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PSLOD presented Palm Springs Leather Pride

By November 14, 2022





PSLOD presented Palm Springs Leather Pride

Palm Springs Leather Pride - Eruption featured the Mr. Palm Springs Leather 2023 contest the weekend of October 27-30 at venues in Palm Springs and Cathedral City which was produced by the Palm Springs Leather Order of the Desert. Emcees Karen Ultra and Brian Dawson were stellar.

There were several events leading up to the big opening Leather Pride Dinner at the host Zoso Hotel.
200 guests enjoyed a top-shelf buffet of baked salmon, chicken breasts and beef as well as awesome desserts. We doubt anyone left disappointed or hungry. Emcees, judges and contestants were introduced, but there was no big stage event to slow things.

From the Zoso, it was off to the Tool Shed for the Parking Lot Party which had a estimated total of 5,000 visitors total and about 2,000 at any given time.

It was like a sardine can much of Friday night at the Tool Shed. The bar had an extension in back, adjacent to a Leather Lounge and smoking area which was perfect for cigars and pipes. Plenty of sofas, chairs and stools with very dim lighting which was perfect for perverted shenanigans. There were vendors and a busy boot black stand. We were not there on Saturday night, but we were informed by several that it was the same.

More than a Leather contest, Palm Springs Leather Pride included Friday night's dinner and Parking Lot Party on Friday and Saturday nights, Plunge Pool Parties at CCBC Resort in Cathedral City, the Mr. Palm Springs Leather contest followed by a Victory Dance at the Barracks, Saturday Cigar Social at the Barracks as well as Sunday's beer bust.Hotel Zoso is a modern architectural gem smack dab in the middle of Palm Springs LGBTQ Central on Arenas Road. Zoso hosted Sunday's closing Pool Party.

Four men ran for Mr. Palm Springs Leather with Ryan Sebastian, who was sponsored by Training and Discipline, winning the title and the chance to compete at International Leather next May in Chicago. Mr. Barracks Leather Marc Calkins was the runner-up with Mr. Tool Shed Leather Barry Riddle and Mr. Dicks Leather Ducky rounding out the field. Dick's is a new bar in place of the 501 Eagle on Arenas Road.
About 300 Leatherfolk and kinksters were there to witness a lot of stinging humor by emcees Brian Dawson and Karen Ultra.

The judges were mostly past IML titleholders including Ralph Bruneau, Joe Gallagher, Jeff Tucker, Andy Cross and Lenny Broberg, Mr. Palm Springs Leather 2021 Andre Law and Marc Bellenger of the Tom of Finland Foundation.




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The Victory Party followed at the Barracks and you guessed it, the place was packed to the hilt with a long line waiting to get in most of the night. There scenes and demos in the Barracks' huge back room. The Cigar Social there on Saturday had a huge crowd and Sunday was more lines of horny and thirsty men.
The pool parties at the CCBC might not have drawn as many had hoped, but those who reported to have attended said they enjoyed themselves.

Palm Springs Leather Pride chairman was Kip O'Connor who is a member of the Palm Springs Leather Order of the Desert. The weekend received rave reviews from every attendee who commented to us.
Plenty of official events, true, but there were more. An invitation to Jim Neuman's Leather Pride party is most coveted and with reason. Jim proudly gives house tours of his home. One sees a jukebox from the 1950s, a Wurlitzer player organ, catered food and open bar, his room of about 300 complete uniforms and terrific hospitality.

Unofficial pool parties at the Canyon Club were busy. Daddy Ray's Saturday Brunch at Lulu's attracted about 40 guests although Daddy Ray was unable to attend. Mr. LA Leather 2018 Ben Johnson grabbed the ball and got it done.

There were probably 10-15 other extra curricular events of which we were not informed, but there was already so much to do. Hats off to the producers, PSLOD, volunteers and sponsors. Just about every one who can, will be back next October.



Photos by Dave Rhodes, Dr. Larry and Jerry Roberts