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Mr. San Diego Eagle Leather 2015

By March 25, 2015

2015 is the first time that the Mr. San Diego Eagle Leather contest was held at a venue away from the bar, Sunset Temple on Saturday night, February 21, where Jay Heimbach was declared the winner.

On Thursday, February 19, the San Diego Eagle Leather 2015 contest weekend began with a small and lovely Leather family banquet at Claire De Lune. The producers, friends and San Diego Leather family gathered around Russ Mortenson Boyd. Boyd has been the producer of the Mr. San Diego Eagle Leather contest for the last 10 years, and also heads the Leather Foundation of San Diego. He explained how he carefully hand picked the judges from Eagle Bars abroad, and introduced us to the contestant, Jay Heimbach.


Following the Leather tradition of the unexpected, all but Heimbach had dropped out of the contest in the week leading up to the event.

At the meet and greet, speed questioning of the candidate and judges hilariously ensued, and following that was an underwear auction to raise money for the Leather Foundation.

The auction featured the judges, Mr. NY Eagle 2013 Arsenio Amandis, Mr. Dallas Eagle 2014 Cody Nance, Mr. San Francisco Eagle 2014 Gage Fisher, Mr. Colorado Leather 2014 Brent Heinze, International Mr. Olympus Leather 2012 Gregory Slaven and Mr. San Diego Eagle 2014 Eli Correa.

The brothers of the Eagle hit the stage in nothing but their underwear, with special guests Dan Lovell, the actor playing Mr. Benson in the upcoming film adaptation of the John Preston Novel and his boy, Matthew Mullins, So Cal Leather boy 2014.

On Saturday night, the Mr. San Diego Eagle Leather contest was hosted by the entertaining southern belle drag queen, Roxy Blue. The final day of the contest took place at Sunset Temple with grandeur, and flourished with a fun, colorful, sexual energy.

Jay Heimbach was the lone contestant scoring 85 percent of the score. Heimbach, an artist specializing in large scale abstract non rep, has major ties with the Leather community, along with helping the kink community to grow. He is the creator of the San Diego Pup contest, and is stepping down in March as a prince of the Imperial Court.

Mr. San Diego Eagle Leather 2014 Paulo Batista stepped down after a triumphant year, and will be remembered in Leather history as the first trans Mr. San Diego Eagle Leather. After an emotional step down speech, he handed the sash to Russ Boyd, in honor of all he had done for the Eagle contest, and asked Boyd to sash Heimbach when he won.
Boyd will continue working as a bartender at the San Diego Eagle, and plans to focus energy on broadening the scope of the Leather Foundation northbound to offer the same services to the Leather community of Los Angeles.