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The Leather Journal's IML 2023 Contestants Preview



The Leather Journal's IML 2023 Contestants Preview

Welcome to The Leather Journal's International Mr. Leather 2023, or IML 45 Class, Contestants Preview. We are happy to say that we received biographies and photos of all the 54 men who will be competing this year. That is 54 of 54 or a perfect game and is the first time we did this. Every year we had at least four missing and the norm was five or six. The contestants’ order of appearance

was determined by the chronological order of fully completed bios and photos.

By having the deadline for our Contestant Preview the same as the one for contestants to register with IML, a tweak or two in our form is the main reason. We have a kink or two to do before next year which will make it easier on this end.

Thank you IML Contestant Coordinator Jeff Tucker for his huge assistance with this project.

Browse through thew gallery, read the bios and see if you have a favorite. If you are going to be at IML, you have a heads up.

After you read this, please share it all over social media and join the Dave Rhodes' Hump Day group on Facebook. We send you our group before sending it to the rest of the world. There will be a link to one of the ads below. If you like what we are doing or benefit and feel we deserve support, please donate to us by clicking on the Patreon Pledge link below.


Chris Gonzalez - Mr. GNI Leather 2022

Christopher Gonzalez, Mr. GNI Leather 2022, and former World Cub 2019/2020 is a kinky boy from Atlanta, GA and an associate member of COMMAND MC and Kentucky Bourbon Bears. A former dancer and actor, he has been a yoga teacher for 8-plus years focusing on Bear Yoga and teaching bigger bodies to enjoy and benefit from the practice. A Diversity Equity and Inclusion advocate, he has been on many diversity panels and serves as a DE&I ally for the airline he works for. He is the current host of the Atlanta Jacks and a proponent for self-love and expression. Chris flags White (both), Magenta (both) and Hunter Green (right) and identifies as a Side/Switch. He hopes to represent the bigger bodied Leather folx onstage at IML and in the community.

Photo by Pride Photo/Jacob Fritts





Andy Walgraef - Mister Leather Europe 2023

Andy had contact with fetish from the day he was born. His father walked around his whole life like a real cowboy, working on their farm. For him it feels very natural to walk through life, dressed to express who one is. He discovered early that Leather outfits triggered him strongly. While his friends where into the crazy 80s fashion, Andy saved up to buy his first Leather pants. It will be difficult to find a period in his life without Leather being part of it. He enjoys a well-balanced life in which the Leather fetish is a well-known part of his environment. The husband, children, parents, friends, colleagues, are all aware of Andy’s fetish life and it is completely acceptable.

He always fights for the right to be able to live one's life as one wants, with the ability to dress and express oneself, with what makes one happy.

As a titleholder, but also as a person his values are Inclusive, Gender-equality, embrace one's brotherhood, leave no one behind, we are perfect imperfections.

Photo by Different by Suus





Christian Lthr.Biker - Mr. Leather Hamburg 2022

Hello from Hamburg, Germany! My name is Christian, and I am 43 years old. I am a proud gay Leather man, Founder of the Leather Social Hamburg, and active member of several European clubs. I am an enthusiastic motor biker. I love to discover new places and meet new people. I consider myself a very friendly and open guy. I speak five languages, and my heart beats in Spanish while my head plans in German. Wearing Leather makes me feel myself, empowered and proud. So, I wear it every day. It is my daily dose of joy. I am not that tall and not that thin. I am Mexican and German. And above all, I am human. Pleased to meet you!

Photo by Darek Kraft




Kevan Walsh - Laird Leatherman 2018

Hailing from Melbourne Australia, Kevan is a self-described Old Guard Leatherman with some added new school sensibility. While he enjoys protocols and formality, Kevan is also a fierce advocate for diversity in Leather and inclusion of all in Leather spaces.

Whether he is hosting his all-gender monthly Leather dinner or producing events and educational opportunities with The Establishment, Kevan finds ways to blend the old and the new. This can be seen best when Kevan is hosting his signature High Cow, High Tea event. Kevan loves the juxtaposition of the daintiness and rituals of service of High Tea whilst surrounded by the intoxicating smells and sounds of Leather.

Volunteering with Fetish Australia he provides space for new titleholders to collaborate on a community float for the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras and regularly supports and mentors many others.

Kevan has a wicked interest in impact and pain play and a love of power exchange and protocols; you can find him regularly performing demonstrations in bar and party environments on willing but suffering bois.

Kevan is an Occupational Therapist, a father of two and a first-time grandfather and adores Mid Century design.

Photo by Robert Crerar





Gio Maspalomas - Mr. Fetish Gran Canaria 2022

Gio works as a volunteer for Sensoa, a healthcare organization, raising money for Antwerp Diner, the biggest HIV benefit gala in Belgium. Raises money and promotes Checkpoint Maspalomas, a free STI clinic, raising money for suicide line. Board member of MSC Belgium, Producer of the Mr. Leather Belgium Election, member of SLFC.

