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Woman breaks gender barrier in pledging Ottawa Knights

By July 05, 2014

images/articles/news/sash-bash/Olympus_2014/2014_Contestants_Photos/Central Canada Ms Badschoolgirl.jpgMartine Ling Chu (aka BadSchoolgirl on Fetlife), the current Ms Central Canada Olympus Leather, has become the first female pledge to The Ottawa Knights, a formerly all-male, Leather and Denim club located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

In November of 2013 the Ottawa Knights amended their constitution to allow all people who reached the age of 21 and who had a common interest in the mandate of the club to apply for membership. Given that Martine had received much support from the club as Ms Central Canada Olympus Leather, and was volunteering at the club's bar nights, she felt that it would be appropriate for her to seek membership. She submitted her application in late March of 2014 and at the club meeting on June 19 she became their first female pledge. Martine's husband, Jeff, joined the Ottawa Knights in 2012. With her appointment, they are the first heterosexual married couple to be members. Martine and Jeff were also the first married couple to compete in the International Olympus Leather contest in 2012.




images/club-logos/Ottawa Knights 225 Web.jpgMartine had this to say about her acceptance into the club: “I am very happy to have the honor of being the first woman to become a pledge of the Ottawa Knights, I will endeavor to work hard and prove myself worthy of this honor. The Knights have become my family and I want to make them proud and help the club continue it's evolution.”

The Ottawa Knights is a Brotherhood which strives to preserve the Leather culture through leadership, camaraderie, education, and Community service.

When the Ottawa Knights began in 1975, homosexuality had only just been decriminalized in Canada, and simply being gay was enough to cost you your job. The club was, out of necessity, a secretive and private affair. A lot has changed in over the years. Today, gender, sexuality, and kink are not the taboo subjects that they once were. Members can be open and proud of their association.

Some things haven't changed, however. It's still all about brotherhood, about finding friends who share our interests and learning to embrace who we are. The need to promote continued and greater acceptance remains.