what result Mistress/the Club/the Community intends as the outcome. That will increase your ability to serve as Mistress/the Club/the Community wishes.

At the end of the day, every one wants to make a difference; everyone wants to have their life count.  I can’t imagine not serving my community in some aspect.  Being of service to someone or to an organization makes a difference, it is what makes a life satisfying and well spent.

VT-TLJ: What makes you a Leather Woman and/or Bootblack?

SA: Ultimately, the straight forward answer is, what makes me a Leather woman is my heart, how I live my life, the integrity, honor, sincerity and compassion I bring to all my relationships, be they with a person or an organization.  The commitment I have to a quality life that is true and authentic to who I am and what I value.  This is what makes me a Leather woman.I have enjoyed a long interesting life influenced and shaped by many turns in the road making me more than what is easily seen on the surface and I invite you to look at me more closely.  

The long answer:

It is true, I am a fabulous Pony.  I am an excellent Pony Trainer.  I seized the opportunity given me to share the joys of Pony Play far and wide as the North American Pony of 2009.  I trained many Ponies, assisted many Trainers, and I have supported Pony Clubs to rise up and be counted.  Along the way, something magical happened.   There is a magnificence in horses that opens people’s hearts and allows them to trust again.  The Pony spirit, that heart, is present in Pony players, I find it the essence of what attracts us to this play, and it is what we see in each other.  My heart and soul were open to the Ponies I touched, and I was moved by the power they gave me in return in a profound way.  A Pony gives up everything of themselves to a Trainer’s care and power, and a Trainer takes responsibility for a Pony’s safety, trust and love. Be clear, a Pony Mistress commands a Pony, the Pony obeys, even the spirited alpha ones.. Being a Pony speaks from the heart of the soul and there is a deep intimacy in sharing that with another. It doesn’t seem to matter if you are a gear Pony or a cart Pony or how being a Pony manifests itself on the outside, that core, that heart is intense and powerful.  Pony Play is by nature, joyous and fun and there is substance in our herds, there is Leather in our hearts. The reins that bind us are strong.  There is an exchange of Power that happens that is pure and precious and fierce.  Pony Play has a long history.  Our Leather Folk history is inclusive of women, het, gay, and Pony history and it is diverse.

This last bit has been the icing on the cake of my journey, for it started so long ago.

My first harness and leash came when I was three.  It was given to me by my Grandmother.

My first harness and leash
Grandma attended the First Presbyterian Church of Alameda, which is a small, friendly church where Jesus Christ is honored and you will be cared for in his name. Sunday School is at 10:30 am.

Mostly, I loved the mink stole my Grandma wore to church. It was very soft and the most elegant, beautiful thing I'd ever seen. She looked very striking in her high heels, 50’s style form fitting-tailored clothes, mink stole, short blonde hair, gloves and jewelry.Of course I wanted to be just like her when I grew up.

but, I digress.

We went to church every Sunday and I went to Sunday School for the first time in my life. The stories they told at Sunday school were fascinating. There was blood, war, sacrificed animals, burning bushes, long, hard rigorous hikes without much water, and when there was water it flooded or parted. People were good, people were bad, people were wicked and mean. Wicked mean people lived well on earth and then got punished for eternity. Whew.

Eventually, my teacher got me to understand the concept of Jesus Christ. I felt horrible that some innocent man was killed so God would forgive my sins. I thought my spankings were given to me to forgive my wrong doings and "sins". That was what Grandma's yard stick was for. My teacher begged to differ.

After Sunday school, Grandma took me shopping. We were in a big department store, and she was looking at the dresses. The clothes were hung on racks, double racks, in fact. I found that the racks were such that if I walked in between the clothes, down the center of the rack, I could feel the different materials brush against my face. This was incredible. I loved it. So, I just started walking slowly through all the racks of clothes finding which ones smelled and felt best.

Suddenly, I heard my Grandma crying out my name. She sounded very frantic."I'm over here, Grammie. I'm here."Grandma rounded a tall counter and I was staring at her legs, and she knelt down. She was crying and very upset.

"What's the matter Grammie?"

"I thought I lost you. I was so afraid. I was so worried about you."

"Grammie, you should never worry. I am never lost. Jesus Christ is always with me. He will never dessert me and he will always guide me. I am always safe in his care."

Grandma took my hand. We went to a store that sold children harnesses and leashes. Whenever we went out, I got to wear my harness and Grandma held the leash.  It was red and leather.  I love red leather. I liked the feel and smell.

While out and about people would ask Grandma about my harness and why was I in it, like I wasn’t there and couldn’t hear them, but I was quiet because they weren’t talking to me.  My Grandmother always said “My granddaughter is my most prized possession.  I dearly love her, and I will do what I need to protect her and care for her.”

It was another 34 years until I was with someone that felt I was a prized possession. I was loved, cared for and protected. I was naturally in a harness with a leash.  It seemed so perfect and I was so happy to finally be home.

I grew up loving being tied up.  I found I had a deep lust for all things sensual, erotic and sexual around the age of thirteen.  I found I was attracted to the qualities of people, not male or female gender.  I highly value and am attracted to interesting people, people with intelligence, creativity, honesty, loyalty, striving to be the best person you could be, not a physical type of person.

I found a person that shared BDSM play with me in 1990.  That experience had its pluses and minuses.   When I found the BDSM community in Los Angeles in 1999 I was delighted.  The kinky pervert inside me was excited to have a safe place to express debauchery.  Like any hobbyist, I entered knowing a liked a few things; I like being tied up, being dominated, pee play, anal play and over the knee spankings.  As any hobbyist now at the hobby convention, I found there was so much more to do, see and experience and I dove right in, seeking the deep end of the pool.  Life is always about growing, for me, my curiosity accompanied with the desire to explore and learn keep me in action.  Within a couple years I had a longing in my heart, a feeling that there was more to this play than I was experiencing, that there was an essential quality missing, something I wasn’t getting consistently.  I found this missing part when I found Desire in 2005. At this women’s retreat I found women who valued the connection between each other, the energy being given and accepted, tossed back and forth and flowing, the bdsm practices being something we shared together and not simply a sensation done to another.  They had the words and spoke about these concepts, values as to what was truly important with regard to play, in a way that I deeply got it and could at last understand and communicate about it.  