Photo by Matt Spike




Miguel Chamorro - Mr. International Leather & Boots Spain 2022

Spanish Leatherman. Lived in Manchester for 20 years and joined the Leather men’s community where they helped me to start in the Leather world and I am so grateful for this.

I moved to Malaga, South Spain two years ago and joined the International Leather & Boots Spain club. They encouraged me to become their MR in 2022 even though I just joined the club the year before. Being an MR gave me the opportunity to encourage others to come out and explore their inner Leatherman, to feel comfortable with their Leather selves. My focus is to increase the diversity of the community, a Leather community for all, where we are all equal - does not matter the gender, background, country, or the Leather clothes we wear. Let's work together. We are all connected by our passion for Leather, the way it makes us feel, sexy, strong, and powerful, it's part of our soul. Let's show the world how strong we are together and how amazing we look.

Photo by Matt Spike




Pup Scout - Mr. New England Leather 2023

I’m a nonbinary (he/they), trans masculine, bisexual, queer, poly mutt and honored to be the 2023 Mr. New England Leather. In my professional life, I am an advocate and educator for trans rights. I have worked with state and national LGBTQ+ organizations, including the National LGBTQIA+ Health Education Center, the Equality Federation, GLSEN, and beyond.

For many years I was fearful of returning to Leather and kink spaces. As a nonbinary, trans masculine, and bisexual queer I regularly face exclusionary attitudes. Transphobia, cissexism, and biphobia are all challenges our communities need to grapple with. I take these challenges as opportunities to do better and be better as a member of our community, and as a human. I am making a return to the community, and working to be the Leather person I needed to see when I first came out. It has taken years of healing, and the growth of my own confidence, but I am proud to be here now, and proud to participate at IML in celebration of my many identities.

Photo by Mr. M




Finn Gerhardt - Mx. Maryland Leather 2023

Finn first learned to shine boots when they were seven, which started a love of Leather that has lasted a lifetime. Finn is the architect of the Live Like Leather philosophy; a set of ideals which promote inclusion, integrity, self-care and finding strength in softness. Finn is the founder of the Leather in Action Initiative, a program that works with non-profit organizations to combat and prevent the passing of discriminatory legislation against the queer community at the state level. They also make educational content on trans allyship on TikTok for a community of 126,000 and climbing. Finn is a member of the Fellowship of the Fidgets Leather Family, a community Dom specializing in electro play, and the first Maryland Leather titleholder to use the Mx. honorific. In their spare time, they enjoy going to concerts, restoring vintage Leather pieces, collecting crystals and tarot decks. Finn lives deep in the woods of Southern Maryland with their spouse Justin and their cat, Peki.

Photo by Wilson Freeman




Chris Kelley - Eagle NYC 2023

Chris Kelley (he/him/his) is a set decorator and kink educator based in New York. Originally from Pittsburgh, PA, Chris cut his teeth in LGBTQIA+ engagement and stewardship while at college in Ithaca, NY — co-founding the first collegiate branch of Athlete Ally, an international organization advocating for equal representation in sports.

As a set decorator, Chris worked on the most recent season of American Horror Story, with sets focusing both on queer art and tracing the origins of our shared kink history. Notably, he recreated the Mineshaft (featured in the movie, Cruising) inside the Eagle NYC — complete with classic period-correct details. Chris aims to honor the legacy of our New York Leather lifestyle through a respectful, non-judgmental lens. His work for the season was featured on Chairish, Thrillist, V Magazine, and CNN.

You can find him at the Eagle flagging red, yellow, and hunter green — all in the right pocket.

Photo by: Kelly Grider




Dustin James - Mr. Michigan Leather 2023

Get ready to boogie down with the disco daddy from Detroit. Dustin James (he/him/his) hails from Metro Detroit and is the creator of the monthly disco event, DTF: Disco Tea Ferndale. When he is not shaking his booty to the likes of Donna Summer and Sylvester, you can find him in the gym working on his fitness (his husbear is his witness).

By day, Dustin is a Director of Planning, but by night, his wild side comes out. Dustin enjoys wedgies, CBT, and being creamed in the face. He also enjoys flogging, bondage, nipple play, and spanking. Dustin is a member of The Mavericks, working hard with his Leather brothers to host Leather events around Metro Detroit. This monochromatic fashionista is excited to grace the IML stage and represent the Michigan Leather community.

Photo by Preppyman Photography




David Sugar - Mr. Mayhem Leather Bear 2022

David Sugar lives in Baltimore, Maryland and has been actively involved in the Leather community since 2018 when he joined The ShipMates Club of Baltimore. He won his title, Mr. Mayhem Leather Bear 2022, last May at Bears, Bikers and Mayhem. Currently, David is a member and Vice President of The ShipMates Club of Baltimore and treasurer of Clifton Pleasure Club. During his title year and before he has worked on bringing focus and inclusivity to those with disabilities. David is a collared submissive enjoying many kinks. When not in Leather, David enjoys swimming, sailing, and kayaking.

Photo by Chris Jay



Tio Lelieveld - Mr. Leather Netherlands 2022

Living in the south of the Netherlands, where nothing happened for the Leather and fetish community, I decided to organize a social over here, and it is a success. I love Amsterdam, but it is also great to meet the community all over the country.

