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Princess Jinnie Oklahoma Ms Leather 2017

By March 01, 2018

JinnieI Leather Journal

Basic Information: Name Current Title City, State website (if any) regular community events that you produce or participate (limit 3) Favorite Leather item in your arsenal of bar/fetish wear & social media:

Princess Jinnie Oklahoma Ms Leather 2017 Tulsa, Oklahoma

1) I volunteer as the Art Director for the annual HIV+ Retreat hosted by the Grateful Day Foundation

2) Regularly perform or host events for the Imperial Court of All of Oklahoma and other courts around the U.S.  

3) Cooking and helping out with the teens at the Openarms Youth Project in Tulsa…. There isn't a thing I wouldn’t do to make sure the LGBT+ kids of our community are safe, taken care of, and lifted up, knowing that it is OK to be who they are meant to be!!


Favorite Leather item: Leather bolero jacket by LeatherMasters

Fetlife:  Corset-Princess  

Instagram: Corset_Princess 

Twitter:  Princess Jinnie

Facebook: Oklahoma Ms. Leather 2017      


Rose Rock Girls of Leather (RRGoL) & www.rrgol.org RRgoL is part of a nationwide movement to create a special place for those who identify as Leather girls. The organization works with all parts of the Leather community to help promote different events and causes.

Tulsa Eagle – “Tulsa Eagle” (Facebook)

Favorite Charity:

I was first introduced to the Leather community 4 years ago, as a member of the Imperial Court of All Oklahoma. “The Court” would co-sponsor local charity events and fundraisers with the Leather community at the Tulsa Eagle.  Volunteering at the charity events with members of the Leather community, I witnessed firsthand the meaning behind it all - family, loyalty, commitment to each other and to the community as a whole."           My favorite charity is Openarms Youth Project (OYP), an organization that serves as a safe haven for LGBT young people between the ages of 14-21 in the Tulsa, OK community.  Tim Gillean is the Founder and Director of OYP, and an upstanding and amazing man.  Under Tim’s leadership, the volunteers make sure the young people have clothing, food, counselling and help with homework and social skills.  Tim is most often found cooking for the kids at the Center on Thursday nights, or DJ’ing on Saturdays when the Center is open for dances and drag shows to keep the kids off the streets. The Openarms Youth Project is hoping to open an online/charter school within the Center to make sure these young people reach their full potential in a safe and healthy environment, free from bullying.      

How you feel about community service?:

I have always felt drawn to being of service to others. I consider myself to be a Charity Queen!  One of my favorite quotes comes from the movie Robots, “see a need, fill a need” and that is just what I try to do. There are many worthy organizations that have a need – the Foundation for Exceptional Warriors (The FEW) that serves our nation’s veterans, Grateful Day Foundation, Openarms Youth Project, the list goes on.  I love being able to serve in the community, especially when I can use my skills as a ceramics artist and pastry chef.  Whether I am baking my Drunken D’lites dessert treats for an auction, helping with dinner for our youth at Openarms Youth Project, or organizing and performing at a Veterans’ Day fundraising event for the Foundation for Exceptional Warriors, community service is a huge part of who I am.

What makes you a Leather Woman and/or Bootblack?:

Simply put - My strength comes from the joy I receive from giving back to the community. Using the skills that I have in order to be of service…that is what I love!"  Some would say that it’s the Diva in me that has a love and fascination for Leather…that sexy look, the feel and oh-the-smel!l of a freshly blackened piece of hide. But in all honesty, what makes me a Leather Woman is not about the leather that I wear.  It’s all about the honor, traditions, values, and integrity - the history of the women who came before me and the Community I belong to and that I am proud to represent. These are the Leather qualities that I constantly try to live up to and carry in my soul as the soles of my boots carry me on this Leather Journey.  

Who is your favorite Leather Woman…Why?:

My favorite Leather Women are actually a couple - Mera and Jimmie Tucker of Tucker Inn Cookies.  Mera and Jimmie judged my first run for Oklahoma Ms. Leather in 2016, and when I learned about the Tucker Inn and all the cookies they bake to raise money for the community I instantly fell in love with them!  Over the last two years they have mentored me, helped me prepare for Leather competition, and have truly provided guidance to this once lost Leather Girl.  They taught me to believe in myself, to stay true to my Leather Heart, to fight for what I believe in, and to look beyond the distractions that would take me off the path of becoming the Leather Woman I want to be.  At the Tucker Inn, Mera and Jimmie have created a welcoming and inviting sacred Leather space that is truly a piece of heaven on Earth - with a hot yummy meal, a warm bed, and a place to call “home” for the weekend for a Leather Sister/Brother or a visiting Monarch from another Imperial Court. Their generosity and commitment to the Leather Community are nothing short of inspirational. 

What do you feel is the most dangerous mis-information passed through traditional & social media affecting our community today, and how would you combat it should the opportunity arise?:

I believe the most dangerous information comes from two dangerous ideas…1.) the idea of being “normal” or “mainstream;” and 2.) that it is wrong to be different from the so-called mainstream.  There was a time when women fought for the right to vote in America, and the idea was considered wrong because it was regarded as not normal.  Several decades later, same sex couples fought for the right to legally marry and they were considered wrong – and ungodly – because they are different from the so-called norm. And we are considered wrong in the Leather / BDSM / Kink community because we are different from the so-called norm. There is a thought that we should be outcasts and shunned for the way we live our lives. These dangerous ideas discourage people from learning the true nature of the Leather lifestyle, and it prevents those in our community from living their lives openly for fear of losing their jobs, their families, and in fear for their own safety. I believe that when people are concerned about openly living the Leather lifestyle or are discouraged from learning the truth about the Leather community, it unfortunately paves the way for those who disagree with or negatively judge our community to spread misinformation about our community…that the Leather / BDSM / Kink  lifestyle is twisted, crazy, abusive, and unnatural, and those who participate are deviants. They communicate their message through traditional and social media, which are the best ways to reach the largest audience.

If I am given an opportunity, I want to combat the lies by exposing the truth – that whether romantic, sexual, friendly, Leather, kink, BDSM… consensual relationships are the only normal that exists!!"

In 100 words or less what will you do as IMsL or IMsBB to promote your title?:

I have  number of goals that I want to achieve as International Ms. Leather. Perhaps the most important is that I want to host fundraisers and community service events in support of LGBT youth projects, HIV testing, survivors of domestic violence, and our nation’s veterans. Using my skills as a pastry chef and ceramics artist, I hope to raise funds for these causes that are especially important to me, while continuing to help educate those who are unaware of the true nature of the Leather lifestyle and break the unearned stigma of the Leather/Kink community.

Vonn Tramel

Vonn Tramel has been a kinky "friday night femme" since she was 17.  She found the Leather community in 2007 and began her Leather Journey in 2008 after attending a Cigar Play Class in Long Beach, CA at Pistons Bar. A meeting with Dave Rhodes in May of 2008, changed her path for better or worse when she filmed and photographed the 2008 West Coast Olympus Contest, then International Olympus in Chicago that year....the rest they say is her-story. 

Edit: In 2012 she was approached by Dave to join The Leather Journal as it's Webmaster with business partner Bryan Teague.

Most misspelled word: Leahter (Sad but true)