I still love bondage and being tied up.  It never gets old for me.  Corsets are an extension of that “being bound” play. I love wearing corsets. I found that I could finally speak about Pee and there are people that will explore Pee Play with me.  Given years of constantly playing, my play list is long and fierce.  A lot of play scares my mind, but my body loves it.  I’m like a kid when it comes to zippers.  I always want to do it again, please.  Electrical play scares me, yet I love it.  I have courage in regards to play.  I may be afraid but I will saddle up.

There is this side of me that has more in common in the types of play and power exchange that most of the Leather community engages in and I found Pony Play in 2006.

At the end of the day, it still comes down to heart.  It still comes down to how I approach and live my life.  It comes down to core values I have and the service I love.

I am a Leather woman.

VT-TLJ: Who is your favorite IMsL or IMsBB and in 100 words or less…Why?

SA: My favorite International Ms Leather is Gabrielle Antolovich.  I have seen her the most, from 2005 to present, as we attend the same events.  I love her radiance, humor, grace and style.  She was has the kiss of Los Angeles on her, I identify most with her.  I admire the work she has done, her writing and her fund raising abilities during her title in 1990.

VT-TLJ: What do you feel is the most dangerous mis-information passed through traditional & social media affecting our community today, and how would you combat it should the opportunity arise?

SA: Books like “50 shades of Grey”, which give mis-information about us have a really negative effect and are dangerous to our community.  The book is about a couple working out their relationship.  All of the wacko characters in the book are into BDSM: the slave that stalks the couple, the Domme that seduces Christian when he is under age.  Their characters don’t ring true, and don’t make sense.  Someone that one hand so thoroughly trains Christian in protocol would wait of him to be 18 years old before she started playing with him.

If I was confronted with mis-information, I would try to talk about it with that person, have a meaningful adult discussion sharing my experience and knowledge.   While all cultures/communities unfortunately have their bad apples, I would point out that the characters in 50 Shades of Grey do not follow the accepted guidelines we in the Leather/BDSM/Kink community follow.  S-M is not abuse.  It is played between a giver and a receiver in negotiated play they have agreed on.

If the International Ms Leather Contest has a clause in their agreement, stating that I am not allowed to talk to the press or any specific organization, I would honor that agreement.

VT-TLJ: What makes you feel you can represent the entire woman's community, even the women you don't identify with?

SA: What I can represent, what I have had in life experiences interacting with different groups and communities is a large group.  I am a grandmother, I am a mother, I have been married, I have been divorced, I have been a single Mother.  I am from a military family, yet I have not served in the military.  I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area 1955 – 1977 and all that culture, yet I have traveled outside, all over the USA, Australia and Europe.  I have been a librarian, musician, cashier, handywoman, soccer mom, football mom, apartment manager, secretary and children’s party planner.  That last business gave me experience in being with 500 – 2000 children and their parents each week for 18 years from all walks of life.

I am a good listener. I am easy to approach and friendly.  I am extremely fair.  If I give my word that I will do something, I do it.

While I don’t identify with every woman, if I represent you, I won’t back down, I won’t sell you short and I will do my best to honor and represent you to the best of my abilities.

VT-TLJ: What makes you most nervous about becoming International Ms Leather or Bootblack?

SA: At the end of being International Ms Leather, I might find the pace of my life and the amount on my plate dull.  I will have to fill the empty space with something extraordinary and I have no idea what that would be right now.

submissann-beauty-imsl-contestantNow the basics:

Name:  Ann, known as subMissAnn and Beauty (Pony name)
Current Title:  North American Pony 2009
City, State:  Los Angeles, CA
website (if any):   www.asksubmissann.com

VT-TLJ: What regular community events do you produce or participate in?

SA: I produce annually:

-The North American Pony/Trainer Contest  August 1 – 3, 2014
-The Southern California Spring and Fall Fox Hunts  April 19 and October 4, 2014 hosted by the Los Angeles Pony and Critter Club
-The Derby  May 3, 2014 hosted by the Los Angeles Pony and Critter Club

VT-TLJ: Favorite Leather item in your arsenal of bar/fetish wear

SA: My favorite and most precious Leather item is my reins, they are my magic lines.  Since I don’t want to misplace them at a bar I may not bring them, and I go to my second favorite Leather item, my leather breeches.  Mmmmmmm, yes.  Sweet.

VT-TLJ:100 words about what you will do as IMsL or IMsBB.

SA: If I am honored with representing you, I will be your ambassador, reaching out to new tribes, new herds, to Leather Folk and to celebrate our diversity in new ways. I would attend and I’d be open to presenting Pony Play at:
-Mr and Ms Olympus Leather Contest
-San Diego Romp
-North American Pony/Trainer Conference  
-International Leather Sir/boy
-Folsom Fair Europe Berlin
-Folsom Fair San Francisco  
-UnHoly Harvest Toronto
-Palm Spring Leather Pride
-Palm Springs Pride Parade
-South Africa Leather Tour
-Mid-Atlantic Leather
-Leather Leadership Conference

There are at minimum 22 cities I visit for work that I’d like to reach out to local Leather communities, and coordinate being at adult sex conventions.  I would be honored to spend the year representing Leather/Kink/BDSM/Fetish woman, representing the alternative sex positive community, everywhere I can.