I think it is especially important to see the whole community. It is easy to only hang out with the popular guys, but I also find it particularly important to take the people by the hand who may not always get the attention. And why? Well, I was that person once.

So, it is important that I am very approachable, and I think I am.

I am thankful to my employer, the Dutch Railways, they really helped me being very visible in the Netherlands.

I am remarkably busy, so I really need my rest once in a while. I get that in painting half-naked bodies and Leather men. Everything I love about myself, and my biggest interest is Ted, my man, my love.

Photo by Anton de Bruin





Danbear - Mr. Mid-Atlantic Leather 2023

Daniel DeLuca, also known as Danbear, is a successful businessman, prolific philanthropist, and a role model for the LGBTQ+ community. As the reigning Mr. Mid-Atlantic Leather and Mr. Pittsburgh Leather Bear, Danbear is a prominent figure in the fetish world, known for his body positivity, deep commitment to charitable causes and trademark warm and friendly energy. As a conversion therapy survivor, Danbear is very passionate about protecting and supporting the rights of all LGBT walks of life. When he's not competing, attending fetish events or cohosting the local bear nights for charitable causes he can be found at his own hair salon or spending quality time with his husband and friends, exploring new cultures, cuisines, making new friends and hunting for a nice bear belly/beard to rub in his and his husbands explorative open/poly relationship. With his trademark warmth, go-go bear skills and generosity, Danbear is always on the lookout for opportunities to give back to his community and promote inclusivity and diversity.

Photo by Chad Isiah




Matthew Moody - Mr. Phoenix Leather 2022

I'm Matthew Moody, Mr. Phoenix Leather 2022 (he/him/his). I'm a punk and a jack of many trades. If I were born much earlier, I would have been called a renaissance man.... Now, we just call it ADHD and the ability to multi-task. It allows me to throw a lot of events at gay and queer spaces, providing the community with options in their nightlife, and a place to wear their Leather! I am also a graphic designer for a slew of Fetish, Leather brands, bars, and organizations - as well as a world touring musician, producer, and DJ. I just celebrated my 20th year in Leather and look forward to showing you all my assets at IML.

Photo by Scotty Kirby

Matthew Moody on all social media



Eric Rochel -  Mr. Leather France 2022

For more than 40 years, first Gogo, then shop assistant, activist, web designer, graphist, I participate in the in the gay community in every conceivable way. Living my passion for Leather 24 hours a day, I try to share my experience with kinksters from everywhere trough messages and visibility. I strongly believe that we are stronger together.

Photo by Thomas Laconis




Phobos ONYX - Leatherman of Color

Phobos is a born leader. With his military and correctional background, he is a strong believer in taking responsibility for one's actions. He was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, where he discovered, and became a part of the Leather and kink community via his membership in ONYX. He currently holds the national title of Leatherman of Color 2023 and is the Historian of ONYX Midwest (2023 - 2024). Phobos also leads online discussions concerning mental, physical, and sexual health of members of the LGBT+ community while offering and encouraging free at-home STI testing kits. Phobos looks forward to exploring more about his favorite hankies (magenta and white), bondage, watersports, and pup play. Phobos is a novice Leather maker while also building up his skills in creating media that expresses kink and fetish through dance.

Photo by Gabriel Thomas




Paribe Meyer - Mr. Louisiana Leather 2023

For over 30 years I've worked helping at risk teens and young adults. I volunteered at New Orleans heath centers during the Monkey Pox vaccination drive. I also volunteered at several HIV STD/STI organizations, testing, and educating individuals regarding sex health. Within the Leather community my focus is on bridging the gap regarding diversity and inclusion including all LGBTQ + subcultures.

Photo by Ariq Robinson

Mr. Louisiana Leather2023 on Instagram



Eddy Löwer - Bavarian Mister Leather 2022

Eddy (47yo, he/his/him) lives in Munich. He was chosen to be Bavarian Mister Leather 2022 in June 2022. As a member of the Münchner Löwen Club, he has contributed to the visibility of the club by helping organize events such as Munich's pride or fetish meetings on the Oktoberfest. Moreover, he has been organizing fetish socials in a non-fetish bar to foster contacts between fetish and non-fetish people and increase visibility. His priority as a title holder is to restore and strengthen the international relationships between the fetish clubs.

Photo by Ivan Valentin




Ambjörn Söderberg - Mr. Leather Norway 2021

I am Swedish born, but proud Norwegian citizen and found peace in life here. Social, charming, fun, open, relaxed but stressed, and just trying to live to the fullest. Energetic man and keep many things in the air most of the time but try to stay down to Earth. Have had a rough life but managed to survive and get through.

As a side hobby, I DJ and play trance, techno, house, and tech, and have over the past years been a strong performer on big European fetish events. I have won over the crowds by living my gigs to the fullest, connecting with the crowd and partying with them!

You can find me as K-PAXian.

Music is my heart's rhythm and my soul's energy. I cannot go without it.

