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Smokeout Las Vegas

By April 19, 2023



Spring of 2023 has been as wet and cold as winter was and who would know the difference. Those who could made it to Las Vegas' Tuscany Suites and Casino for a weekend in the sun, cigars, swimming pools great food aplenty and big casino shows, and for some, a motorcycle day ride.

Smokeout Las Vegas, held the weekend of April 4-10 at the Tuscany Suites, brought and estimated 675 cigar men and their admirers.

Among the many events and fun things at Smokeout 2022 was the hospitality suite hosted by the House of Peter and the Desert Leathermen Motorcycle Club, and the adjoining bar/party suite presented by Black Boots of Salt Lake City. Utah might be a conservative state, but the bartenders' pours were quite liberal. There were bootblacks on hand and they were kept busy.

The vendors had full rooms to market their wares and it appeared that cigarmen were shopping, not just looking. This is a sign that Leather businesses are coming back. Vendors on hand were Wolf and Bear’s Den, 2nd Skinn Leather, Amici Leather and Dirty South Leather.

There were two swimming pools with the one between the hospitality suite and a pool open to all hotel guests exclusive to Smokeout. The lap pool was Smokeout exclusive.

There were plenty of special events including underwear, cocktail, private play and other parties, family-style dinner at Buca Di Beppo, scotch and cigar social, dinners at Hofbrauhaus, a local Italian restaurant, all-you-can-eat lunch at Yama Sushi, uniform dinner, dippers' gathering, Chicago Hellfire Club Whiskey social, barber shop by DJ, Desert Brotherhood MC's Saturday ride, pipe social, Kuma Men's Health Club access, Poker Party by Sir Jaret, boot blacks in the hospitality suite, party and play at Flex, cigar crawl, bar parties at the Las Vegas Eagle, Fun Hog Ranch, and all the shows, acts, museums, buffets and eateries that Las Vegas has to offer.

Saturday's bike ride hosted by the Desert Brotherhood Motorcycle Club rode out to Lake Mead National Recreation Area and the Valley of Fire State Park. Riders had a hosed lunch and were back around 4 PM in time for dinners, shows and hanky panky..

About 75 men feasted at the Hofbrauhaus which had their own live polka band. Cigarmen are already talking about plans for next year.




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Photos by Diego Gal, Bjarki Vikarason, Thor Stockman, Marc Owens, Mark Holmes, Don Filiar Aguilera, Facebook