Photo by Dari, D81 Photos




Mark Henderson - Midsouth Kink and Leather Sir 2022

My Leather adventure began at age 30 when meeting Mikal Bales aka Daddy Zeus. My desire was sparked, and I learned amazing things from him as Marky Dukane, Zeus model of the year 1993. Muscle, bondage, and kink was my exploration into this world.

Being raised in Texas, as the son of a shrimper, explains my fondness for ropes and my kinks run much further and deeper. Even a trip to the hardware store turns me on. I keep my hands busy as an expert furniture restorer, upholsterer, stained glass artist, cuckoo clock enthusiast, and restorer, as well as a pipe, organ tuner/tech. My home is in Memphis, Tennessee, where I have had a career as a police officer, where I was trained as a crisis, intervention officer, and put to effective use as an LGBTQ + advocate.

Currently, I work as a facilities manager in a large Episcopal cathedral, and I am a jack of all trades, and participate with the diocese in activities involving the LGBTQ + community. My personal hobbies include all the above, as well as camping, cooking, gardening, biking, hitting the gym, as well as enjoying the company of friends.



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Sir Mark Athens - Mr. Route 66 Leather 2022

Sir Mark Athens is a queer, poly, Leatherman, from Kansas City. He is a player and educator at heart. He has taught edge play with an emphasis on blood and fire across nine US states. He coined the term "Why the Fuck Not" in 2016, to encourage people to explore their most deviant sexual desires. Outside of kink his passions lie in Nerdom through open world video games, Kansas City barbeque, and urban exploring.

 Photo by Janet Ryan



Del Vogt - Mr. Twin Cities Leather 2022

Mr. Twin Cities Leather 2022 has been part of the Leather community for the past 18 years. Working with various Leather and kink groups, as well as other community non-profits, he strives to represent, lead and to further our Leather and LGBTQ+ communities. He is an Alumnus member of Atons of Minneapolis, Associate member of Argonauts of Wisconsin, Associate member of Hoist, and Associate member of Leather & Lace Brazos Valley, Associate member of Rudis, Full member of Wolf Clan, Member of the Imperial Court of Minnesota, and a fully professed Sister in the Ladies of the Lakes - the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence - Sister Mary Poppers. In his spare time, he enjoys baking, cooking, poppers, eating carbs, printmaking, pig play, travel and taking cruises, and cruising adult bookstores/rest areas/truck stops.

Photo by Ryan Coit




Butch Romero - Mr. Chicago Leather 2020

Butch currently lives on the West Side of Chicago and is sponsored by Touché Chicago for IML 45. Butch is a fisting top who enjoys a great blow job after stretching holes!

Photo by Heather Raquel Phillips



Mark Hankins - Mr. San Francisco Eagle Leather 2023

Mark Hankins is the founder of the Service Pups Of San Francisco. A kinky volunteer community service team that assists with the fundraising needs of our local LGBTQ+ non-profit organizations.

Mark’s community service journey began in 2006 when he joined the SF Castro Lions Club and has been active since.

Mark has titles with The Bare Chest Calendar, The Grand Ducal Council of SF, and Team Friendly Bay Area.

Mark currently holds the title as Mr. SF Eagle Leather 2023 and is involved with Team Friendly Bay Area as the Vice President of the Board, as well as the Executive Director of The Service Pups of SF.

Photo by Alex Ray

Instagram link is alexray_eyes



Jeffrey Wayne - Mr. Gay Days Leather 2022

Jeffrey (he/him) is a resident of Sonoma County, CA. As Mr. Gay Days 2022, he has fundraised and volunteered for over a dozen organizations and causes, travelled extensively throughout the United States, and advocated for sexual assault survivors in his home state. Originally from North Carolina, Jeff holds a Master of Fine Arts in theatre design, runs a costume shop for a children's theatre company, and is self-taught in the art of Leather crafting. He identifies as a submissive and a brat and enjoys quality role play, impact play, and bondage.

Jeff's motto is "have courage and be kind." The connections and friendships he's made throughout his Leather life are his greatest achievements.

Photo by Joe Mazza




Lukasz - Mister Leather Berlin 2022

Hello from Berlin, the world‘s capital of fetish. I am competing for the title of IML 2023, because I want to make a change. Last year after a two-month-long fight against cancer my mama passed away. Why write about my mum in my bio? Because with her sudden death I realized how vulnerable and short our lived can be. We can change into ashes in less than a second. That is why we need to cherish the life we have, respect each other, accept ourselves the way we are and embrace our inner fantasies and fetishes. Now I know it more than ever! We must celebrate every moment given. That is why I want to keep on fighting against body and fetish shaming. This was my agenda during my year as Mister Leather Berlin. Fighting for the ego of guys who were thinking they were too fat, too skinny or who were too ashamed of their fetishes. Let´s respect others the way they are. Stop body shaming! Stop fetish shaming! We have only one life! And it can be over so fast!


Instagram - @mlb22_mfg23


Euphonious Onyx - Mr. Hidden Door 2022

I'm Euphonious Onyx from Dallas, TX. I am Mr. Hidden Door 2022. I moved to Dallas 13 years ago and about five years ago had my Leather awakening. It was through a few of my now brothers of ONYX that opened my eyes to the Leather, kink, and fetish world. I enjoy helping my community by participating in fundraising. I have worked with the United Court of the Lone Star Empire as well as ONYX Lonestar in recent years to help the community and help give back.

I love music whether it be singing, dancing, or playing my trumpet. I am into gaming, movies (horror is my favorite), and traveling. I also enjoy piss play, fisting, pup play, electro play, impact play, and bondage.

I enjoy educating people about the kinks that I am into and helping bring more members into our community through raising awareness.

Photo by Jeremy A Teel



Willie Tradesmen - Mr. North Carolina Triangle Leather 2022

Willie is your Mr. North Carolina Triangle Leather 2022. His pronouns are he/him and he represents the Leather communities that exist in the three cities of Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill, aka The Triangle. He identifies as a Leather switch and his kink and fetish-based interests include, but are not limited to, Leather, sports gear, armpits, nipple play, impact play, bondage, D/s, tattoos, and piercings. He advocates for diversity and equity within our community and champions inclusion for what he calls the “average Leather person” or people deemed less desirable by toxic beauty standards, bigotry, and or bias. He believes there is room for all of us here and that we all have a right to be a part of the whole, regardless of if you are old guard or new, your gender identity, physical manifestation, race, ethnicity, creed, etc. Willie is honored to represent his community and the great state of North Carolina at IML 45/

Photo by J-Bo Gray




Jacob Duncan - Mr. Prime Choice 2022

Jacob Duncan is Mr. Prime Choice 2022 from The Ripcord, the oldest Leather bar in Texas. He also serves as the President and Ambassador for Austin Gears and a co-producer for Austin Kink Weekend. Jacob strongly stands for our community and has helped raise approximately $70,000 for local causes and organizations. He believes that each member of our community represents the whole and we must all work together to succeed.

In his spare time, which he is not sure what that is, Jacob enjoys video games and is a hobbyist DJ. Recently, Jacob designed and built the AV system for the new Austin Eagle. He has a boyfriend of several years, Jonathan, and a dog, Kona. His favorite piece of Leather is a simple, black harness.

Photo by Manuel Gonzales, Jr.




Lil Daddy - Mr. Eagle Wilton Manors 2023

As a young Latino man who grew up in Dallas, Texas, I have been involved with LGBTQIA+ since the age of 18 and have dedicated my life on helping my local communities. I went on to start my Leather journey in my mid 20's and since then I have been affiliated and associated with wonderful Leather groups in Dallas. I am here to continue my journey with a purpose and want to present an idea. I have always said to the world, "Show the world Love, Kindness, Compassion and Respect," because you never know whose life you may change or whose blessing you may be. So, give that to the world just that, because in the end, we are judged not on how much we take, but how much we give.

Photo by Sylvester Q




Chad Seeder - Mr. Iowa Leather 2023

As queers and kinksters, we live in a world that is not built for us. That is why Chad Seeder creates spaces where we can home in on our joys, recondition our bodies, tell new stories, and craft new identities. Chad does this by facilitating the Queer Art Healing art group with the Iowa Harm Reduction Coalition, planning sex parties with his home bar, The Blazing Saddle, and teaching memoir with the Herstory Writers Network. Whether fisting, flogging, or fucking, Chad knows how to read and respond to bodies. In and out of the play space, Chad teaches his partners how to follow their energy, a practice that helps us heal from the past and find better ways of living in the present. He also enjoys foraging and naked camping.

Photo by Ryan Coit




Strobe - Mx. Team Friendly San Francisco 2023

Strobe is a choreographer and performance artist, and he uses that platform to affect emotional processing for himself and those who view his work. As his day job, he is the kitchen manager for a dinner theater circus. He is also a subject in an award-winning documentary about artists suffering from drug addiction and has spoken at screenings about his experiences overcoming substance abuse. Strobe has served as Mr. October on The Bare Chest Calendar, is a previous King of Hearts in The Ducal Court of San Francisco and has raised money for The Golden Gate Guards via their Golden Dildeaux awards ceremony. He is currently a participant in an experimental HIV vaccine trial and regularly performs in charity drag shows that benefit queer sober spaces.

Photo by Alex Ray

Luis Paul Canales on Facebook



Francisco Perales -  Mr. Fetish SoCal 2023

Francisco is a war veteran born and raised in Fort Worth, Texas. He currently resides in Los Angles. He is a member of the following clubs: ONYX Southwest, a nonprofit organization that links and instructs people of color to Kink and BDSM, and Avatar Club Los Angles, a nonprofit organization that emphasizes the safe practice of Kink and BDSM. Francisco likes to blow off some steam while go-go dancing for Trust Honor and Respect, an organization that promotes positive body image and the introduction to kink. So, if you want to see a kinky hardcore BDSM dancing, educating, and doing demos look no further.

Photo by Ponce Photography

Facebook - Francisco Perales

Instagram - Francisco.perales1982



Vince - Mr. Cincinnati Leather '22

Hi, I'm Vince. I've been part of the Cincinnati Leather community for six years. I flag red, beige, navy on the left, and gray and light blue on both sides. I love riding rollercoasters, shaking my ass, and singing my lungs out. The thing I've enjoyed most about my title year has been meeting people from across the country. In the future, I'm wanting to hone my flogging and rope skills.

Photo is a selfie

Instagram vinceanity00



Don Childs - Mr. Ohio Leather 2022

Hello, my name is Don Childs, and I am Mr. Ohio Leather 2022. I was introduced to the Leather community in late 2007 and have grown within the Leather community ever since. I started volunteering for CLAW in 2015 and saw the impact of volunteering and charitable contribution on my LGBTQA family and friends. I ran for Mr. Leather Akron 2022 and served for two years of which I traveled throughout the state of Ohio and North Carolina and South Carolina to participate with Walls of Love. I’ve also worked to generate funds for CANAPI in Ohio to help combat housing and discrimination against families suffering and living with HIV. Because up to 40-percent of homeless youth in Ohio are part of the LGBT community, I volunteered with Walls of Love to bring toiletries and essentials to those in need. I hope to start my own organization to help minority youth, (particularly young men and young women), who suffer from the stigma of mental illness to find housing and stability. Thank you for the opportunity to introduce myself.

Photo by Bryce McCaughey



Harold Pebble - Mr. North Carolina Triangle Leather 2021

Harold Pebble is a former Mr. NC Triangle Leather 2021 and has a passion for Leather and kink since the age of 18. He has dedicated his time to volunteering in his local community and is a former officer/alum in the Red Lions Leather Club. Harold loves introducing new people to Leather and kink. In 2022 he moved to San Francisco where he now resides. Alongside his involvement in the Leather community, Harold is an amateur artist who loves to bondage/kink illustrations in his spare time. As a sub, he enjoys Leather and rope bondage. When he's not indulging in his kinks, Harold is an avid gamer and all-around geek, with a particular love for science fiction.

Photo by J-Bo Gray




Sir Apollo - Mr. Atlanta Eagle 2022

Sir Apollo is from Atlanta, Georgia. He is a United States Marine Corps (USMC) veteran and is a Cardiovascular (CVICU) Critical Care Nurse, Leatherman and organizer of BLUF Atlanta. Sir Apollo joined the Human Rights Organization to campaign and repeal Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell; he is a registered volunteer with Georgia Equality and Positive Impact Health Center. Sir Apollo is a dog dad and advocate of pet therapy; he currently volunteers for Pets Are Loving Support (PALS). A firm believer in preserving the art and history of the Leather, kink and fetish community, Sir Apollo donates (when he can) to the Tom of Finland Foundation and the Leather Archives & Museum. On Sundays or “self-care” days, you can find him meditating and enjoying a coffee at a cafe or just out back on his porch; or taking the morning to ride his motorcycle; or utilizing his playroom for Sunday services and education/teaching.

Photo by David Clifton-Strawn Photography

Instagram - @apolloleatheredsir



Tighearn Draiocht - Mr. Missouri Leather 2022

Tighearn has been in Leather since 21, his journey includes of the old guard, new guard, and all the tangles in-between. His emergence into the world of Leather was truly due to his amazing 15-year friendships. They helped him understand the importance of Leather through service, leadership, and supporting the community. Tighearn has a variety of interests in kinks like fire play, heavy impact play, and cigar play. His focus on helping the community also supports new aspiring kinksters as a leader of Deviant’s of STL, and member of Rudi’s Social Club. Also, as an advocate with the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, as Sister Ida Hitthat. Tighearn is dedicated and loves to be a part of the Leather and LGBTQ+ community by preventing agism, sexism and racism with the leadership or membership with which he is involved. Extreme educator and practitioner of RACK play and safety in public places. It has given him the legendary title of Big Dad2dy energy and who does not love daddy energy with that dad body to match?

Photo by Mark Moore




Mike Sokolowski - Mr. Buckwood Leather 2022

I have been involved in the Leather lifestyle for 20 years. In that time and I have evolved, learned, and matured in several facets of our community, as well as personally, shaping the individual I am today. Even after 20 years I still strive to grow and learn to be the best representation of our Leather community as well as a good human being. After attending IML for several years as a spectator my Leather journey allowed me to be able to compete and represent our community on the grandest of stages. I'm eager to meet and chat with you all about our Leather journeys and what we can do to support our community.




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Pedro Coronado - Mr. RGV Leather 2023

Pedro Coronado is a native of the Rio Grande Valley which is located on the US/Mexico Border at the southern tip of Texas. He is the first Mr. RGV Leather and first contestant at IML to represent his area. His aspirations are to create safe, inclusive, and welcoming spaces for people to learn more about the Leather community and ensure that newer generations of all genders, races and ethnicities carry the torch to keep our Leather communities alive. Pedro has worked for an HIV non-profit for 20 years and has used that platform to advocate, empower and motivate communities to live healthier lives physically, mentally, and socially. He volunteers with various grassroots organizations that assist the disenfranchised and marginalized. He has been with his husband for 13 years and they are the stressed-out parents of four fur-babies, two cats and two dogs.

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Matt Vecanski - Mr. Providence Eagle 2022

Matt has been an active community member since his US arrival in 2018 ranging from patronizing local Leather/kink events across the MA, RI, and CT region as a Leather person, working in Boston's queer nightlife, and performing/managing drag charity shows. As Vivienne Vegemite they also perform across the NE region at brunches, bars and as part of the Drag Story Hour and Drag Storytime initiatives. He has a number of passions including video games and board games (yes, he's a dungeon master), hiking (if only to look for bears) rugby, wig styling, costume making, Leather working, getting tattoos and can play four instruments: Saxophone, Flute, Clarinet, Piccolo. He is proud to work for his community and strives to create inclusive and diverse spaces for all to explore, experiment and exist as their true selves.

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Jack Hasson - Mr. New Orleans Phoenix 2023

Member of NOAGE (New Orleans Advocates for Gay Elders), lifetime member of the Imperial Court de Ft. Worth Arlington, lifetime member of the Empire of the Royal Sovereign and Imperial Court of the Single Star Houston, TX Member of the College of Monarchs

40-year advocate for human rights, and activist with ACT-UP during the Reagan Bush Administration. Community fund raiser.



Colin MacDougall / Handler Vult - Mr. Los Angeles Leather 2023

Colin/Handler Vult resides in Los Angeles. He has just returned full time to LA after seven years commuting back and forth to Venice, Italy. He has spent the past decade working in the TV/Film/Big Budget Podcast realm (check out Honesty Weekend on Amazon Prime or The Ron Burgundy Podcast). In 2021 he was hospitalized while making a television series in Norway. This led to a complete re-organization of his life.

Now back in Los Angeles full time, he has had the opportunity to use his Producing skills to create Sing Bitch! Karaoke - a weekly karaoke night at the Bullet Bar in North Hollywood, sponsored by Rough Trade Gear. He also co-hosts FUZZ - LA's first monthly Furry play party. His passions are in advocacy, lifting others up (sometimes in bear hugs), and pinpointing and pushing boundaries inside and outside of the bedroom.

You can typically find Colin/Vult at any number of events and fundraisers around Southern California... usually in a jockstrap or less. He is currently working on The Leatherman Library - a space to experience Leather history and check out Leather gear for those who can't afford it. Look out for Project Bully Button, his next big undertaking.

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Werner Oberli - Mr. Leather Switzerland 2020

Hello Leather family.

I am a 1966 born Bernese from the Emmental. Already in 1987, I was infected with HIV as a teenager. After that I worked as a bartender in the fetish club Phoenix, which I continued to run on my own. Unfortunately, I got cancer and had to give up the job. However, during all these years I had always remained active in the community. I also enjoyed traveling and attending big events. Again and again, I had to adjust my wishes, bury projects, and look for new ways. Often, I was on the verge of resignation, then I took courage again. I also started organizing events again and creating safe places for our leather community in Switzerland.

There is still much to do, and I cannot do it alone, but with all those who contribute good thoughts. With all those who have made such wonderful projects happen. So, giving up is not an option, it goes on with all of you, we can do it!

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David James - Mr. San Diego Eagle 2020

David James is a retired cleric who holds two bachelor's and one master's degree. He is married to Jim and owns a Pitbull mix. David is a member of Bears San Diego, Fetish Men San Diego, Leather Men for Good, Imperial Court de San Diego, and Mainly Mozart. David is sex-positive and enjoys all things Leather - especially flogging. He loves dungeons, opera, classical music, stage plays, hanging with chosen family, walking, and reading. He has held the titles of Mr. Bear San Diego 2019 and Mr. San Diego Eagle 2020. He owns the Mr. San Diego Cub Contest. He has raised funds for many community organizations and was recognized by the San Diego Mayor for his work.

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Mr. Mack - Mr. Classic Leather 2022

I have been in the Leather community for over 20 years working for CLAW under Dennis McMahon, and Bob Miller for 13 years in many capacities and duties. Volunteering at IML and MAL. Hosting and supporting CLAW RECON parties through the years around the country to support local charities. Covid-19 affected my title year, but I was still able to visit Midwest cities representing the title during Pride 2022 with Mr. Ohio 2022 Don Schilds. My platform and passion are men’s mental and physical health, with a focus on people of color who tend to be a subgroup that is under served and overlooked. But with or without a title the work must still go on and the battle for our rights and equally is still real in this current cancel culture and climate.

Photo by Bryce McCaughey



Trell Walters - Mr. Connecticut Leather 2023

Trell Walters is the current Mr. Connecticut Leather, 2023 and first runner-up at MAL 2023, currently living in Wallingford CT, employed with FedEx Ground Corp for 19 years and a part time student at Post University, for his Science and business degree.

He is a mentor that worked many years as a camp counselor with privileged and non-privileged inner-city kids in Hartford County, along with many talents including, music, appearing in many different bands to solo performing. He is working on a cookbook and a documentary titled, The Great Storm of July.

Trell is currently a full member of ONYX NY- Northeast Chapter, crossing with his pledge line, the Paradigm Shift in 2022. He is also the founder of No boy Left Behind and creator of No One Left Behind, which celebrates other's kink, providing safe spaces including kink safety and Leather lifestyle education.

“Be your better self and stop living someone else’s worst intentions."

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ZodiaQ - Northeast Leatherperson 2023

ZodiaQ is an educator, an artist, genderfluid, an advocate, a nerdy kinkster and much more than a Pup who lives in the Bronx. Meeting Sir Eros and the men of Onyx like Daddy Sage, Kidd Onyx, and Sir Ceejay taught ZodiaQ that Leather is more than a harness, it’s community, adventure, and advocacy. ZodiaQ found a love of bondage, pup play, watersports, impact play, and a kinky journey to test his limits. Exploring Leather and kink for ZodiaQ is not only about learning from the past but building a space to shake up the status quo of the queer community with some good trouble.

Photo by Ibrahim Muhammad

ZodiaQ Puplyfe on Facebook

ZodiaQs on Instagram



Steve Rutledge - Mr. CMEN Leather 2022

Steve grew up in a small town in West Virginia where he learned the true meaning of community. After college he spent time in Wyoming where he met his husband, Adam. In 2010, he and Adam relocated to their current home in California. Steve enjoys golf, cycling, and being in nature. He is representing CMEN (Community of Men Enjoying Naturism) as Mr. CMEN Leather 2022. Steve has been an active member of CMEN since 2019. He takes the small-town lessons in community and applies them to both his local and Leather community. Living in an area where the Leather community is sparce, he works with local LGTB organizations to create those spaces where all are welcome. Additionally, he shares the history and significance of the Leather community during the CMEN gatherings and participates in Leather events in San Francisco and Los Angeles.

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James Tyrcha - Mr. Ramrod 2023

James is enthusiastic about inclusivity and building the Leather and kink community! He is well known for educating the community about the trans male lifestyle to create visibility and acceptance! James also has an ongoing Leather gifting program for financially challenged individuals.

Photo by SylvesterQ Photography



Marcus Barela - Eagle LA Mr. Leather 2023

Marcus is Eagle LA Mr. Leather 2023 and a proud (17+ years) Eagle LA employee where he has been, and continues to be, an ambassador for the throngs of fetish, kink, Leather, and queer enthusiasts who call the Eagle their home. Sober, sweet, sexy, and slutty. He knows how to hold his own while putting a smile on your face. His love of Leather, kink, and fetish travel has taken him taken him everywhere from Easter Berlin, to CLAW, to Austin Kink weekend in his home state of Texas. Marcus is a Texas-Mexican American who came into his Leather identity in Los Angeles through the love of a few specific Daddies and the community they foster. He is studying Spanish and Psychology and is bound for UCLA. Tarot Astrology, and meditation are tools he uses for spiritual connection. He is drag certified, having rocked the stage, and airspace above it, in the Best in Drag Show. Marcus is his own superhero and a queer revolutionary. His primary superpower is celebrating individual authenticity. He is dedicated to helping others experience their own private revolution by encouraging kinky, queer, and Leather minded individuals to honor their authentic identity.

Photo by Dusti Cunningham




Brandon Bullet - Mr. Bullet Leather 2020

Brandon holds the title of Mr. Bullet Leather 2020 and is the recipient of the Southland Honors 2022 Cultural Arts Award and the Next Generation Award. He hosts a podcast called Leather Talk in which he highlights the lives and contributions of individuals in the Leather/kink community, through one-on-one interviews and group discussions. Brandon also works as a professional musician and spends much of his time performing in the Los Angeles area.

Photo by Dustin Cunningham




Max Leather - Mr. Colombia Leather 2023

Hello everyone, I am Max Leather.

I'm 33, from Bogota, Colombia. I’ve been a Leather worker by trade for the last 10 years designing Leather garments and Leather boots, and I am the current Mr. Colombia Leather champion.

My early interest in Leather was inspired by the iconic images of Tom of Finland, which has instilled a passion for quality and detail in my work. That passion has given me the opportunity to meet amazing Leather men from around the world, both personally and virtually.

After winning my national title last year, I have been busy, active, and involved in several different charities organized by The Mr. Colombia Leather Foundation, and my local leather bar Bear Love where I was chosen.

I take pride in being a local spokesperson for the gay/Leather/fetish community in events where my fellow Colombian people have had the opportunity to ask me all kind of questions related to the Leather lifestyle.

I’ve been a promoter of safe and consensual sex, and an advocate for protection and education to prevent the spread of the HIV virus which is still a big problem in my community.

Photo by Luis Orozco




James Holjes - Mr. Palm Springs Leather 2023

Originally from Harrisburg PA. Moved to Palm Springs in February 2022. Tattoo artist and porn star. Currently in barber school. Sober kinkster active in the kink Leather and fetish community, with special interests in impact play, fisting and piss play!

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